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List of Blacklisted Casinos: Watch Out!

Information on Blacklisted Online Casinos

Nathan Walter
Nathan Walter
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This may just be our experts most unpleasant job – reviewing blacklisted casinos across the US. We pride ourselves on providing our readers with the most honest and authentic reviews across the galaxy – good or bad!

Below, we take a dive into the ins and outs, the whys and why not’s of the blacklisted casinos across the US. We at PlayersBest, take time to explain exactly what is meant by the term blacklisted, how we can protect our readers from online threats, and how spotting warning signs early can save your blushes further down the line!

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Mission Statement: What is a blacklisted casino?

On initial viewing, it can be difficult to spot whether an online casino is legitimate or not. Thankfully, our team of experts has worked within the online casino world for light-years, and when it comes to fraudulent or dishonest activity, they have seen just about everything under the sun!

Online Casinos – Blacklisted US Licence Other reasons
Americas Bookie No
  • T&Cs not clearly explained
  • Doesnt hold US licence
  • Delayed payments
CRSportsbet No
  • Unlicensed and very shady site
  • Poor betting odds
  • Bonuses are nothing special
Zenitbet No
  • No US licence
  • Mediocre betting odds
  • Bleak betting bonuses
Carbon Gaming No
  • Live games not available
  • No transparency when it comes to many features
  • Weak customer service
Skybook No
  • Fees applied to some payment methods
  • User experience not optimal
Betonline No
  • Lacks loyalty rewards program
  • Negative user reviews
  • Poor customer support
Topbet No
  • Live casino games are not available
Slotsnbets No
  • Poor user reviews
  • Questionable reputation
Lady Linda Casino No
  • Offshore licence
  • Games from unknown developers
Mystake No
  • Direct contact by phone not available
  • Holds only Curacao licence
  • Shady reputation
Racoon Vegas No
  • Poor user reviews
  • Holds only Curacao licence
  • Company information not provided on the site
Rolletto No
  • Licencing concerns
  • Delayed payments reports
  • Poor customer service experiences
Royal Oak Casino No
  • Shady licensing
  • Weak customer reviews
  • Accepts U.K. customers without U.K. license
  • Prolonged payout protocols
Harrys No
  • Limited selection of video poker games
  • Bonus information unclear
Red Lion Casino No
  • Illegal payment options are available for UK customers
  • Questionable licencing
  • Issues with withdrawal reported
  • Customer support unsatisfactory
Divas Luck No
  • Information on licencing not available
  • Issues with deposits and withdrawals
Betnow No
  • Live casino offer limited
Rich Casino No
  • Holds only Curacao licence
  • Website is very slow to load at times
  • Online feedback is very poor
Planet 7 Casino No
  • Hard to get winnings due to slow payments
  • Poor Online feedback
  • Inadequate customer support
Casino Alpha No
  • Licenced only in Curacao
  • Fails to be professional
  • Most customer reports unresolved

“Fraudulent” and “dishonest” are two keywords that will get highlighted throughout our blacklisted casino reviews, and it is important to note that many casinos that have been blacklisted are not illegal per se. Although we would argue they should be classed as such!

Underground and illegal casinos have been running for centuries and, as time has gone on, the intricacy of these operations has improved substantially. Thankfully, the US is home to a particular set of guidelines, rules, laws, and regulations that are state-specific. This means any illegal outfit looking to obtain an online casino license will be up against it and find it very difficult to achieve.

While this stops those trying to make a more presentable and legitimate approach, it doesn’t stop fraudulent and dishonest online casinos from popping up altogether. After all, the appeal to place wagers online in a state where gambling is deemed illegal can be seen as exceptionally tempting to some. Because of this, unfortunately, US bettors are still being conned in 2021.

For those of you who have taken advantage of our online casino reviews, you will note just how comprehensive and honest our reviews at PlayersBest truly are. Our experts are meticulous in their approach, and it is by following these rigorous guidelines that they are able to uncover online casinos that are worthy of being added to the blacklisted casino list.

Without having the mindset of a dishonest or fraudulent person, it can be difficult to understand why online casinos would behave in this manner. However, the truth is, with such high cash potential involved, fraudsters will target those looking to make more money from lucrative bonuses and, in turn, end up on the receiving end of a potentially large financial loss. There are many reasons why a blacklisted casino will end up on our list, from ignoring customer queries, withholding the cash-out facility, voiding bonuses and promotions, refusing to credit accounts, or declining withdrawals completely. Later in our blacklisted online casino US review, we look to explain how you can avoid falling for these fraudsters and much more.

A journey far and wide: Protecting our readers from blacklisted online casinos

It all begins from a positive. Here at PlayersBest, we are striving to offer our readers the most comprehensive hub of real, honest reviews that will help you on your mission to find the most suitable online casino for you. Unfortunately, we appear to have encountered some alien qualities that don’t sit quite right with us along the way. Thus, forming the need to create blacklisted casino reviews.

Below, we explain exactly what data we want to bring back to the lab for testing. We will advise why these elements are important and offer a few notable mentions of things that would send out a warning!

Licensing and Security

Any online casino reviewed by our experts will need to be licensed and regulated according to specific state regulations, or they will not be featured on the PlayersBest site. It is as simple as that.

We aim to bring our users the best legal online casinos across the US, and we will not compromise our reader’s safety by suggesting a platform that we cannot prove is 100% secure.

Once we can prove the legitimacy of an online casinos license, we can begin reviewing other factors that would cement their position as a safe and secure platform. These checks include reviewing where client funds are stored, how transactional data is encrypted, and whether or not customer details are shared with third parties.

The team would certainly raise alarm bells if any of the above cannot be confirmed or located.

Bonuses and loyalty programs

Unfortunately, this is something we have all fallen foul to at some point in our online casino careers.

Searching for an online casino with a lucrative sign-up bonus seems to be the best approach to ensure you get the best bang for your buck, right? Wrong! From our experience, it appears those who offer a sizable bonus tend to have steep wagering requirements, obscure deposit methods, and promotion codes that need to be entered before unlocking your bonus.

Thankfully, when reviewing the latest online casino reviews, or even the latest blacklisted casino reviews, here at PlayersBest, you will uncover all the information needed to decipher whether your chosen platform’s bonuses, promotions, or loyalty programs are worth taking advantage of.

Customer Service

Any type of institute that deals with your money directly needs to host fantastic customer service.

We at PlayersBest take customer support very seriously and would be very critical of our overall rating if we found any problems with the service provided. The top online casinos will provide their customers with a variety of contact methods to choose from, have knowledgeable and responsive staff, as well as a dedicated and comprehensive FAQ page to help those who like to help themselves!

The reverse could be said for any casino that finds itself on our blacklisted casino list. Our team would imagine a lackluster approach to help and advice, including minimal if any response from staff, closure of requests, broken telephone lines, and no-reply email addresses.

Usability and Accessibility

The usability and accessibility of your chosen platform is one area that may be difficult to conclude their legitimacy.

Due to the vast improvements of technology, the money that can be made by this type of fraudulent activity, and the need to look legitimate in order to dishonestly appropriate user funds, we often find some of the most intricate platforms fall into our blacklisted casino list!

Shocking, we know! But blacklisted casino apps and websites blend in so well that they could be deemed chameleons of the casino world!

Payment Methods

Depositing and withdrawing from a blacklisted casino is one thing. But choosing a method that doesn’t leave a trail or has excessive fees is another!

Due to the ease in which e-wallets,  debit cards, and more can be added to a website, it is unsurprising to see household names feature within fraudulent and dishonest platforms. Unbeknownst to these transactional giants, their platform is being used to transfer funds to and from a dishonest online casino, only for the blacklisted casino to be profiting further by adding a service charge and any other additional fees they wish to a customer’s account.

Of course, if a client deposits $20, a backlisted casino will be unable to take $30 from their account. But a blacklisted casino could take $20 and place $10 in the customer’s casino account, claiming $10 was an admin fee or a charge for using their service!

The best casinos in the cosmos

Mayday! Mayday! – Five warning signs to help spot blacklisted casino sites.

Now you understand the depths we travel to uncover the best online casinos across the galaxy; it is time to offer our five top tips on spotting a potential blacklisted casino.

False licensing

As we discussed earlier in our blacklisted online casino US review, failure to provide proof of a legitimate license will result in a negative rating for that specific online casino.

Most legal online casinos will be proud of the status they have achieved. A lot goes into becoming licensed and regulated in the US, and online casinos will showcase their certification at the bottom of their webpage (normally next to their associated retail casino).

If there is no proof of licensing on display or the one that is displayed seems suspicious – do your research. Look into whether the certification is legitimate, ask customer service some probing questions, and if all else fails, “abort mission” and make good use of our online casino comparison tool to find a more suitable venue!

Overly-sizable sign-up bonuses

Yes, we know! Lucrative sign-up bonuses are very tempting.

But before chucking all your eggs in one overly-sized basket, depositing freely into your account, be sure to check the terms and conditions of your sign-up bonus and new online casino as a whole.

We at PlayersBest would be concerned to see the use of unnecessary betting jargon, high wagering requirements, irregular depositing methods, and a low maximum withdrawal value.

Negative real-user reviews

We will always advise taking advantage of our own in-house, honest, and authentic online casino reviews to help judge whether a site is suitable for your needs. But we would also advise doing some external research too, taking to the web to uncover some real-user reviews and thoughts.

Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, you can expect to see some honest, individual reviews of what your chosen platform’s strengths and weaknesses are. We would advise reviewing online and respective app stores for a varied selection of user feedback.

Trigger words such as “fraud,” “dishonest,” “scam,” “took my money,” “avoid” would be big red flags to us here at PlayersBest.

No mentions of Return to Player percentages (RTP)

The online casino world is full of industry jargon that can often be overlooked in terms and conditions due to a lack of knowledge. That’s not the customer’s fault; that’s the platform’s for not explaining what is meant properly.

Return to player percentages, or RTPs, are the percentage in which users can expect to see a return from their wagers. Reputable and reliable online casinos will provide slots with an RTP of around 97% or greater.

Unless you are using a social casino or sweepstakes casino where RTP is not a necessity, we would advise looking out for any platform that provides little information surrounding their RTP or low RTPs!

Complex terms and conditions

Before signing up to any online casino, we would like to think that users would take the time to review the terms and conditions associated with their platform before depositing any money.

Blacklisted casinos rely on users disregarding the terms and conditions, assuming that they are signing up to a legitimate platform that will look after them. Some of the more intricate platforms will create their own terms and conditions that are full of complex terms and industry jargon in an attempt to confuse the customer.

Thankfully, we at PlayersBest are used to the tips and tricks used by these online fraudsters and are quick to decipher exactly what is meant by their clever wordplay.

This tactic will soon see them feature on the PlayersBest blacklisted casino list, and our online casino reviews will always highlight any concerns we may have.

Reporting back to base – The worst tricks blacklisted casinos use.

The next part of our blacklisted online casino US review looks to highlight a few key tells that you may have fallen foul to a fraudulent online casino.

It’s all about the initial appeal! Unfortunately, those behind the dishonest online casinos know how to appeal to our senses.

From our combined years, we agree the first trick used is to offer a sign-up bonus or promotion that isn’t out of this world but is certainly more impressive than the average competitor.

Anything too extravagant would be glaringly obvious; anything too standardized would result in fewer potential clients/victims. Often, blacklisted casinos will focus their attention on a bounty of free spins and some form of 100% deposit-match bonus, reaching the dizzy heights of $1000 or beyond.

After you have been lured in by the sign-up bonus – and why wouldn’t you! The blacklisted casino will look to entice you into depositing further. A deposit match is the first way to access your funds, but can they add in a way to get you to do this for a few days straight? Keep your eyes peeled for any platform that promises continued promotions, and be sure to check the terms and conditions!

We at PlayersBest have noticed that some blacklisted casinos do not feature a live casino offering – something to note when reviewing your next destination. Of course, this can be as simple as the site wishes to focus on another online gaming area. We would advise checking one of our in-depth operator reviews should you need to uncover more.

If you are concerned that your wagering habits, returns, and staked amounts have surpassed the necessary requirements of your bonus and you are still yet to receive your bonus credits, we would advise raising a ticket with the customer support team as soon as possible.

However, if you find that your connection is disrupted, telephone lines are cut off, and responses are vague, rude, or unhelpful, you may have wandered into the territory of a blacklisted casino.

By now, we would suggest attempting to withdraw what funds you still have available in your casino account. If your casino has given you no reason to suspect they are dishonest up until this point, now will be the time that they will show their true colors.

Often, we have found that withdrawals will be declined, error messages will be sent to customers, and even bulk emails forwarded in an attempt to make the whole charade seem legitimate.  Unfortunately, the end could result in lost funds, the site being removed, and a considerable amount of stress.

That’s why we at PlayersBest would always recommend taking time out to research into your chosen online casino before signing up. That way, you can ensure you don’t select one that features on our blacklisted casino list.

Abort Mission – Why you should read our blacklisted casino reviews.

Please do not let this blacklisted online casino US review eclipse the excitement of the online gaming world for you. Please just use this as a guide on how best to avoid any blackholes in a, usually, thriving and entertaining environment!

Our first trick to help you stay away from the abyss is to check for an online casinos license. As we have mentioned earlier, this should be displayed at the bottom of your chosen platform’s website or app, and we would suggest requesting further information from customer support if this cannot be located.

Secondly, we propose reviewing the terms and conditions – particularly the RTP and wagering requirements. Find a site that hosts reasonable and realistic wagering requirements, sensible RTPs, and you could soon find yourself with a meteoric return.

Lastly, to stay ahead of the curve, we recommend reading further into our blacklisted casino reviews. Here, you will discover how to spot a fraudulent and dishonest site, ensuring your playing experience stays safe, secure, and fun!

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