Best Online Sweepstake Casino Reviews 2022

Sweepstake casino reviews

Here at PlayersBest, our experts have been researching the meteoric rise of some of the best sweepstake casinos across the US and are now ready to present you with their findings.

Generally eclipsed by the popularity of retail and online casinos, we aim to shed light on sweepstake casinos and highlight exactly what sets them apart. We showcase what it takes to be considered one of the best, how to select the right sweepstakes casino for you, and why you should consider signing up to a sweeps cash casino.


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Mission statement: What is an online sweeps casino?

Not to be confused with a live social casino, an online sweepstake casino allows users to grab a piece of authentic casino action with little-to-no risk involved.

If we remove the financial risk involved with online gaming, we are left with an entertaining world of games that is home to minimal stress. With no need to worry about the financial implications of their wagering activity, users of sweepstake casinos are quick to try out new releases, new gaming genres and, ultimately, find plenty of ways to spend their virtual tokens.

That’s right – online sweeps casinos make use of virtual currencies to allow for a safe, secure, and entertaining approach to online gaming.

One of the many great attributes of a sweepstake casino is the ability to play your favorite online slots risk-free. The appeal for most sweeps cash users is the fun, social, and entertainment value of their chosen platform, not the ability to win cash prizes, like most real money casinos, offer.

That’s not to say users cannot win money while playing on sweepstakes casinos, though. But, before we explain how a sweepstake works, it is worth discussing the current state regulations surrounding this genre of casino.

Currently, aside from those residing in Washington D.C, users from all across the US can try their luck at a sweepstake casino, provided they are over the legal age. This often leads to the question “Why?”, “Why can US residents wager on sweepstakes casinos, but not online casinos?”

The simple answer is sweepstakes casino games are viewed more like a lottery. Every virtual wager gives all active players a random chance to win sweep coins or gold. As there is no direct money wagered or a guaranteed payout, sweepstakes casinos are perfectly legal.

Once you have signed up to your chosen platform, you will note that your account has two types of currency available (gold and sweeps coins). Similar to the live social casino, players can purchase more tokens if they deem this to be appropriate, or they can win tokens depending on their wagering activity and general gaming habits.

Both currencies serve their purpose. Gold coins allow users to play for fun and progress through the site, building loyalty points and moving on up through the tiered program. While the sweeps coins can be redeemed for real money and withdrawn to your bank account – provided you have hit the recommended threshold.

Now you have your virtual currencies; it’s time to use them! The best sweepstakes casinos throughout the US will offer a great variety of gaming options for users to enjoy.

As with most online casinos, users of reputable sweepstakes casinos will be home to a fantastic selection of slots, table games, and poker.

Table classics such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat will be readily available to sweepstakes casino users, as well as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Bounty, and plenty of poker tournaments to keep you entertained.

Before signing yourself up to a sweepstake casino, one thing to note is that, due to the nature of these games, all slots and tables games will not be tested for fairness, nor will they have return to player percentages expected by online casinos.

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A journey far and wide: Discovering the best online sweepstakes casino USA has to offer.

As with all of our online casino reviews, we at PlayersBest, aim to provide our readers with some honest industry insight. The combined knowledge of our experts allows us to compile the most complete and comprehensive reviews of sweepstakes casinos while still ensuring they remain easily digestible for those new to the scene.

Below, you can see exactly what attributes we consider critical when curating our reviews and looking to discover the best online sweepstakes casinos across the US.

Usability and accessibility

When you remove the chance of winning big from your casino experience, you would expect it to be replaced with something of equal importance.

We at PlayersBest believe the usability, look, feel, and accessibility of a platform can set the best apart from the rest. When landing on your chosen sweepstakes casinos homepage, you need to feel at home instantly.

Can you sign up quickly? How do you access your account? Where can you choose your next slot? Are bonuses easily redeemable? These are all questions that need to be asked when judging the usability of the best sweepstakes casinos across the US.

So far as accessibility is concerned, we are looking to see whether the functionality of your chosen platform is dampened when looking to play slots or table games via the app. Do they even have an app? If not, does their platform adapt to function through a mobile browser?

Game portfolio and live chat feature

Based on the online casino style we are reviewing, it could be argued that game portfolio and live chat are the two most important features of a sweepstakes casino – just behind the security!

With that in mind, we want to see a vast selection of gaming categories on offer from your chosen sweepstake casino. Do slots mimic the real deal? Can you play traditional table games glitch-free? How many options of video poker are accessible to new customers

One of the biggest selling features of any sweepstakes casino is the social experience attached to your profile. By this, we want to know whether your online sweeps casino allows for friends and family to be invited into a chat, whether you can create your own mini tables, games, and tournaments with friends if you can chat to like-minded bettors whilst playing blackjack, and much, much more.

Bonuses and loyalty programs

Despite an obvious lack of real money, the bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs offered can still be considered (relatively) lucrative.

Most of the top sweepstake casinos across the US will ensure their loyal users have plenty of opportunities to pick up free spins, bonus gold, and, most importantly, bonus sweeps coins. These types of bonuses and promotions are essential to keep customers coming back for more.

Not only do the bonuses and free spins encourage users to come back and continue their play, but the promise of VIP perks will do too. The more tokens users accumulate, the more rewards they will unlock. As customers make their way through the tiered loyalty program, users can gain bonus multipliers, free spins, the ability to play new games before other members, and VIP concierge.

Customer support

For once, the customer support received from an online casino may not be of the greatest importance.

It is much more important for sweepstakes casinos to provide customers with a comprehensive and dedicated FAQ page that will answer any burning questions and a number of walkthroughs to ensure they have a thorough step-by-step on how to complete most slots or table games.

Of course, a dedicated customer support team will be of some use for issues that extend further than online gaming queries, for example, an issue with your sweeps token withdrawal. However, generally speaking, an email address or live support facility would be more than sufficient.

Overall site security

We have mentioned it before, but it is always worth mentioning again – we at PlayersBest will always aim to highlight platforms that we deem to be safe, secure, and legit.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of sweepstakes casinos, we will be hard-pushed to find a platform that holds a reputable license. However, what we will be able to find is a site that hosts reliable payment providers, fast withdrawal times, and SSL encryption.

Reporting to base camp: Why choose a sweeps casino?

For those of you who enjoy the thrill of live online casino action, you must be wondering why not just select an online or retail casino. With this in mind, we at PlayersBest have composed a small list of reasons a sweepstake casino could be the best choice for you!

Boost your knowledge and experience

Nowadays, you will not often be gifted with the chance to enhance your knowledge and understanding of a subject for free! By choosing a sweeps cash casino, you will uncover a wealth of online casino opportunities.

The top sweepstakes casinos offer their users the chance to read walkthroughs and guides on the best strategies, tips, and tricks to beat the bookie. This means you may join your sweepstakes casino as a newbie and leave as a poker master, roulette whiz, or slots guru. Matching the importance of theory is practical – by joining a sweepstake casino, you will have the online casino world at your fingertips. Here, you can put your theories and strategies into practice, risk-free, fine-tuning your techniques and unlocking some great virtual cash prizes.

Quick and easy sign-up process

As we have already established by now, sweepstake casinos do not offer lucrative real-money sign-up bonuses and promotions like online or retail casinos. But what they lack in promotions, they tend to make up for in ease-of-use.

A fair trade, we believe, if your main focus is enjoyment and simplicity.

Most sweepstake casinos will allow users to set up their accounts by linking them to Facebook, Google, an email address, or signing in as a guest. While signing in as a guest keeps your details secure, it does remove any chance of winning a cash payout, as well as the chance to save your progress through the dedicated loyalty program.

A chance to win real money!

Simply by playing your favorite slots and table games, you could end up a little richer, thanks to a sweepstake casino payout.

As you won’t be playing with real money, and there are no guaranteed payouts, users from all over the US can take advantage of sweepstake casinos and hope they get lucky from a randomly split prize pot.

Keep things social

As we have been mentioning all along in our online sweepstake casino review, the ability to play top slots, classic roulette, Texas Hold’em, and baccarat with family and friends is the biggest selling point of the sweepstake casino experience.

Join tournaments, create leagues, tables. Matchups, and competitions with friends and family, where the winner can claim all the bragging rights!


Lastly, there really is a great deal of enjoyment to be had when joining a sweepstake casino. From the chance to play new up-and-coming games risk-free, the ability to learn about traditional table games, and play classic poker variations, we believe the sweepstakes casinos have it all.

You can win part of a randomly split prize pot, keep in touch with old friends or make new ones, and enjoy all this at home or on the go, wherever you may be within the US.

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Personal specification: How to select a USA sweepstakes casino for you.

Here at PlayersBest, we are advocates for safe and fun online casino action. But we also appreciate that when it comes to casinos, there is no one-size-fits-all. If there was, our job would be fairly simple!

Before you sign up to the first online sweepstake casino you find, we suggest taking advantage of our online sweepstake casino reviews, operator comparisons, and carefully considering your answers to the below key questions.

How will you be playing your sweepstake casino games?

If you are a laptop whiz, you may wish to boot up the mac and enjoy a risk-free flutter while sitting at your desk. If you are a busy bee, forever on the go, but wanting to get your Vegas fix, then you need to ensure your preferred sweepstake casino gives you the option to play via app or holds the capabilities to function via mobile browser.

Are you an online casino newbie?

Hey – we all started somewhere, and our experts believe most online casino users should begin their gambling careers at a sweepstake casino! By joining one of the best sweeps casinos across the US, bettors can enhance their knowledge in theory and practice, discover games they truly enjoy playing, all while safe in the knowledge that their funds are not being negatively impacted.

What time do you tend to wager on the slots?

This isn’t a trick question – we just want to know what sort of customer service and gaming options you should be looking out for! If you are a night owl, we suggest finding a platform that offers customer service around the clock.

If you are looking to take part in tournaments and competitions, you may find night times and early mornings don’t have the best availability. If you’ve found a sweepstake casino you love, play around with the times you visit the site, you may uncover some different tournaments, games, or even friends along the way!

What happens after the sweepstake casino?

There is nothing wrong with being prepared! But, most importantly, we at PlayersBest want you to enjoy your online sweepstake casino experience.

Be sure to trial a variety of slots, table games, and poker, join in with the tournaments, say hi at the roulette table, and immerse yourself in the full experience. Review the tips and tricks, read through any handy guides or walkthroughs, and enhance your knowledge so you can become an online casino guru. If you then decide you fancy a real money flutter, you are equipped with enough knowledge and experience to give it a good go. But remember, there are no certainties in the world of gambling!

The final frontier: Highlighting the best sweeps cash casinos across the US.

You’ve arrived at your final destination. But just before we let you off the PlayersBest shuttle, we wanted to offer our final announcements on sweepstake casinos.

Do your homework! No, we are not after an essay; we want you to make use of our sweepstake casino reviews. Take notes of key characteristics you want your new casino to have, answer the questions mentioned earlier in this review to help get you started.

Next, invite your friends! Once your platform has been decided, make sure to invite and play with friends. The big appeal of sweepstake casinos is the ability to join tables, create tournaments, and enjoy some risk-free, authentic casino action.

Finally, have fun! It sounds simple enough because it is. With no financial risks involved but plenty of friends, enjoy searching and wagering on 100s of slots, games, and video poker variations at the best sweepstake casinos across the US.

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