CanPlay Casino Sportsbook & Casino Review 2022

CanPlay Casino Sports betting and online casino ticks every box

When I first looked at this for my CanPlay Casino Sports Betting Review, I wasn’t expecting anything out of this world, but on closer examination, I have found out that what we have here is not just your normal, run of the mill operator, but a one-stop solution for both online casino and sportsbook that you are almost guaranteed to set your starship on course for.

Before you start your countdown though, you should read this review so you know what to expect and to take advantage of the CanPlay Casino Sports Betting Bonus offer.

A ‘best of both worlds’ bonus on offer for you at CanPlay Casino and sportsbook

As part of my deep space exploration into what was on offer here at CanPlay Casino, I started searching for what you could get with, or without, a CanPlay Casino Bonus Code. What I found really eclipsed my expectations as I discovered a supernova sized casino bonus combined with a sportsbook offer that is worth going into orbit around.

Of course, I’ll give you the full breakdown on what’s in it for you later on in this CanPlay Casino Experience Report, but for now, we need to start with the basics.

CanPlay Casino Logbook: What happened so far

  • 09. May 2018: CanPlay Casino launches soon after being licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.
  • 24. May 2021: The CanPlay Casino App receives its first review at the AppStore
  • 08. December 2021: We updated our CanPlay Casino review

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our CanPlay Casino review

It would be no exaggeration for me to tell you that this CanPlay Casino Review has revealed a galaxy of betting markets, slots, table games and chances to go up against live dealers. In fact, the range of CanPlay Casino betting and casino options are so vast, that just listing what is available would take too long and would serve no purpose, other than to bombard you with too much information – which, as you’ll see, is not what CanPlay Casino are about at all.

To neatly sidestep this potential black hole, what I’ll do instead is give you an overview on what is on offer in both the CanPlay Casino and the CanPlay Casino betting areas of this operation. That way, you know what to expect when you go to the site for the first time yourself, and I’ll also detail what is available for those looking for a CanPlay Casino Bonus, as this interesting offer is something that is likely to appeal to you, regardless of whether you are going there for sports or slots.

Landing at CanPlay Casino – Our first look around

As you might expect, the first page you see after going in from a Google search does not let you straight in but instead is a home page telling you about the hundreds of slots, the range of sports markets, and unsurprisingly, more about the welcome bonus. As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot going on here, so to keep everything in manageable chunks, I’ll work through what’s on offer in pretty much the same order.

CanPlay Casino – Access to slots, table games and live dealers

The headline will tell you that there are hundreds of slots on offer, and clicking through will present you with exactly that, as well as more information about blackjack, table games and video poker. Above all of the icons for the huge number of slots on offer, there is a search bar so you can find any of your particular favorites, as well as shortcuts to the jackpot and featured slots as well. Of course, I’ll go into more detail about the specifics later on, but for now the takeaway is that while there is a huge range of slots, it won’t be overwhelming, even if this is the first online casino you’ve visited.

The number of table games and video poker options are also easily manageable despite there being a full range of blackjack, roulette, craps, and Sic Bo options available. Again, you have the search bar to help you, but this time you will probably be able to find what you want just by scrolling. There are also six different options for video poker, and while this range might seem restrictive, there should be something for everyone.

As you’d expect, the number of live dealer games will vary according to the time of day, but when I did a check at what could easily be considered an ‘out of hours’ time of day, there were two different types of blackjack as well as roulette and baccarat on offer.

CanPlay Casino sports betting – A good variety of betting markets

As you already know, CanPlay Casino is not just a casino but also has a sportsbook as part of the operation. If you have used a sportsbook before there will be nothing here to surprise you, as you will be greeted by the familiar sight of a full range of sports to choose from along the left-hand side of the screen. This contains not just the headline sports like NHL hockey or NBA basketball, but has cricket, handball and even some esports in there as well.

There were over 100 live games you could dip into to place a wager, all using the process of selecting a sport on the left, then the game and the market you want from the middle of the screen. Your choices will then appear on your betting slip on the far right. This process is exactly the same for what you might term ‘normal’ betting as well, before the event starts.

As with the casino area, I’ll be going through what’s on offer here later on, but the short version is that the CanPlay Casino Sports betting area has everything you would need to keep a sports betting enthusiast happy.

The CanPlay bonus – What do you get?

No doubt you’ll also want to know more about the bonus on offer, and while this is examined separately and in a lot more detail in a dedicated CanPlay Casino bonus review elsewhere on, here is what you can expect if you are new customer joining CanPlay Casino for the first time.

The first thing that strikes you is that this is a single sportsbook and casino bonus, as opposed to two single bonuses that you might have to choose between at somewhere like 888 Casino. It’s split into two parts, so I’ll give you an overview of the sportsbook part first.

That is because the CanPlay Casino bookmaker bonus is the most easily accessible part of the offer, in that it simply consists of a $25 free bet. This means there are no rollover requirements to worry about or time limits, it’s just a one-shot deal, with the bet needing to be placed at CanPlay Casino Odds of -200 or higher. This will have an appeal to those that like to keep it simple, and those who specialize in sports; but many new customers are likely to be distracted by what looks like the more generous part of the offer you’ll get over at the casino.

The other part of the bonus will give you a 100% deposit match the first time you fund your account. The upper limit for this is $250 and has a sensible x20 rollover requirement for you deposit and the bonus amount. The bonus goes further than that, in that it is multi-tiered so that your second and third deposits also get a deposit match of 50% and 25%, and there is also a $5 free bet on offer for the second time you fund your account. This recognizes the possibility that a customer might leave after using their initial bonus, so CanPlay has expanded the offer to continue the operator/customer relationship further.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... CanPlay Casino test

Before you can access any of these features, you’ll have to open an account and become verified. Like joining any online gambling operator, there are some rules you have to abide by, so we’ll get those out of the way first. As this site tells us it is for ‘people within the Canadian territories’, that is checked as part of the application process, and there is Geolocation tagging for those playing on the CanPlay Casino App.

Registration and verification

The process starts simply by entering some details, initially just your name and email address which starts the process of verifying your email address and then the application process begins in full. To be fully verified, you will need to confirm your age, identity and payment methods so that CanPlay can comply with the necessary regulations, and more importantly, so nobody but you can pass themselves off as you or gain access to your account.

If you’ve joined a sportsbook or online casino before you’ll know the routine, and possibly even have the required documentation ready to upload. This will include some sort of Govt issued ID and a recent bank or card statement. That will usually do the trick, but depending on you, or which methods you choose for a CanPlay Casino Deposit or making a CanPlay Casino Withdrawal, you may need to supply some further documentation.


When selecting your payment methods, you’ll be greeted by a number of options that tick almost every box. The exception here are e-wallets, so you’ll find no CanPlay Casino PayPal deposits on offer. But, if you want to use an online bank transfer you have a choice between Interac Online or INSTADEBIT, with iDebit as a real time bank transfer and the old faithful of an ACH bank transfer.

Visa and Mastercard are both accepted, but not all credit card issuers will allow deposits to online casinos, so you’ll need to find out what the situation is with your issuer if you wish to avoid disappointment. There is also the alternative of paying in cash to one of the approved outlets that facilitate Neosurf payments and funding your account that way.

You can withdraw any winnings, but the withdrawal option will not be enabled until you are fully verified. On the subject of withdrawals, I should also mention, in case you were not aware, that unlike some other nations, Canadians do not have to pay tax on sportsbook or online casino winnings, there is no CanPlay Casino Betting Tax to worry about.

Credit Card

Using CanPlay Casino on the move and the CanPlay Casino App

Nowadays, your online sports betting or casino experience is almost certainly going to involve an amount of playing while you are on the move, so that’s the area I’ll be looking at next.

First of all, I discovered that you don’t need to install the app if you don’t want to (there might be a reason for that which I’ll get to in a minute) but you can play using the mobile version of the site in the Chrome or Safari browser. Mobile websites tend to be viewed as the poor relations to using the app for reasons of speed and convenience, but that does not seem to be the situation here.

Installing the CanPlay Casino App

If you do want to install the app to your iOS device then you can download it safely from the AppStore, where, as you have already seen, it has been available since at least May this year. However, the Android version of the CanPlay Casino Mobile app is not available through the Play Store but instead needs to be downloaded from the site itself. The practice of getting apps from anything but the official Google source is normally frowned on by the makers of your device, so you will need to check specifications carefully before making that choice for yourself.

Site design and navigation

Moving the focus back to the site for a moment, I wanted to take you through how easy it was to perform all of the tasks I’ve just detailed. The player account areas are carefully set out, so even on my first look around the site, there was nothing there that left me feeling lost. For instance, your account details are in the top right-hand corner, where they would typically be at LeoVegas Casino or pretty much any other operator, and many online shopping sites as well.

There is also an extensive FAQ section that will help you in any areas that might be unclear, but this area is also good for finding out more about the operator themselves. It was good to find the well-presented ‘responsible gambling’ section and the support it offers with allowing players to set their own deposit, loss and time limits, as well as the confirmation of what we already knew that CanPlay Casino is fully licensed and regulated in Canada by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission with license number: 00830 since May 9th, 2018.


In orbit: Discover the possibilities at CanPlay casino

Loaded with all of this information, you can see the potential of joining an operator with so many bases covered. Looking forward to how you might use these features, I have singled out the CanPlay Casino Sports Betting Online live betting as the best starting point, as that is one of the biggest growth areas in online gambling.

Live betting

In some areas, nearly half of the bets placed on a sporting event happen after it starts. This is a massive increase on the same figures even a few years ago, and technology is one of the reasons behind it. As I mentioned earlier, the live betting during my first look had over 100 events to bet on, including eSports. As I take another sample now, it’s just under 100, so at both ends of the day there are plenty of opportunities for a real time bet.

I could find no streaming function, but the graphical representation is far superior to many other operations, with stats available so you can see the flow of play and make a more informed choice. Many live bets are placed by people watching the game live on a TV somewhere, so while this function is useful, I would not consider it an essential part of your CanPlay Casino Sports Betting Online experience.

So, is there any innovation here?

Unfortunately, as this example illustrates perfectly, CanPlay is not trying to do anything new, just trying to do everything well, and I have found repeatedly in this CanPlay Casino Review that it has done exactly that. Everything works as you would want it to, and it is just as welcoming to newer users, and anybody who has come over from another operator won’t be overawed by anything they see and may even find it all comfortingly familiar.

CanPlay has clearly chosen to keep their focus on the site, as I can’t find any social media accounts for this operator. That attention to getting things right for the customer also means I didn’t find any negative user reviews either. This may be in part due to the excellent FAQ section I mentioned earlier that has everything you need, as well as the normal customer support functions of live chat and email to sort out queries.

It may also have much to do with the fact that CanPlay has opted to keep things simple, and therefore cut down the number of things that could go wrong. This, while perhaps not an innovation, is something that needs to be recognised.

CanPlay Sports Betting
CanPlay Casino

This CanPlay Casino Test shows this operator has everything you need

As promised earlier in this review, I’ll now take you into the casino and sportsbook areas for a closer look around, starting with the larger CanPlay Casino online casino area. I should start by mentioning that with just a few options you can’t really consider anything you read as a proper CanPlay Casino Poker Review, as while there is something for everyone, there is no way that this range could constitute a full CanPlay Casino Poker Test. It’s not the same with the slots, however, so we’ll look at those next.

CanPlay Slots

There are over 500 on offer here, although you’ll probably never play more than a dozen of them once you’ve picked your favorites. There are new games all of the time, although how long the ‘new’ tag is left on some of the games might raise an eyebrow or two from regular users. There are also 21 jackpot machines for you to try, as well as the themed area of the Dragon Lounge. I mentioned finding your own favorites earlier as there are no real standout slots for me, but with this many to choose from I think it would be difficult for you to leave disappointed.

Table games

Casinos are not just about slots, of course. While they do get plenty of focus, and operators try to outdo each other with the number of titles on offer, many people choose their online casino on the strength of the table games available. If you are one of those, you’ll find a rare balance here as while there are enough versions of Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat to keep you happy, you are not faced with a dozen different choices to make before you start playing.

Live Dealers

If you are looking for a more genuine CanPlay Casino online casino experience, then you will be interested in the live dealer options available. As I mentioned earlier, there were four options when I checked, and while this doesn’t sound like a lot of options, you don’t have any worries that things might be going so much better on a different feed.

Overall, while there is nothing exclusive or unique that you can put your finger on, the CanPlay Casino online casino experience is one where you will actually spend more time playing rather than switching from game to game because you have too much choice.

CanPlay review: A one stop experience for both sportsbook and casino games in Canada

As the bonus I detailed earlier covers both aspects of the online gambling experience, it’s clear that CanPlay sees themselves as wanting to tick all of the boxes, and this is where they stand out from other operators. Sometimes you’ll see a sportsbook with a few generic slots tagged on, or a casino with some sports betting software added on as an afterthought, but here the focus looks to be equal, and both sports bettors and casino players will not only be happy but tempted to see what is on the ‘other side ‘ as well.

Overall, CanPlay has got everything you are likely to need as a new player, and everything you like if you are a more experienced one. For that reason, you should take a look for yourself and strongly consider opening an account as soon as you can.

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