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An Interstellar Intertops Bonus Review

Here at PlayersBest, we know the importance of time and space. In order for us to take this journey through cyberspace together, we have to respect each of those elements. It’s impossible, for instance, to understand Intertops without recognising it as one of the oldest and most respected brands in the betting universe. That’s important for everything from the Intertops bonus selection to the customer service team.

The question this poses is an intriguing one because it could be that Intertops rests on its reputation. Or, they could rise to the challenge, using their success to be even more generous. There’s only one way to find out, so put your helmet on and brace yourself. All rockets are ready to fire into the heart of the Intertops promotional page. Be on the lookout for any and all examples of an Intertops new customer bonus, and any Intertops bonus for existing customers options.

A Satellite Look at Our Mission Criteria

You’ve been selected for this mission as one of our most promising recruits. And remember, our training section is still open should you want to sharpen your skills further. Before we begin this paradimensional investigation properly, let me explain exactly what it is we’re looking for.

Intersports provide both a sportsbook and a casino. Naturally then, we’ll be hoping to see both an Intertops casino bonus and some offers more relevant to our Intertops sports betting bonus guide. In addition, there’s a dedicated poker section, so an Intertops poker bonus would be great too. With so many marvellous betting options glimmering like stars in the sky, you should settle for nothing less than the absolute best option for you.

And it’s not simply enough to have these promotions to reach those galactic heights. They also need to provide proper quality. Now, what makes a betting bonus high quality? I’d say it’s a mixture of what is promised and what is delivered. Don’t like the captain’s uniform fool you – I’m just like everyone else and I react to a great looking promotion with the joy of a martian on pancake day. You didn’t know martians love pancakes? Strange, I thought everyone knew that.

But that’s just part one. The second part – the make or break moment – comes in the terms and conditions. They are, as you earthlings say, the meat and potatoes of the deal, the proof in the pudding. Good terms ensure that what’s promised is delivered within a reasonable framework. Bad terms can derail a promotion like a rocket with a busted engine. In other words, our examination of the bonus is an examination of the terms and conditions.

Beginning our Astronomical Investigation of the Intertops Promotions

At the time of writing, there are 10 Intertops promotions for you to enjoy. That means plenty of possible candidates for the sports betting bonus awards, and lots of examples for our sportsbook bonus comparisons and the many bookmaker reviews available on this site. Without further delay, let’s start with some otherworldly welcome bonuses.

Pick Your Welcome Bonus

The first things you should know about the Intertops new customer bonus selection is there are four of them. The second thing is that you have to pick one and won’t be able to utilise the others. This may be a disappointment to some lifeforms. Certainly, having the option to use all four would be preferable if possible. However, that arrangement wouldn’t really make sense considering they’re an Intertops first deposit bonus.

They all work with your first deposit, so you only get one. That means there’s a level of strategy to this that requires a bit more thought. While I might be your all-knowing and wise captain, I’m unable to tell you what kind of bonus you would prefer. I can, however, break down the options for you.

There’s the Intertops sports betting bonus which is worth $200, the Intertops casino red 125% bonus, the 200% Intertops casino bonus and the 100% “Casino Classic” bonus to choose from. All of these are examples of an Intertops new customer bonus and an Intertops first deposit bonus.

We’ll begin with the sports bonus but a quick note before we do: although our research suggests that all of these options are available to Canadian players, the currency used on the site is United States Dollar. I have kept it as written because much like the ever-expanding universe, conversion rates are always changing.

Our Shining Sports Betting Bonus Analysis

Actually, the sports example is a little more complicated than that. But, complicated in a good way. Like how the mysteries of the universe are fascinating in their complexities. So much to know, so little time. Show me the secrets you hold, you beautiful, endless night sky! What? Sorry, that happens occasionally. Just the ramblings of an interstellar sea dog. Back to the promotions.

There’s actually three offers to choose from, each with their own bonus code. Do note that when I discuss bonus codes here, they may change, so always check them yourself. However, everything here is correct at the time of writing.

The first bonus code is ROOKIE200 and this gives you access to a 200% bonus up to $50. The rollover requirement is an astoundingly generous 8x. This allows them to compete with the absolute best out there, an example of which you can find in our 888Sport review. Another vital term is that the maximum of $50 of every bet will count towards the rollover, which is something to keep in mind if you’re a high roller.

Your next option comes with the Intertops bonus code of ROOKIE100. This provides a 100% bonus up to $100, with the maximum counting bet being $100. Not only that, but it has an even better rollover requirement at 6x.

Finally, you have the Intertops bonus code ROOKIE50, which offers a 50% bonus up to $200 bonus with the same maximum counting bet. The wagering requirement is so low at 4x I’m worried it may crash into Earth’s orbit.

A fantastic introduction to Intertops here. One thing that I find particularly interesting is they give you a choice to swap percentages and amounts for more favourable terms to suit you. Whatever you chose though, this all represents fantastic value.

Our Cosmic Casino Betting Bonus Analysis

This is a 125% bonus up to $1000 dollars and comes with the promo code SIGNUP1000. All you need to do for this one is sign up for an account and make an initial deposit of $20 before moving that money over to the casino using “chip transfer”. Just like a real casino, you convert your money into chips before starting.

Once again, the wagering requirement is extremely competitive at 30x. I’m aware that may not sound great after the much lower sports examples but that’s just the reality of online betting. Casinos always have much higher rollover demands, and 30x is far better than most. If this is a surprise to you don’t worry: our guides, along with our knowledge section are both there to help those intricacies seem like a moonwalk.

Basically, what I’m saying is it’s not fair to compare a casino bonus to a sportsbook bonus, because the latter has such a huge advantage. Compared to other similar casino bonuses, you could expect twice that rollover for half the cash, putting this in extremely elite company.

Our Celestial Casino Classic Bonus Analysis

Before I get into the terms of this bonus, I should probably explain the idea behind the classic casino in the first place. Essentially, this is like going through a wormhole in cyber space because it’s a version of the site fashioned from their earlier days. Whether you like this or the more modern version is up to you. But, it’s a nice option which showcases their history.

Just as pleasant is the $100 matched bonus. For this, you use the coupon code SIGNUP100 and transfer $20 into your casino classic wallet. Once again, the wagering requirement is a very reasonable 30x. It’s important to note for casino promotions in general, some games count less than others towards that requirement. Pai Gow counts 10%, for instance. A full list is on the site and it’s quite reasonable and expected. This is another great promotion, better aimed at more casual players I’d say.

Our Planetary Poker Bonus Analysis

And the set is completed by the poker welcome bonus. This is a 200% bonus up to $1000 and even comes with 25 free spins for the casino. This money is released through their frequent player points system, which essentially provides you with a point per dollar you pay in rake or seven for every dollar you pay in rake.

This is a welcome bonus aimed at high rollers though with 83,335 points needed to unlock $5, so more casual players may find they prefer some of the other options. This promotion continues on for three months.

It’s a fantastic collection of welcome bonuses. The only thing we could imagine anyone being disappointed about is a lack of an Intertops no deposit bonus, so no truly free betting bonus for Intertops customers. But with generosity like this, I think most will be very happy with this warm welcome.

An Extraterrestrial Intertops Bonus for Existing Customers

And that’s far from all that’s available. There’s a massive selection of options that are ongoing. Keep in mind that these are always subject to change. That’s why I always advise my cadets to check those Intertops bonus terms and promotions themselves to see if anything has changed.

Still, I’d like to give you a run through of what Intertops bonus for existing customers offers are available at the time of writing. That way, you can get a sense of the level of quality the often changing cast of bonuses provides on a consistent basis.

Up to $100 Extra For Your Parlays

Get extra cash added to your winning Australian Open parlays. You’ll receive $50 for stakes between $20 and $50, $100 bonus for more. There’s no wagering requirements, +900 minimum odds.

25th Anniversary Part Giveaway

In 2021, Intertops offered 25 $250 cash prizes to customers at random.

Win Tickets to the Final Four

Every dollar you wager puts you into a prize draw to win a trip for to the Final Four NCAA weekend.

$500 Present for our Odds Hunter

Every month, the customer who placed a winning parlay on the highest odds wins a $500 cash prize.

20x $50 Parlay Free Bets

If your parlay bet loses by one selection at a minimum of four selections (minimum odds +300), you get put into a draw to win a $50 free bet.

$1000 SHL Hockey Race

The customer with the highest total profit on SHL hockey is rewarded with an additional $600 cash prize. Second and third place get $300 and $100 respectively.

$1K Monthly Parlay Prince

The biggest prize here, the customer with the highest net profit from a single bet gets a grand with no wagering requirements.

Refer a Friend

Get up to a 35% commission on every player you refer. This is paid out monthly by becoming an affiliate.

Comp Points

Earn points every time you play at the casino. Get 1 point for every $10 you wager, with a dollar being returned for every 100 points.

Crack the Safe

Top players win weekly prizes based on a leaderboard. This promotion uses a point based system with one point provided per $100 spent.

Wheel of Fortune

Play any game on the casino and be entered into a prize pool with $1000 in mystery bonuses available.

Mobile Award

Not only do the other promotions work on mobile, but there’s a dedicated Intertops mobile bonus to enjoy as well. Get a chance to win up to $100 each week in a prize draw if you bet $500 on mobile that week.

The Second Sun Sets on Our Cyberspace Adventures

I hope this has really helped you get an idea of the kind of promotional quality Intertops provides, which all appears to be to a very high standard. I used my most powerful telescopes to analyse their quality and still came out impressed. If I absolutely had to nitpick, I’d say an Intertops sports bonus would be a nice addition, but that’s about it. They have a massive roster of promotions with good to great terms and conditions. Some stars shine brighter than others, and Intertops is up there with the absolute finest.

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