Our Casumo Bonus Review: A Galaxy of Bonus Offers

As reviewers, we spend a lot of time with PlayersBest floating through the vast unknown of the online betting world. We hit the many planets that operators call home, and some sadly don’t live up to interstellar standards. Coming across something like Casumo then, is a welcome relief. It’s like oxygen in an astronaut’s helmet – a welcome relief of fresh air. That’s because Casumo is an excellent betting site. They have great games, reliable customer service and from a design and security standpoint, they are equally as impressive.

One area though that we feel requires a little more attention is their promotional offering. It’s one of the most important parts of any betting site, and it’s also one that people find the most interesting. We can’t blame them: a great Casumo bonus can do wonders to sweeten the online deal. It can give you a little extra rocket fuel in your betting tank, so to speak.

Here, we’re going to be breaking down everything you need to know. What promotions are available at Casumo? What kind of quality are they? We can’t tell you the mysteries of the universe, but we can answer these questions. So, put your spacesuit on and join us on this truly cosmic journey.

A Successful Landing: The Casumo Casino Bonus

When looking for a betting site, there’s always one thing to keep in mind. With such a vast amount of options out there, you are in command. You are ground control to their Major Tom, and you deserve a hero’s welcome. Why? Because all those betting sites are here to try and get you onboard – not the other way around.

That’s why the Casumo new customer bonus is so important. It’s more than a first impression and more than even its own value. It’s an indicator of the kind of experience quality you can expect generally. On top of that, every review we do has a guiding principle and that principle is really simple: we try to emulate as best as possible your experience. Don’t get us wrong, we go further than that. Just like how the average person only sees the stars but an astronaut needs to get up there and check it all out in the flesh. However, while doing so, we try to craft a journey that closely emulates what the average user would experience, just a little more detailed.

The reason for this is really simple. We’re trying to find out who we can recommend this site to. We can’t think of a better way of doing that than by creating as authentic an experience as we possibly can. That means beginning where you will likely begin, or at least, where most people tend to start their exploration. That’s with the Casumo new customer bonus, specifically, the Casumo casino bonus.

First Impressions: The Casumo Casino Welcome Bonus

Let’s start then, with the first impression. The welcome bonus is offering 20 free spins and a $500 extra bonus. Obviously, we don’t know the details just yet, but a few things immediately stand out. Firstly, $500 is a pretty hefty welcome bonus. Like a solar eclipse, it’s appropriately impressive. The 20 free spins is also a very nice touch.

Importantly too, the bonus is stated in Canadian dollars. Often, international operators fail to localise their bonuses. If you don’t know what this means, allow us to explain. Sometimes even though an operator is available in Canada, their site remains the same as its main market. That could be Europe, for instance – and that means the promotion is in Euros. Therefore, you may not be aware of how much that translates to Canadian dollars. Indeed, it can mean that you don’t even know if it’s available in your market.

Thankfully, Casumo is in the appropriate currency. That makes things clear and precise. Vitally too, it’s also a positive reflection on the site, as is the fact that the terms and conditions are made so clear. These are kind of like the Casumo sports betting bonus guide, dedicated to giving you all the information you need – and they do a great job. The fact that Casumo has made the effort for Canadian players here means they’re likely to do so elsewhere too.

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The Detailed Blueprint: Terms and Conditions

Now, onto the terms and conditions. This is what separates our casino bonus comparisons, and indeed our reviews in general. Do note that before we begin, we always advise you to check the term yourself. This is not a complete rewriting of the terms and conditions of their site. In addition, all terms are subject to change. Nonetheless, we will be breaking down what we view to be the most important terms here.

At a basic level, the Casumo bonus terms have two key points. One is the 20 bonus spins are only available on the game Jammin Jars. This has positives and negatives. You may wish to play them in another game. However, it does highlight a specific slot, and one of the things good promotions do well is exactly that. The second point is this is a 100% deposit bonus. That means it’s a Casumo first deposit bonus, with $500 as the maximum amount. This is no free betting bonus for Casumo: you have to deposit to get something in return.

Some of the Casumo bonus terms are pretty obvious. You need to be 18 years old for this or any promotion, or to access the site in general. That’s as obvious as there is no gravity on the moon. Importantly too, this is only available to new players.

While there’s no Casumo bonus code, you’ll need to opt in. In addition, you’ll need to make an initial deposit of $20.  Once again, this is a Casumo first deposit bonus, but a reasonable one. Best of all, the wagering requirement is a very generous 30x. On top of that, you have an ample 183 days to complete these terms. This is incredibly competitive and helps make this a contender for our best casino bonus award.

Out of Orbit: Bonus Restrictions

Really important to note is that not all games count towards the wagering requirement the same. Slots, for instance, count 100%, as do live wheel games. Video poker counts 30% and blackjack counts 0%. There’s a full list on the site itself for you to check out. This is a standard term for this kind of casino bonus.

What is not standard is the inclusion of sports betting. Generally, these don’t count towards casino wagering requirements, however, sports bets above 1.60 odds count 30%. It’s a move which really helps them shine bright in a constellation of casino offers. It’s not a free betting bonus for Casumo, but it’s an excellent one.

Another key restriction to take into account is that there is a strict one Casumo bonus per person rule, and that includes using VPNs. This is standard and expected.

All in all though, this is a terrific welcome bonus. It’s generous and with fair terms. A lot of effort has gone into making this as reasonable as possible. Take, for instance, how the terms and conditions make a point of saying to contact customer service if you make a mistake. Even our greatest astronauts make mistakes, so that’s a nice touch.

Lift Off: The Sports Welcome Bonus

The Casumo sports betting bonus is a ‘Bet $50 and get $100 free bet’. Let’s start again with those first impressions. It’s a 100% bonus, which is incredibly generous if the terms are right. In addition, it’s also a free bet bonus, not a cash bonus. This means, although it’s a free betting bonus for Casumo of a kind, it’s one you need to bet. A cash bonus can be withdrawn right away: an important distinction.

The standard Casumo bonus terms and conditions still apply here and you’ll need to opt-in, but there’s no Casumo bonus code. Other than that, you’ll need to place a qualifying bet of $50. That’s right, lower amounts don’t provide lower rewards. However, it’s still a 100% bonus, and that’s still very generous.

Your qualifying bet must be settled within seven days of registration, so keep that in mind to avoid disappointment. Seven days is also your time limit for the free bet. Minimum odds are 1.6. You can then use your $100 as a free bet, and only the winnings will be credited in cash. A couple of practical points: the free bet can be found in the ‘Valuables’ page. You’ll need to tick ‘free bet’ on the betting slip to use it. We really appreciate how simple all the mechanisms are made for this Casumo sports betting bonus.

Vitally, there doesn’t appear to be wagering requirements noted in the terms. That makes this a truly incredible Casumo sports betting bonus. Plus, it can be used on any sports market. However, there’s one important caveat before we move on: you can only choose one of these welcome bonuses. Considering their generosity, that’s understandable. They both have a lot to offer, so we guess the only advice we can give is to choose wisely.

Is There Other Life Out There?

You may be wondering why we’ve focused so much on the welcome bonuses. Well, part of the reason is that they’re very important, of course. They represent your betting rockets trajectory into the unknown, after all.

Well, the reason is simple. There’s other life out there, but they all move like shooting stars. Casumo hands out bonuses when it feels it’s most appropriate, and it does this very regularly. Weekly bonuses are common, for instance. You may see a free betting bonus for Casumo, a Casumo no deposit bonus, or a Casumo mobile bonus. Sometimes you’ll have free spins just waiting for you. We’re not aware of any Casumo esports bonus or Casumo poker bonus, but we suppose anything is possible in a galaxy far, far away.

In addition, there is a progress bar. The more you progress, the more promotions you’re likely to get. We’re a big fan of this. Anything that personalises the online experience is alright with us. However, it does mean that the analysis on our part is tough. We don’t know what these bonuses will be specifically. That means we can’t in confidence tell you their value. We will say though that they do have an excellent reputation in this regard, but we’ll have to remain neutral.

Is the Atmosphere Right For You?

One thing we want to point out is that what makes a good promotion is personal. Yes, we can say what the facts are. Those terms exist, space is silent: those are facts. We can also say that we think they represent good value and that right now, they are very competitive.

Ultimately though, the question is whether they interest you. You need to discover whether, based on how you like to use betting sites, you think you would find them useful. It’s like the choice of welcome bonuses. There’s no right or wrong answer: it’s just a matter of personal preference. So, think about what it is you want out of a promotion, then see if these bonuses work for you for the best possible experience.

Do They Stick the Landing?

Now we’ve made it clear that there is a subjective side to this, let’s once again talk about the objective. The Casumo welcome bonuses presented here are obviously very good. They offer serious value with competitive terms and conditions. We think a big part of how to assess the quality of a bonus is through comparison. How do they look when you stack them against the competition? Even against great examples from the likes of Sloty Casino?

Quite frankly, they look absolutely excellent. This is in no small part thanks to the excellent Casumo bonus terms. You won’t find many better welcome bonuses than this. Plus, while we may not have been able to objectively rate the other bonuses because of the personalised approach, make no mistake that it’s an excellent system. Whether it’s for you is down to your preferences. That said, there can be little doubt about the out of this world quality on offer here.

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