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Our Mission

The US sports betting and casino industry is in its infancy; a newborn star, alight with ferocious fire and fuel to burn. Only in recent years have legislative changes meant that the industry can begin to expand from its relatively humble beginnings, with the changes coming thick and fast as new worlds form and new stars join the igaming sky. 

Whenever anything is formed, there is always a period of chaos to contend with. Everything is new, a cauldron of potential that is both promising and somewhat out of control as it expands rapidly. New galaxies are always unstable; the stars born from supernovae are always intense. The US igaming industry can be seen in much the same light: there’s so much good here, so many opportunities to explore, but very little cohesive order — until now, that is.

With, our goal is to be the calm commander at the helm, guiding you through this exciting new world.

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The origins of US may be a new innovation, but the underlying concept is not. Across other countries, likeminded individuals have come together to produce for their own region. In every case, the mission commanders were motivated by a singular goal: to provide the kind of content that igaming users really need. User reviews that delve into the important facts; guides that can help beginners familiarise themselves and experienced players develop their skills; news and betting tips compiled by people who know the topics they are writing about inside out.

With the US industry beginning to find its feet, the need for a similar approach focusing on the United States is evident. Powered by pilots who know the US better than anyone else, seeks to follow in the footsteps of its European, Canadian, and Japanese counterparts and position itself as the place to be for every igaming user. Taking the tried and tested methods used behind the existing sites and building on them, tailoring them for the US market, allowed for the creation of a site that can effortlessly achieve such lofty aspirations.

How our mission can help you

Nevertheless, we know that claiming that is your ideal journey through the betting galaxy is insufficient. Anyone could make such a claim; what makes and its staff stand out is how we have crafted the intention and mission behind this site to meet our baseline goal.

For you, the reader, these efforts should mean that you can access the kind of content that igaming users really want to see in the most straightforward, simple way possible. If there’s something you want to deepen your knowledge on, then we’ll be sure to provide.

The end result is that you’ll be able to be amongst the elite class of the best-informed bettors on the web. Knowledge, as the saying goes, is power, and we’re here to provide the information-rich content you require. A better igaming experience awaits, as the combination of what you learn on our site along with our focus on staying on the cutting edge of developments, rounds out your own knowledge no end.

What you can expect from

Time to be specific. We’ve talked about our overarching goal and how it can help you, the bettor; but now let’s dig past the overview and move onto the specifics.

Are you curious about the industry and want to follow its developments? Then our news section is the perfect choice. We cover all the latest changes in the ever-evolving world, keeping abreast of all legislative developments, and ensuring our fingers are firmly on the pulse — which means you can be, too. Not only do we focus on breaking news and how it impacts users in the US, but we also look to secure interviews with key players and industry names, so our readers are always on the front foot when it comes to developments.

In addition, our operator reviews are at the forefront of what we are trying to achieve. Compiled by experienced US bettors who have tried out more operators than they can count, we look past impressive site esthetics and analyze based on what really matters. Our reviews are emboldened not just by relevant, contemporary research that is continually updated, but they are also penned by a team who are determined to really find out whether an operator is worth using. From the mechanics of how the site works to the odds to the range of casino titles, we’ll cover it all. We ensure our focus is expansive by looking at three particular areas:

  • Range — an investigation into how extensive the operator’s service is, from the number of sports they cover to their available casino titles.
  • Handling — determining how well the site performs in terms of its usability and general functionality.
  • Innovation — our examination of how innovative an operator is and the measures they may have taken to stand out from the crowd.

The result? Completely comprehensive operator reviews, every time.

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The rest of the gambling universe

As well as everything covered above, is the perfect resource for everything related to betting and casino bonus offers. We understand how important bonus deals, as well as VIP clubs and loyalty programs, can be to users, so we pay close attention to this area. We study every offer we find in intense detail, while also ensuring we spend the time required to ensure our coverage of available offers is regularly updated. If you’re looking for a deal, then we’re the site to visit.

Finally, we round out our provision with a look at the more esoteric side of the igaming world. We’ve identified operators who we feel merit being blacklisted; we’ve looked at every conceivable betting and casino strategy and outlined what you need to know in an easy-to-read format. Sports betting tips are also a big part of our provision, as we turn our sporting-expert eyes to the latest games, appraise the odds, and determine where value is found.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Our scope knows no limits; there’s a whole universe to explore out there, and we’re going to make sure we cover it, one article at a time.

Our focus on locality

Unlike most countries, the igaming industry in the US is heavily influenced by state-specific requirements. We therefore understand that we can’t take a blanket approach, covering every topic or operator as if anyone resident in the US is able to use them — the whole picture is far more complex than that. To address this need, we take a strong localized approach in our work, focusing on individual states so as to provide regulatory updates, and outlining the restrictions that may be present in some regions. Wherever you are, is here for you.

Continue your journey through the igaming universe with

Whether you’re a sports bettor adept at spotting great odds, an online poker player looking for another tournament to reign supreme at, a slots aficionado with an interest in all the latest titles, or have any other interests in the igaming world, then is here for you. Our mission objectives are clear; our logbook ready and waiting to be filled in; and we’re here to help ensure that every second you spend on your igaming journey is the best it can be.

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