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Welcome fellow travellers. Today my mission is to take you on a journey across the US that’s sure to enhance your interstellar sensory organs. Yep, today you’re accompanying me on a cosmic tour to try and find the brightest star, or more accurately, the best online casino the US has to offer.

Get your spacesuit and money tokens at the ready for a rocket-fuelled journey that’ll leave you out of breath and desperate for more.

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Historical highlights

I wouldn’t be much of a tour guide unless I knew what I was talking about. So I’m just going to enlighten you briefly with some casino-related facts. Let’s flash back 200 years to the borders of Wyoming and Utah to a tiny mining township which housed the very first land-based casino known as Brown’s Saloon.

Brown’s was dedicated entirely to satisfying the earthly pleasures of the miners. I won’t go into too much detail there, but suffice to say that miners enjoyed more than just casino games behind the saloon doors! Things sure have moved on since then and land-based casinos have sprung up all across the US, but most notably in the vacation cities of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Moving at the speed of light to the late 1990s when humans first discovered the Internet, which truly opened their eyes and became their window to the world. It also became home to the first online casino that accepted real money tokens, which was launched in 1994 thanks to software developers Microgaming.

And as they say, the rest is history, which means that part of our journey is over, but I’ve got plenty more to tell you and show you.

Preparation for take off…

Preparation is the key to most journeys for space travellers. This particular mission is no different and because it covers a huge amount of ground, there’s definitely more to do than usual. So, let’s start right at ground zero, with online casinos in the US and the current state of play.

Many US gamblers are frankly in a state of earthly confusion where online casinos and sports betting are concerned, with some US states having legalised gambling, some still considering it and yet more staunchly against it. There are actually two sides to the planet to add to the confusion.

If your earthly abode happens to be in one of the more liberal states, then you are already catered for and permitted to gamble completely legitimately. There’s plenty of online casinos in Pennsylvania ready to visit and you’ll also find it equally easy to track down a casino for real money NJ for example.  They’re easy to spot too; any online casino or sportsbook in those two US states is required to proudly display the licensing badge related to its state of origin on the web portal.

However, what can you do if you’re from one of the states that is highly unlikely to legalise gambling, like Utah and Hawaii? Your only alternative is to sign up for an offshore operation, but as online casino ratings are non-existent for some of these, you’ll need to watch out for unexpected black holes to follow that celestial path. More on that later…

The rules and regulations surrounding online casino gaming in the USA can be tricky to navigate at the best of times, which is why we’ve put together a helpful table of all the states where legal casino gaming can be enjoyed. Be sure to take it along on your betting travels!

DelawareNevadaNew Jersey
PennsylvaniaWest VirginiaMichigan

Spaceship launched and journey underway…

I’d like to start by telling you about some of the different options on my casino sites list. You’ll find it makes a useful gambling comparison, which I’m hoping will give you a much better idea of what your ideal online casino destination might be.

Casino only

If you’re only interested in playing casino games, then reading some of my casino site reviews will help you select a good one. This type of operation will usually offer you multiple casino table games, hundreds of different slots and a variety of live-dealer gaming opportunities, with everything from roulette to game show style options.

Casino and sportsbook

As predicted by the stars, here you’ll find a happy online blend of sports betting and casino games to play. This sector is by far the most popular with earthlings, who happen to enjoy wagering on their sporting idols and there are many to visit. Some of my fellow crew members are assigned the task of trying many of these out and their casino site reviews can be found documented on the PlayersBest web portal for your entertainment and further knowledge.

Mixed operations

The mixed operators on my online casino list do their level best to keep all the earthlings happy all of the time, by offering them a bit of everything – casino games, slots, sports betting, poker, esports and pool betting. You won’t find anything spectacular in any section, but they can be a lot of fun if you have the earthly desire to try out different types of gambling.

Specialist sites

Sweepstakes betting is an interesting alternative. Here you won’t need any standard money tokens, you’ll use space nuggets, or some other form of digital currency to wager with instead. That means that it is entirely legal in all US states, with the exception of Washington State, where the bosses don’t seem to like space nuggets for some reason. Horse racing is the most popular sweepstake manifestation, but there are a limited number of slots, casino and sports betting sites too.

Blacklisted operators

Buckle up and fasten your seatbelts, expect a bumpy ride and plenty of turbulence – we have now reached the black hole of the online casino world. Here at PlayersBest, we have dedicated ourselves to discovering the best legal and licensed casinos across the cosmos. However, on our mission, we have also made some rather unpleasant stops along the way. Due to this, we feel it is our duty to present our findings on operators who do not own a valid license, offer sufficient security features, operate offshore, provide comprehensive customer support, reputable payment methods, adequate gaming options, or are otherwise deemed untrustworthy by our experts. If ever you see the term blacklisted on our reviews, proceed with caution – we cannot recommend these operators due to them ticking one (or a few) of the boxes mentioned above.

Are we there yet…

No, you’re not quite ready yet and before you even think of entering an alien environment, there are some rules you need to know about to make sure that you are safe during your visit.


I have seen that some humans are more pleasant in their business dealings than others and one way to assess their integrity is to check out their verification documents, that is their online gambling license. If you are a resident of one of the more liberal US states, then the best online casino site option for you, is one that proudly displays a state licence on its web portal.

If you are thinking of using an offshore casino site, then you must tread a little more carefully to avoid falling into a black hole. Firstly, it’s important to understand that you are technically breaking US law by gambling on one of these sites although there are very few cases of any action being taken against US citizens.

Secondly, I don’t recommend picking out an online casino at random, unfriendly aliens can be a problem and might even steal your money tokens. I’d always suggest only using a site that has been around for a while and that is already frequented by many other human visitors.  I’d also strongly recommend that you enter the PlayersBest web portal and read plenty of the casino site reviews you’ll find on display there.


Having a secure connection between your device and your casino’s web portal is always the place to start. Look at the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser page and you should see the sacred padlock icon. If you hover over it with your pointing device, it will magically display the source of the SSL certification. Every web page should feature the icon and have a URL that begins with https://.

When it comes to sharing your human details and adding money tokens to your online casino account, you need a private portal with an asymmetric session key and a minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption in place. Don’t accept anything less, bad things can happen to your personal data, or even worse you could have your money tokens morphed away into the ether, it’s really that crucial.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that earthlings get no pleasure from reading such long and detailed documents, no matter how much I underline the fact that those documents are really important.  Luckily, my fellow crew members have no such reading difficulties and a part of their online casino reviews document their findings. However, this is not a failsafe plan, it does not excuse you from checking for yourself.

Within this subject area lies another space puzzle that you might need to solve. If your online casino or sportsbook offers free money tokens of any sort, that means you must read extra conditions that will explain how to obtain them. If you fail to solve the puzzle correctly, your quest will fail and your free money tokens will disappear into the ether from whence they came.

How to transport your money tokens

I’m going to start by telling you that US bank bosses don’t like gambling. They have the power to block payments to gambling sites and employ squads of human and AI guards to track down those transactions amongst the millions they process every day. Humans understandably find this most annoying and frustrating, but outside of their control.

If you find yourself in that situation, there are a few ways to get around it and one of the most popular alternatives is to use an e-wallet.  Now, I do know that there are a lot of different variations in the US and they all have their own pros and cons. If you’re unsure which might be the best for you to use, then you’ll find plenty of helpful payment method guides over at the PlayersBest web portal

Seeking help with technical failures

All of the best casino sites online care about their players and support them in a variety of ways. The ideal online casino will make everything clear for you, including how they are licensed and how they ensure that their games are verified as fair. You’ll find demo versions to play and perhaps even a fact sheet with hints and tips on how they work.

Alongside you’ll also find there are several ways to get in contact with the customer support team should you have any questions or perhaps an issue with your gaming platform or account portal. It’s always good to see 24/7 support with either a toll-free phone number or a live chat option too. Part of the PlayersBest online casino site reviews reflect on this part of the casino and crew members even test it out before reporting back to the web portal.

Brilliant casino bonuses

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Getting ready to land…

Now that I’ve talked you through some of the crucial, but rather less exciting aspects of finding the best online casino, it’s time to get down to the fun side. Let’s talk about what you’re likely to find once inside.


Slots often feature as the biggest part of most online casino sites. If you enjoy playing them, you’ll likely already have your favourite title, theme or a preference from a specific software developer.  If that’s the case don’t leave it to chance that a casino will have exactly the slots that you happen to like playing.

If you have no special favourites, then it’s still worth checking a couple of things. Many casino sites list their slots by software developer and the ones I’ve listed below are all known to provide great games in terms of both gameplay and graphics quality. I’ve added a couple of the most popular titles from each, which I’m certain will have crossed your earthly radar at some point:

  • NetEnt: Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst
  • Microgaming: Mega Moolah and Game of Thrones
  • Playtech: King Kong and Gladiator
  • Real Time Gaming (RTG): Aztec Millions and Crazy Vegas
  • International Game Technology (IGT): Family Guy and Wheel of Fortune

That’s not an exhaustive list by any means, so I’m not saying that they’re the only developers of games worthy of playing. However, some online casinos have opted to develop their own brand of slots, presumably due to savings in money tokens. If you come across any of these I strongly recommend trying them out as demos first, or you might find they don’t match up to expectations.

Casino table games

There are two particular games that you are always going to find on any online casino site: blackjack and roulette. There are often many variations on a theme, from classic play options right through to the most recent multi-deck games, I’ve seen around 100 different ones in fact.

From your human perspective quantity is good, from mine I see numbers. In this scenario those numbers represent the house edge percentage, which to you means more or less chances of winning money tokens. It’s always worth looking into that side as well.

You’ll find a similar situation exists for roulette games but now you know how to check out your chances and find a game that gives you the biggest advantage, you’re already onto a winner.  Other table games you’re also likely to have close encounters with include baccarat, sic bo, craps and pai gow dice.


As a fascinating human game needing many skills, not to mention plenty of money tokens if you win, poker is one of the most-played card games on planet earth. Even if you’ve never braved a real-life poker tournament, there’s nothing to stop you trying out online poker to improve your skills.

Even as a complete beginner you’ll find digital games rated at your level and suited to those who have limited money tokens to invest. For those of you who think they’re ready for a bigger challenge, you can try out some earth-shattering live dealer games. By the way, when you check out the math for online poker, you’ll see it’s described as the casino ‘rakeback’ for poker games, rather than the house edge as for other table games.

Live dealer games

It’s not just poker that you can play live either. Many of the games I mentioned in the casino table games section also have live dealer versions. How many you’ll find at any specific online casino does vary quite a bit, so if you have a preference for this type of play, then it’s certainly worth checking that out in advance to avoid disappointment later.

If you’re really lucky, you might come across a special live casino bonus promotion for a particular game or live table. If you do, you’ll need to make sure you use it quickly as many of these bonuses have a very short time to make use of them before they expire.

By the way, if you haven’t played in this way before, rest assured that it is great fun. However, I do recommend that you research the way different live games are played in advance and also make sure that you learn the etiquette that applies in a live game situation. If you don’t it’s likely to give you more stress than fun.

Beyond earthbound realms

Something that makes my sensory extremities really waggle with excitement is anything that involves new technology. I’ve had two waggling events in recent times and I have an urgent need to attempt a portrayal that humans will understand.

The first experience I must tell you about concerns contests between entirely digital elements that are mathematically formatted to resemble earthbound animals, humans and a variety of machines.

I think the terminology you humans use is virtual sports. Although I was working on the algorithm needed to create such manifestations, I also found them rather endearing and fun to view (which I was able to do with no earth money tokens needed) and was almost tempted to try a tiny wager myself.

However experience number two, is one that I highly recommend trying if you get the chance. I’ve seen evidence that properly-equipped humans are able to enter a portal that is known as a virtual reality casino. Once you enter through the doors, it’s the closest thing to entering a land-based casino you’ll ever find and the rules of engagement are no different. You can walk around wherever you want, buy a drink from the bar and communicate with other stellar beings that are humans in disguise. And I nearly forgot, of course you can play on the games too.

The only potential downside to this space-level technology is the need to obtain equipment to adapt your clumsy human eyes and hands to this environment, which at this time on earth still demands a considerable amount of earth money tokens to purchase. But when you feel the time is right…

Free money token opportunities 

It’s not just live dealer games that come with the opportunity to get free money tokens at the best casino sites online. You’ll find betting offers for new customers with mega amounts of money tokens to collect just for signing up. But here’s a little word of warning…

As I mentioned earlier on, there are far fewer casino-only sites than mixed operations, which have a casino and a sportsbook running side by side. Often you can access both of them directly using the same web portal and account, but that’s not always the case.

The same goes for their money token bonuses and although it’s a tough choice, you might just have to decide which is really the best one to pick. I’m fully aware that when it comes down to money tokens humans have a tendency to pick the biggest number. However, in reality, bigger is not always better when it comes to bonuses.

It all comes down to numbers (again) and also to that tedious small print I mentioned earlier and the constraints contained within it. You must learn to follow the rules accordingly, or your dreams of a stellar win may result in falling to earth like a spent meteorite.

Take heart though fellow travellers, some of the best online casino websites want to keep you on board, so even as an existing player you’ll continue to be offered more casino bonus codes, best online promos and added value vouchers just for playing regularly at the best casino sites online. How exciting is that?

Members of my space exploration team monitor those opportunities constantly and portray any that they think are worthy of our earthbound friends’ attention on the PlayersBest web portal. There you’ll find every part of the bonus puzzles laid out in clear detail, so you won’t have to work too hard to take full advantage of them.

Step by step guide to finding an interstellar casino site

You may feel like there are more online casinos than there are stars in the sky. This doesn’t mean that you should settle for signing up to the first casino site that you see. We think that it’s always smart to compare how different online casinos work first so that you can see which is the best fit for your wagering mission. Here are the steps we’d recommend taking to find and sign up to the perfect online casino:

Check out our shortlist of recommended casino sites
See which online casinos are available in your US state
Note what kinds of slots and table games are on offer
Understand what kinds of bonuses might be available
Compare casinos to discover which is best for you
Sign up to your perfect casino by providing basic personal information

Comparing cosmic casino bonuses

Not only does it pay to compare casino sites, but you’ll also need to compare casino bonuses to make sure that each special offer works for you. After all, there is a big difference between how a matched deposit bonus and a losing bet refund works!

Our advice is to always dig deeper to see how good each casino bonus really is. The worst thing that you can do is to simply claim the biggest casino bonuses as the chances are that you’ll be stuck with wagering conditions that will pull you into a black hole.

Instead, take the time to read through the small print of each casino bonus. This will give you a good understanding of the true value of each deal and from here you can simply compare each casino bonus so that you use the promotion that’s best for you.

Human questions

By their very nature, humans are inquisitive beings and constantly request further knowledge. I hope that you’ll find much knowledge within our web portal, but here I’m going to answer what is officially the most-asked human question:

Why don’t you just tell us which US states have legalised gambling?

It’s a very good question in fairness and I’m more than happy to answer it for you. The US comprises 51 states in total and since the all-powerful PASPA laws were overturned in 2018, each of those states is responsible for making its own decisions about all forms of gambling. That covers everything from land-based premises with a single slot machine, right through to online mega casinos with millions of money tokens in turnover.

Those US states which have already officially legalized online gambling are still not easily defined by a simple yes or no, there are exceptions each state has implemented. For example in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, it is illegal to place a bet on in-state college sports teams or events, but pretty much everything else is permitted.

You’ll find all of the information you need about NJ and PA detailed on our PlayersBest online portal, together with many casino site reviews and the online casino ratings we have awarded to the best of the gambling operators located in both of those states.

Situations in the online gambling industry can change very quickly, sometimes overnight. My attentive space crew remain on duty at all times and their hyper-sensory waggly antenna things will alert them immediately to new news. However, you won’t see it documented on our web portal until it is official. At which point, we’ll make doubly sure you’re fully informed.

Am I missing something?

If you think you’re missing something then drop us a line, but don’t send it by snail mail, it could be many light years before we see it. Joking aside, the PlayersBest space crew never lets up on finding and documenting anything and everything they think US gamblers, regardless of their level, will find valuable.

It doesn’t matter what you seek, the space stash of guides and reviews contained within our web portal is likely to hold it. We try to cover all space bases starting with a betting guide for beginners and work up from there to detailing gambling strategies, giving you tips on popular casino games and even detailed breakdowns of the many money token transfer methods available to US gamblers.

Our reviews are another whole story, in fact a whole new world. You won’t just find reviews of casinos and sports betting sites, the crew goes above and beyond the gambling universe to give you the lowdown on portable device apps, free money token offers and much more.

Mission accomplished?

Before I can check off today’s mission as complete, I want to thank you for joining me and I hope that you’ve managed to spot something along the way that made your human sensory features tingle.

Even though the realms of the great PlayersBest space-time continuum are as vast as the Milky Way, I feel certain that I’ll meet with you on another mission, perhaps in the United States again or maybe in an alternate universe somewhere entirely different.

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