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Our Galactic Gratorama Bonus Review

It takes all kinds of different lifeforms to make a universe work. Gratorama is a casino exclusive site – that’s right, they focus entirely on online scratch cards, slots and instant win games. That means there’s no live casino and certainly no Gratorama sports betting bonus. In other words, they exist entirely within their own betting galaxy.

While they might not be everyone, we absolutely welcome any operator that opts to do something differently. Variety is the spice of life, whether you’re from Mars or Jupiter, and more options can only enhance the scope of our cosmic journey. In any case, it’s clear that they intend on pushing this concept to the moon and back. After all, this isn’t even one of our typical reviews: it’s a review of the Gratorama bonus selection alone.

So, what kind of promotions can you enjoy on a site largely centered around scratch cards? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Pop your space boots on, we’re going on a PlayersBest walk through everything that makes this Gratorama casino bonus fly.

Mission Debriefing

Now, if you’re going to stand on our bridge to assist us in our interstellar investigations, there’s a few things that we need to make clear. One is that we view a casino site to be every bit as valid as any other kind of betting site.

Now, we know, some may read this and be disappointed that Gratorama isn’t more of a jack-of-all-trades. We fully understand – you may wish to explore different areas of the betting universe. However, that doesn’t make being a scratch card focused site objectively bad. Whatever planet we’re from, we’re all individuals with our own personal preferences for online betting.

What this means is that the only fair way of objectively assessing any part of a betting site is to do so by analysing their target audience. Some people believe there are infinite realities, perhaps accessed by some shadowy wormhole in a distant star. Those different realities largely know nothing of each other – and betting sites can be a bit like that. They exist within their own space, meaning it’s only fair to judge them based on what they’re trying to achieve for their demographic.

A Gratorama Galaxy of its Own

Let us put it this way, if Gratorama had a very poor sportsbook or a very poor Gratorama eSports bonus, then they would be criticised for that. But choosing not to have any Gratorama eSports bonus, or eSports at all, is not an objective flaw or mistake: it’s a choice. Even though some might prefer some eSports than none. This is because they’re not the target audience of Gratorama, and understanding the importance of target audiences is a vital part to any sportsbook bonus comparison, or any of our guides.

Therefore, the first piece of betting knowledge we have to impart to you from our cyberspace travels is to always judge things within their own context. Sure, this might mean that there’s no Gratorama poker bonus, but it’s not a poker site, nor does it pretend to be. This may not be a Gratorama sports betting bonus guide, but it’s not trying to be a sportsbook. There’s no guide because there’s no Gratorma sports betting bonus.

If you’re disappointed then you have discovered why it’s important that you consider not only what is objectively good, but also what is right for you. And that is why we need you along for this journey. We’re trying to set a course for your ideal betting destination, and bonuses are a big part of that consideration. Still, we can only give you the coordinates through this research. We’re here to illuminate that big betting night sky. It’s always up to you to decide which direction is right for you and your betting needs.

A Binary Star of Welcome Bonuses

When we think of where best to start our exploration, we always consider the journey of others. If you’re going to understand how galaxies form, you need to follow their patterns. In other words, we must start from the beginning if we wish to make it to the end. That’s just a little piece of alien wisdom we picked up when blasting across the milky way.

In any case, the beginning, we think, is naturally the welcome bonus. And this would be as true for a Gratorama sports betting bonus guide as it would for this Gratorama casino bonus guide, or indeed any kind of review – such as our 888Sport review, for example. This is because welcome bonuses are designed to be the first thing you notice. They’re the advertising in the shop window. Similarly, operators generally heavily advertise their most tempting offer to new customers.

This operator has gone even further, offering two Gratorama new customer bonus options. It certainly sounds appealing. We suppose the only question left is whether they live up to the hype.

$7 Free at Registration

This is a Gratorama no deposit bonus. Appeal wise, this is absolutely huge. You can go from one end of the cosmos to another and still have people asking for a promotion they don’t have to deposit to enjoy. A free betting bonus for Gratorama is very welcome indeed. And that’s not just because the $7 free at registration offer sounds great. It’s also because, when done right, it can be a perfect way for newcomers to enjoy the site.

As the name would suggest, the only real prerequisite to this is that you need to register on the site. To do so, you can just click the big purple ‘Join’ button at the top-right of your screen. From here, you’ll need to provide some basic information to join, including personal and account details. In terms of receiving the bonus, that’s pretty much all that’s required.

Whether you get this Gratorama no deposit bonus or the other Gratorama first deposit bonus depends on if you deposit right away. We think this is a really ingenious system because it means you get a way to play immediately no matter when you decide to deposit. If you want to just try the site out, then the no deposit option is here for you. If you decide you are ready to add funds straight away, then there’s something for you. Alien and human life are both enriched by variety, so this kind of thinking is always something we appreciate.

Getting the funds just happens automatically. Considering this requires no initial deposit whatsoever, we were expecting the wagering requirements would be powered by rocket fuel, and shoot far beyond the realms of acceptability. Instead, we got a competitive 40x wagering requirement. Winnings received through the bonus cannot be more than $2,000, which is very generous all things considered.

This is an excellent first welcome offer. One last side note, as this is the first promotion we’ve checked out, we really do appreciate the localisation of the bonuses at Gratorama. It’s something that many competitors overlook and we’re left having to work out currency conversion and whether Canada is excluded. That’s not the case here. Really top-notch, well-thought through stuff.

First Deposit Bonus

Before we begin with the second part of this welcome bonus extraterrestrial extravaganza, a small piece of advice. You can actually take advantage of both of these offers if you wish. All you need to do is get the no deposit bonus, play it first, then deposit and get your Gratorama first deposit bonus. That’s just another example of this operator really paying attention to the details which matter so much in the online gaming world.

Now, onto the bonus itself. This is a 100% bonus up to $200. The minimum you need to deposit is $10. However, you would only get $10 back as a result. You would be matched up to $200, but if you deposited more than that, you would not receive more money. This bonus is awarded as a free bet meaning, just like its no deposit counterpart, that you cannot withdraw with the speed of light. Instead, you must wager, once again, a competitive 40x. You have a generous 90 days upon which you can fulfill this bonus criteria.

The first deposit bonus should be instant to come through, however, customer service is there if there is any delay. This seems unlikely, but having that option is a really nice touch. What we’ll say for these welcome promotional options is that whether the Gratorama bonus terms are acceptable to you is down to you and how you like to play. However, they’re objectively very strong compared to the average with regards to the terms and conditions, so they’re certainly getting a positive rating from me.

Going Deeper into the Beyond: More Gratorama Promotions

That’s not all. Gratorama is proof that just because you have streamlined betting options, that doesn’t mean the promotional selection needs to be limited. At the time of writing, there’s an exclusive Christmas themed promotion. This promotion is a free Christmas themed scratch card available to all players, with large cash prizes available to those who find eight matching Christmas icons. They have no wagering requirements and it costs nothing to enter. Like we said, it’s available for everyone.

Now, we’re well aware this is a temporary promotion and won’t be available for everyone. However, like hearing a distant echo off in deep space, it’s more about what this says about the possibilities out there. Gratorama regularly provides themed promotions that come and go with the seasons and whenever they think the time is right. You should think of the welcome promotions as a reliable starting point, with other promotions occurring on a more free basis. It gives the site plenty of room for creativity, and as we have seen, it looks unlikely you’ll have to worry about objective quality.

It also means there’s plenty of Gratorama bonus for existing customers options for you to look forward to. One side note too, as far as our research can indicate, while there’s no specific Gratorama mobile bonus, the promotions should all be available on mobile. We suppose, in a way then, they are all a Gratorama mobile bonus.

One important point for any and all promotions – past, future and present – is that they’re subject to change. This means you should always check out the promotional page for yourself to be sure of what you’re getting. There could, for instance, be a new Gratorama bonus code that you may miss out on. The only way of knowing is by checking out that bonus page yourself. All our strategy and training guides understand the importance of fully knowing the terms, and that’s the only way how. With all that said, the possibilities look extremely optimistic.

VIP Program

Finally, the ultimate Gratorama bonus for existing customers is, of course, the VIP program. This provides long-term benefits for loyal users. This works on a points-based system, so the process of receiving rewards is far from alien. You get one VIP point for every $10 wagered.

Points get you to different VIP Bonus Packages. For instance, 400 points will get you Bronze status. This provides you with monthly promotions and tournaments, exclusive bonuses, personalised offers, birthday bonuses, fast cash outs, a dedicated account manager, 5% cash back and a $10 free Friday bonus when you deposit $100 or more. This goes all the way up to Diamond status, which requires 20,000 points.

Obviously, VIP programs are intended for high rollers. While this is the case here, we’ve certainly seen VIP programs that are set at a much higher minimum. The audience for any VIP program is very specific, but for what it is, we think Gratorama does a terrific job.

Our Cosmic Conclusion

All in all, we think the bonus selection here is terrific. Obviously it’s all focused on casinos, meaning there’s no chance any will win our coveted best sports bonus award, but it’s not trying to. Gratorama has a specific audience in mind and from that perspective, we’d say they absolutely nail it, from the first Gratorama bonus to its lasting impression.

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