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Voyager 1 launched in 1977 on a mission to explore the outer planets of the solar system and, ultimately, to become the furthest man made object from earth. It’s still out there today, sending back radio transmissions to eager scientists at mission control, continuing on its lonely voyage through time and space. 

Imagine how Voyager 1 would feel if it could emote; if its technology could form thoughts and feelings as it spins through space, travelling at astonishing speeds as it heads for the outer edge of its solar system. It would feel remarkable, yes; a ground-breaker, literally going where nothing of human origin has ever been before. But, I imagine, it would also feel lonely; lost; its original purpose now a distant memory as it cruises towards an unknowable future. 

I can sympathise with Voyager 1

PlayersBest.com story beginning

Some time ago now, I was spinning through my own cosmos, lost in a vacuum with the sun becoming dimmer every single day. I was a writer, a gambling enthusiast, penning article after article about my chosen subject – but the repetition, the endless black and blank void, was dragging me down. As the sun’s overwhelming gravity grips its surrounding solar system in its grasp, I found myself unable to escape.

I wanted to do something different. I wanted to seize the triumph of Voyager, the first object to see the ice and gas giants up close, rather than follow its journey into the never-ending abyss. I wanted to see new worlds, skim the heliosphere, and then fly off to far-flung corners of the gambling world just by taking a different route with the words I was weaving – by doing something unique, that stood on its own merits, with its own ethos and intentions.

The big bang: the birth of PlayersBest.com

As I continued writing the same content, about the same topics, month after month and year after year, my interest in a topic I had once held so dear to my heart began to wane. Then I encountered an idea that pulled me into an even greater thrall than I had known before; stronger than the sun, even – a pulsar of an idea, a neutron star of excitement.

I could create a website that allowed me to be the voyager – small V – that I wanted to be. I could tour the gambling cosmos and compile a flight log of what I found, focusing on the factors that bettors really need to know when considering signing up for an operator. I could break free of the conventional 10-point system of reviewing a company and define what really matters, shining a light brighter than a thousand suns on the real ins and outs of the what the gambling world can offer.

The three superstars: range, handling, and innovation

The more I thought about creating a site that embraced the opportunity to do something different, break the mould, and find its own route through the blackness of interstellar space, the firmer the ideas became in my mind. Soon, everything came together as if drawn by string, similar to how the first particles of the solar system were drawn to one another via an electrostatic charge. The ideas began to solidify, take their shape, and become strong enough to withstand their own definitions.

By evaluating the Range I would take a tour through the key elements of an operator. I would look at the ins and outs of the service, how extensive it was, and what a brand could really offer that their competitors could not.

With the Handling, I would place the user at the flight controls and steer them through the process of actually managing an account with the operator. No stone would be left unturned as I veered between considerations such as payment methods and mobile compatibility, providing the most thorough investigation of usability that the online gambling world has ever seen.

Last – but most certainly not least – I would look to the Innovation; to the exciting operator inventions and ideas that were capable of catching the eye and offering something intriguing, perhaps even something that had never been done before.

The ideas were there, the trio defined, all of which would contribute to ensuring that the site I could create would find the very best for online players… all that was left to turn it into a reality.

But to do that, I knew I would need to find a team to make the journey with me.

PlayersBest.com discover

Assembling the PlayersBest.com crew

Very few people have ventured into space alone, and those that did rarely stayed for long – a few orbits of the earth, and then splashdown and back to civilisation.

To fulfil the dream of PlayersBest, I knew a couple of orbits weren’t going to do it. I needed to push further; I needed to be able to really travel, and that meant finding a little help from my friends. From the Gemini missions through to the Apollo moon landings and beyond to the ISS, humanity has traversed its most ostentatious journeys in groups – so I was going to do the same.

It didn’t take long for me to find fellow travellers, disillusioned gambling experts who wanted to had felt the itch to break free of the surly bonds of earth and explore the gambling galaxy in new, exciting ways. We are now staffed by a crew who are deeply committed to delivering the best possible content for our readers, so that any reader who decides to take the journey with us.

My mission has extended far beyond simple geographical limits, too. After recruiting a team for the Canadian version of the site, I soon began to look for those overseas who could assist me in creating a truly global website that offered nothing but the best of the best. To that end, I am delighted to say that the Canadian version has ES and JP sister sites, with more in the works over the course of the next few years. Akin to the universe after the initial big bang, PlayersBest.com and its mission will continue to expand.

What to look out for on PlayersBest.com

Our goal with PlayersBest.com CA is to be as comprehensive as possible. We want to take you to the further reaches of the gambling cosmos, Our first focus is on our research lab, where we analyse operators and their bonuses, constantly updating our findings to ensure they are as accurate as possible. We know how difficult it is to find bookmaker and casino information online only to then discover it is incorrect, so our goal is to completely eradicate such an experience for our reader: relevancy is a key guiding star for us.

As well as covering operator reviews and bonus information in our research lab, we also look at recent events with our news coverage, and even look ahead to the future with our betting tips. When it comes to keeping up-to-date, with your finger on the pulse of all the latest developments, we’ll always be here to assist. We’ll also provide guidance and advice on a range of strategies in our gym, so every reader will always be fully equipped for their own personal voyage through the vast gambling universe that awaits them.

— Commander Luke Barnet,
Communications Officer of PlayersBest.com


PlayersBest.com research


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