Our Big Bang of Best eSports Betting Providers

Last Updated on 10.06.2021

As the captain of this ship, I’ve seen some incredible things. But, I warn you before we embark upon this interstellar investigation, that I expect our best eSports provider mission to excel even those meteoric memories.

As a member of my crew, you’re tasked with joining me as we cybersurf across space to discover not only the best eSports operator, but – because we’re dealing with galaxies that may be alien to us – also how best to understand them and make the most out of them. The engines are starting, so hold onto your helmets.

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A Bold New World: The Rising Popularity of eSports

A long time ago – much like space travel itself – eSports were just an idea. Your best eSports provider may as well have been a star in the distance for as likely as you were to ever actually reach and experience it.

Now sure, eSports as a concept have been rapidly developing in terms of their popularity since the 90s. And competitive games have been around since long before the Big Bang of internet usage uptake at the turn of the millennium. However, they were far, far from mainstream. Like that night sky, for most people, they were just something that could be seen and understood in concept, and nothing more. Today is like science fiction from then. It’s like going from farmland to a futuristic metropolis of betting opportunity.

Now, it  may be true that eSports are still not as widely covered as your traditional options. However, like time, it’s all relative, as that’s only down to the fact that your coverage for sports like football or horse racing is so extraordinarily huge. Give eSports a decade to grow, and if they continue at the rate they are doing, they will leave those traditional options in the dust.

What I’m trying to say is really pretty simple – just because the selection of traditional providers may be larger than the best eSports provider options does nothing to change that you’re still spoiled for choice when it comes to the latter. ESports are an immensely popular option: one with a whole lot of houses to call its home.

New Adventures: How Do I Know if eSports Are Right For Me?

So, we know eSports are incredibly popular. We know that not only is it possible to find great eSports betting options but in fact. your concern will be trying to separate the good from the great. And you know that your captain is here to help you with exactly that. However, there still remains a very important question, and that is whether eSports are right for you.

Well, you’re here as part of my crew, so that would suggest you already have an interest in this subject – even if you haven’t made your mind up either way. Unless you got lost on the way to that mission to Pluto. You’re better off here anyway, it’s not even a planet! No matter what the Plutonians say.

If you’re interested in eSports that means you’re likely a fan of competitive video games. If that’s the case, then I would say yes, eSports are for you. It’s like saying you love football and wondering if you should ever watch a game. It would be quite strange for the answer to be anything other than a big, fat yes. Betting on eSports can also – just like any sport – improve your enjoyment of these contests.

If you enjoy betting on any other kind of sport, then I’d say it’s likely you’ll have a good time with eSports too. You can always bet a small amount (of course, rule number one of this space core is to never bet more than you can afford to lose) and see how the experience grabs you.

The last possibility is that you’ve never really paid attention to competitive eSports. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed playing games with your friends or even personally enjoy some of the titles that are regularly available on betting markets. In this case, I’d say it’s certainly, as us astronauts often say, worth exploring. You may find your new favourite hobby.

If you hate the idea of eSports – hate games, hate fun, hate everything about this conversation – then how on the Earth and the stars did you end up part of my crew?

Countdown to Blast-Off: Our Five Favourite eSports Bookmakers

When it comes to the best eSports provider, it’s like we’re blasting off into a whole new universe, which is why I’ve decided to utilise these countdowns to prevent the base from overheating. Don’t worry, mission control almost always does this safely. A solid… evens chance, easily. So, you’ve nothing to worry about – anyway, you signed the waiver when you came in for astronaut training. With all that said, let’s break down our top five picks for the best eSports betting providers.

5. William Hill

Make no mistake, making this list at all is a remarkable achievement, considering the competition that’s out there and our impeccable space core standards. WIlliam Hill is, of course, well known to our UK readers but make no mistake about their eSport betting selection being a truly international one.

It’s clear that this cyberspace juggernaut is making the most out of every inch of their reach with competitions from the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends taking place all around the world. Vitally, they don’t just follow the big tournaments, with a terrific pick of smaller competitions ensuring that nobody misses out on any of that cosmic eSport betting goodness.

4. Mr Green

Another heavy hitting all rounder hugely popular with UK audiences here, as Mr Green once again proves their worth as a hard to beat jack-of-all-trades. Their eSports selection is capable in terms of market variety and odds: everything you would expect from this big betting green adonis. However, where they really stand out is their statistical depth.

Few, if any, can boast their level of detail in terms of additional information to help you understand the form of all competitors. This provides you with a strategic advantage when using Mr Green compared to most other of the best eSport betting provider options, especially if you’re a beginner. Backing it up as the place to be for eSport newcomers is that wonderfully usable design that the gentleman in green is so well known for providing.

3. Bet365

If you know anything about the finest bookmakers in the UK – not just in terms of being the best eSport betting providers but the absolute best when it comes to betting in general – you’ll know just how amazing my top two must be to knock the mighty Bet365 off the top slot. They offer the sensational market variety they’re so well known for providing, not only the markets you expect with consistently competitive odds but also offering some markets that you may struggle to find anywhere else.

Back this up with great promotions, world-class design and quite simply one of the best bookmakers in general for those looking not only for their best eSport betting provider but the finest gambling experience all round and you have one option that’s pretty hard to beat.

2. Unibet

I went back and forth between Bet365 and Unibet multiple times before finally deciding to settle on Unibet in this spot, so fierce is the competition for best eSport betting provider. They have pretty much everything that makes Bet365 so successful. They’re a joy to behold whether you’re on desktop or mobile, the live coverage is an absolute shooting star of betting magnificence and the amount of market variety across the likes of Rainbow Six, CS;GO, Overwatch and more is absolutely magnificent.

What got them this spot though is that we found Unibet to be a little bit easier to use for newcomers, meaning it gets the slightest of nods against the toughest of tough competition

1. Betway

Considering how much I’ve gone on about how great all of the picks here are – and that really is the case – you may be surprised to hear that there was a clear winner. It’s down to the strength of Betway, rather than any weakness in their competition. that this site site’s so high up in the sky that their footsteps could well touch the moon.

First off, it’s a dedicated page and that really is exemplary of the level of effort that’s being put in here. Not only do they have incredible games – CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Rainbow Six, Starcraft 2 are some of the names you can find – but the market selection itself is as dizzying as coming down from zero gravity. You don’t just get to bet on who wins a game here, you can also bet on how it’s played, what maps will be won, the correct score, even things like whether kills will end in odd or even numbers. The limit is merely the bookmaker’s imagination and it’s clear that for Betway, that’s barely a limit at all.

Not only that but the odds managed to consistently rank amongst the best time and time again and that’s before we include the dedicated eSports promotions that Betway has blessed us with. Best of all is their incredible live performance, with buttery smooth live streaming taking you right into the action. Plus, there are many markets allowing you to seize the opportunities you spot. I couldn’t think of a bookmaker doing more to deserve the spot of best eSports provider.

Entering Orbit: What Makes the Best eSports Betting Site?

I’m not done quite yet! That’s only only one of my rocket boosters ready to go. We’ll need to fire up the next one to ensure you reach your perfect eSports destination. Here, I’ll be going through what you should consider when it comes to making your final decision. Ultimately, with so many great options out there, you may simply prefer something else: one may look a way you prefer or have a focus on games that others don’t have, for instance. We’re all different lifeforms and that’s what makes this such an interesting galaxy to live in.

With that in mind, these are the five most important things for you to keep in mind when deciding on the best eSports provider for you.

1. Great market variety

You may have noticed that market variety is something I’ve mentioned quite a lot when discussing the operators I think provide the best eSports experience. Well, that’s universally important, of course, but I think it’s especially the case because while eSports are present across most bookmakers now, many provide nothing but the bare minimum To Win markets.

What I hope to see from the future – aside from hamsters with jetpacks – is that the variety of betting options for eSports is commonly at the level of the most popular traditional sports. With the finest eSports candidates, it’s clear that we’re getting there.

2. Live coverage

Some people seem to imagine that the live coverage of eSports might be rather bad. I suppose it will be some places. Just like there are always some planets that are inhospitable, there will always be bookmakers that are disappointing. Considering that live coverage – particularly on mobile, and especially with something as fast-paced as eSports – is often the most technically demanding feat a site will perform, we suppose it’s inevitable that some don’t quite make it to the moon and back.

With that said, cadets, I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the average level of live coverage quality you get from eSports. They’re very commonly live streamed: one of the benefits of them not being on the radar of television stations is there doesn’t seem to be the same number of legal and logistical hoops that other sports often have to jump through. And many operators have taken advantage.

Better still, more bookmakers than you likely imagined have also gone above and beyond when it comes to graphics and stat, meaning that I think eSports is a surprisingly strong candidate for having the best average live quality. Of course, this means that your expectations for the best eSports betting provider can be as high as a starry night sky. The result is often just as spectacular too.

3. Promotions

One of the biggest benefits of eSports getting more and more attention from bookmakers is that many have realised there’s a real cosmic dogfight to be had over you. Take it from me, those things aren’t pretty. High in the arsenal of bookmakers who want to convince you that they’re an absolute sunbeam amongs duller lights are promotions. These are offers bookmakers provide to sweeten the betting deal and eSports are, I’m happy to say, not immune to their charms.

You can find enhanced odds on your favourite markets, percentage boosts on accumulators, acca insurance, free bets, welcome offers – and those are just the most common examples. Really, the bookmaker can offer you whatever they feel imaginative and generous enough, meaning you’ll need a telescope to see the limit when it comes to eSport promotions. A smart eSport operator, and certainly any that you could consider worthy of your attention, will offer you something worth consideration.

4. Quality odds

Better odds mean one thing and that’s higher returns. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that more money is a good thing when it comes to any kind of gambling. Therefore, the better the odds, the better the operator: eSports or otherwise. Now, in all my time in cyberspace I’ve never come across, nor would it make logical sense for one single bookmaker to always have the best odds. Instead, what I ask is for a consistent effort to provide high quality. Just like what I expect from my crew, so pay attention!

5. Trustworthiness

No matter what kind of betting I’m discussing – whether it’s the best eSports site, the finest casino, the most amazing poker software or the best places to bet on ice hockey – there’s one constant in my crew and in the betting universe. Before the engines finally roar into gear, I want you to remember that when betting online, nothing is more important than your security.

I’ll only ever recommend eSports betting sites, or any other kind of betting site, that has flawless security credentials. I know, it’s not the most cosmically exciting consideration but it’s vital. Make sure that anywhere you bet is properly licensed, encrypted and takes responsible gaming seriously as a baseline of expectations. No matter how futuristic eSports might be, that’s one lesson from the past it can take with it.

The Final Countdown: eSports in the Future

The way time moves is a funny thing – and I’m not just talking about wormholes here. Before you lift off and take that great voyage towards your perfect eSports betting provider, try to remember that it wasn’t that long ago that eSports were an obscure idea, and an impossible reality in terms of betting. They’re one of the most amazing developments in a betting galaxy which has made quite a habit of exactly that.

This journey – aside from being about getting you the most interstellar eSport experience possible – is about exploring new worlds in a way which respects just how amazing it is that they came to be in the first place. As I look upon the cosmos, I see an ever brighter future. Now go, my loyal cadets, and explore it with all I have taught you!

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