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A world of betting options at BallyBet

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Are you exploring the great beyond for a sportsbook that has unique features, plus a free bonus? If so, you might want to read this BallyBet review. BallyBet will take you on a free bet journey, not once but twice!

Let’s begin our journey with a look at what you can expect to find in our latest BallyBet review.

100% up to $150
Risk-Free Bet

An awesome sports betting experience awaits

Our BallyBet review shows how to use your BallyBet bonus code, while giving you a ‘heads-up’ on the pros and cons of this new, unique site. BallyBet is one of the first online sportsbook providers to offer advanced unique social features, together with providing fast and easy sports betting. You’ll soon see why our BallyBet rating reached the stratosphere!

BallyBet Logbook: what happened so far

  • May 2021: BallyBet starts its offer.
  • December 2021: BallyBet prepares to launch in NY
  • January 2022: We updated our BallyBet test

Incredible bonuses from BallyBet

We would be fooling you in this BallyBet review if we said the welcome offers were the biggest in the gambling galaxy! However, this offer is very easy to use and the commitment level is fairly low, meaning the traveling time to complete these offers will be done a lot quicker compared to the real big offers out there, which can be lengthy.

Our BallyBet rating jetted to another planet when we realised that the welcome offer comes with two different bonuses. New BallyBet bonus code users get a free $100 bet just for signing-up, plus an offer of up to a $550 risk-free first bet. The risk-free bet can be used to wager on any event, providing the odds of the selections do not exceed +300 in odds. Please note, the offer is up to $550, but if you only want to start low, you can start with as little as $10 and upwards.

Please note: There is no current access ot the Bally welcome offer in New York. NY bettors will have to make use of one of the other several regular offers on the site instead.

The BallyBet new customer tour

The first offer we’ll travel to in this BallyBet review is the free $100 bet. This is only granted once a user has successfully registered, so be sure to complete the form correctly. Once you’ve registered, you will receive a written electronic notice and a free bet of $100 will be credited to your account. From there, it is up to you if you want to shoot for supernova sized wins, or play things safe, a little closer to home? If new customer bets are more your destination, then why not fly over to view the horizon on our FoxBet review, where you can find instructions on how to approach their welcome offer journey!

When using your first free $100 bet, the odds of your selection must not travel past the odds of +300. Please also be mindful that stakes will not be returned, only the winnings. The stakes are a one-way ticket, with no return, only the real winnings are then withdrawable cash!

Launch with a $550 risk-free bet

If your first bet takes a crash landing, you’ll get another chance to fly! This risk-free bet is only granted if your first qualifying bet is a loser. If your first bet wins, then congratulations, you’ve still won! Although this is called a “free bet”, this could be considered as insurance against your first bet.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get two journeys to try picking a winner! Indeed, and this is why we have highlighted that you should pick your selections carefully, and plan the journey ahead, especially when it comes to odds which must not exceed +300. The stake is not included back in your winnings from the risk-free bet and be mindful of the 7-day expiry for risk-free bet.

Our BallyBet review also found that the two BallyBet new customer offers can only be used once per customer. Only one account is permitted, per household and only one account per IP address.

Launching into the BallyBet stratosphere

BallyBet have not taken many chances with their new online sportsbook. They have kept things very native and the surroundings look familiar to users. They have opted for the standard online betting habitat, meaning that it could be accused of looking similar to ‘most’ other online planets of sportsbooks, in the gambling galaxy. 888 sport also has a striking dark background, with orange text, but is 888 legit? Discover if it is worth visiting this terrain in our review.

However, we believe this is a smart approach. It is better to have a sportsbook that has familiar territory, is easy to navigate around and place bets with ease, rather than a complex one that presents difficulties finding selections from a vast array of menus.

The website loads like the speed of a train, which is great. The site has an attractive dark background, coupled with a red theme and white text to make things clear. Our BallyBet rating was boosted by this retina-friendly dark theme and makes the site more appealing than others that use bright interfaces.

Bally’s Friends – same platform, different country!

Bally’s Friends is accessible through the easy-to-download free app.  This unique concept that BallyBet has added provides the option for users to follow their friends’ bet selections.

No longer do bettors need to have a separate conversation with their friends via Whatsapp or social media, all this can now be done using Bally’s Friends! It delivers a real life betting voyage you can share with friends, regardless of their location,  in one click. You can also find your betting hall of fame, longest winning streaks and top wins – informative and fun!

What payment methods are on the horizon?

BallyBet have made depositing and withdrawing from your online sportsbook account as straightforward and reliable as most bettors could wish for. To make a deposit into your account, simply navigate to the account icon in the top right of your desktop or app. The next part is to opt to deposit, where you’ll find a nice choice of options.

Options when surfing BallyBet cashier

You’ll be able to choose between debit and credit cards, Play+ card, eChecks, and Paypal. If there’s a Bally’s Corporation retail location nearby, BallyBet also provides the ability to collect withdrawals, in-person at the location! We doubt this will be popular, but thought this option was pretty cool, and also proves BallyBet is legit.

Deposit and withdrawal amounts

It’s industry standard to have minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals. BallyBet are pretty much ‘in-line’ with most other operators with the minimum deposit as $10, and the maximum withdrawal $2,000 per transaction.

Once you have made a successful deposit, the funds are usually available to use instantly. At the time of writing this article, most of the cashier options were free to use, but we recommend checking each time.

Credit Card
Cash at Casino Cage
+ 2

Customer Service – BallyBet travel care 

While journeying this review, we contacted BallyBet a handful of times and were impressed by how quickly we received an answer. There is also a good set of previously asked questions and answers found within the FAQ section of the site and app. BallyBet offers a live chat, albeit a cosmic style chatbot, that is designed to answer straightforward questions which it does really well, providing the question is not too complex!

Lightning- fast email response from BallyBet

We would have liked to see a 24/7 live chat facility, but the rating was saved by a fantastic email service BallyBet offers.  [email protected] is operated 24/7 and answered efficiently. BallyBet seems keen to perfect their email service too, as after receiving your answer, they send a generic [no obligation] email, to ask “how did we do?”. We feel this proves BallyBet really are proud of the quality of Customer Services.

Telephone service

BallyBet do provide a telephone service, found on 844.844.3BET or 844.844.3238. BallyBet does not specify a time these lines are operated within, but handy to know if you prefer a chat on the phone.

The need to travel with care

So, the big question is, is BallyBet legit? The simple answer to this question, as you may have already guessed, is yes. BallyBet is licensed by the Colorado Department of Revenue.  The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming are the statutory authority over the regulation of legalized sports betting in Colorado.

BallyBet is part of the large Bally Corporation, which owns many casinos and floats its shares on the stock exchange. In March 2021 Bally’s completed their acquisition of the UK based Gamesys Group for $2.7 billion. With such large investments at hand, it is no surprise that BallyBet takes site security and transaction encryption extremely seriously.

The BallyBet website uses identity and location verification called Geocomply, to ensure safety for itself as well as all the players using the site. Details of Geocomply  are easily accessible via a quick google search. Using such cybersecurity solutions shows how seriously BallyBet are taking things when it comes to fraud prevention.

Virginia (US) Lottery Board
Colorado (US)
Iowa (US)
Arizona (US) Department of Gaming
Indiana (US)

Chartering the heights with BallyBet VIP!

It’s in a sportsbook’s best interests to keep their customers entertained and satisfied. The usual tactic is to entice new customers with sign-up offers, but what after that?

After using the initial BallyBet promo code, there are other perks to enjoy, such as the BallyBet rewards and loyalty program. We were quite impressed and this helped boost our overall BallyBet rating.

BallyBet Loyalty program

Points can be earned by playing casino games at the locations within the state you reside, or by betting on sports through the BallyBet app. When US sports bettors ask, “is BallyBet legit”, they certainly are when it comes to having unique features, and they have been imaginative with their loyalty program too, which is structured as follows:

  • Straight wagers – 1 point per $2
  • Teasers – 2 points per $2
  • Parlay – 1 point per $2 x teams selected (max 10)
  • Progressive Parlays – 1 point per $2

There is no need to make a separate registration for the loyalty program. Creating an account on Bally Bet automatically registers you for Bally Rewards, allowing you to earn points immediately.

BallyBet have dedicated themselves to offering VIP customers the best experience and service in the industry. Whether you play at one of the many BallyBet locations nationwide or just through the BallyBet app, their VIP team are constantly bringing you innovative bonuses and exciting rewards that are customized to your needs.

Bally Bet Sports Betting

Exploring BallyBet's cosmic sports offering

Sports available to bet on include: NFL, MLB, College Football, Soccer, Tennis , Auto Racing, NBA, NHL, College Basketball, MMA, Boxing, Golf, WNBA, CFL, and International Baseball (NPG and KBO). This list is not exhaustive and as BallyBet are a new operator to the scene, it is likely more sports will be added in due course, especially when BallyBet launch BallyBet 2.0, due out in 2022.

Our BallyBet review discovered they offer alternative lines and a fair number of props in major sports, such as NFL. This was good to see and helped our overall BallyBet rating, as betting markets are just as important as the actual sports, as was also the case with our BetMGM rating. BallyBet’s markets also feature ‘futures odds’ on sports betting where bettors may want to grab early value odds, perhaps if they are expecting a team to do well in a season.

Is BallyBet legit, when it comes to the betting odds they offer? Well, one of the most important elements of sportsbook betting is, of course, odds and we found some perks that come, due to the way BallyBet creates their odds. BallyBet are fairly unique compared to most other online betting operators as they compile their odds in-house and because of this you can occasionally get some value odds! This is, of course, when a mistake has been made and the BallyBet odds are not ‘in-line’ with most other operators. However, this is a good thing for bettors out there that enjoy value!

Live betting is available to enjoy on most major sports, including in game props. Unfortunately there is no live streaming, but we suspect this is likely to change soon, as BallyBet has a close association with FOX sports, so keep your eyes peeled here!

During this BallyBet review we were not surprised there are no limits defined within the rules of the sportsbook. It is rare to see sportsbook operators impose limits on the sports bets that are available. However, should you be lucky enough to pick hundreds of winners consecutively,  it is industry practice for a sportsbook to limit that bettor to smaller bets.

We believe bettors will enjoy the intuitive interface from BallyBet. It makes betting simple, which leaves more energy for the important part of the job, picking out the winners! Navigating the site and app is easy, which is ideal when looking to place parlays and other bets containing multi selections.

Despite not having live streaming at present, we feel our BallyBet rating remained consistent, as they have compensated for that by providing other exciting features in their sportsbook. BallyBet have also provided users with unique social features, which is rare to find in sportsbooks elsewhere.

100% up to $150
Risk-Free Bet

BallyBet Promo Code FAQ

🆓 What are the BallyBet new customer offers?

BallyBet have provided not one, but two fantastic new customer offers, which helped boost our BallyBet rating. Bettors using BallyBet can enjoy two servings of BallyBet bonus codes. However, you’ll need to be smart with your approach to this offer, as there are a couple of stipulations applied to them. When it comes to gambling reviews, you’ll find it all explained in our BallyBet article at   

📲 Can I download the BallyBet App?

We recommend downloading the BallyBet App for the unique innovative social media community that BallyBet have created! You don’t need to worry “is BallyBet legit”  when downloading this app; BallyBet has a super secure platform to use, so there’s no worries here. Want to know more about this? Our article at tells all.. 

🤔 Do BallyBet have a loyalty program and VIP?

We wrote a full BallyBet promo code article at, because we were so impressed by the unique features the new BallyBet online sportsbook brought to the table.If you are looking for information on their loyalty program or unique extras within your sportsbook, to spice-up your everyday betting, LOOK NO FURTHER. Oh, and there’s more to come too, BallyBet 2.0 is due to be launched sometime soon in 2022. Check out the article! 

Our cosmic conclusion - A thumbs up from us

Our BallyBet rating shows BallyBet brings a good all-round package to the new world of online gambling in the US. In fact, they have made things a little more exciting, with the addition of their Bally’s friends social facility on the app.

BallyBet have sensibly created their website and app with a clear design, making betting easy. The offer of a free $100 bet just for signing-up, followed by an additional risk-free bet, up to $550, makes BallyBet an appealing sportsbook to join. There are plenty of sports to bet on and many markets too, within those sports to search for your picks!

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