/ Online Casino Payment Methods 2022

Online Casino Payment Methods 2022

Did you think that space was the final frontier? Well, now you know that online casino payment methods aren’t far behind, either! We are living in an era where remote wagering hasn’t been as popular, which means there is a universe packed with transaction options for players to choose from.

Casino Payment Options

Of course, if you haven’t ventured out into the darkness of the online casino cosmos, the journey will feel daunting and quite scary. The good news is, there are lots of shining stars that will guide you home like Polaris itself. So, let us be your intergalactic guide and highlight the pros and cons of the methods available and which ones stand out from the crowd the most. Yes, we are just that nice!

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The different sorts of online casino payment options in the galaxy

The ability to deposit money into your online casino account is a must-have for every customer because you need funds to place stakes on your favorite offerings. Casinos understand how essential casino deposit options are, which is why they provide a wide range of online gambling payment methods to appeal to as many people as possible.

Of course, the side-effect is that you aren’t sure whether the particular service you use is allowed across the board, or if there are pitfalls with some establishments that don’t exist with others. With the amount of variety, it can be tough to hone your lasers on the correct transaction method.

To help you choose, our PlayersBest guide will outline the different types of online casino deposit methods and their eclectic features for your information. Just keep reading to learn more.

Debit & credit cards

Think of debit and credit cards as the astronauts of the intergalactic community. These transaction options are the main methods that do all the heavy lifting for the majority of online casino users worldwide. This applies to the US since 56% of all mobile payments are made by debit cards and 48% by credit cards.

The reason they are ubiquitous is due to the fact that they are widely accepted within the casino industry. As long as you are with Visa or MasterCard, you won’t run into any issues as they are flag bearers for gambling as a whole. A considerable benefit of opting for a piece of plastic is that you probably have one already. Even if you don’t, you can apply to open a bank account or take out a credit card in a matter of seconds.

Although the use of an online casino credit card and debit card is being altered in Europe, the majority of US providers are legally obliged to accept either, meaning that you won’t run into problems. Offshore online casinos are different, so keep that in mind before registering with a company that isn’t based in North America.


You may know e-wallets by a different name – PayPal. Yes, PayPal is the market leader when it comes to e-wallets and deposit methods for online casino, yet you shouldn’t fall into the trap of assuming it’s the only brand worth using. In reality, at least two of its rivals are taking huge strides to challenge the brand’s dominance.

They are Neteller and Skrill. As a result, you’ll find both of these platforms on all the best online casinos in the US, Europe, and around the world. A casino with skrill deposit is almost obligatory nowadays as it’s a trusted service, which is due to the fact it’s governed by UK law. An online casino Neteller program isn’t hard to find either since transactions are rapid and the number of payment options available is broader than most e-wallets.

While transaction fees are typical of these solutions, they regularly come with VIP and loyalty programs that negate the fees. If you’re a regular online casino user, it may be worth your while to upgrade your membership and take advantage of the features, such as lower deposit fees and cashback on purchases.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are problematic in the US because North American citizens and residents are rarely eligible for the services. You are probably wondering why you should bother reading on if you can’t sign-up in the first place, and you’re not wrong. Well, the answer is simple – you can register in a location where prepaid cards are eligible and upload money electronically to bypass the obstacles.

With a VPN, you can do it very easily, so it may be worth going the extra mile if you think the pros outweigh the cons. What are the positives? Typically, the level of security is higher because you don’t have to input your card details directly into the internet or mobile device. For anyone who takes their online safety seriously, this is a massive plus.

Another considerable benefit is the minimal fees. Not only are the deposit limits low, but so are the withdrawals. That means you can take as many or as few funds out of your account, giving your extra flexibility. Limits change depending on the provider, yet $5 for both is common. PaysafeCard is the largest prepaid card on the market, with 3,500 websites accepting it globally as of 2021.


Alternative currencies and online betting payment methods go hand-in-hand currently. More and more online casinos are accepting them as payment options as they are popular with customers. Firstly, Bitcoin isn’t a traditional form of legal tender, which means it isn’t classified as online gambling in the US. While the law is constantly evolving, several states and districts are still deciding whether to make the activity legal.

Plus, there is the sense of anonymity it offers. Card numbers and e-wallets are traceable, whereas Bitcoin and co aren’t. To you, that level of privacy may be the difference between enjoying your favorite pastime and worrying about the consequences. Currently, only a few of the major cryptos are eligible as online casino payment methods, yet that may change in the future.

Wire transfer

A bank wire transfer is generally accepted as it’s almost instant and easier to identify the user. As a result, it’s quick and secure, especially if your bank commits to extra layers of security. You will want to make sure your iGaming establishment of choice opts for the instant version as a regular wire transfer can take days.

How online casino operators put your safety first

Your security is a number one priority as hackers have advanced ways of getting hold of your details. To ensure this never happens, it’s important to think about the different ways casino operators put your safety first. Then, you can look out for the necessary features before depositing money.


HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which is a combination of Hypertext Transfer Protocol and Secure Socket Layer. The process is complicated, but the simplified version is that HTTPS provides a powerful level of encryption. When your data is encrypted, it can’t be intercepted going from one point to another, making it impossible to read unless you have a key. Even better, you can tell whether a website or app is secure by searching for the green padlock icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.


Certain certificates highlight the security of an online casino provider. The main one to look out for is VeriSign. It’s reputable and well regulated, so you know it’s legitimate if the logo is authentic. You can spot fakes by making sure the icon begins with If it doesn’t, it isn’t real and you should think twice before depositing your money as you can’t be sure it will be secure.

Payment options

The best way to tell whether an online casino is legit is to analyze the number of payment options available. When you have several transaction methods to pick from, you can tailor them to your advantage by choosing the service that suits your requirements. For example, if PayPal is an option, you know you can deposit money without fretting over financial side-effects. However, a debit card may be a smarter move if the website has security certificates, is encrypted, and uses strong firewalls.

Is there anything you should consider before making a deposit?

One feature to factor into your decision is whether the casino deposit options are in sync with the bonuses they offer. If, for instance, a prepaid card isn’t eligible for a promotion, you will miss out and won’t receive any added value. There are often exclusions within options, too. A prime example is e-wallets. PayPal is widely included, whereas Skrill and Neteller don’t always make the cut.

Conclusion – online casino payment options shining bright

We hope you know that the wealth of online casino payment methods available is a positive thing for you and your peers. Still, figuring out the strong from the weak isn’t a walk in the park. At PlayersBest, we believe that credit and debit cards are among the best methods as they are accessible, have great deposit and withdrawal limits, transfer almost instantly, and are secure. The reputation of the e-wallet industry is growing, as is the crypto sector, yet they aren’t accepted by enough online casinos to make them superior to the most popular form of payment method.

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Credit Card Social Casino Bonus Review
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