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Betway Online Casino & Sportsbook Review 2021

Betway Review: The Best Bookie on the Planet!

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Since its humble beginnings back in 2004, Betway has skyrocketed around the world, and today is among the biggest betting sites in Canada, the world and perhaps even the whole universe.

In addition to the flagship Betway Bookmaker, players can also enjoy the Betway Casino, as well as Betway Poker and Bingo. On top of the regular Betway online casino, there’s also the more exclusive Betway Vegas and the live casino lounge. Already liking the sound of this? Sign up for a 100% deposit bonus up to $200 today!

However, despite the rise in popularity of their casino platforms, with Betway, sports betting still remains very much at the forefront of their operation. As a result, with Betway, you can expect quality bonus offers and excellent betting markets on Canada’s most popular sports. These include ice hockey, soccer, football and much, much more…

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Sports Bonus
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The Test: Flight Blast Off with Betway Betting!

Welcome to PlayersBest, and to my Betway Sports Betting Review!

Like most of you, I had heard plenty about Betway before I finally signed up and made an account. So once I finally did it, it was like arriving in a place I was already familiar with. Now, what I’ve done is I’ve conducted my very own Betway test, with the intention of passing the results and my expert review onto you.

So, do you want to find out all there is to know about Betway Sports Betting, Poker and the Betway Casino

Then read on, as I’ll not only provide you with my thorough Betway review, I’ll also tell you everything you need to know about the best Betway bonuses. Moreover, I’ll give you my top tips on how you can best take advantage of each bonus and make them work for you!

Care to join me?

Then please, strap yourself in and prepare for lift off in 5…4…3…2..1…

Betway Logbook: what happened so far

  • 01.JAN 2006: Betway first launched with its sportsbook.
  • 01.JAN 2015: Betway became the official sponsor of Barclays Premier League side West Ham United
  • 01. JAN 2015: Betway paid out the Guinness world record jackpot of $20,062,600, £13,209,300
  • 01. AUGUST 2020: Betway is ranked among Canada’s best betting sites

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Betway review

Blast off with a Bonus! The Betway Sports Betting Test…

Firstly, I have to talk about the Betway sports betting bonus here. In short, this is a matched deposit bonus on your first payment into your account. For example, if your first deposit is C$50, Betway will give you $50 in bonus cash, and so forth. Now, you might normally associate a bonus of such as size with being a casino bonus, but no, this really is their sportsbook bonus offer.

How to claim your bonus

Most importantly, there’s no Betway bonus code that you need to remember here. Instead, all you have to do is opt-in for the bonus by licking the correct box during the registration process. If there’s one thing to be said, however, it’s that the sentence beside the box is a little long-winded: ‘I wish to receive the Welcome Bonus and accept the Terms and Conditions’. So, just remember to opt-in as you’re not clicking to get sent a newsletter that will clutter your inbox and go unread.

Make your 1st Betway Deposit

Once you’ve created your account and opted in, all you have to do is make your 1st Betway deposit within 7 days. Then, once you’ve done so your bonus should be credited automatically, as it was in my case. Should you be wondering,  I’ll explain the deposit process in a little bit more detail later on.

Wagering requirements

Really, wagering this bonus really isn’t too bad at all. This is because the wagering requirements are fairly modest for a bonus of its size. In summary, what you have here is a casein sized bonus with betting bonus wagering requirements.

Betway Sports Betting Online: Beyond the Bonus

We all want to discover the best sports betting site. With Betway, you have over 30 different sports to choose from. Additionally, there are multiple betting markets to choose from within each sport. Most importantly, Betway’s Canada site is really catered towards us as Canadian sports fans. This is evident because their marketing and promotions are all centred around “the big 4”. To clarify, “the big 4” refers to the 4 most popular team sports among Canadian betters. Namely, these are ice hockey, soccer, football and basketball. However, baseball also makes it a big 5 in the right season. Additionally, you’ll also find popular individual sports at the top of the page including tennis, golf and MMA.

A Solar System of Slots: The Betway Casino Test

The Betway Casino claims that launching with them can be done in just 3 easy steps. In summary, these are; Sign Up – Deposit – Play. So, naturally, I decided to test how true they are to this simplicity. In essence, it can be done in those 3 steps, however, things might be a bit lengthier than they’d have you believe. For example, you have to fill out the form and be verified before you’re fully registered and, depending on your payment method, you’ll also might have to wait for your first deposit to clear. Generally speaking, however, deposit times with Betway are fast. In reality, this is what you’d expect from an operator of their calibre.

Betway Casino Review: The Bonus

Of course, I couldn’t talk about the casino sign up process without talking about the Betway Casino Bonus. In the same vein as the sports bonus, the Betway Casino Bonus is a  matched deposit offer on your 1st deposit. However, the maximum value of the casino bonus is slightly higher. Additionally, you can also claim a casino bonus on your 2nd and 3rd deposit. However, their wagering requirements are much higher here, but not much more so than the industry average.

Betway Vegas

In addition to the Betway online casino and live casino, you have Betway Vegas. Now, I’m going to be honest here, at first it’s pretty hard to tell what the actual purpose of Betway Vegas is, as they don’t offer a very clear explanation anywhere. However, once you start playing it becomes apparent that it’s a next-level online casino experience that’s designed to recreate the glitz and the glamour of an evening at a Las Vegas casino. You still have online video slots and jackpots, however, they’re pitted alongside an exclusive range of table games and a special live casino with suited and glammed up vegas-style dealers.

Cards on the table: The Betway Poker Test

First of all, there’s one important disclaimer to speak of here. Namely, it’s that Betway Poker is only available on Betway Mobile, either through the downloadable app or mobile website. This does put Betway a little bit behind rival betting world giants Bet365 Casino. However, the fact that their poker platform is only available on mobile, means that they’ve worked hard to ensure an optimal poker experience for those on the move.

So, if you like playing poker on the go, I think you’ll be pretty satisfied with your Betway Poker experience. Moreover, the Blaze Poker experience allows you to fold at any time in a game and immediately be taken to a new table. In short, it’s a great future for those looking for a quickfire gaming experience.

Sky rocketing into the future: The Betway Esports Test

While their esports may not be upto the standards of some dedicated esports platforms, Betway most definitely shouldn’t be written off. On the contrary, Betway’s esports betting platform has been lauded by many esports betting review sites – and rightly so. Through their promotions and markets, it’ll be clear for you to see that Betway definitely understands the esports industry. Moreover, they are the official sponsors of the CS:GO team Ninjas in Pajamas. So, if you’re an esports enthusiast who’s also in need of a top tier sportsbook, then you really can’t go wrong with Betway!

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
100% up to $500
Risk-Free Bet
T&Cs apply, 21+
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Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Betway test

Reporting to the Betway Base: A Customer Service Test

To start things off, Betway has an extremely impressive FAQ section that you’ll probably find will answer most questions that you may have. In addition, if you’re not in a reading mood or are more of a visual person, they have a video library full of tutorials. In general, the Betway help and FAQs are quite possibly the best I’ve seen in my years as a gambler and as a professional reviewer.

On the other hand, if you find that the FAQs or tutorial videos don’t answer your question(s), then finding the live chat isn’t extremely obvious straight away. Rather than being accessible via a tab or as a widget, to get to the live chat you have to click “No” at the bottom of an FAQ page when asked if the answer was helpful.

On one hand, I felt this is a pretty smart idea, as the FAQs generally are extremely helpful. However, on the other hand, you do get the feeling that Betway really wants you contacting them directly to be a last resort. That being said, with millions of customers worldwide it’s hardly surprising they want to keep call and live chat volume to a minimum. In the end, if you do need to contact Betway directly either by phone, live chat or email, then they’re at the other end 24/7. More importantly, they are quick to respond with helpful answers.

Fuelling your Engine: The Betway Experience Report


When it comes to making your deposits with Betway, you can use a number of payment methods. These include all major debit & credit cards, as well as bank transfers and a range of e-wallets and payment methods. Unfortunately with Betway, PayPal isn’t an accepted payment option in Canada.

But anyway, enough of the boring stuff and just let me give you the good news. In answer to your question, no, Betway doesn’t charge any fees for any payment methods and their deposit processing times are quick and painless. So, your account can be funded, your bonus granted, and you can be ready to play within minutes!

The Betway Withdrawal Test

First of all, let me start with good news again – there are no Betway withdrawal fees either! In terms of withdrawal times, they vary depending on the payment method, however, you can easily track what stage your withdrawal request is at in the “Bank” section of your account. Additionally, while your withdrawal is in the processing stage, you have the option to reverse the decision and cancel your withdrawal. As well as processing your withdrawals, you can also keep on top of your bonus cash and see where you’re at with your wagering requirements. In summary, everything is pretty easy and transparent with Betway.

The Betway Mobile App: Going Where No Gambler’s Gone Before

I never expected anything less from an operator with a reputation as colossal as Betway’s, but the Betway App truly is brilliant. Actually, in some cases, I’d go as far as to say you’re actually better using the app than the actual site. Of course, with the casino, there are quite a lot of games missing from the mobile version, but that’s to be expected. The app more than makes up for this in other areas, however. For instance, as I mentioned before you actually need the app if you want to play poker at all.

If your main reason for signing up with Betway is sports betting online and live betting, then you really can’t go without the app. This is especially true for those of you who like making quick bets on the move, as the process is seamless. Additionally, you can keep track of your live bets on the move as Betway provides streams for over 70,000 events per annum.

Let’s picture the scene, you’re on the subway home from work or on your lunch break and you decide to stream a European soccer game. Then, while you’re watching you have an inkling you know who’s gonna score next. All you then have to do is minify the screen and place your live bet quickly and seamlessly while you’re still watching. Honestly, it really is that easy. Furthermore, I never experienced any lagging or bugs when testing the Betway App.

Betway, how does it look out there?

So I’ve already spoken about the ease of use of similarity of the Betway Mobile App. And I’d just like to add that the website is equally as seamless. But what I’d also like to do now is give a little shout out to the layout and colour scheme. Firstly, everything on the Betway site is where it should be. And, in terms of design, they’ve gone for a space-age black background dazzled with little sparkles of subtle green. This is a classic betting site design, especially for sportsbooks. However, Betway were among the real originals to run with it and they still pull it off perfectly. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Betway

Betway offers plenty of unique promotions and loyalty schemes to keep their players around. Here are my favourites:

Promo Planet

The Betway promos don’t stop with the welcome offer. Once you’ve played through your bonus and established yourself as a loyal Betway punter, you’ll find plenty of promos from which to choose. When it comes to their existing customer promotions, Betway is very country-focused and of the moment. In other words, they offer Canada specific promotions on sports and events that are happening now.

Betway: You lead, you win

This is one of Betway’s regular promotions, however, it changes slightly depending on what sports and events are happening at the time. In short, it means that if the team or player you’ve backed goes ahead by a certain score, Betway will pay out your bet as a winner, even if your bet ultimately goes on to lose.

Let’s take baseball, for example. At the time of writing, they have a Toronto Blue Jays special. This means that when you bet on either side in a Toronto Blue jays match, Betway will pay out if they end an innings more than 3 runs ahead. And yes, you read that correctly, you don’t have to back the Blue Jays for this offer to pay out, you can back then opposition.

Let’s now use Golf as an example, more specifically the US PGA tour. With the You Lead, You Win promotion on this competition, Betway will payout if the player you back is leading at the end of the 1st round.

Betway Sports Betting

Betway Betting: the best in Solar System of Sport

I’ve already mentioned the handsome welcome bonus, but that doesn’t even begin to describe why you should choose Betway as a bookmaker. To sum up the Betway sportsbook in a nutshell, it’s quantity, built on quality grounds. In addition to all of the most popular Canadian European sports that I mentioned earlier, you’ll also find plenty of more obscure sports with Betway.

For example, they offer betting markets on Gaelic sports, Aussie rules football and even politics. Betway’s range of sports is so extensive, in fact, that you can expect there to be around 5,000 betting markets available in an average week! So no matter if you’re a mainstream punter or you’ve found your niche, there’s a good chance Betway has what you need.

With Betway, odds are clearly something they put a lot of effort into. Generally speaking, large global operations such as Betway have plenty of resources. And, I’m pleased to say that Betway have put theirs to good use. When it comes to popular sports in Betway’s native UK, such as soccer, cricket and snooker, Betway’s odds quite often clinch the top spot. In terms of popular Canadian sports, like hockey and basketball, Betway’s odds usually sit pretty solid in the top 3.

To summarize, Betway definitely is in contention to be crowned the best sports betting site in the galaxy!

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
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Betway Casino

Betway Casino Review

Bringing the real world casino experience to an online planet!

In the same vein as their top-notch sportsbook, the Betway Casino combines quality and quantity brilliantly. For example, the fact that they’ve gone to the lengths of creating two online casinos, Betway Casino & Betway Vegas, shows that their casino platform is no mere sidekick to the sportsbook. Moreover, the Betway Casino App as an entirely separate entity from the sportsbook app.

In terms of promotions, you’ll find regular cashback and bonus credit offers on table games. When it comes to the overall direction of the sportsbook, you’ll get the feeling it’s very much pointed towards having the look and feel of a classic, brick and mortar casino in an online world. This isn’t purely down to aesthetics, all of their offers tend to be on their table and live dealer games. You can find out more in our comprehensive casino guide.

Personally I found Betway’s Vegas-style direction to be a breath of fresh air. That’s not to say it’s totally original, but in a market dominated by video slot based sites, such as Ruby Fortune Casino, it’s good to see an online casino throwing us back to the good old times.

Look and feel

Betway have backed up their throwback with a digital twist approach by using a matte black background with white font. In essence, this alludes to the black and white of the tux you’d wear to a real-life casino. The Betway Vegas section is similar, but with the addition of a passionate red. For a summary of all the best looking casino sites, make sure to check out our casino awards.

Casino Bonus
Casino Bonus
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Deposit Bonus
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Betway Poker
Betway Esports

Betway Esports Betting Review: Gambling for the New Generation

Above all else, what Betway really deserves credit for here is really understanding and embracing the concept of esports and esports betting. I mention this, as several other seasoned giants of the betting world have failed to do the same, and their esports betting options have ended up being a sloppy afterthought. This puts it as a great contender for the best bookmaker.

Betway have betting markets on all of the most popular esports you need, including Dota, 2 CS:GO and League of Legends. Furthermore, they’re also up on all of the top tier competitions, including ESL, ESEA and IEM leagues.

In terms of bonuses, your Betway sports betting welcome bonus also applies to esports. However, there’s also the Esports Club, which gives you the chance to get C$ in free esports bets every week.

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
100% up to $500
Risk-Free Bet
T&Cs apply, 21+
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Betway sports betting FAQ

⚡ How do I get a Betway login?

Betway has much to offer eager visitors and bettors who want somewhere to bet on top sports and events. You can find out a lot about Betway sports and features before you join the site. However, you need a login before you can place real wagers. At PlayersBest, we take you through our review of the site, so you can learn how to do this.

⏸ Do I need to get a Betway download?

Sportsbooks work in various ways, with some proving easier to use and navigate than others. We find out whether Betway is one of the leading sites, and explore topics including the availability of a download or app. Knowing whether you can use Betway on your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone is one of the most important things to think about.

⛹ How do I use the Betway online betting site?

When you first visit Betway, the entire site is going to be new and unusual for you. We hope that by reading our Betway review, you can see how it works and learn more about various elements of the site. The PlayersBest experts in online betting and sportsbook action can guide you along the way to help you get started.

⛳ Which Betway sports can I bet on?

You may have one or two sports that you would like to bet on, along with others that don’t appeal. This means the sportsbook you choose could differ from one chosen by someone else with other considerations. We highlight what’s on at Betway, how you can use the site to bet on your sporting favorites, and much more besides.

✅ How can I find the latest Betway sports odds?

Every bettor wants to find the best sports odds. In doing so, it is possible to get more in return from your successful wagers. In our review of Betway, we cover sports odds, the availability of betting types and sports, and many other in-depth topics as well. You could learn more from our review than you will from many others.

Betway review: Conclusion

Overall, the main reason I like Betway now remains the same as why I liked Betway 10 years ago. Namely, that reason is their excellent sportsbook. It’s fair to say that it’s changed and developed over the years. But in my opinion, it’s definitely changed for the better. Moreover, they’ve still stuck to their principles of great odds, workable bonuses and quality betting markets. Additionally, the fact that they clearly care about catering to their Canadian customers is a huge bonus.

So, their sportsbook still remains the main reason so sign up with them in my opinion. However, all of you casino oriented gamblers should still find plenty of reason to give Betway a go. If there’s one area in which they fall short, it’s with their poker app, but there’s still plenty of time for Betway to bring that up to speed yet! If you’ve been searching the galaxy for a great sportsbook, then maybe it’s time to land at Betway and try it out for yourself.

Unibet Sports
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Unibet Sports Bonus
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  • Live streaming on all major sports
  • Useful early cash-out features
  • A wealth of sports statistics

User Reviews for Betway

4/5 – 2 User Reviews
  1. Can it get better than this?

    I’m not suprised gave Betway Sports a 98/100 score, I’d personally give it 100/100. Having used them for a while now, I really don’t have a single complaint. Thee first deposit matching is a really great incentive for new users, which I definitely used! It was a disappointing season end for the Raptors, but at least I can make myself feel better by hopefully winning some money on the rest of the players, and Betway gives me so many ways to do so!

    100/100 website, no complaints
  2. Reputation is everything

    I signed up to this casino because the user reviews said it was ranked on top of the list of online casinos. Since then I’ve been playing and won some pretty decent cash on the site. There are loads of games and sportsbooks to choose from – ive had some luck with horseracing and football. There is an app so you can play on your cell too.

    Couldn't play while I was traveling outside Canada because f country restrictions.

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