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Best sports betting sites / Betzest Review

Betzest Sportsbook & Casino Review 2023

Feel the zest for life at Betzest!

Betzest is not active anymore.
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Betzest may only have been around since 2018, but it knows how to impress anyone who strays into its galaxy. Think Betzest sports betting, casino, live wagering – the lot.

If you’re new to Betzest, you’re going to be impressed by the range and scope of our Betzest review. At PlayersBest, we’re going to lay out all the site’s features and services. They’ve got everything from e-sports to real sports and casino to live casino games, as well as a mighty $100 bonus to pick up. Betzest has lots to offer, all rolled into an impressive presentation as you’re about to find out in our guide.

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Great site for casino games
"I am new to this site but I must say from what I have experienced so far, I am pretty happy with the choice of ..."
"You've nailed it in this review - the navigation on the Betzest site really sucks you in. I was there for over an hour before ..."
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Last Updated on 28/09/2023

You’ll want to explore this betting universe

When I first discovered Betzest, I soon realized the zesty part of the name made sense. It didn’t take long to get excited about the range of services on the site. I couldn’t wait to move on from the Betzest homepage to learn more about the full Betzest casino experience either. And that homepage really does lay it all out for anyone who visits. The menu near the top of the page displays seven main categories. You can come with me to find out more about all those – and plenty more about Betzest – in my full review at the lab here.

Purple shades, great offers for the casino, sportsbook, and other areas, and a menu that makes light work of exploring all areas of the Betzest site. If large sites like this are usually overly complicated, we are going to see this site makes a refreshing change. But don’t take our word as read – boost your betting knowledge and discover all the facts and features of Betzest here today in our updated site review.

Betzest Logbook: what happened so far

  • 2018: Betzest starts its offer.
  • 2018: Betzest offers a sportsbook, casino, and live betting.
  • 11 JANUARY 2021: We updated our Betzest test.

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Betzest review

Whatever we wish to know about Betzest, we have covered it here in this review. We do not grant awards lightly, so how will this site fare as we strap ourselves in ready for our journey? We’re going to cover everything you need to know here, so prepare for a fascinating journey ahead. The rockets are about to take us to lift-off…

Betzest bonus code chances

Would you like a Betzest casino bonus or a Betzest sports betting bonus? We’ll explore the available options in this part of our Betzest Guide (Gym). Arriving on a new gaming planet like this one is even more exciting when there are a few dollars we can claim as we get there. Most sites do have a few bonuses to share, so let’s see how many are available to use at this landing spot. We’d like to stay for a while if we can, so do we have reason to do that? We think we do.

It doesn’t take long to find something promising. While there are changing panels of info at the top of the homepage, we can see the first deal inside the small box on the right. Betzest offers $5 free for every new member upon signing up for an account. This does not require a deposit, so we can use the deal to explore the site. That amount is also available in euros if that suits us better.

The home page also mentions that we can get a $/€100 bonus to spend on sports or a $/€200 bonus for the casino. That’s a decent offer, so if we are ready to make our first Betzest deposit, we can decide which of those would make the best deal for us. We should also read the terms and conditions for the offers – linked to in small print on that promo panel – so we know how to make a Betzest withdrawal when the time comes.

We can also see other potential deals below the changing panel we’ve already mentioned. There were well over a dozen different offers there, relating to all areas of the site. For example, we spotted a selection of deals for the casino – something different every day of the week. There were Happy Hour bonuses, deals for depositing, and even separate offers for virtual sports and virtual betting. We can check the full list of the latest deals by logging into our account and seeing more there. We fully expect these to change over time too, and it is clear that Betzest doesn’t just have deals for newcomers. Existing members are offered some impressive deals and coupons as well. We must just be sure of reading all the details, terms and conditions, and any applicable wagering requirements, before proceeding with any offer.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Betzest test

With our rocket boosters ready to go and plenty to explore when we touch down, it’ll be a fast journey to reach the Betzest website. We’ll cover the Betzest mobile experience along with payment methods and plenty more besides – everything we need to know on our journey to this part of the galaxy.

Our Betzest experience report

What did we make of the signup process? It’s sensible and straightforward. At the top of the site, we’ve got the username and password boxes, plus a link we can use if we ever forget our details. Head for the REGISTER command just beyond that to reach the signup procedure. This is required regardless of whether we want to use the Betzest casino or any other area we mention in our review. The signup info is straightforward and should be correct if they are to verify our identity so we can use the site. It’s good to see they’ve covered everything.

Betzest app potential

Our Betzest test would not be complete without covering the potential for an app. As we orbited the website, did we find an app to download? We did, but only after spotting a mobile logo inside a green panel near the bottom left of the page we were on at the time. This revealed a page offering direct links to download the app for Android or iOS devices. They also give us full instructions on how to do this for each device. Once done, we’ve got a chance to visit whichever area of the site we prefer whenever we come in to land at Betzest.

Trusting the Betzest website

Being able to trust any site we land on is of paramount importance. Fortunately, we can easily see that Betzest is a solid site to visit. There are some clues for us to see at the bottom of any page we arrive on. Firstly, the logo for the MGA – Malta Gaming Authority – is there. This links to the licensing details for Betomall Limited, the company that runs and operates the Betzest site. An important part of our foray into finding the best online casino and sportsbook operator is the act of confirming the license details, and that is simple here.

We can also see links to other websites that could be useful during our time there. Betzest has included links to Cyber Patrol, Betfilter, and Gambling Therapy. Right at the foot of the site there is another link, this time to their responsible gaming page. This is another promising sign that reveals how seriously the company takes its responsibilities to its members.

Getting some help at Betzest

How close are we to getting help whenever we need it? Finding the best assistance is always important when we are looking for a reliable bookmaker or casino in this part of the stratosphere. Fortunately, Betzest doesn’t let us down. There is a live chat facility in the bottom right corner of the site. As we were navigating the website, a message popped up asking if we could get some help. So, it is never far away.

The planetary delights continue as we realize we can use the chat feature simply by entering our name and email address. This means we can use it even before we open an account at the site. If we have any queries to think about or iron out before launching our rockets towards the best games and features at Betzest, it’s reassuring to know the team is there to help. We can even see some photos of the team members who are there to help us settle in.

Betzest insight: How I found some of my favorite games

I’d like to add an example here of how easy it is to find your way around the site. I’m going to share my experience of the casino, but this relates to every portion of the site, since everything is so simple to navigate. Submenus can make things harder to explore, but that’s not the case here. The new area of the casino had 186 games when I checked it out. Too many to view, so I selected a vendor called Pragmatic Play to see only their games. A second later (yes, everything loads super quickly at Betzest), I saw their full selection of games that were new to the casino.

I then went for the Christmas Carol Megaways slot and before I knew it, it had loaded in demo format. This was doable even without an account on the site (although not all games may appear in demo mode, and not all are playable in this format). In another second or two I was spinning the reels and learning about the game. Doing this a few times with different titles soon made it clear that I – and any other traveler to the casino – could explore the potential in this area.

Banking with Betzest

It doesn’t take long to find out how we can deposit funds into our account, should we choose to open one with the site. In the help and support section at the bottom of the website, we can see a payments link. We’ll only be able to view it once we are logged in, but it’s good to know it is there. Furthermore, the FAQ area is under that same heading, and this has a section on payments too. It’s reassuring to see the information we are most likely to need is right there whenever we want it.

Coming in and finding a landing spot in the FAQ area is simple enough. Scrolling down to see the most asked questions is easy too. We can also check out many of the familiar logos sitting at the bottom of any page we visit. However, we’ll reveal that we can use credit cards (either MasterCard or Visa are fine), along with entropay, paysafecard, Neteller, and Skrill. Deposits can also be made via bank transfer, and the Betzest PayPal option is there as well. add a few other methods – including Trustly – and we can see this is one site that has far more banking options than we may have thought.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Betzest

Betzest virtual sports test

We discovered six sports inside the virtual sports section of the site. We’ve got World Cup, basketball, dog racing, horse racing, football nations cup, and finally football league mode to explore. One thing we liked about this area is that the page goes on to answer some of the questions we might have about virtual sports – ideal if we’re new to the scenario. Selecting a sport means that we can see which events are available to bet on.

We experimented with the horse racing and watched a race take place. It looks superb, with forthcoming races appearing to the right of the action and a countdown taking place below the screen. This is for the next race in the list, so we can keep track of what is happening without any hassle. As with all other areas of the Betzest site, it’s easy to get to grips with the Betzest virtual sporting area even if this is our first visit.

When we land at the Betzest bookmaker online, we need to choose where we want to go first. With several promising site areas to head for, we need a plan. Take a deep breath, pick a planet to land on, and let’s begin. If we think of each site section as a different planet, it soon becomes obvious that there are many different and thrilling planets to see in this universe.

Betzest Sports Betting

Betzest Sports Betting Test

homepage. This loads popular football leagues on the left of the page in a second or two. Just beyond that, we can see the complete sport list. The most popular ones appear first, but we can also select all sports to get the full list. Expect the usual mix of soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, and so on. We’ve also got golf, motorsport, specials, and even water polo and biathlon events. They don’t miss anything in this corner of the universe.

In the middle of the screen, we can see today’s events in any sport we care to choose. We’ve also got a number next to each sport, showing how many events or matches are coming up in that sport. Popular events are a breeze to find as they’re displayed in this central panel too. Our Lab always looks for the most logical presentation for a sportsbook and the Betzest bookmaker does not let us down in this respect. It could just be the best in the galaxy.

Once we get into a sport, we can see the Betzest odds for each game or match. If it is live at that moment, we’ll see an L inside a green box. Next to that, we’ll see different odds for each team or player. These are usually for the winner, as indicated by the message at the top of that column. Betzest sports betting online couldn’t be easier, as we just need to select the player or team we want to back. This adds it to the betslip. We can then enter the amount we want to wager to see the potential outcome. Entering the amount makes the PLACE BET button go yellow, and we can then do just that to pay for it if we wish.

Our Betzest reviews should also clarify that the betslip is divided into single, multi, and system wagers. So, whichever one we want to see or use in our foray into this Betzest betting experience is easy enough to go to. If we decide we’ve chosen the wrong wager, we can select the small cross to remove it from the betslip before paying for it. Other controls are easy to use too, with the ability to filter countries for each sport where doing so would be relevant. This is a smart feature that can cut down the search time when exploring a sport where lots of events are occurring worldwide at one time.

Betzest live betting test

If we desire some live wagering on our favorite sports, Betzest delivers the goods. Our Betzest sports betting test certainly revealed some impressive potential here. We can find our favorite sport and select a match to see the current score. It is possible to see a general view or a match view, along with viewing a livebet calendar to check out the upcoming events in time and date order. The main menu at the top of the site appears in dark purple. Just below this, in a lighter purple, we can see the latest sports that do have live events taking place. It means we can click into the live betting area, check out the sports taking place, and return there later if nothing appeals just yet.

We explored a tennis match and went into the detail for that match. We could see when someone had served, what the score was at that moment, and even keep up with the statistics for that match. This repeats across all the sports, so it is easy and logical to watch the progress even though we’re not viewing the match itself. It also helps to have all those statistics close by as we try and work out which bets to place. Choosing a wager sends it to our betslip and we can then review it before going ahead with it.

Another promising sign is the fact that all entries into a specific sport are listed on the live page for that sport. For example, we found three ice hockey matches there. Two were live and had all the relevant info, including odds for each team to win. One was upcoming and contained details for that match as known at that moment. Everything we need, all in one place, and easy to get to whenever we want to access it.

Betzest Casino

Betzest Online Casino Reviews

The most thrilling part of setting down our ship on this page is that there are over 1,000 games available in the Betzest casino. That is quite a collection, and it means our casino comparison of this site and many others puts Betzest well out in front of much of the competition. Over 600 games appear in the popular area, with over 180 new games when we checked out the availability. Bonus slots, progressives, and feature slots all get their own categories, but of course we have other casino games to try as well. baccarat, blackjack, casual games, roulette, and scratch cards all appear there.

One element we liked about the site that should feature in our Betzest casino test was the appearance of the supplier logo in the corner of each displayed title. There are some major brands involved there, with NetEnt, Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil appearing alongside several others. We can select a preferred vendor and just see their games. The site also supplies a search facility. We used this to search for some keywords, such as Aztec, Christmas, and bonus, just to see what would appear. It’s a great way of zooming toward some themed games.

Many of the games come with free play (otherwise known as demo play). This means we’ve got the chance to try a few titles before deciding which ones we want to go with. The huge game range means that we can set our ship down by a game with a betting range we like. With bets beginning from a penny upwards, it’s simple enough to work out which titles are going to work for our budget long before we try them for real. When we are ready to try some real wagers, we can select the play online option to make it happen.

We’ve also got the live casino area right next to the main casino portion of the site. We recognized the logo for all these games as the Evolution Gaming logo. They’re experienced in the world of live casino games, so we know we are in good hands there. Among the live games we’ve got blackjack, lightning baccarat, roulette of various kinds, and several others. It is a small yet potent collection to try.

Betzest Esports

Betzest eSports test

Our Betzest eSports test reveals a 100% bonus for new members, along with several notable eSports to check out. These included Counter-Strike, League of Legends, StarCraft, and several others. Selecting one of these revealed more information about that option. There were popular, Match Markets, and Map Markets to explore, with odds and stats for everything in sight. The weight of information we can access anywhere in the eSports section matches that seen throughout the Betzest site and is a key indicator of the strength of the overall offering. This area may be smaller than other sections offered in this universe, but it’s going to please those who are keen to dive into this eSporting area.

Betzest sport betting FAQ

❓What is the Betzest sign up offer?

Read our Betzest sports betting review to see what the brand’s sign up offer is and how this compares to the best sports betting bonuses in Canada. Our review will give you all of the important facts about how you can use this bonus on your favourite sport. This means that you shouldn’t get caught out by any annoying terms and conditions and instead use this bonus for getting better wins.

🎲Is there a Betzest casino?

It’s pretty common for online sportsbooks to have some kind of casino gaming section on their websites. This usually gives you a great way to stay entertained while waiting for the big game to begin. So make sure that you read our Betzest sports betting review where we will examine if there is a casino, and if there is, we will of course compare it to the best online casinos in Canada.

🎁Is there a Betzest casino no deposit bonus?

The majority of sports and casino bonuses in Canada can only be claimed by you putting down a minimum qualifying deposit. But this isn’t to say that there aren’t any no deposit bonuses out there. So make sure that you check out our Betzest sports betting review. This will give you accurate information about all of the brand’s latest bonuses so that you can see whether you can get any of these special offers for free.

🎰How do I get Betzest free spins?

While we have focused on giving you a Betzest sports betting review, we couldn’t resist seeing how the brand’s casino operated. This is because Betzest has routinely put on free spins deals that are just as generous as any we’ve seen from the best online gambling sites in Canada. So read our review of Betzest to see how you can get free spins to use at the brand’s online casino section.

📱Is there a Betzest app?

Most of the best online sportsbooks in Canada will have some kind of mobile betting app. This is because many people in Canada like to be on sport from the comfort of a smartphone or a tablet.Check out our review to see if there is a Betzest sports betting app, or whether you will have to use the browser of your mobile device. All of which should reveal how Betzest looks after its customers.

Betzest review: Conclusion

I was delighted to see how much action Betzest had rolled into its site. Whenever I find a site this big, safely steering through the areas to find what I need can be difficult. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case at Betzest. That simple menu was always there to guide me when I needed it. The submenu on the left of each section I visited was a breeze to use too, helping me explore in greater detail no matter where I was – from the casino to the live betting area.

Whenever I put a site through its paces in the Academy, I want to see the best from it. I’m glad to say that Betzest really does give me a new zest for online betting. This is the site I always think of now when I want some Betzest betting of any kind. I think other people are going to feel the same too.

User Reviews for Betzest

4/5 – 2 User Reviews
  1. Great site for casino games

    I am new to this site but I must say from what I have experienced so far, I am pretty happy with the choice of games and how easy it was to sign up. They have fast payouts. I love the games on this site!

    I have only had one issue with slow payment. The customer service team was polite but slow to resolve. They eventually fixed it. So not a huge problem except they took their time to respond.
  2. Superb!

    You’ve nailed it in this review – the navigation on the Betzest site really sucks you in. I was there for over an hour before I even signed up. I loved being able to test some casino games before I joined, but the signup was simple enough too once I got around to it. Nice to have lots of deposit methods to look through too.

    Nothing! Not yet anyway, but I've been a member for a couple weeks and all good so far.

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Betzest Sports
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  • Super simple layout
  • Virtual sports available
Betzest Sports Bonus
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Betzest Casino
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  • Over 1,000 casino games
  • New games appearing all the time
  • Lots of free play options to try out
Betzest Casino Bonus
T&Cs apply, 19+
Betzest Esports
Rating follows
  • All the top esports markets here
  • A wealth of information available
  • Use your betting bonus on esports
Betzest Esports Bonus
T&Cs apply, 19+
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