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Our Interplanetary eSports Bonus Offers Compared

Last Updated on 08/06/2024

There’s this funny misconception amongst some people that – despite the immense popularity of eSports, its millions of fans, hundreds of thousands of players, and countless bets from across the universe – that eSports is just not as important as some other traditional betting options. To me, that’s absolute nonsense. The numbers speak for themselves. And considering you’re reading this, we imagine you also think that opinion is about as outdated as the belief the Earth is flat.

Luckily, most good bookmakers don’t feel this way. It’s true, eSports don’t get the credit they deserve from some traditionalists. However, don’t let this fool you. That’s not reflected in the betting markets which are available. Plus, just as importantly, you can also expect the same variety in the eSports promotions, which can be a shining consolation of generosity. You just need to know where to look. That’s why we’re here to help.

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Our interplanetary list of top online esports bonuses

How eSports Promotions Fit into the Betting Solar System

To be clear, the reason we’re here to assist you is not due to a lack of options when it comes to eSports promotions. No, while some bookmakers may fall out of orbit by turning their nose up at eSport offers, they are, thankfully, now very much in the minority.

The real issue with finding the right eSport promotions for you is actually an abundance, rather than a lack of choice. It’s more like trying to find the brightest star in a sky full of them, than searching for a distant planet without a telescope. We agree it’s a rather nice problem to have. You may be wondering why it’s a problem at all. Well, we’re not happy with you settling for anything less than the best. While it may be easy to find a good eSports promotion, when it comes to finding the best, that’s another story.

eSports make up a part of most good sportsbook sites nowadays. There are even eSports exclusive operators that only focus on this kind of sport. While we can offer clear eSports comparison, promotions can seem a little bit trickier. However, that needn’t be the case. We’re looking for bonuses, not unravelling the mystery of the Cosmos, after all.

Obviously, if we’re looking at promotions from an eSport exclusive site, you can assume they are all available for eSports markets. It would be rather weird if they weren’t. But, let’s assume you’ve gone with something a bit more of a jack-of-all-trades. In this instance, it may not be immediately obvious which promotions are available to redeem on eSports. Many betting sites will not specify that in their bonus introduction.

However, that doesn’t mean you should assume the worst. Very often, promotions that are generally available across many sports are also available on eSports. This might not always be the case. A promotion may specify it’s only available on one sport market, or even one league. Less commonly, eSports may be singled out alongside others as being prohibited from the promotion. But, otherwise, sports promotions tend to be available across as many options as possible – and that includes eSports. This means that the amount of options out there are incredibly vast, even if it doesn’t first appear that way.

Why You Should Have Infinite Expectations

Before we go any further, we want to really contextualise what’s available for you. The amount of bookmakers you know is only the tip of the iceberg – even if you view yourself as being pretty knowledgeable about these things. This is simply because the betting world is so incredibly vast, nobody could realistically have an in-depth understanding of everything without being a rocket scientist in this area. There are plenty of bookmakers that are distant stars within the vast cosmos of the betting galaxy.

The reason for this is really simple: betting is big business. That means the pool of competition for your attention is absolutely fierce The amount of bookmakers out there is close to countless and it’s expanding like the universe – and all of them want you to pick them.

Sure, maybe some don’t have eSports and maybe some don’t have promotions relevant to eSports, but most of them will. That means there’s an eye-watering amount of choice out there. ANd here’s the secret they don’t want you to realise: you’re the one in control. You’re captaining this voyage, not them.

All these bookmakers need to convince you that they’re the best choice within a milky way’s worth of options. That means you can expect the best promotions to be very generous. If they’re not, well, then you have plenty of other places to look. Never forget that you have near infinite options. They need you to pick them, not the other way around. This means you can be as picky as you like.

That’s why, with our eSports bonus comparisons, our aim is to help you make the right choice for you. We have the highest possible expectations for your choice. We hope you do too.

A World of Their Own: What We Look For in eSports Promotions

Considering those sky-high expectations, it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that there’s a lot of different things we look for when it comes to a quality eSports promotion. With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of 10 different attributes which all help to create eSport promotional perfection.


We know, we know, it’s obvious but indeed, the first thing Wedo to make an eSports bonus comparison is to check that the promotion in question does actually apply to eSports markets. This may not be initially obvious, as said before. However, we can usually find out through the terms and conditions. Even if eSports aren’t specifically mentioned in the terms, the restricted sports usually are, if there are any. And if there is any confusion, we can always ask customer service to clarify.

The Initial Offer

Before Wego rocketing into the details, we need to make sure the offer is well grounded. This means we begin as if we’re just a regular customer who’s noticed a promotion. We check out the initial advertised offer. The importance of this is to provide contrast. It’s important to know the difference between initial impression and reality. It gives us a sense of how you would feel in that experience. If it’s a let down, it makes for a poor comparison. We’re getting an initial sense of value here.


A lot of bookmakers let us down in this regard. Adding value is most important, for sure. But promotions are also a great way to express an operator’s personality. If you’re advertising a game about aliens, we want a bonus that’s intergalactic. Really, anything that adds to the site experience from a creative sense will get extra marks from us. Think experiences, not necessarily just monetary value.


Furthermore, we look for how a promotion could enhance your experience. For instance, you may like a particular eSport. A promotion could offer a competition with prizes for anyone who makes correct predictions across several markets. That’s enhancing your experience beyond just the prize.

Shining a Spotlight

One of the best things about promotions is their ability to shine a spotlight on events. Like a flying saucer capturing you in its light, the best bonuses know how to shine a light on different markets. A promotion could, for instance, interest you in a game you didn’t know about before. The same goes for tournaments of specific markets. By providing bonuses in areas you wouldn’t expect, you can have whole new experiences on the site.

Wagering Requirements

Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. Wagering requirements are one of the most vital terms and conditions. Obviously, we look at all the terms, but this one was important enough to single out. Wagering requirements represent how much you have to bet to withdraw your bonus. So, if you get $50 but have to bet $10,000 to see any of that money, that’s a bad wagering requirement. This is make or break for any and all bonuses.

Time Limits

Just as important but often overlooked are time limits. There are usually time limits on when those wagering requirements need to be met and when you can redeem your bonus. Naturally, these have a huge impact. A requirement may be reasonable over a month, but not a week. This is something that can hugely affect the value of a promotion.

Additional Restrictions

This includes any restriction, of course. we’re looking for any kind of term that limits a promotion’s availability, including bank restrictions, geographical restrictions, game restrictions etc. Anything that impacts who can use the bonus will also impact our comparison. Also, any restrictions about how you use the bonus are just as important. Essentially, this is a deep dive into the terms and conditions.


This is where we bring it all together to assess the overall value of the promotion. We consider who will benefit from this bonus, if anyone, and to what extent their experience will be enhanced. This is also when the comparison takes place.

First, we compare it against our initial impression. Does it deliver what it promises? Next, we compare the value against that of other promotions. This includes both competitor promotions, and the other bonuses available through that operator. This is a key area where one eSports promotion could soar while others crash land.


Those other promotions are important. Any individual bonus doesn’t just exist in the vacuum of space. It’s usually part of a collective. Therefore, that context impacts its value. Say, for instance, you have a small free bet bonus. If this is all there is, it still has value. However, if it’s available alongside larger promotions, it has more to offer. That’s because it’s complemented by what else is there.

A Universe Filled with Possibilities: Different Types of Promotions

You may still be unsure of the kinds of promotions you can expect for eSports. We figured the best way of showing you how vast the options are is to go through them. Like an alien encounter, seeing is believing, after all. Of course, this is just an overview. The only real limitation is the bookmaker’s imagination and generosity. With that in mind, here’s 10 key types of eSports promotions available.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus could be pretty much anything. The only requirement is that it needs to be something you get for signing up to the operator. That said, you probably have an idea of what to expect. Commonly, welcome bonuses will offer you a percentage of your deposit in free bets. This is also usually up to a certain amount.

Let us give you an example. You could have a bonus that offers 100% of your deposit up to $200. This means that if you deposited $50, you would get $50 and if you deposited $200, you would get $200. However, if you deposited $220, you would only get $200 still.

Wagering requirements are absolutely vital here. They always are, of course, but especially when dealing with higher numbers. Most welcome bonuses won’t specify whether eSports are applicable. Often though, they may say that it’s available on all sports markets or all sports markets except some specified. If the terms are unclear, be sure to check with customer service.

Risk Free Bets

Hey! Didn’t we just mention free bets? Well, risk free bets are actually different to free bets in a significant way. A free bet is where you receive additional bets as a reward – just like the one we mentioned in the welcome bonus example. In contrast, a risk free bet is where you essentially get two chances at winning.

So, say you have a $10 risk free bet. This means that if you bet $10 and lose, you get a refund on that $10 that you can then use to bet again. The terms for good risk free bets are usually really simple. They also very often cater to eSports markets. This is a nice, general kind of bet that is appropriate for a lot of different markets and encourages you to explore the betting world with more braveness.

Cash Bonus

We have another important distinction to make here. Don’t worry though, this is a nice one unlike when they decided Pluto wasn’t a proper planet. A cash bonus is where you receive the bonus without the need to bet in order to withdraw it. Free bets aren’t cash bonuses. They are the opportunity to win money. This means you cannot simply withdraw them and must bet them.

A cash bonus is any that you can simply withdraw straight away. These are very generous offers, which means you’re less likely to see them than others on this list. Still, they’re good enough to keep your telescopes primed at the ready to seek them out.

Percentage Bonus

You’ll usually find these as part of an accumulator bonus. However, there’s no reason that it can’t be used elsewhere. This is a bonus that adds a percentage onto your winnings.

Let’s go back to that accumulator example again. Usually, you would get a larger percentage based on the amount of legs on your accumulator. So, you may get 1% for a 3 fold acca and 20% for a 12 fold acca, for instance. Most accumulator bonuses we’ve come across don’t restrict the use of eSports. They’re also very common. This means there’s a good chance a percentage bonus will improve your eSports betting experience.

Odds Boosts

This and the previous bonus example often get mixed up too. We suppose they both have the same end result, which is giving you additional winnings. In the world of betting, that’s about as good as it gets. Odds boosts are exactly how they sound: they take your original odds, and boost them. It gives you better odds – in other words, odds that will pay out more if you win.

Now, what’s really important here for eSports is whether they are event specific. A lot of odds boosts are for particular events or sports. It could be the World Cup or the NBA season, for instance. It could also be for eSports, but on non-dedicated sites, this is less common. Some sites though let you choose where to use your bet boosts. They’ll often provide you with a set amount over a certain period. You decide how you use them and that means even better odds on your favourite eSport markets.

VIP Programs

Any promotion that rewards long-term use of an operator can be seen as a VIP program. Generally, you get rewards based on how much you have bet or deposited. This isn’t specific to eSports but they can certainly contribute to you gaining points/coins/whatever token is used in order to reap the rewards.


Naturally, eSports are all about tournaments and competitions. However, we’re not referring to promotions based on the biggest eSports tournaments around. We’ll have more on that shortly. No, this is when a promotion pits you against other bettors in some form of competition.

It could be anything really. They may ask you to predict a series of especially hard markets with a shared prize pool. Once again though, while this could be utilised through eSports markets, it sadly is not all that often on jack-of-all-trades betting sites. Still, it’s worth looking out for, especially when a big event is on. More commonly, you could win a prize for a more general goal.

Acca Insurance

Another acca promotion here and once again, their versatility could pay dividends for eSports fans. Acca insurance is where you get your stake back if your accumulator loses by a single leg.

Usually, we’ve seen the odd bit of variety here and there. For instance, some provide stake refunds if your horse loses by a hair. We know that’s not too relevant for eSports, but is an example of what you might find. The main thing that usually separates acca insurance promotions is whether the sake is given back in cash or as a free bet. That’s simply down to the generosity of the operator.

Event Specific Promotions

If an operator has event specific promotions relevant to eSports, you know they’re making it a priority. It shows that they’re ready to shoot for the moon with these betting markets, rather than letting those markets drift around their site like an abandoned satellite.

This could be on anything: it could be on the huge tournaments FIFA runs or a Twitch event. We really enjoy these promotions because they make an event feel bigger and help you to get more invested.

Real Prize Promotions

You probably imagine bonuses as simply offering discounts, free bets and cash back. That’s not to say we’re talking down any of those things, it’s just what is generally expected. That’s why we’re always so happy to see some promotions get a bit more creative with their offering. Real prize promotions can shoot into your life like a meteor shower, with incredible prizes like cars, holidays or even tickets to the biggest eSports events available.

The Great Unknown

We said at the start of this that there really weren’t many limits to what can be offered as an eSports promotion. The two key barriers are the operator’s imagination and generosity. That’s why the promotions We’re most excited about are the ones we haven’t seen yet. It’s like discovering a whole new star system, all those possibilities. Obviously, quality remains paramount, but we do give extra points for originality in such a stacked market.

Enter the Multiverse: How Different Betting Elements Can Compliment Promotions

There’s something else that’s often overlooked which we wanted to bring up here. It’s also something that we feel is often overlooked when people compare betting sites in general. That’s the importance of how all those positive elements work together. No positives exist in a vacuum. They have to work together like the constellations, making each glimmer that little bit brighter.

You’re probably thinking about how this works in terms of promotions. Well, one thing we always think goes well with promotions is the design of the site. Good bonuses don’t just offer value, they also offer a glimpse into the site’s personality. That’s why we said creativity is such a key thing we look for. By the same note, the site design should also showcase personality. If they both do so, the effect is all that much greater.

That’s just one example but what we’re saying is it’s best to view an operator as a whole package, as that’s what will deliver a great experience. You don’t just note good wagering requirements, for instance. It only matters because it’s on a site, betting market and a promotion you’re interested in. Consider, for instance, that eSport promotions are but one part of the equation in signing up to a bookmaker. You also need it to have a license and good customer service, amongst other things.

We hope you can see the point we’re making here – all these elements strengthen or weaken each other. In order to find the best eSports bonuses, it’s important to break components down to their atoms but to ultimately see them as the planetary packages they are.

Conclusion: Find Your Own Way in the Galaxy

Being able to see things as clear as the night sky is vital to finding the best eSports promotions for you. we’re imparting this advice because ultimately, you need to take the wheel of your own spaceship. Just to be clear, a huge amount of eSport promotions are clearly superior to others. The key part of our job in comparing these promotions is to make that kind of distinction.

However, a lot of eSport promotions are very good. In fact, in many cases, there’s not one that’s objectively better than the other. In those instances, it comes down to personal taste. It depends on what you want from a promotion. For instance, let’s say one promotion is aimed at casual users and another is aimed at high rollers. Both represent excellent value to their target audience. Neither is better than the other objectively. However, one is very likely to be better for you.

For this reason, considering the target audience makes up a vital part of eSport bonus comparisons. We don’t know who’s reading this. I, therefore, wouldn’t know which specific type of bonus would be right for you. What we try to do instead is identify a promotion’s demographic. We’re here to inform, first and foremost, which bonuses provide quality. We’re also here to tell you how they stack up against the competition. But on top of that, we inform you which kind of user would benefit from which promotions.

That’s what we can’t help you with, because only you know what kind of bettor you are. We do everything we can to provide you with the best navigation for eSports bonus comparisons. But to find the one that’s perfect for you, you’ll have to join this adventure alongside us.

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