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7Bit Casino Online Casino Review 2024

7BitCasino Carves Out Its Spot in the Casino Betting Galaxy

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7Bit Casino
  • Bonus up to €100 or 1.5BTC
  • Deposit with cryptocurrencies
  • Exceptional live casino
7Bit Casino Bonus
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People often have preconceptions when it comes to casino sites that have a lot of focus on cryptocurrencies. Viewed by many as an alien entity, they simply refuse to see the possibilities. Often, they’re unfairly biased towards more traditional names.

Now, the way I see it, Bitcoin is a great thing. It means more people get to enjoy what the online betting cosmos offers. Nonetheless, there was no doubt coming into this review that 7BitCasino would have to travel lightyears to silence the doubters – especially without a 7BitCasino sports betting option. Check out my 7BitCasino casino test for details.

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Last Updated on 07/04/2024

A Voyage Into The Unknown

The 7BitCasino bookmaker is, at the time of writing, not a household name. To some, the name could have been picked out of the night sky. Some people view this as a negative. After all, there’s a level of comfort in knowing the operator you’re betting with has decades of reputation to fall back on. With that said, I think it can be an advantage when done right.

The fact is those industry supercluster juggernauts can also rest on their laurels. It’s not always the case. Older names can be creative. Nonetheless, it’s often those lesser-known options which end up being the trendsetter, the innovators. Being a cryptocurrency casino is just one example of that. I think to an extent our 7BitCasino experience report can benefit from coming in without an idea of what to expect.

That’s why I always check out the reputation of a site after I’ve had my own experience. That way, my views aren’t coloured from what I’ve read before. What I’m saying is really simple: there’s a lot of variety out here. Some of it is really great. Don’t miss out on discovering your perfect betting site by only sticking to what you know.

7BitCasino Logbook: what happened so far

  • 2008: Bitcoin is invented by an unknown person
  • 2014: 7BitCasino is launched
  • 2020: We review and analyse the7BitCasino site

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our 7BitCasino review

So, what exactly does my 7BitCasino test consist of? Firstly, let’s quickly mention what won’t be covered here, for the sake of clarity. This review needn’t be rocket science, after all. Just like our knowledge section and many guides, it’s here to help.

Here, they’ll be no discussion of 7BitCasino sports betting – or indeed, any 7BitCasino sports betting bonus. There’ll be no 7BitCasino poker review either, nor any 7BitCasino eSports test or 7BitCasino eSports review. Why, you ask? It’s as simple as a sunrise.

This operator is a casino and a casino alone. That means there’s nothing to judge it on except the fundamental criteria of any betting operator, and the actual 7BitCasino casino itself. That criteria includes everything from bonuses to design, and plenty more in between. I’ll be breaking down exactly what I’m looking for in a moment. But rest assured, if I think it will affect the quality of your experience, no moonrock will be left unturned.

Put Your Helmet On: Safety Precautions

From me, there can be no PlayerBest awards or a favourable casino comparison – indeed, this 7BitCasino test cannot be a positive one, without quality licensing and safety. That’s why I check for everything from licensing to encryption on the site. If I can’t find them, I do consider this a disappointment but would not necessarily consider it a safety flaw. Some sites just explain themselves better than others. So, I ask customer service for that information.

If I still can’t get it, then I have to give this one the space-age old thumbs down. Nothing is more important when betting online than your safety. I also look at their reputation. This might not be as cut-and-dry as a license, but it does give me insight. Specifically, I want to know if they are generally trusted to treat users fairly. This is especially important when it comes to responsible gaming.

Mission Control, Do You Read Me?

There are two key parts to my customer support 7BitCasino casino test, and they’re both so simple you’d have to be from Jupiter not to understand them. First, I need to know what’s available. Is there live chat or email support, for instance? Beyond that, are there Help and FAQ sections so your questions can be answered without always needing to go to the team?

Then there’s how well these are executed. It’s all well and good to have live chat but if the team can’t answer any of your questions, that kind of thing makes me want to moonwalk away.

An Extra Sparkle in the Stars: Looking For Great Bonuses

It’s a very similar situation here. It’s about finding positives in both what’s offered and what’s delivered. More good looking promotions are better. However, they need to back it all up in the terms and conditions to make it worth your while. I also highly regard creativity when it comes to promotions. Bonus pages should be a place to not just add value but to stretch the site’s creative wings as well.

Awe-inspiring Design

Often, this can be a tricky one to tackle because site design – unlike a 7BitCasino deposit or 7BitCasino withdrawal option – is not objective. At least, it’s not when I’m talking about aesthetics. Naturally, we won’t all agree on what looks good. There’s no such thing as a correct answer in that regard. So what I will do is say how popular I think their chosen look will be. I could be wrong, even our greatest rocket scientists are wrong sometimes. But, I feel that is the best way to deal with the subjective.

What’s easier in that regard is analysis of structure and technical design. There’s only one way to test both of these and that’s by using the site extensively. While I do this, I’ll be noting any slowdown, any structural issues, anything I can’t find. Alongside that, I’ll also be noting wherever the site does well.

More Routes to Travel

In terms of payment options, as long as they’re trustworthy, I’m very much a ‘more the merrier’ kind of guy. Tests, of course, revolve around seeing what is available, how they work and what people can expect. When you have a lot of quality options that work well, you have a broader audience. It really is as simple as that.

7BitCasino: Breaking Down the Atmosphere

As I hope to have made clear, 7BitCasino betting is about exactly what it sounds like. This is a casino and a casino alone. That’s why I’ve dedicated an entire report focused entirely on the casino. Think of the rest of what I look at as the foundations upon which a great online casino can flourish. They are the sun to the casino’s Earth.

To test this out, I’ll be seeing what’s available and playing those games. Generally, I’ll be experiencing as much as possible to get an idea of what you can expect.

Lift-off: Get a headstart with our 7BitCasino test

Securing the Landing

For me, there’s no more important 7BitCasino test than this. At the bottom of any page on the 7BitCasino bookmaker site, I could find proud displays of their legitimacy shining bright like stars.

First, there’s the many gaming portals which recommend them. To the right, there’s a link to their responsible gaming section. This shows you how to set 7BitCasino deposit and loss limits, bet limits, cooling-off periods, self-exclusions and how to close your account permanently if necessary. What this tells me is they take their responsibilities as an operator seriously, and have a solid reputation in that regard.

They’re also licensed under the laws of Curacao, which makes them available to Canadian players as well as players internationally. The games are also regulated under this license to ensure they’re provably fair. This, I suppose, is the equivalent of having great 7BitCasino odds. Down here is also where you’ll find links to all their terms and conditions, which were reasonable throughout.

You may need to provide documentation to prevent fraud and to ensure minors cannot use the site. That data is kept safe using encryption technology from anyone who may wish to do you harm anywhere in the galaxy. Plenty of people go to cryptocurrency-friendly casinos for security, but it’s not the only concern. I think here you can plainly see this operator takes its other duties in that regard just as seriously.

Repeat, Mission Control, Do You Copy?

During my 7BitCasino review, I had the pleasure of talking to 7BitCasino’s around the clock live chat team on several occasions to help with my queries. I never had to wait longer than a few moments for a response and they were always very helpful and made sure my issues were satisfied before moving on. Absolutely out of this world service.

Not only that but you can even talk to them before you’ve signed up, which is vital if you have any questions during the registration process. This means if you want to know about 7BitCasino odds or even how 7BitCasino betting tax works, there’s always somebody to ask. Being able to find out what I need to know from an operator – even if it’s why there’s no 7BitCasino sports betting online live betting – is something I take seriously in all my reviews.

That said, I often didn’t even need to contact them. That’s because this site is so well-structured and explains itself so well that I often found myself not needing to talk to anyone once I headed over to the many helpful sections found throughout the site. Customer service is about great person-to-person contact when it’s needed, and well-presented and easy to understand information when it’s not. 7BitCasino is a triumph of intergalactic proportions on both fronts.

A Sparkling Set of Promotions

When you’re an operator like7BitCasino – with a solid reputation but not quite yet a household name – you need to stand out. You especially need ways to showcase you don’t fall under negative assumptions about Bitcoin casinos. One of those assumptions is they don’t have the same level of promotions, which is why the sign up bonus is so colossally important – for them, and for this 7BitCasino review.

Before I go over the terms and conditions, do note I always recommend checking the terms yourself. Think of this as an overview of the night sky but you’ll still need the telescope to make sure of the details. I’ll also write the amounts as they do on the site, so even though the next part of this 7BitCasino experience report is partly in Euros, that’s just because I don’t wish to make any assumptions regarding currency conversions.

That 7BitCasino casino welcome bonus is split into four deposits and between cash and Bitcoin. Your first is up to €100 or 1.5BTC, or 200 free spins. The second bonus is up to €100 or 1.25 BTC, the third up to €200 or 1.25 BTC and the fourth up to €100 or 1BTC. All are 100% bonuses. Minimum deposits are 0.0042 BTC or 20CAD. Wagering requirements for free spins and cash are 45x, which is about what I expected.

Importantly, while I can’t find any 7BitCasino bonus code for the first deposit, the others all require one. With regards to those promo code examples, you’ll want to know the following:

  • The 7BitCasino bonus code for the first deposit at the time of writing is 2DEP
  • The 7BitCasino promo code for the second deposit is 3DEP
  • The 7BitCasino bonus code for the third deposit is 4DEP

Other Planetary 7BitCasino promotions

That’s not all, as alongside the welcome bonus, there’s also the Monday 25% Reload Bonus. With this promotion, you get 25% back up to 0.01BTC or 50CAD. This has an expiry date of 14 days and the wagering requirement is 40x.

Carrying on with this weekly theme is the Wednesday Free Spins Offer. You get 40 free spins for 30CAD or 0.003BTC, and 100 free spins for 75CAD or 0.006BTC. Once again, there’s no 7BitCasino bonus code. The typical free spins wagering requirements apply.

Last in my weekly schedule is the Weekend Cashback Bonus. If you lose a minimum of 0.0042 BTC or 15CAD, you’ll get cashback based on your VIP level. This is also another promotion with no 7BitCasino promo code. Wagering requirements are also based on your VIP level.

There’s plenty of positives here – certainly more starry night skies than the dark side of the moon. Linking up the loyalty bonus with the cashback is a good idea. Providing the option for multiple welcome bonuses is also a plus. More than anything though, my biggest takeaway here is that they defied expectations of a cryptocurrency casino in such a big way.

Loyalty to the Mission

I mentioned in the promotional section of this review that some of the cashback is attached to a VIP loyalty program. Indeed, that is the case. You progress up levels, which are pleasantly symbolised by classic cars. I personally prefer rocket ships, but it’s still a nice touch.

Remember what I said about valuing creativity? This is a perfect example. This feature also helps you see your progress to the next level on your account. New levels get you free spins and more cashback.

However, the specifics of this are not made clear. It’s a rare instance of a lack of information for 7BitCasino so I certainly won’t be criticising them too harshly. Nor will this greatly impact the conclusion here at PlayersBest. Regardless, it’s something which provides advantages for playing normally. However, it does mean I will have to remain neutral as to its objective quality.

How the Ship Looks, and How it Functions

The looks of 7BitCasino are nothing if not distinctive. Now, whenever I come to this point in a review, it’s always important to keep subjectivity in mind. 7BitCasino betting has a late-night casino feel that some will love, while it won’t be to the tastes of others. Whether we’re from Mars, Jupiter, Earth or Neptune, we’re all individuals with our own tastes and preferences. I do think it’s objectively fair to say the site pulls off its preferred style well.

From a technical point of view, everything on the site appeared to work great. Every link was working and everything ran smoothly from the games to the customer service. There were no broken links, for instance, and everything loaded immediately. It truly felt like I was living in the space age, with perfect technology guiding us through our journey. I’ll talk about them more later in this 7BitCasino casino review, but I can say here that from a design point of view, they were technically sound.

Just as important is that it’s really well put-together structurally too. Everything from how Bitcoin works and the banking process is as easy to understand as it’s to understand and use. One of the benefits of not needing any kind of 7BitCasino poker test or 7BitCasino sports betting test is more focus on the casino. It also means that structuring the site is just easier because there’s less to fit in and navigate. This is a 7BitCasino casino review, and nothing more. That may have some negatives. But, as you can see here, there’s positives too.

The only negative from a design point of view would be a lack of a dedicated 7BitCasino app. However, that’s understandable for a lesser-known site. And it’s worth pointing out that a 7BitCasino mobile site is still available.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at 7BitCasino

A Planisphere For Payment Methods

Talking about payments was as inevitable a part of this analysis as any other PlayersBest review. It’s as sure as the moon orbits the Earth. The reason I view it as so important is simple: if you can’t find a payment option to suit you, then you can’t use the site.

As Bitcoin is such a big part of 7BitCasino, it’s obviously a huge draw for this operator to many people. Bitcoin offers extra anonymity and security and it’s something many consider a top priority when choosing where to register a player account. It’s also worth mentioning too that Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and even Dogecoin are also available here.

In addition, this site is versatile enough to offer other payment methods such as Visa, Skrill, Paysafecard and Neteller. There’s no 7BitCasino Paypal option, but just like there is no 7BitCasino app, it doesn’t stand in the way of its greatness. It’s an excellent selection of trusted ways to use the site for those who prefer traditional currencies. In other words, it’s a cosmically impressive level of variety.

Deposits and 7BitCasino withdrawals are processed close to instantly where possible, while fees and limits per transactions vary. Full details can be found on their extensive Payments page. Typical fees, where applicable, would be 2.5%, while a typical limit would be between $10 and $4,000. This will no doubt be a huge selling point for a lot of people.

A World of Their Own: 7BitCasino Casino Review

While some might prefer their betting sites to be all-rounders, I hope I have made it clear so far that this is indeed a casino exclusive site. This is a target audience choice rather than a flaw, but if you happen to think of yourself as among that target audience, be sure to stick around. I’ll be seeing exactly how everything lines up, and whether I’ve hit the jackpot with a candidate for our best casino awards, or if you’ll want to take another spin with this crypto casino site.

Supersonic Software and Gravity-Defying Games

There’s no better place to start than the games in the 7BitCasino casino. It’s important to understand that the software developers, just like the site itself, are often broken into cryptocurrency games and games for traditional payment methods. They manage to find an exceptional balance in this regard.

This is in large part thanks to the many brilliant software developers which call 7BitCasino home. There are quite literally dozens to choose from, including huge names like Red Tiger Gaming and Microgaming, alongside many newcomers.

The game selection itself is equally awesome, with an astounding number of slot, table and jackpot games to choose from. The latter also benefits from their creative racing motif, which I also saw as part of the VIP program.

An extra bonus is how they are all really well categorized too.  This makes it easy to choose from your favourite software developers, new games, low risk, high risk, megaways, fruit games and bonus rounds. You name it, you can search for it on the 7BitCasino online casino game library. Not only is the selection excellent, so is the structure which makes finding what you are looking for a breeze. Exceptional stuff.

Lightyears Ahead Live Casino

And the good times keep on rolling, as the 7BitCasino casino defies expectations once more with its live casino. Here you’ll find many versions of blackjack, roulette and even three-card poker. It really shows you that 7BitCasino fully intends to stand up to the industry juggernauts in every possible field. And they clearly have the technical prowess to do so smoothly and effectively.

The exceptional live casino really highlights the importance of betting limits. This is what tells you the minimum and maximum you can bet. If you’re wondering what constitutes low and high risk in the game portfolio, it largely comes down to limits. Low minimum bet amounts means casual players can enjoy a low risk and more casual gaming experience, while higher limits means more risk and more potential winnings.

There’s no right or wrong version: just what you prefer. What is important in terms of limits is that an online casino has the scope to provide plenty of games for both, and everyone in between. This meteoric games library here achieves exactly that.

7Bit Casino sports betting FAQ

📱What are the 7Bit Casino mobile betting options?

All of the best sportsbooks and online casinos in Canada will aim to make their betting platforms as mobile-friendly as possible. After all, it’s simply way more enjoyable to bet from a smartphone or a tablet. So take the time to read our 7Bit Casino sports betting review to see how mobile-friendly the betting site is. Perfect for seeing if the brand has taken the time to create its own betting apps.

🎁Do I have to use any 7Bit Casino bonus codes?

It’s pretty common to have to use some kind of bonus code to get sports betting promotions and online casino bonuses in Canada. Failure to use the right bonus code could cause you to miss out on getting the special offer. So make sure that you read our 7Bit Casino sports betting review to see whether you have to use a specific promo code, or whether you can simply get the deal just by making a qualifying deposit. 

❓Can I get a 7Bit Casino no deposit bonus?

Check out our 7Bit Casino sports betting review to see what kinds of bonuses are available and whether you can get any of these deals for free. It might be pretty hard to find a true no deposit bonus, but that doesn’t mean that these deals aren’t out there. By reading our review, you’ll quickly be able to see the true value of any 7Bit promotions and you can then compare them to the best sports betting bonuses in Canada.

🔐How do I get a 7Bit Casino login?

Read our 7Bit Casino sports betting review to get the latest information about how you register an account with this brand. You’ll learn about what kinds of personal information you need to provide and discover how long it takes to verify your account. Plus we’ll even compare the 7Bit Casino site with the best online sportsbooks in Canada. Perfect for knowing which online sportsbook to sign up to.

💰How do I make a 7Bit Casino withdrawal?

If you know anything about online gambling in Canada, you’ll know that it’s not always so easy to make deposits and withdrawals with a payment method of your choosing. So check out our 7Bit Casino sports betting review where we will examine each of the withdrawal options available at the site. Plus you’ll get accurate information about everything from withdrawal processing times to limits and fees.

7BitCasino review: Mission Success

What really blew me away here was the sheer variety of gaming quality. I had high expectations because of the terrific groundwork that had already been laid by 7BitCasino, but really felt they went above and beyond here. This is both a great cryptocurrency and traditional currency casino rolled into one. You could half the content they have and I would still view them as exceptional in the variety and quality of experiences that their casino offers.

That said, they still won’t be for everyone: namely if you like your betting sites to a bit of everything. As I said, there’s no 7BitCasino eSports test or 7BitCasino poker review, because those betting products are not here. As I explained earlier, that’s not an objective flaw, but it does mean they won’t be for everyone.

However, I do think 7BitCasino betting will be right for a great deal of people, especially if banking variety is important to you.  It’s not perfect, but it’s an overwhelmingly positive result. 7BitCasino is absolutely worth considering for further exploration.

User Reviews for 7Bit Casino

4/5 – 2 User Reviews
  1. Great site with casino feel

    This is a good site and I like the choice of games and how easy it was to sign up. I have had some good consistent wins and haven’t yet had any problems with my withdrawals or technical issues. I mainly play slots although sometimes I like to try other games on the tables. It has a good casino feel. I have experienced many sites and so far this is the best.

    Nothing I hope that it stays good.
  2. Its ok

    Plenty of software developers, lots of slots, and a good mix of names you’ll know and ones you wont (I mean with the game developers). Some good titles in there with some decent megaways games as well. Nice to see more than the usual Bitcoin ivnolved as well.

    Not keen on the flashy look tbh. Id prefer a more relaxed approach rather than looking so flashy but its fine and the crypto appeal is obvious.

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7Bit Casino
  • Bonus up to €100 or 1.5BTC
  • Deposit with cryptocurrencies
  • Exceptional live casino
7Bit Casino Bonus
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