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A Universal Sportsbook Comparison

Last Updated on 21/05/2024

In a seemingly infinite universe of sportsbooks, finding the right one for you can seem like a difficult mission. There are many factors you want to make sure of before you set out on your space-bound journey to a new sportsbook. Our sportsbook comparison is the best in the galaxy and will have you finding a bookmaker, such as the fantastic Bet365, that best suits your mission needs in no time!

The questions remain, what should we be looking out for? How secure is the bookmaker? What steps should be taken to find out what the best sportsbook is? What are the most important facets of the sportsbook? The answer is all of the above. Our bookmaker test will make sure that you are able to venture into the cosmos of sportsbooks with all the knowledge that you need. We also provide you with more detail in our betting provider reviews, so you know more about the operators you are heading beyond the stratosphere with.

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Who Should Use Our Sportsbook Comparisons?

Venturing into the unknown space of bookmakers and sportsbooks needs planning and careful consideration. That is why we provide you with our best sports betting site comparisons. However, what life forms should specifically be using our comparisons. All of them of course! Our sportsbook comparison will have something for everybody, from every corner of the galaxy. It is difficult to know which bookmaker is best in terms of the sportsbook they offer, that is why our comparison tool is so useful. You’ll also get to find out who our top 10 sports betting providers are.

If you are a newer punter, our sportsbook comparison will ease you into your initial venture into online gambling. With our sportsbook comparison, you will begin to understand what it is you should be on the lookout for before signing up to a bookmaker. This does not exclude the more experienced sportsbook travellers who have seen more of the bookmaker universe than others. Our bookmaker test is detailed and compiles all the information on the operators in one place so that you don’t need to scour the cosmos for the data.

The Checklist Before Lift Off: Making Sure Your Destination Is A Safe One

Before you leave for your mission to find the best sportsbook, you need to make sure that the destination you are headed to is going to be safe enough for you to land.  How safe an operator is to use contributes significantly to our bookmaker ranking. That is why we have put together a checklist for you to consider before arriving at your location.


Making sure that an operator has obtained the necessary licenses before you travel to their location is vital. Doing so ensures that the bookmaker is operating above board and that it is safe and secure for you to use. The regulatory gambling bodies such as the Canadian Gaming Authority, rigorously analyze the bookmaker in question to make sure they pass certain standards.  All bookmakers should have obtained their gambling licenses.

Fair Odds

A top bookmaker will make sure that the odds they have on offer are at the very least fair. Some operators will provide specials on odds for certain sporting events but usually, you can expect most of them to be about the same. This is perfectly fine. However, offering below-par odds is unacceptable and we make sure that we make these operators visible to you with our sportsbook comparison.

Security Measures

Is the operator you are interested in joining, using any security measures to protect your deposits or data on their site? Your data should be protected by encryption technology to avoid any malicious third parties from getting their hands on it. Furthermore, it is always a good sign if the operator has certificates from eCOGRA which makes sure that the sportsbooks and casinos are fair.

Secure Payment Methods

Having secure, safe and diverse payment options is an important part of making players feel that their deposits and withdrawals are safe. An operator should provide you with a healthy amount of payment options for you to make your deposits. Furthermore, these transactions should also be protected by software on the site.

Transparent Terms & Conditions

The operator should be making their terms and conditions easily accessible on the site for you to view. This way you won’t get caught out by any fine print about who can use the site, bonus conditions or payment details.

Our Choice For the Operator Who Could Make Your Mission A Success

Wading through the seemingly infinite amount of bookmakers with sportsbooks out there is a trying task. That is why we have chosen an operator that we believe is arguably the best bookmaker in the galaxy. 888sport is an excellent place to begin your adventure into a vast space of sportsbooks. The reason being is that they are reliable and offer a comprehensive sportsbook for players to choose their favourite sporting events.

Not only are the selection of sports diverse but there are more often than not quality sports bonuses as well. Furthermore, the odds on offer for sporting events at 888sport are consistently good and can almost always be relied upon to be fair. 888sport will help you succeed in your mission to find one of the most exceptional sportsbooks in the galaxy. They match up very well in our sportsbook comparison with other bookmakers, so it is safe to say that you are in good hands with 888sport.

How We Make Sure The Bookmaker Is Qualified For Intergalactic Travel

Our sportsbook comparison will make sure that the operator you are interested in signing up with is offering you a fair but exciting experience. With a bookmark list that extends beyond the furthest galaxies, we make sure we find out everything there is to know about each of them individually. Here is our bookmaker overview where we analyze the facets that a quality bookmaker should be offering with their sportsbook.

Sportsbook Bonuses

Does the operator offer a sportsbook bonus and if so is the bonus worth your time? We make sure to find out whether or not the bookmaker we are analyzing offers anything in the way of a promotion, bonus bet or deposit offer to use on their sportsbook. This is a fantastic way to entice sports betting fanatics to the site. We have also compiled a detailed betting bonus comparison for you to better understand what to look out for

The Sports On Offer 

A serious bookmaker will make sure that their sportsbook offering is comprehensive. Having a weak selection of sporting events is a sure-fire way to turn away sports betting fans. As such, we make sure to check up on what sporting events are being offered with our sporting comparison. A top bookmaker should be offering all the major sports, as well as the lesser-known ones too.

Customer Support

A top bookmaker should make sure that it provides excellent customer service to its sports bettors. There is nothing more frustrating than lax customer service. Having your queries answered quickly and fully about any sports-related betting is an important aspect for online bookmakers to fulfill.

Payment Methods

A factor that helps in our sports betting provider recommendations, is by checking how many payment methods they allow on their site. Having a diverse range of payment methods makes funding your account for sports betting that much simpler. Should the bookmaker limit the range of deposit methods, they may well lose potential users who stick to certain payment types.

Live Streaming

At, we will always check to see whether or not a bookmaker offers a live streaming feature for users to watch their favourite sports. Sports bettors will always appreciate the opportunity to watch the sport they have wagered on, on the site that they are using. A good bookmaker should have this feature for their sportsbook lovers.

In-Play Betting

Having the option to place bets while a live sporting event is on is another aspect of a bookmaker we look out for. Having this available to sports bettors is a great way to have a more interactive betting experience with a sporting event. It has grown in popularity and as such to justify being the best sports betting site, we expect operators to have this feature.


Having a streamlined mobile app is great for those of us who are on the go a lot. It makes betting on sports that much easier as you can do it anywhere, anytime. Most of the time, the mobile app version of a site should be Android and IOS compatible.

Potential Winnings

Bookmakers should allow you the opportunity to win a decent amount off of one bet in a single day. On average for a football bet the maximum winnings for a day should amount to around $500,000. The largest bookmaker has at times made it as much as $2,000,000. This will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker but we make sure to find out who is offering you the best and the worst.


We also check to see that a particular bookmaker is offering its users fair odds in comparison to its competitors. This is important for your avid sports bettor, as they will constantly be checking if the odds are in their favour. Our criteria for a quality bookmaker are that these odds are at the very least level with the industry average.

Overall Usability

Lastly, we check to see how easy it is to use the bookmakers’ actual site. Is it easy to navigate? Can I access what I’m looking for? We answer all of these questions in our sportsbook comparison to make sure that you are not sucked into a site that is going to be difficult for you to use for sports betting

Finding the Bookmaker That Will Take You to the Stars

Finding that perfect bookmaker to suit the needs of your sports betting mission can seem like a difficult task with all the options available to you. That is where we step in, to help you traverse space and time to find the bookmaker that will meet your demands. Our sportsbook comparison will help you on your way to finding a sportsbook that will suit your preferences. By comparing things like a bookmakers’ sportsbook bonus (and if they have one), their selection of sporting events, the odds they offer, live streaming and live betting. All of these aspects form part of the greater sportsbook betting experience.

Using our sportsbook comparison will help you to find out which bookmakers are offering any of the above and what they are lacking in this regard. At PlayersBest our reviews and comparisons are transparent and unbiased, giving you the objective truths about a bookmakers’ sportsbook at the moment.

What Makes A Bookmaker Unique

At we go deeper than your average review and comparison. While many reviews will simply write what a bookmaker offers or what is on the site, we try to inform you about what makes a particular bookmaker unique. In this regard, you get a better feel for what sets that particular bookmaker apart from the rest in the industry. Having a unique feature to their site goes a long way to being considered the best online bookmaker, as well as a coveted place in our sports betting awards. With that being said, we have put together a few examples of what we mean by highlighting offers that three bookmakers either feature now, or have at some point in the past, and why these offers are so important to distinguishing that operator from the rest of the stars in the betting sky.

Mr. Green: Weekly Profit Boosts & Sports Betting Education

Mr. Green is a household name amongst sports bettors everywhere, and could argue for the title of the largest bookmaker. We have chosen two examples that show that Mr. Green definitely have a focus on originality. While many bookmakers use some kind of profit boosts either in their casino or sports section, the value of Mr. Green’s profit boost, when available, cannot be understated. You are able to receive up to $5000 as extra profit when you make a combination bet on any sport of your choosing. The 50% profit boost varies on how many selections you choose for your combination. Whichever way you look at it, the Mr. Green profit boost currently stands head and shoulders above any other sportsbook profit boost currently available.

Not only do they provide an exceptional profit boost for your sports but Mr. Green also does something that not many bookmakers do – educate. Mr. Green has an entire page dedicated to helping you with your sports betting. They offer you advice on everything from bankroll management, keeping your records and the importance of value and discipline. The reason we include this as a unique trait is that it is not really all that common for even the best sports betting site. It is a great addition from Mr. Green and shows that they care about the success and overall enjoyment of their sports bettors.

Betway: Sports Reward Club & eSports Club

It is not uncommon for sports betting bookmakers to offer promotions and odds boosters for certain events. However, Betway is offering their players two separate rewards clubs which is something worth mentioning as this is not all that common.

Firstly, Betway is offering players the chance to join their Sports Rewards Club by simply opting in when the offer is live. We found this rewards club to be unique for the fact that you need to blend slots and sports together. If you are a sports betting fan, you will need to bet a total of $50 on any slot games from Monday to Thursday. Once you have done so, you will receive a $5 bonus bet to use on any sport of your choosing. Should you participate in every week of the month, Betway throws in an extra $10 on the last Friday of the month.

Betway has a range of different eSports games in their sports section, this alone contributes to why they are so unique. The real point of interest here though is the eSports Club reward. Once you have opted in to become part of the eSports Club you will then be able to claim rewards once a week. At present, all you need to do is wager $25 on eSports doubles, trebles or accumulators. Once your initial bet is settled, you will receive $10 in bonus bets to use on any eSport of your choosing. We found this to be unique as not many bookmakers are offering eSports betting fans any kind of rewards, let alone offering eSports to bet on at all.

LeoVegas: BetBuilder, Tennis Bonus Bets & Profit Boosts

LeoVegas’s individuality shines through the void of space with its BetBuilder feature. The bookmaker gives their users the chance to build their own unique bet up 12 different selections, when the offer is available. The site is focused on ice hockey and football (although there are plenty of other sports to bet on) and so your BetBuilder will need to focus on one of these two sports. Your selection possibilities are seemingly endless as you can choose anything from the number of red cards, goalscorers, number of corners, number of free-kicks etc. There really is an ample amount for you to choose from. The BetBuilder is a great feature from LeeVegas that helps them stand out from the infinite amount of bookmakers in our universe.

Apart from the BetBuilder, LeoVegas is also offering its users’ fanatics deals on tennis betting. This is unique in and of itself as there are not many promotions solely dedicated to tennis and table tennis betting. You will need to claim your tennis rewards card from the “my offers” page each week. Once you have done so, you will be able to claim rewards such as bonus bets and profit boosts for every four qualifying bets that you place. The rewards for your bonus bets and profit boosts vary but you need only put in a  minimal amount of effort to claim your rewards. An excellent feature from LeoVegas that further compounds the nature of their individuality.

Tips To Help You Navigate The Wide Cosmos Of Sports Betting

Our sports book comparison would not be complete without giving you a few pointers on how to improve your overall sports betting approach. At the end of the day, it will be up to you to make wise choices with your betting but here are a few things to keep in mind when betting on your favourite sports in the future.

Managing Your Bankroll

You won’t be able to continue to fund your mission into the sports betting universe if you lose it all on one bet. This is why managing your bankroll is so important. Whether you are an experienced or brand new bettor the rule remains the same, don’t bet money that you don’t have. Try to set aside a budget for your sports betting, this way you can always stay on top of how much you have bet over a period of time. Furthermore,  and this holds true for newer gamblers in particular, start small with your bets.

Stay Cool Headed

A rather simple tip is to never play when you are too emotional. At times gamblers are known to go “full tilt”, meaning they play angry after losing bets. This is a recipe for more losing and is something you should be avoiding at all costs. If you lost a bet or two, take a breather, maybe come back the following day. If you are generally a relaxed person then this won’t be a problem for you. However, if your emotions are more volatile than others, it is best to take a step back after losing a few bets.

Stick To What You Know

When it comes to sports betting, there are many punters who are well versed in a number of different sports. However, it is best not to bet for betting’s sake. If you are new to online sports gambling, try to stick to what you know best. If football is your game, then bet strictly on football for a while before you feel more comfortable betting on different sports. This simply gives you a better chance of success. While there are never any guarantees that you will be successful, it is always a good idea to give yourself the best chance.

Keep An Eye Out For Sportsbook Bonuses

Always keep an eye on whether or not the bookmaker you are using is offering any kind of sportsbook promotions or deposit offers. This is a great way for sports betting fans to get the most out of betting on the sports that they love.  Many operators will be running promotions at any given time, it is always worth checking whether or not any of them relate to sports betting in general. Having a few extra bonus bets or profit boosts to use on the sport of your choosing is a fantastic way to hone your betting skills and potentially earn some more winnings. You may be interested to read our casino bonus comparison to find out more about how they work.

The End Of Our Journey Through Time & Space

That brings us to the end of our journey through the sportsbook comparison. We hope we have provided you with beneficial information and the adequate know-how on how to navigate the vast expanse of the infinite sportsbooks in our universe. It can be difficult to navigate your way through this dense space of bookmakers but using our sportsbook comparison will help to provide you with clarity on what it is you should be looking for. We know that finding a bookmaker online can at first appear scary but we are sure that we have shown you all the important elements to look out for.

Always remember that our sportsbook comparison is available to be used by new and experienced punters all the same. In fact, encourages you to come back to this page should you need a refresher on what to look out for in a sportsbook or a bookmaker in general. Touching up on what makes a bookmaker and its sportsbook safe for you to use will always be useful information for you to have on hand. Furthermore, we will always try to provide you with tips on the best way to go about your sports betting.

You can always rely on our team here at to provide you with objective comparisons and reviews on bookmakers’ sportsbooks. We pride ourselves on our ability to single out what makes these sportsbooks and bookmakers unique in an industry that is otherwise filled with similarities. If you are also interested in casinos we suggest you take a look at our in-depth casino comparison.

Sportsbook Comparison FAQ

💯 What is the best site for sports betting?

What people tend to expect from a sportsbook differs. Some bettors require live streaming; others look for a wide variety of different markets; while for others the need for great odds is paramount. As a result, it’s impossible to name a single individual site as the number one for everyone, but at, you can read our sportsbook comparison and bonus comparisons in order to ensure you can find an operator to suit you specifically.

🤔 Why should I use a sportsbook comparison?

There are a huge number of sportsbooks out there for players based in Canada to use, all of which have their own pros, cons, and overall betting provision. Using a sportsbook comparison can help you to find the best sports betting site for your individual requirements and, ultimately, help to elevate your betting experience to the next level.

🔍 How can I find a good sportsbook?

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a sportsbook that you want to use, but perhaps the most important tool available is by reading through sportsbook comparisons such as those found on A comparison allows you to learn more about various sites in detail without having to sign up, so you can get a good overview of a provider across a variety of different areas – and then, importantly, see how that provider shapes up against their competition.

💰 What is the best online sportsbook for payouts?

Being able to effectively deposit and withdraw when using an online sportsbook is incredibly important, which is why many a sportsbook comparison will focus on this area – and the reviews are no different. The reviews at our lab are designed to provide excellent insight into providers, including payouts,, so that you can find sports betting provider recommendations that go into the depth required for you to gain a deeper understanding of the operator before signing up. 

👇 Where can I find a sportsbook comparison for Canada?

There are a number of sportsbooks that allow users from Canada to register, but choosing which you wish to sign up to can be an arduous task due to the sheer variety of choice. Thankfully, we at are here to guide you through the various options with our comprehensive reviews of the gambling galaxy. Our sportsbook comparison reviews are a great place to start, and we even have a dedicated reward for the best bookmaker Canadian players can use!

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