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Unikrn Reviews 2023

The Universal Appeal of Unikrn

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Pilot Heidi Kennedy
Pilot Heidi Kennedy
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Looking out at the online betting universe is like looking at a starry night sky. When so much sparkles, it can be tough for one to shine bright enough to truly stand out. Here at PlayersBest, the trouble with these operator reviews is not finding a good bookmaker: there’s an abundance of them.

It’s finding one which is special enough to be recommended with so much choice. The Unikrn bookmaker – with its focus on eSports and a user-friendly take on its promotional variety – manages to do exactly that.

Creating a Unique Unikrn Atmosphere

From Unikrn sports betting to the Unikrn online casino, one thing that’s clear about this operator is how multi-talented it is. Unikrn manages to carve a niche in the market while retaining a broad appeal across audiences. That’s no easy task.

If you want to find out exactly how they blew my astronomical expectations away, and to see if they could have the perfect betting atmosphere for you, check out the rest of my exclusive space-age Unikrn review.

Unikrn Logbook: what happened so far

  • 1 NOV 2014: Unikrn starts its offer.
  • 28 OCT 2019: Unikrn named EGR Global’s eSports Operator of the Year
  • 17 DEC 2020: We updated our Unikrn test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Unikrn review

I understand that it’s easy to take things for granted when you don’t know how they work. The astronaut doesn’t concern themselves with the intricacies of the engine, after all. Similarly, many people will read our guides, reviews, knowledge section, or the many test reports, comparisons, and awards that go into our lab section, and not realise the detail behind them. I think this is an important thing for you to understand.

The reasons for that are twofold. One is that it shows you how thorough I am when it comes to recommendations. They don’t just fall out of the sky. I go to the ends of the Earth to ensure all positive and negative atoms can be uncovered. Nothing gets considered for one of our awards without the utmost scrutiny.

More importantly, it’s also vital to remember this is a co-pilot mission. I can tell you what I think a site does well, but you need to know what you’re looking for to ensure we navigate to the right destination. The only way to do that is to know exactly what you’re looking for. With that in mind, consider this your briefing.

Securing the Spaceship

Being secure on a betting site is as important as remembering your helmet out of orbit. It’s an absolute necessity. The first step is to check out their credentials. This, of course, includes the license but don’t forget about encryption, responsible gaming policy and privacy policy. All of this should be easy to find.

Where possible, I also research the general reputation of the site. This can be tricky if a site is new, but I look for as much feedback as I possibly can. We are not the first explorers here, after all.

Interstellar Site Design

Testing the quality of the design is usually a pretty simple proposition. Whether it’s structural, technical or aesthetic design I’m focusing on, the only way to do it is to use the site as much as I possibly can. I then note any technical and structural issues, as well as how popular I think the style of the site will be. Importantly, I don’t say a look is objectively good or bad, just whether I think it will broadly appeal.

Ultimately though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone from Mars will look at things differently than if they were from Jupiter. What I’m saying is that at the end of the day, whether you think something looks good is down to you.

A Meteoric Mobile App

Everything I just said about design also applies to Unikrn mobile – arguably even more. Yes, with today’s space-age technology, we get to enjoy all this betting goodness on the go. As you can imagine, this is very technically demanding. Once again, this requires me to spend a lot of time with the bookmaker and try to push them to the limit to see if they burn up through the atmosphere or blast off through the stars.

Reliable Ground Control

Sometimes we all find ourselves adrift in cyberspace, and need some help to find our way home. Customer service is the ground control of the online betting world. My process here though does not begin with contact. It actually begins with the space flight manuals, also known as any Help/FAQs sections, as well as things like how the terms and conditions. Think of a Unikrn bonus code, for instance.

The way these things are explained at Unikrn betting is also of great importance. I then look at how to contact the site, and I test those methods out. I’m looking for speed, but above all, I’m looking for quality.

A Constellation of Banking Options

It doesn’t matter how great a betting site is if you don’t have a relevant banking method. They could be in the running for our coveted best casino awards, but it wouldn’t be relevant to you. They’d just be a faraway planet out in the distance. That’s why I’m very much a ‘more the merrier type’ of pilot when it comes to banking options. That’s assuming, of course, that they are all trustworthy and have reasonable fees and transaction times.

Planetary Promotions

I don’t want to give away the secrets of the universe of what I found promotions wise, but I can say it warranted an exclusive and extensive Unikrn bonus review of its own. Here and there, I’m looking once again for variety. But I’m also looking deeply at the terms and conditions for the tangible, real world value and quality that’s available. Creativity also matters here, as great operators know this is the perfect place to showcase their personality.

Preparing for TakeOff: The Unikrn Sports Betting Test

It might not be what they are best known for, but traditional Unikrn sports betting is very much a big part of this site. As such, my sports betting Unikrn tests will be looking first at their market variety. I want to know what you can bet on, not just in terms of sports, but league and general market coverage.

Furthermore, quality odds are so important, as are a broad set of limits. Finally, Unikrn online live betting coverage is always a tough area to get right. There, I’ll be looking at the speed of updates and how the live game is followed on Unikrn sports betting online.

Shooting Through the Stars: The Unikrn Casino Test

Your eyes do not deceive you: Unikrn online casino is very much an important part of this site. Once again, if it’s here, my expectations are every bit as high as any operator. Game variety and the software developers behind them are my first port of call in our Unikrn casino review.

Of course, actually playing the games is a vital part of the process here. And I assure you, it’s not all just so I can enjoy them. If I enjoy them, it was all to further our understanding of cyberspace. In all seriousness, I also look at their limits and their credential in terms of being random and fair. But of course, being enjoyable is also a big consideration.

An Incredible Adventure: The Unikrn eSports Test

Often when it comes to these tests, eSports are at a lower level of focus than other parts of the site. That’s because in the vast majority of operators I look at, it’s something they include but is not their primary focus. As such, there is less to discuss.

This is absolutely not the case here. The Unikrn bookmaker has made their name and their reputation as a pioneer of eSports betting. The process will largely be the same as the rest of the sportsbook, and I will be looking for the same things. However, I will be giving this extra emphasis in my final analysis.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Unikrn test

Right then, we have our blueprints, we’ve set our course and we’re ready to lift off. Here, we’re going to be focusing on the first six areas I mentioned before going onto specific betting product tests. That’s because something like customer service affects all of those equally, while something like a sportsbook and a Unikrn casino are more separate.

Think of these areas as being like the sun which powers the sportsbook, Unikrn casino and eSports betting planets. With that in mind, let’s see if Unikrn can live up to the hype.

Shining Security and License Credentials

Unikrn is actually really interesting when it comes to security. It is licensed by both the Government of Gibraltar and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This ensures that they are held to international standards when it comes to their offering.

Unikrn backs its players with SSL encryption., making sure that all of their space cadets’ data is kept safe and secure and away from the public eye.

Speaking of data, the privacy policy here is really excellent. It’s easy to understand and comprehensive. Once again, this isn’t just good: it’s exceptional. Finally, the responsible gaming policy is filled with advice, as well as practical measures like various limit options. There’s also self-exclusion and decreasing limits options. This is all alongside links and support to help people recognize if they have an issue.

This is one of the most impressive security showings in the galaxy. An absolutely interstellar performance.

A Seamless Spaceflight Thanks to Excellent Design

With regards to the looks of Unikrn, they have a very eSports aesthetic. It’s borderline futuristic, crisp, and clean looking. Some may prefer a site with softer edges, but it can’t be denied that they pull off their particular style with finesse. The Unikrn bookmaker isn’t just good in terms of design: they’re an absolute revelation, capable of sitting up there with the best

Play Anywhere in the Galaxy with the App

The newly revamped Unikrn site is mobile friendly. A new Unikrn app may be on its way, but for now both desktop and mobile players can enjoy gameplay via their browsers. The gaming and betting software conforms perfectly to the type of device accessing the site. We must admit though, the setup suits the desktop far more, though mobile play remains smooth and loading times are on par with a PC.

Cosmically Good Customer Service

I said before in our mission log that the first part of customer service isn’t actually “contact” itself, but rather how well the site explains itself. In that regard, Unikrn is absolutely sensational. Everything is made as easy to understand as possible. Considering the logical complexities that come with a site like this, a lot of people may feel intimidated. Well, it’s clear that through their Help section, privacy policy, responsible gaming policy, and general terms and conditions, they have done everything they can to make this site as approachable and easy to understand as possible.

When it comes to actual contact methods, it works on a message-based system. You fill in a form and are directed to the right department. Responses can be delayed. Unikrn has stated that they will implement a live chat funtion into the site throughout the course of 2023. this will be a welcome feature to help speed up customer interactions.

Turbulence with Banking Options

One of the rare occasions of Unikrn not explaining itself very well is with banking options. These are not clearly outlined on the site before you register, which isn’t ideal. However, the turbulence will clear into smoother riding soon, as the available Unikrn withdrawal and deposit methods for Canadian players are all reliable and legitimate.

These include traditional options like debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and various other options such as Unikrn PayPal, MuchBetter, Citadel, Interac etc. Unfortunately, Unikrn no longer supports cryptocurrencies in Canada. Withdrawal takes around 1 to 2 days to process and the limits vary from $10 to $100K. Sports bettors’ winnings are limited to $10,000 per day, so the withdrawal cap is more than sufficient.

A Big Bang of Promotions

As mentioned earlier, the promotional selection here was actually so vast, I felt it justified having its very own article. This will be a briefer look at what’s available. To put it simply, it’s a lot.

For starters, there’s a 300% first Unikrn deposit welcome bonus up to $150. On top of this deal, the platform will gift you 300 free spins to use on casino slots. What’s vital to know in terms and conditions is that there are general rollover requirements for free bets. So, it’s the same for a Unikrn sports betting bonus, regardless of the sport, for instance. These are set at an astonishing low 5x for sports and 45x for a Unikrn casino bonus. Full terms can be found on the site itself but I can assure you that they’re fair and reasonable as far as my research could indicate.

Other promotions include single and multi-free bets for both the Umode and sports platforms found on the site. The promotions change all the time, so we recommend that you visit the site for an up-to-date evaluation in this respect.

Sorry, just give me a moment, I need to refill my oxygen tank: that’s a breathlessly varied, deep and high-quality selection. It’s one of the finest I’ve personally ever come across. An absolute world-class effort.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Unikrn Sports Betting and Casino

Discovering the Umode Universe

Astonishingly smooth is how I would describe Unikrn from a design perspective. This is absolutely amazing considering just how technically difficult this site must have been to pull off. Umode – where you bet on yourself playing eSports and linking to Steam or Xbox accounts – is mind-bogglingly complex. They deliver it with truly amazing precision.

After that, everything else feels like a spacewalk. But, we should not underestimate the incredible design of every part of this site. It’s beautifully structured. Finding everything I needed was accomplished with the speed of a solar beam. And when you look at just how much is covered here, that’s no small accomplishment. Everything beyond Umode is also a technical marvel.

Unikrn Sports Betting

Unikrn Sports Betting Review

Unikrn is most famous for eSports and its revolutionary UMode. However, there’s also a very impressive traditional sportsbook here. This is no afterthought, with a huge selection of sports, including rugby league, NHL, Nascar, football, ping pong, handball, snooker. Essentially, if you can think of it, it’s probably right here. There’s even a novelty section which is great for left-field options.

Not only that but there’s depth of coverage. Soccer options, for instance, don’t just cover the huge international tournaments. There’s also room for lesser-known leagues. Furthermore, they go above and beyond with betting markets. I looked at a live game of Derby County vs Swansea City in the Championship as an example. You had markets for total corners, total goals, all kinds of under/over bets, double chances, both teams to score and plenty of handicap markets.

Speaking of which, following this live game, that’s another area where I was massively impressed. There’s no live streaming of this game but they have fast-paced graphical coverage, with constant updates and a fantastic amount of statistical detail. It’s everything you could possibly need to make the most informed bets possible.

In terms of the maximum amount you can bet, I understand from customer service that it depends on the individual market but they assured me maximums were competitive. In other words, nothing a normal person would have to worry about. Finally, I tested the Unikrn odds on several games against competitors and consistently found them to rank highly.

I’ve been to a lot of betting planets, so believe me when I say this isn’t just a decent traditional sportsbook addition, it’s one of the best. This product alone could justify Unikrn’s place in the industry, but there’s plenty more to come.

Unikrn Esports

Unikrn eSports Betting Review

Now we’re here at the main event of the evening, the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall of Unikrn, that is Unikrn eSports review. They take centre stage everywhere when it comes to this operator. But does it live up to this epic billing?

Well, to put it simply, yes it does. If you’ve ever wanted eSports to get the same respect as others on a traditional sportsbook, well, you must have wished upon a shooting star because all of your dreams have come true.

There were over 60 game categories games available when we last checked, including 19 live streamers. It wasn’t even an especially busy time. These were split across League of Legends, CS:GO, Dot 2, Injustice 2, APEX, Call Of Duty (plus warzone, Fifa, Fortnite, Hearthstone, MVC2, King Of Glory, MK, NBA2K, NHL-eSport, OW, Pro Evolution Soccer, UFC2, PURG, Rainbow 6, Rocket League, SC2, CBW, SFV, Super Smash Bros, TFF, Quake, PURGMOBILE, Hlo, Valorant and WC3.

What a line up.

This is an operator that respects eSports as a bright and varied world. You aren’t just an “eSports fan”, you’re a fan of specific titles, and tastes can vary hugely. Well, they have you covered. Not only that but the odds are very competitive and the amount of markets per game is excellent. UMode, as we explained before, also allows you to bet on yourself and sync accounts, and the majority of games mentioned can also utilise this service. That feature, as well as the quality of the live streaming, absolutely took this to the stratosphere.

Unikrn sports betting FAQ

🏈What can I bet on in the Unikrn sportsbook?

Check out our Unikrn sports betting review where we will take a close look at all of the different sports that you can bet on here. This is important as Unikrn is a highly regarded esports betting site, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is so good for regular sports betting. But by reading our review you’ll quickly get to see whether you should stick at Unikrn or go to one of the best online sportsbooks in Canada instead.

📱Is there a Unikrn app?

Read our Unikrn sports betting review where we examine all of the brand’s mobile betting options. You’ll get to see whether the brand has created its own betting apps for iOS and Android devices, or you may discover that you can only visit the Unikrn site from your mobile browser. Don’t forget that all of our online gambling site reviews examine each brand’s mobile betting options so that you can always find a great betting app.

❓What is Unikrn Umode?

Unikrn is well known for being one of the most innovative online betting sites, and its Umode is just the latest example of this. So read our Unikrn sports betting review to see what Umode is and how it applies to sports betting. Even if you find that Umode isn’t quite what you were looking for, we can still give you a wealth of sports betting tips to make sure that you can pick up plenty of winning results.

🎁How does Unikrn loot work?

Read our Unikrn sports betting review to see what the brand’s ‘loot’ is and how it can work wonders for your wagering. We’ll reveal what you have to do to get this loot and see how it compares to the best sports betting bonuses in Canada. All of which will help you see whether you should stick around at Unikrn, or head to other betting sites to get a little extra from your sports bets.

🎰Can I get a Unikrn casino no deposit bonus?

While Unikrn is known for being an esports betting platform, it also has a pretty good casino section. So make sure you read our Unikrn sports betting review where we’ll touch upon how good the casino is and let you know if you can get a no deposit casino bonus here. If we find a casino promotion, we’ll be sure to compare it with the best casino bonuses in Canada so that you can see which one works best for you.

Unikrn review: In a Galaxy of Their Own

I had expectations all the way to the moon and Unikrn has exceeded them. They truly are something special in online gaming. Many betting sites are competent but blend in with the masses. This is absolutely not the case with Unikrn. Not only do they have a genuine unique selling point in UMode, but they truly are on another level when it comes to eSports coverage in general. This was what I hoped for, and got even more than I wanted.

One thing I wasn’t expecting is how well they also pulled off being a traditional bookmaker. Make no mistake, Unikrn can stand toe-to-toe not just in their own expertise, but in pretty much any area of betting. The only real let down is that the casino isn’t available to everyone, but as I said, that is beyond their control. Everything they can control, they’ve not just knocked it out the park, but have broken the sound barrier with their offering. Unikrn betting is near perfect.

User Reviews for Unikrn

4/5 – 2 User Reviews
  1. Great site for slots

    I love playing the slot and its really like going to the casino. My only problem choosing which machine, they are all great. I even won on the free spins they gave me when I signed up. The support team is helpful and only had to call once about an issue that they fixed quickly. Very happy!

    Nothing yet hope it stays good
  2. I have some issues...

    What’s positive is the graphics on the site. It looks dramatic enough but they’ve put so much effort into those, they’ve forgotten some other aspects of the site id like to know about before signing up. On appearance it looks great – it doesn’t stand up well when you dig deeper though.

    This is one of those sites that doesn't tell you everything you need to know until you join. id rather know upfront so I can see if I like it enough to join. so... i am still on the fence with this one.

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