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Has No Limit Casino just changed the face of online gambling?

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As anyone who has tried to place a bet online will tell you – there are a few hoops to jump through. However, When I was tasked with finding out more about No Limit online casino, I had a new and slightly otherworldly experience that, if used by other operators, could change the way you do almost everything when it comes to placing an online wager this side of the asteroid belt.

From the second you land on the site, everything is new and different because, with No Limit Casino, you play all of the games available almost entirely using Cryptocurrencies.

No limit casino is something new

You might think this is nothing new. After all, other operators accept cryptocurrencies – and even one or two of the ‘off the shelf’ pieces of software that many of the casinos you see online run on, have it as standard. However, the difference this No Limit Casino review found here was twofold.

Firstly, it’s actually easier to deposit using your e-wallet, as other methods are more restricted. Secondly, in some cases your cryptocurrency deposit is your registration (more on that later) which has major repercussions for those wanting to play with cryptocurrencies around the world.


No Limit Casino Logbook: What happened so far

06. January 2020 – The company behind No Limit Casino changed their name from ‘Hero Island N.V.’ to ‘Sweetspot N.V.’
· 2021 – Sweetspot NV launch No Limit Casino
· 22. June 2021 – No Limit Casino Test started by Players Best

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our No Limit Casino review

The first thing the Players Best Lab found when we looked at No Limit Casino betting was that this is very different when compared to other online casinos. It does, at first glance, look like a casino site, but with a few differences. To start with, the first thing you expect to see when you land on any sort of sportsbook, online casino or poker website is a very lager, bright graphic telling you all about the bonuses on offer. But you won’t find any of that here, which made a refreshing change. There were also other things on the No Limit casino site that you might not expect.

No Limit online Casino

The first thing you notice is the large amount of games on offer. Many operators will spend as much time as they can reeling off the list of games they offer, but that is just another thing that No Limit casino do differently.

As mentioned above in this Players Best review, with No Limit casino, the focus is on the fact you can play nearly all of these games using cryptocurrencies. They do mention there are 1500+ games to play all of which are divided into different sections. No Limit Casino has spotted that this is only useful if you aren’t new to the site and know what you are looking for, so there is more focus on the ‘recommended’ and ‘most popular’ sections for those visiting for the first time.

New games from award winning partners such as Play ‘N Go, Microgaming, NetEnt, Relax Gaming are released frequently, and are available as a separate section for the latest games. As well as these big developers, No Limit casino also have an interest in the future on gaming front as well and are looking for original casino games from up-and-coming developers to add to the very best online casino experience that No Limit casino has to offer.

No Limit Live Casino

Again, No Limit live casino starts to look like other sites, but then you notice something that changes things entirely. Like other sites you have Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack which you are already familiar with, so we should only need to briefly mention that all of the expected variations of those games are available here, so there are few surprises for this Players Best review.

What is a real head turner though, is what else is on offer. Of course, No Limit online casino has to have all of those other games as that’s what is expected of them, however the inclusion of money wheels, dice games, game shows, as well as Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo is straight out of left field. Evolution’s Dream Catcher is among the standouts here, along with an online casino version of the TV game show Deal or no Deal. A fast-paced version of what could pass for bingo, called Mega Ball completes the list of things you might not find in other online casinos.

This sets the tone for what No Limit casino are about. They tick nearly all of the boxes of what you might expect to find in a normal online casino, then throw in a twist that puts it all in a new light and makes you sit up and take notice.

What you won’t find at No Limit casino

We should also take a moment to note the things that you might expect to find, but won’t be here. (well, not at the moment yet – the more you look at No Limit casino, the more you see that it is still evolving on all fronts). We’ve already mentioned the lack of No Limit Casino Sports Betting Bonus, so there’s no use looking online for a No Limit Casino Bonus Code, or a No Limit Casino Sports Betting Review.

You also need to add to that list No Limit Casino Sports betting, as there isn’t any No Limit Casino bookmaker facilities available at present, so the same goes for a No Limit Casino Sports Betting Test, any No Limit Casino Odds or a No Limit Casino eSports Review. eSports is a fast growing market, something which has only accelerated due to the pandemic. And, if it doesn’t slow down with the more widespread return of sporting events worldwide, it will be a big miss for all operators who don’t take it seriously, not just No Limit casino. So, there may be the opportunity for a No Limit Casino eSports Test at some point in the future.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... No Limit Casino test

This area is where No Limit casino really sets itself apart. The interesting take on the normal range of services available is one thing, (and indeed something other operators would make a big thing about). But, when you look at the whole No Limit casino process, Registration and payment is where the big difference is, and we don’t think we are underselling the point when we say it is a real gamechanger.


There are two scenarios here, but they both start the same way. You enter your name and email, and then decide whether to deposit with Crypto, Euros or Dollars. If you pick either of the last two registration is as you would expect, which we’ll cover in more detail next. However, if you choose to deposit and play with cryptocurrency – that’s it. There are no further things to do, and you can deposit, withdraw and play games without any location verification needed.

This means, theoretically at least, that if you intend on using crypto currency for your No Limit casino account, you can play from anywhere in the world. This is a major shift for those living places where online gambling is restricted or excluded. The people at No Limit casino refer to it as being liberated and allowed to play on your own terms, and this is one of the few times in online gambling terms, that this is no overestimation.


We’ll take a closer look at what that means in a minute, but first we need to cover the bases on the standard registration process. If you have registered with an online casino or sportsbook before, it will seem very familiar. The verification process is also predictably mundane, with you having to upload documents such as ID card/Passport/Birth certificate or a utility bill to confirm your current address. In addition, for a No Limit Casino Deposits and No Limit Casino Withdrawal you might have to submit other documents like a bank statement to prove the account is yours.

Going back to the cryptocurrency registration, although No Limit casino is still evolving, none of that was asked for, which speeded up the process in one of the areas that new users will often find one of the most frustrating. It should also be mentioned from a service point of view, that this theoretically means that No Limit casino is available worldwide.


As previously mentioned, making deposits in cryptocurrencies is nothing new, but this could be the first occasion on which you might see it implemented to this extent. This is especially true when you consider the limited number of payment methods when depositing using EUR and USD. With other online casinos, you might be used to seeing 6, 12 or 20 different ways to deposit in the local currency or No Limit Casino PayPal as an option. Here you can deposit only using your Visa or Mastercard credit card.

During the course of a normal review, we would consider this a negative from a customer point of view, and a very bad business decision from the operator. However, for an operation that is interested in customers using cryptocurrency, it is definitely ‘on brand’. Paying with your credit card is much the same as you would make an online purchase, which we don’t really need to go into too much detail for here, except you need to deposit at least 20 EUR/USD and not more than 2000.

Depositing using cryptocurrency

The process for depositing, is, if anything, even simpler than depositing using a credit card. While a range of cryptocurrencies are accepted; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, there is not a different process for each of them, as they are all kept in your e-wallet. You would simply select cryptocurrency as your deposit method and the amount you wish to deposit in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin (which you might see displayed as BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC).

The deposit limits are more expansive than with credit cards as well, with the minimum the equivalent of 20 EUR/USD, but the maximum amount is a much more generous 10000 EUR/USD equivalent. Once you have entered this, you will be given a unique account link which you then enter into the address book of your e-wallet. If using Ripple there is another small step but that is it.

The currency is then sent from your e-wallet to the operators, and will go through a single confirmation (more are recommended for larger transactions) and the process should be completed securely within 10 minutes. This works the same if your e-wallet is either cloud based (regarded as easier to use) or on a PC, tablet or smartphone (possibly more secure).

Withdrawals and fees

Withdrawals are just as simple and can be withdrawn with the same limits as deposits for cryptocurrencies at a minimum of 20 EUR/USD equivalent and a maximum of 10000 However, if the amount you what to withdraw is over 10000, then you simply repeat the process as there is no limit to the number of times you can do this. No Limit casino do not charge fees for any of this currently, however, whoever provides your financial services might choose to charge you. So, you should check that before making a deposit or withdrawal using your chosen method, and also if No Limit Casino Betting Tax applies where you live.

The No Limit Casino App

As you know yourself, most operators have an app that you can download to your iOS or Android device so you can use their services while you are on the move. Yet again, when it comes to having a mobile app, No Limit casino set themselves up as the exception to the rule. Whether this is by design, or if a No Limit Casino Mobile app is a future stage in the no Limit casino evolution process is not clear.

However, what is very clear is that the website is entirely compatible with mobile devices, both in look and compatibility. So, perhaps it was not considered a priority as the customer experience was not affected in any way. This is not something that can be said for all operators, who seem to have an app because everyone else has got one, with little or no thought about the end-user.

Feel and usability of No Limit casino

As mentioned before in this No Limit Casino Test, this operator’s site does look like a stripped-down casino site and lacks the gaudiness that can make some other sites look like an arcade. The design is a simple one with everything laid out and easy-to-use menus for the important stuff like your account details and making transactions.

As mentioned previously, the casino and live casino sections are divided up so that you can navigate to where you want to be quite easily. This stripped-down version of what you might see elsewhere was a refreshing change and we would find it hard to imagine a new user needing any kind of training guide.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at/in No Limit Casino

By now, you have probably realized that No Limit casino is not like other online casino operators you may have come across before. It’s not just the fact that you can deposit, play and withdraw (almost) entirely using cryptocurrencies, it’s all the other little touches around the operation.

Live betting options at No Limit casino

In some areas, nearly half of the sportsbook activity happens once the event begins. With the advances in technology, this can be expected to increase even further as time goes on. Of course, No Limit casino does not have No Limit Casino Sports Betting Online live betting, but it would be next to impossible to see the parallel between the rise in live betting and an increased demand for live casino options. This is more than catered for here with the number of live casino games and their availability to what is potentially a worldwide customer base. The introduction of the games shows like Deal or No Deal also mean that this operator is not just targeting players from other online casinos. But, also those who like the idea of gambling online but feel intimidated by traditional casino table games.

No Limit casino customer focus

This is no doubt a result of the extensive research they carried out with in depth interviews of players to find out what they wanted. This, along with the crypto based way that this operator works, is a sign of the innovations that other operators tend to miss.

No Limit casino takes this one step further with more little touches from an operator that tells us they pride themselves on being a dynamic and expanding company. First among these are innovations like the one No Limit casino called ‘Blitz Mode’ which speeds up spins up to 6 times, but without losing any of the factors you expect from the slots on offer.

No Limit Cash

The innovative nature of No Limit casino is highlighted even further by their unique loyalty program. Most operators want you to stick around after you’ve taken advantage of the welcome bonus. So, they try and do so by offering up further promotions and a loyalty scheme whereby you earn points to cash in for benefits you may, or may not, want.

Even though there isn’t a No Limit Casino Bonus, No Limit Cash instead takes a percentage from each bet you place which accumulates in your own pot, which is claimable when you have completed 1000 spins (or equivalent). In more detail, 0.5% of what you wager goes into the pot, regardless of the size of that wager. This applies to nearly all slots and live casino games, with a lesser amount for Blackjack and Roulette in the casino. Once this cash in your pot is available to you, you can either withdraw it or use it to play further games.

No Limit Casino Casino

No Limit Casino review: One giant leap into using cryptocurrency at an online casino

Overall, we were very impressed with our experience with No Limit casino. They refer to what they have to offer as a ‘exclusive crypto online casino experience, that is made for the player’ and from what we have seen, innovation-wise, No Limit casino definitely adds another dimension entirely. This started the first impression of a stripped down look that made it easy for those taking one giant leap into online gambling, and a refreshing change for those with more knowledge and training.

There are other little twists on what you might expect to find while you are orbiting No Limit casino, but without doubt the standout feature is the use of cryptocurrencies both for transactions and betting which take things to another dimension. This theoretically at least opens up online gambling to anyone with money in their e-wallet, regardless of where they happen to be on the planet.

The short version is, however, that if you want an out of this world online gambling experience, or you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast who wants their online gambling to move at warp speed, then this No Limit Casino Experience Report recommends you should put this casino at the top of your list of places to touchdown.

An out of this world casino experience driven by cryptocurrency

As you read in the overview of this service earlier, you get many of the things you have come to expect from an online casino and live casino, only done slightly differently with some extra touches that set No Limit casino aside from other operators. You also need to add into this that, by their own admission, this operator is evolving and expanding all of the time, and the area where this highlighted the most is with the bonus offers.

No Limit casino bonus offer

There were so many new things to grab your attention when looking at No Limit casino for the first time, that you might have not noticed what wasn’t there. However, for others, the lack of a welcome bonus might be considered a glaring omission. Looking slightly deeper, though, you’ll see that while the structure to offer a bonus is in place, it is not currently active, along with the free spins on arrival you might be used to from other operators.

Games and the gaming experience

The experience of playing differs very little from what you may be used to with other operators. Except that you are likely to find it easier to make your way around the site without any lag caused by loading all of the bright graphics that some casino operators enjoy filling their sites with. This should be a better experience for new users, who will also find the games they want to play easily. And, as a potentially worldwide platform, the website languages include English, Turkish, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and French.

Slots, Roulette, Blackjack and table games in more detail

As you may have read earlier the game portfolio numbers more than 1700 across casino and live casino, which is not the largest we’ve seen but does have something for everyone on desktop and mobile. There isn’t an app, but the site is well designed and that does not affect the experience of playing games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming and Evolution Gaming (LIVE) as well as nearly 30 other providers.

As you would expect, among these you will find 28 jackpot slots, some with progressive jackpots although these are shared across several slots in some cases. There are 19 variations of roulette on offer including 4 real dealer offerings which use recorded footage and random number generators. There are 13 versions of Blackjack and 20 other table games including Poker (though not enough to merit a No Limit Casino Poker Review or a No Limit Casino Poker Test) and Baccarat. While there are also 38 types of scratchcards on offer, there is very little here you won’t find elsewhere. Although at other operators, they might not be so well laid out and you could not play them using cryptocurrency.

Live Casino at No Limit casino in more detail

The live casino area is where the little extras that No Limit casino has shown elsewhere are more obvious. On clicking the live casino tab, you will be taken to a list of games you can buy seats for. Obviously, as a live casino, all of the games are not available all of the time, so what we have here is a snapshot of what was on offer. There were 3 types of roulette playing during this review, but it was the other games on offer as part of the live casino experience that really caught the eye.

Gonzo’s Live Treasure Hunt is an interesting variation on a roulette type game, Live Monopoly fuses the board games with a wheel of fortune twist and is similar in some respects to Crazy Time. Mega ball was mentioned earlier in this review as a more intense version of bingo, which along with the other games on offer at other times provide entertaining alternatives to the usual live casino staples.

FAQ and customer support

If you have any problems during your time at No Limit casino, live chat is readily available, and clicking on the Customer support tab will bring up answers to many of the questions you are likely to have in relation to using the casino and live casino areas, and an email to contact in the event of a query that is not covered there.


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