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If the galaxy of eSports is calling, stop here to discover all you need to know about the eSports bonus potential of all kinds of sites. We’ll guide you safely through a Milky Way of bonus facts and features.

Whether you’re new to eSports or simply looking to find some appealing bonuses, our eSports betting bonus guide is for you. We’ll give you the tools you need to safely depart for a journey around the eSports stratosphere. You can trust PlayersBest to bring you a route map to the starriest eSports destinations. Are you ready to travel?

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Blast off into the cosmos to online eSport bonuses

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Countdown to launch with our eSports betting bonus guide

What can you expect from our guide to eSports and their associated online bonuses? Well, if you’re curious about eSports or you’re knowledgeable about them and you merely want information about the actual bonuses you could pick up, don’t worry. Wherever you are on that spectrum of knowledge, we’ve got the facts and features you’re looking for. Everyone loves to discover a bonus deal, and there are just as many out there for eSports fans as there are for casino, poker, and other eager online travellers.

Of course, you may well have some questions about how we select one eSport betting bonus over another. How do we choose which bonuses to recommend to you, while others may get overlooked? We conduct careful research into every site we land at that offers eSports events. We know that some sites don’t offer eSport bonuses, while others have plenty of them. We also recognise that you want to get on with making your wagers and enjoying the action. So, if you don’t fancy visiting dozens of sites to find out which ones have the best bonuses, you don’t need to worry. Our intrepid astronauts have already set foot on numerous eSport planets and returned with news of the most competitive and appealing bonuses around. You can learn more about their journey here.

We’ll also take you through the manual that tells you more about all the potential bonuses and deals you might find. Also included is a look at how those deals might shape up – and which ones you may want to reject. You won’t step on board any bonus shuttle without first making sure you’re on the right one. Once you have our series of tips and hints to use, your journey into the stratosphere is set to be a far safer one.

A quick check before blast off: What are eSports?

If this is the first you’ve heard of eSports as you navigate the internet in search of superb bonuses, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of information in our related eSports betting provider comparison page, but we’ll give you a brief overview here too. Our aim, though, is to guide you through the constellations of bonuses you can take advantage of. If you’re as eager to claim some bonuses as other players are, it’s understandable that you’d want to explore as many deals as you can. That very topic may have brought you in for a smooth landing on this very page. So, instead of going elsewhere, you can find out everything you ought to know right here. You’ll then know whether you’ve spotted a planet you’d like to explore with some bonuses to pick up along the way.

So… eSports. What are they? Firstly, they’re not to be confused with virtual sports. Those are major sports that take place in a virtual sense. We’re interested in eSports, and these are video games that see players go up against each other, sometimes alone and sometimes in teams. If you love playing League of Legends, DOTA 2, or any number of other eSports, you can find out more about the bonus potential right here. Plenty of sites offer live footage of these battles and events. So, you could soon claim a bonus to use at a site that opens the door on these virtual eSporting delights.

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Do you need to know anything else before we launch?

No. If you know what eSports are (and now you do, thanks to our quick description above), that’s it. You’re ready and prepared for travel. But we want you to do so safely. Our team of expert astronauts have journeyed into the far corners of the internet to find out what you need to know about eSports bonus bets. You’re about to get a rundown not just of the bonuses themselves, but of the latest live bonuses you can claim. If there is one thing you can expect of all sites that offer eSports, it is the fact that these sites can change their bonuses at any stage. If that sounds disappointing, it shouldn’t be. It means you’ve got a chance to nab a new bonus at a site you previously claimed one for.

So… if you’re keen to learn, young traveller, come with us as we explore the realm of bonuses for all eSports fans. Don’t choose a site to bet at until you have read our full comparison guide here. We’ll test the wormholes… and the black holes… and the planetary delights and reveal just where you should head to for the best bonuses in the universe today.

Different types of eSports betting bonus

We’ll preface this section by stating that you won’t spot all these bonuses at every site that offers eSporting events. However, it’s good to know the various bonus types out there. Think of them as assorted rocket ships designed to take you to your destination with a little additional rocket fuel to improve the experience. See which of these boosters you can spot on your journey around the stars of the eSports world.

No deposit bonus

This is the one everyone looks for. It means just what it says – you sign up to a site offering eSports and receive a bonus without being asked to deposit to get it. It’s a nice deal if you can find it, although such bonuses are rare, especially for eSporting sites. We’d still recommend looking for them though, just in case. You wouldn’t want to miss the outside chance that you’d spot one, would you?

First deposit bonus

This one does require a deposit from you, of course, just as the name says. You’ll usually see this type of bonus displayed as a percentage of your deposit. It can be anything from under to over 100%, although 100% is a popular option. Another name for this bonus is the matched deposit bonus, so look for that terminology too.

A free eSports bet

This is likely to be the most common one you see, no matter which area of the eSports universe you visit. There are two versions of it. The first gives you a free bet upon signup, i.e., a no deposit free bet. The second version is granted when you make your first deposit. That means it is more like a first deposit bonus as you do need to put some funds into your account to get it. For example, the site might say, ‘deposit £10 and we’ll give you a £10 free eSports bet.’

An accumulator bonus

You might see this written as an Acca bonus. Either way, it points to the same thing – a bet that involves two or more selections. So, you might bet on the outcome of two or more head-to-heads in DOTA 2, for example. If you got them all right, you’d win that bet. An Acca bonus would give you a percentage increase on the amount won. This relates to how many bets you placed within the accumulator. The more bets in the accumulator, the higher the bonus percentage. So, two bets might bring you another 5% on top of whatever you would have won otherwise. If you correctly chose 10 bets for your accumulator, you’d get a bigger bonus on top – maybe up to 100% depending on the deal.

Keeping an eye on future bonuses too

You’ll realise, no doubt, that plenty of websites offer you the chance to travel way beyond the welcome bonus, no matter what shape that one takes. You can be sure that PlayersBest doesn’t abandon you in outer space once we’ve spotted a decent bonus to get you started. We’ll bring you news of further bonuses you can claim to make your eSporting entertainment even more, well… entertaining, regardless of the planet you head for.

Some pre-flight checks before boarding your shuttle

It’s exciting to find a selection of thrilling eSporting websites to join, especially if they all offer one or more bonuses. However, you should never depart for one before you run through a series of checks. We’ll go through those with you here, so even if you already know about one or two eSports bonus bets you could claim, make sure your desired site meets our stringent pre-flight requirements.

Always choose a reliable operator

It’s easy enough nowadays to create a website that looks impressive and gives you a real taste of the action. Yet you know that anyone could be behind that site. It’s like viewing a destination planet and thinking how charming it looks… only to land and find you’re greeted by not-so-friendly aliens. Fortunately, you can rely on PlayersBest to give you a better look at some of the most reliable operators around. We never recommend any sites that have questionable track records or have caused issues for eSports players and depositors. So, on this count, you can trust that you’ll find plenty of information right here to help you on your intergalactic journey.

Read through the terms and conditions before you depart

The glossy exterior of many eSports websites can easily lull you into a sense that excitement is around the corner. We recognise that feeling – and we also recognise how easily it can trip you up. That’s why one of the first areas we look at when assessing a new eSports planetary destination is the small print. This often allows us to quickly rid ourselves of some dubious websites, cutting straight to the best sites for eSports bonus bets. Of course, even when you journey toward some leading sites with our help, we’d still recommend you check over the terms and conditions for every site you visit. There could still be changes made to those Ts and Cs, and it is vital that you read and understand them.

Check for future bonus potential too

Few of us can zoom around the universe fast enough to travel through time. So, you won’t know exactly what lies ahead of you after you sign up at an eSports website. However, even though you’ll only know about their bonus potential at this moment in time, it does give you an idea of how things might play out in future. For example, if a site offers bonuses for existing players and not just for newcomers, it makes sense this is more likely to be the case in future too. Conversely, if you can only see a new player bonus and you cannot see anything else based around eSports, this might suggest you won’t find ongoing bonuses to check out in future.

Is the eSports site licensed to take you on this journey?

This is hugely important. You don’t want to board a shuttle that takes you somewhere it isn’t licensed to go. If you’re launching from the United Kingdom, you’ll want to make sure the site is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or UKGC. Don’t just look for those letters or their logo on the site either. Make sure you follow up their certification. This should be indicated by a code or link at the bottom of the website. You can usually just follow that to reach the UKGC website for confirmation. If not, search for the provider on the UKGC website. If you cannot find them, you’ve likely come across a black hole… and you don’t want to travel down one of those. If you do, you could come unstuck when you want to try and withdraw anything you’ve won from bets on your favourite eSports.

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Introducing our lab: How we assess different eSports bonus bets

Right – now we have taken you on board our shuttle and shown you around some of the areas you’ll become more familiar with on your travels, it’s time to explore further. We’re going to take you onto the flight deck to show you some of the most important elements to check for whenever you find an eSports betting bonus in future. Our team of astronauts are experienced in this topic and they know what to look for whenever they assess a new bonus. Whenever you see any bonuses at PlayersBest, you can be 100% certain our team members have run through every detail before plotting a course to the stars with their help.

Is there a low minimum deposit?

Most bonuses ask for a minimum deposit (unless they’re no deposit bonuses, of course). The minimum can vary hugely between various planets in this corner of the Milky Way, so take care to compare them. This helps you figure out which sites appeal to your budgetary constraints. You should find a series of sites with minimums going as low as £5 or £10, pitching at the lower and affordable end of the market. It’s great to see some decent eSports bonus potential in that area.

Do they impose any wagering requirements?

These are likely to be in the small print accompanying each deal. However, some destinations do give you clearer print and a good explanation for each offer. This makes it easier to find out what is required from you when you claim a deal. Wagering requirements always appear as a percentage if they’re attached to a deposit match bonus. For example, a 100% deposit bonus might need to be wagered 25x before you can cash out. However, in cases where you receive a free bet, you might also see minimum odds listed. For instance, if you see minimum odds of 1.65, you know that your qualifying bet(s) must be at those odds or higher, rather than going lower. If you don’t meet those requirements, your placed bets won’t count towards the wagering.

Do they limit the available eSports you can bet on?

This is important because most eSports players do have one or more favourites they like to bet on. This can influence which bonus you decide to pick up. For example, let’s say you love League of Legends. You’re not going to claim a bonus offering a free bet on an upcoming StarCraft or Counter-Strike event as it would be no use to you. Of course, you could use this as an opportunity to visit a new galaxy of eSporting excellence. However, if you’re keen to stick with your favourites, you need to check whether the bonus limitations would include the eSports you want to bet on.

Do you need to use a bonus code or coupon to get each deal?

The usual rule of thumb is that a site either will or won’t have bonus codes for each of its deals. You don’t tend to find many instances where you get a mix of methods on the same site. That said, it is always best to check in each case. It would be a shame to miss out on an eSports betting bonus simply because you didn’t spot that you needed a bonus code.

Codes consist of letters and/or numbers, usually using a word rather than a random selection of letters. If you spotted a deal for a welcome bet worth £5, for example, you might find the code says WELCOME5. Another variation would use the name of the eSporting event a specific code was aimed at.

Vital questions to ask of any eSport betting bonus

We hope you already feel far more knowledgeable about the various bonuses you might see when you’re looking for various eSporting bonuses. Of course, our experienced team of shuttle personnel will always bring you the latest bonuses here. This may be the only launch pad you ever need on your search. However, there are some other factors that always come to mind when we’re looking for the most appealing bonuses in this sector of the universe. We’ll run through them with you here, so you’ll always be alert to the features you could spot for any bonus.

Does the bonus have clear terms and conditions?

We’ve mentioned terms and conditions already in our eSport bonus guide, but you should know that you sometimes see two (or even more) types of Ts and Cs associated with one landing site. There is the main set that applies to the whole site, but you might also see a bonus set of terms and conditions. It’s even possible to spot several sets – one for each individual eSports betting bonus. Some sites display their terms and conditions underneath the basic bonus details. Others give you a link to follow. Whatever happens, don’t skip them. Make sure you read everything, so you know how the bonus plays out.

Does the bonus have a time limit on use?

Any time limit on your journey is going to be inside those terms and conditions, hence why we led with that question in this section. Time limits begin from the moment you claim your bonus. This might mean you have, say, 24 hours to place your bonus bet. It could also mean you have a week or more to complete the bonus terms. A lot depends on the type of bonus you receive. For example, a single free bet might be available for a couple of days. If you receive a matched deposit bonus, you may get longer to play through it to meet those wagering requirements. Check in advance before you shoot for the stars.

Can you complete the bonus in the allotted time?

This leads on from the previous question, and the answer can depend on how often you bet and how much you tend to bet each time. This means the answer could be yes for some players and no for others. For example, if you tend to place only occasional and small wagers on your favourite eSports, you’re likely to find it harder to complete the bonus requirements. Always look at the wagering requirements and think about how realistic it is for you to meet them. Don’t bet more than you normally would just to make sure you get this bit right.

Are there limitations on the eSports you can bet on?

Just as we all have a favourite sport, most of us can think of one or two favourite eSports we like to keep track of. It could mean FIFA, Doom, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, DOTA 2… there are many other possibilities as well. If you find a bonus you like the look of, make sure you can use it on one of your favourite events. Some sites impose more limitations on this than others. We’ll always update you on the most appealing eSports bonus bets at PlayersBest.

Alert: Always remain focused

It’s easy to become amazed by the surroundings you’ll see in this corner of space. With many amazing battles and competitions taking place, you can get swept up in the action. You can also feel excited at the thrill of collecting one or more bonuses for your eSports passion. Yet you do need to be careful. Make sure you always follow all the steps and guidance we have laid out for you in your pre-launch plan here. Never skip anything, no matter how tempting it might be. By showing consistency in your plans before lift-off, you can make sure you’re never taken in by a dubious site or bonus.

Conclusion: Arriving home after our journey

Any exploratory journey gives you the chance to see what is on offer at any site that includes an eSports section. Some of those sections are bigger than others… and some have much larger bonuses than others as well. We hope you’ve recognised how important it is not to jump at the first bonus you see. Instead, consider whether you’ve found a safe and reputable eSports site, offering reliable deals and bonuses you can count on to maximise your entertainment.

PlayersBest has put together this guide with you in mind. We hope that every journey you make into the stratosphere gives you the chance to visit the best planets while avoiding those dreaded black holes. With our help, you won’t experience any downsides to joining a site and betting on your first few eSporting events. You’ll also know and recognise a reliable and appealing bonus when you see one. There are plenty out there waiting to be found… and you now have the tools and knowledge you need to plot a route among the stars. The journey to reach your destination can be as thrilling as placing your first bet, and we wish you good fortune when you safely reach your eSports destination.

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