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888 Review & Rating 2023

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A simple name for an in-depth site

To say the 888 website is striking is an understatement. With color-coded areas to explore on this planet, you’ll easily find where you want to be. Casino, poker, and sports all get a look-in, aiming to impress the eager visitor.

I’m going to share my expedition through the star features of the 888 site. A simple logo suggests a simple approach to a complex mix of info for all areas of the website. That color coding really works, as you’ll see when you head through our in-depth 888 review at warp speed.

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Love the app
"I always use the app for 888 and I love it, it loads really quick and it's easy to play on. I also love the color ..."
Almost my lucky number 8
"A very unique name for a casino, just a number. But what’s amazing is that the gaming site offers $88 as a no deposit bonus. ..."
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Nathan Walter
Last Updated on 03/19/2023

The colors take 888 to a new level

When I landed on their website, I noticed the three panels each offering a separate bonus – either for the poker, casino, or sports areas. The color coding was present there but scrolling down revealed subheadings offering information on each area. And yes, those subheads adopted the same colors. This meant I always knew where to look for the information I needed. It made navigating 888 even easier than I thought – something you’ll notice works well too. Those splashes of color continue with payment logos and even social media links – all of which you’ll learn more about in this review.

888 Logbook: what happened so far

  • 1997: 888 starts its offer.
  • 2013: 888 begins to target the US market with a poker offering.
  • 23. JUNE 2021: We updated our 888 test

Countdown: what you can expect from our 888 review

It is clear upon arriving at 888 that this is a website packed with potential and services. While we can see the casino, poker, sport, and promotions menu areas near the logo on the left, far more striking is the presence of poker, casino, and sport buttons on the right – each color coded as mentioned above. Watch for that coding throughout, as it reduces the time you could otherwise spend searching for assorted services on the site.

When you’re in your spacesuit and ready to get out and explore, you’ll see a separate menu appearing inside each of the three chief areas of the site. Finding our way around is something we always pay attention to in our online gambling site reviews. It should be easy to do from day one, and 888 achieves this well enough to raise our 888 rating. The position of the menu varies depending on where you are, with the casino and sports sections making good use of the left-justified design. However, in every case, navigating this multi-use planet is far easier than you may believe, even if you’re a newcomer to 888. I’m going to take you through each area of the site in turn, while also covering various other areas and notable features. By the time we’re done with our 888 review, you’ll know just how to get around and make the most of 888.

Lift-off: get a headstart at... 888 test

There was a lot to explore when I arrived at the 888 site. One of the biggest questions I wanted to answer was is 888 legit? Things looked promising from the beginning owing to the New Jersey label and American flag at the top of the site. Clicking on this revealed a ‘safe to play’ page that highlighted more information about who can use the website. I should make it clear here that the only US players able to legally use the site are those who are physically in the state of New Jersey when making wagers. It is illegal to do so anywhere else.

A quirk of the law means that anyone within the US can deposit at 888 but cannot make any wagers in any parts of the site unless within the limits of New Jersey. So, this tells us that there is a little more leeway than you might think when considering how and whether you can use the site. You don’t need to be a resident of the state, just within its boundaries. Since you can deposit from anywhere in the States, you can deposit while living in New York, Maryland, Tennessee, or anywhere else. If you know you’re visiting New Jersey in the future, you can deposit from home and play while in the state. Worth knowing if you’re wondering whether you can use 888 or not.

Evaluating responsible gaming in our 888 review

Assuming we arrive on the landing page designed to promote all three parts of the 888 site, we may assume – wrongly, as it turns out – that 888 does not have a responsible gaming area to visit. It may not go by that name, but it does indeed meet its responsibilities in this area. If you head toward the bottom of the site, you’ll see a left-justified menu including something called Patron Protection. This opens a new (and long) page covering topics such as:

  • Playing responsibly
  • Preventing underage gambling (the site is aimed at those aged 21 and over)
  • How to prevent kids from accessing the site
  • Setting betting limits
  • Limits on playing time and depositing funds

They also cover information on risks you might experience while gambling, along with how to identify whether you have a gambling problem. This may only be a single page but the amount of information and guidance there proves that 888 has taken this topic seriously. Finally, you may also spot a tiny green logo at the top of the site… which does also take you to this responsible gaming page.

Banking at 888

How does the site fare in this area? There are some logos displayed at the bottom right of the landing page, so cool your rockets upon arrival and check those out. You’ll find familiar logos including these:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • Pay with Cash
  • Cash at Cage
  • ACH Payment

However, we wanted to learn more, and we couldn’t see a banking page anywhere. Fortunately, a little detective work helped here, and it really didn’t take long to find what we needed to know. When you reach the bottom of the site, you will see a link to their site map. Select that, and you can view the map on a separate page. Right near the top, you’ll see a whole section covering deposits. A separate area covers withdrawals, so you can learn all you need to know from those pages. Each one has several other pages to look through as well, giving you lots of detail on each method and how it works.

The depositing page tells us that the site accepts credit and debit cards, while also accepting other methods that didn’t appear in the collection of logos. These include Play+ and Discover, for example. They also give full instructions about withdrawals, where time scales can vary between one to two days and up to four days, with the latter applying to bank transfers.

Are there any 888 new customer offers available?

Yes, you can see these on the landing page, with a green-hued box promoting a bonus for the casino and a blue-hued box promoting a similar bonus for the poker area. There is also an introductory bonus for the sportsbook, although this didn’t appear on the landing page. We did find it once we headed into the promotions part of the menu though, so it doesn’t take long to dig it up when we’re sorting through to find the best deals on the planet.

While you can access the relevant promotions no matter which area of the site you’re in, the easiest way to see all of them is to go through the menu link when you arrive. You can choose whether to see deals for a first deposit and whether you need an 888 promo code to claim them. Our 888 review highlights how many deals the site has, and of course, while the quantity can vary, it looks likely they’ll have plenty of them. Is 888 legit? Yes, in all departments including this one. We do like to ask though, as we have with the ‘is 4NJBets legit’ question.

If you see a deal you’d like to claim, select it and you can learn more about it on the following page. It’s best to see whether you need an 888 bonus code to claim it, as you wouldn’t want to miss out. We’ve covered Caesars Casino promo code info in that article, so we can highlight the importance of finding the correct code info if you need it at 888 too. While you get a mix of deals for various parts of the 888 offering on that landing page, you can choose to view the casino or poker areas individually at the end of the page. The best way to view the sports deals is to head for the sportsbook and select promotions from the opening page. We’re not sure why that is slightly different, but it is still an easy path to take.

Is it easy to get some mobile access?

Yes, and we were impressed by the approach to this portion of the site. There are three sections for the casino, poker, and sports areas near the foot of the site, giving us links to social media accounts and logos for the App Store and Android apps. These logos supply us with some massive clues to the availability of mobile play with the site. While you can view the 888 website for the US on your smartphone or tablet, it’s much easier to head to the correct section and download whichever free app you need. For example, you can download the Android app for the casino if you have that device. If you’re eager to try some sports betting and you have an iPad, you can download that app from the app store instead.

One of the most appealing things about this is that you can download only what you need. We suspect many people will only be interested in one, maybe two, areas of the entire 888 offering. With specific apps aimed at Android and iOS users, covering a certain area of their site, it’s far easier to weed out the bits you don’t want and focus on the bits you do want. Top marks for this as we’ve seen similar sites that don’t have any apps at all… or they do but fail to properly promote them. That’s not true with this shining star.

Seeking an FAQ and some assistance

This can be tricky with some sites, and admittedly there was no clear FAQ or help area anywhere on the landing page for 888. However, there were links to an about us page, another one on patron protection, and a third to security and privacy information. We also have the site map link, and that page acts more than any other as a form of FAQ. There are areas on many topics, including how to play, promotions, bonus policy, and plenty more.

You may notice that we haven’t mentioned a contact page. That’s because we could not find one. We spent some time searching the site and finally spotted an envelope inside an orange circle underneath the social media and app links at the bottom of the site. This lets you email them, but we didn’t see any other options to choose from. However, we didn’t accept that, and eventually found help options available from the individual site areas. The casino has a question mark at the top of the page, while the poker section has a help area in the menu. Finally, online help crops up in the 888SPORT menu at the bottom of that part of the site. The help areas are specific to the site area you are in.

In orbit: discover the possibilities at 888

Live betting has some major appeal at 888. The sportsbook has a live betting area where you can find out which matches and events are happening right now. We liked the Starting Soon area too, as this can be useful to find out more about various upcoming matches to bet on. The poker segment offers plenty of tournaments to try out, with sit and go tourneys beginning whenever all the seats are taken. This has a more immediate feel to it, and we think poker players are going to love that. Of course, we also have the live casino area, although there are just a handful of titles in there. We’ll explore these further in our specific casino review further down the page. However, it’s good to see there are live options in all three major parts of the 888 website.

The site has a big social media presence

When I arrived at 888, I took some time to look around, just as we did with our Betfair review elsewhere at PlayersBest. It soon became clear that they not only have social media accounts on the go, but they have also got more than any other multi-use site I have seen. And their links are just as orderly as everything else about the 888 site. At the bottom of the main US-based 888 page, you’ll see those three areas once more – casino, poker, sports. In each case, there are four circular icons representing these four social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

This means you can access one or more social media sites for the 888 brand, specifically aimed at each of the major services they offer. If you’re not interested in sports and only want to use the casino, you can head for that section and follow them on whichever channels you have an account with. These aren’t merely generic accounts either – they all focus on the USA version of 888, so you’ll get the latest news and insight into each site area from there. It’s the best social media offering we’ve ever seen.

888 Sports Betting

A sporting chance to make sports wagers at 888

We cannot complete our 888 rating without heading into the sportsbook area, themed in orange. Once there, we can see the menu on the left, offering fast access to the Starting Soon area, along with popular events and leagues next, followed by top sports and then all sports. It sounds like a lot, but you do get a feel for where you need to go in this stratospheric collection of action-packed betting. You can also see numbers next to each one, showing you how much is happening in each area.

There is another menu across the top of the sportsbook, offering a sports A-to-Z along with live betting, promotions, and a getting started area, much as we saw in the poker segment. The highlighted action in the live betting section is great to see, as you can head straight for your favorite sport to see what’s happening. Even selecting a sport usually gives you live and upcoming along with futures and all events in that arena.

We found it easy to change the odds too, as the default American odds appeared on the site and were visible at the bottom of the page. You can just click on the dropdown arrow to reveal the alternatives, which are decimal and fractional odds. You can look at the odds for each match and see the time and date for it starting, too. You’ll also see ‘more wagers’ linked for each one, and if you select that, you can get moneyline bets along with all other relevant betting types for that sport. Some have more than others depending on how the sport works.

The key element here, though, is that you can easily find your way around the sportsbook even if this is your first time in this corner of the sporting universe. We can confirm our 888 rating is high once again for this area. We have compared it favorably to our PointsBet rating elsewhere on this site.

888 Casino

What does the 888 casino offer?

We’ll go through several stops on our intergalactic journey through the 888 website as they appear on the site itself. This means we’re touching down at the casino to begin with. Once into that area, we can find the menu on the left side of the page. It appears in small writing and as light gray type on dark gray, so it’s not the easiest to see. That said, it doesn’t stand out too much when you’re playing games. Those games appear in traditional categories, with only a few to sort through:

  • Slots
  • Card and table games
  • Live casino
  • Jackpots

Not too much to get confused over there. Is 888 legit in its casino offering? Certainly, and it reveals more games the further through the landing page you go. You can easily find some top slots and new games at the top of that section, followed by 888 Daily Jackpot games, scratch cards, and some video poker titles. When you explore that page, you realize this planet has far more surprises for you than you may have thought.

They have over 1,000 games to sort through, according to their info, and once inside the slots area, you’ll find many ways to spot your favorites. They have NetEnt games along with sections for Megaways slots and those themed with the luck of the Irish idea. Other themed sections to visit include ancient Egypt and the Wild West, so it is a superb way to take you to the theme you are most interested in. There are some exclusive titles available in their own section as well. If a title includes a progressive jackpot, you’ll see it in yellow underneath the game logo. Furthermore, new games get a NEW speech bubble in the top left corner, making it easier to see them. You cannot try anything unless you log in, so it means creating an account… and it looks as if you need to be in New Jersey to do this.

Meanwhile, the live casino covers roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, along with Dream Catcher. There are far fewer games here than we’ve seen in other casinos, but they’ve got the favorites. Overall, the casino does have plenty to enjoy, with the Daily Jackpot games offering one of the most appealing elements of all. Few casinos have jackpots ready to drop each day.

888 Poker

Next up we explore the poker portion of the 888 site

You can never rely on finding poker at any website in the US, but 888 returns to its roots and delivers an impressive poker area players will love. Our 888 rating is likely to be promising for this area, too, just as it was for the casino. The introductory bonus appears at the top of the poker area, but just above that, you’ve got various menu areas to visit. Best of all for newcomers is the getting started area. If you’re on a computer, position your cursor over that menu item and three areas should appear, covering poker games, software, and how to play. You can read plenty and familiarize yourself with this poker planet before setting a course to rocket toward some real games to play.

I should also mention the presence of the tournaments area. This holds a lot of potential with tournament action including Poker BLAST, sit-and-go tournaments, multi-table tournaments, and rebuys and add-ons. There is a ton of info in there too, again giving you the chance to understand how things work and how you can explore the poker area of the 888 site. The key element to note in this part of the site is how simple it is to explore the many features and to find out how they all work. For example, you can read how each tournament works and what to expect when you take part.

As for the games themselves, you can try your hand at Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Blast Sit and Go. You might also see these written as SNGs, so you’ll see you can pick up some lingo and shorthand as you read through the information before signing up. We’d suggest you do just that, too, as this gives you a better starting point before you commit to playing poker at 888. To join, you’ll need to create an account, download their software, and then deposit, grabbing your bonus as you go.

888 FAQ

❓In which states can I get an 888 casino download?

If you’ve read the latest online gambling news, you’ll know that more and more US states are starting to legalize online casino gaming. However, many US states still outlaw all kinds of online casino gaming. So make sure that you read our 888 review to see whether you can download the brand’s online casino app in your state.

👍🏻 How good is the 888 sportsbook?

Read our 888 review to see exactly how good this online sportsbook is. We’ll be comparing 888 with all of the best sports betting sites in the US so that you can see who comes out top. Perfect for finding out which online sportsbook is best for betting on the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and beyond.

💰How do I make deposits at the 888 cashier?

We found that it was fairly simple to make deposits at the 888 betting platform and we were given the choice of many trusted payment providers for doing so. So check out our 888 review to see what deposit methods are available and learn important information about processing times, limits and fees. 

📱Is there an 888 app?

The majority of online gambling platforms in the US will have some kind of app that lets customers play from the convenience of their iOS or Android mobile devices. Our 888 review will let you know if this brand has any kind of betting app, and if so, what the minimum system requirements are for downloading this app.

🎁Can I get an 888sport free bet?

We have seen plenty of amazing sports betting bonuses from online sportsbooks in the past few months, and so we have high hopes of some amazing deals from 888. So be sure to take a look at our 888 review to see whether this sports betting site has any free bet deals that you can use to get more from your sports bets.

888 review: conclusion

Can we find the USP for the 888 site? This part of our journey through a Milky Way of offers at 888 is simple. The color coding keeps us on track throughout our trip. We can always find the section we need, with ample detail wherever we look. Even on landing for the first time, we don’t need to worry about getting lost or taking any missteps. The site map is always available at the bottom of the site too, so we can always use that as a way to get us around if we get stuck. That’s not likely to happen though, as we’ll pick up plenty of insight and experience on each foray through to this shining star in the US betting universe. Is 888 legit? We know the answer to that, but we can also confirm it is responsible, reputable, and really great to use.

User Reviews for 888

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Love the app

    I always use the app for 888 and I love it, it loads really quick and it’s easy to play on. I also love the color coding on the man site, it makes it all so much easier to use. I think that the site would be good for beginners as they can find what they’re looking for really quickly.

    I feel liike I miss out because I am not on Facebook, that's my only bad thing
  2. Almost my lucky number 8

    A very unique name for a casino, just a number. But what’s amazing is that the gaming site offers $88 as a no deposit bonus. On top of that the welcome bonus is 100% up to $888. I claimed both offers and it felt like real value. The games are of the best quality and they were easily accessible on my smartphone.

    The sportsbook looked great, although, I didn’t get to try it out. I felt let down by customer support which couldn’t help me verify my account and withdraw what I had won quickly.
  3. Best Casino by far.

    888 is one of my favorite casinos, I love this casino. I have only ever had good service from the support staff, they have a great selection of games and they have a Poker site which is rare for an online casino. Honestly can’t recommend a better casino!

    Nothing negative to say.

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