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We’ve come across a lot of strange and wonderful betting sites out there in the depths of cyberspace. But few, if any – in all our time reviewing operators, comparing sportsbook bonuses and strategizing on ways to go beyond your current betting universe – offer something as unique as this. The Unikrn welcome bonus, known primarily for eSports, is a true innovator. There’s no clearer example of this fact than their invigorating Unikrn bonus offerings.

To find out what makes them so special, from the Unikrn first deposit bonus to the Unikrn bonus for existing customers offering, join me on a futuristic journey like no other.

The Interstellar Parametres of Unikrn

Before we plot a course into the unknown, we need to have some idea of what our mission log looks like. As Unikrn is best known for its eSports credentials, people often imagine that what they offer is fairly limited. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They have a betting scope as broad and as impressive as the night sky. That’s right, you’ll not only find a Unikrn eSports bonus selection here but also a more traditional Unikrn casino bonus selection, as well as offering for their sportsbook. In addition, as far as we’re aware, all double as a Unikrn mobile bonus. The only thing that won’t be here is a Unikrn poker bonus because they don’t have dedicated casino software.

Unikrn isn’t just a betting planet: it’s a whole betting galaxy. We’re not going to go into the wider implications of just how cosmic all this choice is. We’ve got an extensive Unikrn review dedicated in that regard, but we thought it was best you know how many stars are in this betting sky before you start looking – just in case the sparkle takes you by surprise.

An Otherworldly Welcome Bonus

Although us cyber astronauts are always looking to go where others fear to tread, we all need to break the sound barrier to hit hyperspace. In the world of online bookmakers, that sound barrier is the welcome bonus – also known as the Unikrn new customer bonus in this instance. That’s because it’s what first catches people’s eye, and is usually their first impression of the site. To understand how our fellow aliens operate, we must follow in their footsteps and thus, begin here.

This welcome bonus is a “Deposit Double up to 200% First Deposit” offer. In other words, it’s a Unikrn first deposit bonus where you get up to 200% of your first deposit up to $300. That means if you deposited $100, you would get $200. However, if you deposited $200, you would still only get $300, because that is the maximum available. Like our journey through the depths of the galaxy here at PlayersBest, our ability to travel is always dictated by math and logic. In addition, you also get 300 free spins on the game Better Wilds.

Furthermore, the promotional screen has handy icons to help you know which part of the site you can use this promotion on, and it appears to be a general one. All we can do is provide this evidence to the crew and state that we haven’t found any suggestion otherwise. As best as we can tell, it’s an Unikrn eSports bonus and a Unikrn casino bonus both as much as it is a Unikrn new customer bonus.

On the surface, this Unikrn opening promotion gambit looks as big and impressive as a meteor, but of course, its true value will all come down to the Unikrn bonus terms.

Creating the Right Atmosphere: the Unikrn Terms & Conditions

So, one of the things that makes Unikrn unique against all the other strange and exquisite betting planets We’ve come across – from our 888Sport review to the many operators that populate our training pages – is their approach to terms and conditions.

You were probably wondering why we left our investigation of that welcome bonus without looking more deeply at its terms. That would be like opening the shuttle doors without your space helmet on – not a good move. Anyone who has even glanced at our knowledge section or poured over our many guides should know that.  But, before you mutiny and have me thrown off this ship, there’s a reason for our unusual conduct.

The terms and conditions at Unikrn are overwhelmingly general and count across all promotions, other than what’s specified for that particular promotion. Everything that was specific for that welcome offer has already been written. There’s no Unikrn bonus code that We’ve missed, for instance.

With that in mind, we’re going to go through the key points of those conditions, so you can be informed throughout our look at the current promotions. We love this system, because it should mean there’s more consistency should the bonuses change in the future. That said, there’s no guarantee, and this is not meant as an entire retelling of all terms. So, do check out the conditions page yourself if you want a closer look at this planet’s atmosphere. Nonetheless, this should give you a great idea of what to expect not just logistically but in terms of quality.

Reaching the Surface: What Kind of Promotional Life Can Be Supported at Unikrn?

One of the first things the terms page at Unikrn does is ensure terms are agreed upon, so your spaceflight is as smooth as possible. Bonus balance, for instance, are any sums in your account that are part of a bonus, while cash balance is your deposit funds excluding any bonus. Deposit bonus can mean any promotion that requires you to make a deposit, and is not necessarily a first deposit bonus. It’s the opposite of a Unikrn no deposit bonus.

Coffee card offers are promotions that require the completion of certain bets or actions. Matched first deposits are where your deposit funds are matched in accordance with the percentage for that particular promotion. These are just a few examples. There’s plenty more on the bonus rules page. They also make it clear all deposit bonuses have minimum and maximum amounts.

One thing we think will be of particular interest is the betting requirements on these types of promotions. If used on sports, the rollover requirement is a very healthy and competitive 5x. It must be turned over on bets with minimum odds of 1.8. That means there’s plenty of oxygen for positive promotional betting life here.

Casino bonuses, on the other hand, have a rollover requirement of 45x. We know this is quite a bit more than the sportsbook but in our experience, that’s just one of the realities of cyberspace exploration. For a casino promotion, this is still very competitive. There’s a list of excluded casino games also on this page.

Generally, bonuses have a seven-day time limit. We haven’t been able to find, at the time of writing, any need for a Unikrn bonus code. Overall, it’s a really fair and reasonable set of terms, and the multiple use of many terms is very much appreciated.

Other Planetary Promotions

Now we’ve looked at how these promotions work as well as having seen signs of life through that welcome bonus, let’s see what else we can find in the Unikrn orbit.

Win Big with Unikrn Virtual

All you need to do here is bet $10 and you’ll get a $25 token for a 3 plus leg multi bet. This applies to your first bet of the day and each leg must have a 2.50 odds minimum. The odds minimum may be high but because the terms only require you to put down $10, this is the kind of bonus you can enjoy while betting normally, which is exactly what we like to see.

Deal Yourself Back into the Big Draw

This is another freebie for first-timers – this time on the popular Deal or No Deal game. That show was so popular, you could get it on Jupiter. Here, you’ll get 10 free tickets if you don’t win. It’s a very similar sentiment and compliments the previous promotion. Although, this time, it’s for casinos and arguably, a teensy bit more generous.

Stake $10, Get 50 Free Spins

It feels like lightyears ago when we last saw a great free spins bonus but here we are. This free spins bonus is also – at least at the time of writing – available on the Better Wilds game. We guess they really are pushing that title to the moon. Don’t think of this bonus as the Pluto of this betting solar system either, as those spins are worth the equivalent of $50.

Score Double Winnings if Your Team Scores First

As you may have deduced from the title, we’ve now moved onto the world of Unikrn sports betting bonus options. This is for the NFL market, specifically, on a match winner bet. If your team scores first, you double your winnings up to $25. Importantly, field goals do count towards this promotion.

Your minimum bet is $5. The only other stated specific restrictions here are that the offer doesn’t count either towards Next Bet Free promotions or Place 5 Bets. Other than that, this is an incredibly generous and valuable bonus. If you’re looking for a competitor for our universally covered best sports bonus awards, then this is one cosmic example.

Football Loss Insurance

This is next in our Unikrn sports betting bonus guide. Vitally important to note here is that football refers to the kind you find at the World Cup, rather than the NFL. Sometimes we can seem like alien creatures to each other, and our planet is vast and complex.

What isn’t complicated though is how this promotion works. On selected tournaments – such as Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Champions League and the Premier League – you will get up to $50 in bonuses if your team scored first but fails to win on a match winner bet.

Dota 2 Epic League Double Winnings

Well, we won’t be giving away astronaut licenses for guessing what this bonus is available on. Indeed, this is an eSports bonus. If you place a match winner bet, and if your team destroys the first tower, you get double your winnings up to $25. It looks like Unikrn are willing to be every bit as generous across the betting board based on this example.

Multi Bet and Get

Here’s one more eSports example, this time offering you up to $25 as a bonus on a 4 plus leg multi bet. Minimum odds are 2.50 and the minimum bet $10.

Multi 3 Leg, Lose By 1

This is a similar offer to the above and that’s no bad thing. Here, you will get a refund up to $50 if a single leg fails on a 3 leg multi bet. So, it’s kind of a mix between the last examples. It’s also based on eSports, and the insurance offer.

UMode promotions

Like seeing a UFO in the sky, you may not believe it. However, there’s no doubt about the validity of the fact that Unikrn also has promotions for its exclusive UMode. These include double winnings on your first game of the day, and $10 in bonuses on your first CS:GO bet.

Do note that all of the options above may not specifically be examples of a Unikrn mobile bonus, but as far as we can tell, all work on their excellent mobile service.

Conclusion: A Successful Exploration

As someone who spends much of their days pondering in amazement at the wonders of the universe, it takes a lot for something earthbound to truly blow our space socks off. This promotional selection did exactly that. Unikrn does two things, in particular, we really appreciate here. One is that the overwhelming majority of their promotion – indeed, you could make the case for all of them – do not ask much beyond how you would usually play. This is a very approachable selection of promotion designed to appeal to the masses. And that it does.

The second is that it is consistent. This is helped by their use of general terms alongside specific ones. It means that whether it’s a Unikrn bonus for existing customers or new users, or across a variety of markets, there’s a level of quality you can expect. We suppose some may be disappointed by a lack of free betting bonus for Unikrn, but there’s little doubt about the value of what’s here. Keeping up that level of value and creativity across such a huge selection means this is one we can recommend to the moon and back.

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