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Barstool Online Sportsbook Reviews & Ratings 2023

Barstool Sports Reviews

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It feels like a time for celebration now that we can finally say Barstool Sports-BOOK, don’t you think? And what a tremendous effort Barstool and Penn National Gaming have made to get Barstool Sportsbook on the galactic map and on the lips of all sports bettors currently experiencing other sportsbook heavyweights compete for their attention.

Join me for this spectacular review of Barstool Sportsbook and what it has to offer today. Barstool sports reviews are generally positive, but this one will provide you with all the dirty details you need to know whether you need to book a seat at the bar.

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David Howard
David Howard
Last Updated on 05/26/2023

A peek into why Barstool may become your regular seat hangout spot in the galaxy of sportsbook — Barstool sports reviews

When I touched base with Barstool’s betting platform recently, it was a surprisingly pleasant experience! Not that I expected otherwise, but it’s great if you’re even more delighted than you thought you would be.

Something that stood out to me was the list of promos and deals Barstool has running for its existing customers. Where do I begin? Well, as this is going to be a comprehensive review, I’ll give you a teaser:

How about some First touchdown scorer insurance?

  • Opt-in
  • then place a single $25+CASH wager(s) on one “First Touchdown Scorer” player prop(s) in the select NFL games.
  • If the first bets placed after opt-in settles as a loss, BUT the player(s) you bet on scores a touchdown later in the game, you get 50% of your original stake back and up to $25 in sportsbook bonus cash!

Subtle, but well-thought-out and enough to get a sports bettor’s attention, don’t you think? Well, there’s a lot more where that came from. Strap up and order yourself a Marstini.

The Barstool Logbook: What happened so far

  • January 2020: Penn National Gaming partners up with Barstool sports.
  • 2021: Barstool Sportsbook is expecting to launch in every legal US state by the end of the year
  • 2022: Barstool Sportsbook may also be coming to Canada in early 2022.

Countdown: What you can expect - intergalactic Barstool review blast-off

Pricing and Betting Options

Pricing will enjoy preference from the majority of customers, no matter how much exclusivity an operator offers or how sleek its app is. Decent pricing breeds loyalty between customers and operators like Barstool, and long-term loyalty at that. So, where does Barstool lie in terms of pricing? Well, it appears that Barstool is pretty competitive with their pricing, and you’ll immediately notice this once you move beyond the -110 range.

Overall, we’d say that Barstool Sportbook’s betting lines are basically moonwalking on the same level than other sportsbook giants. This is likely because Barstool Sportsbook, along with BetRivers and DraftKings among others, is using Kambi Sports for risk-management and betting menu purposes, although DraftKings will be moving over to SB Tech soon. This is why, on the platforms of these operators, you are likely to find similar prices and betting menus, which is kind of an independent review let-down if you ask me. However, with so many sportsbook operators out there, Barstool Sportsbook still has a competitive advantage in terms of pricing with lots more to offer when it comes to legal online gambling in New Jersey.

Many sportsbooks have set, standard odds on either/or player props — for example, a player’s over/under 85.5 yards set at -115 on either side.  However, most of Barstool’s player props delighted with the likes of -112 on either side or, otherwise, equally priced. A good example, Barstool-style, would be one side at -105 and the other at -119. These kinds of prices are right in line with the Big Boys, which is music to our ears.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at your Barstool sportsbook operator

Not a Barstool sportsbook customer? You’re joking! Launch prep required ASAP

Most Barstool reviews, including ours here at, found that the sign-up process at Barstool Sportsbook is easier than activating a rocket’s launch pad. We just give you a bit more detail.

  1. First, you need to provide your email and then choose a unique username and password.
  2. Barstool requires some personal account info, including your name, address, phone number, birthday, and last four digits of your Social Security number.
  3. If you’re doing the registration on your mobile, you can provide biometric credentials as well.

That’s it! Launched and ready to go. Note that the following details about licensing and gambling legislation apply to all spacewalkers:

  • If you are located in a jurisdiction where interactive gaming is not legal, you are not permitted to engage in interactive gaming.
  • The operator is licensed by the relevant state’s regulatory body and adheres to its rules.
  • You need to be 21 years or older to register at Barstool Sportsbook.

Now, I need to advise you in our Barstool reviews that, just as you shouldn’t operate a spacecraft if you don’t have a license, you shouldn’t gamble if you are underage. Don’t be naughty!

A galactic range of deposit and withdrawal methods

Our Barstool reviews found that Barstool sportsbook has a wide range of both deposit and withdrawal methods, so you’re bound to find one you’re familiar and comfortable with. My personal preference is PayPal, but I know many stoolies prefer online banking or the Barstool Sportsbook Play+.

It’s important to know the deposit methods from the withdrawal methods as they are like galactic pathways going in opposite directions, and some even go in both.


  • Wire Transfer
  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • Debit or Credit card
  • ACH/eCheck
  • PayNearMe
  • Barstool Sportsbook Play+


  • Online banking
  • Check
  • PayPal
  • ACH/eCheck
  • Barstool Sportsbook Play+
Bank Transfer
+ 4

The Barstool sportsbook app will give you a new sense of galactic mission control

I’m an app person. I just find that using an app — a good one I need to add — can take you so much further than a desktop or even carrying a laptop around. But here’s the thing: I’m not only an app person, but I’m also an app snob, so if you see me using an app, you’ll know it’s a good one. Using the Barstool Sportsbook app feels like weightlessly moonwalking, so you want to try this out.

  • Appearance: A clear navigation menu sits at the top of the screen with your account balance. By just clicking on your account balance, you can see your transaction history and withdraw or deposit cash. Then, your eye is immediately drawn to a slider bar that contains need-to-know info like current promos and other deals. Another slider beneath that one contains some buttons taking you to individual sports and odds boosts. Then, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find all the upcoming events you need to be aware of, This is the stardust Barstool sports reviews’ dreams are made of.
  • Availability: Android is such a party pooper, but luckily I was able to download the app without any issues from the iOS app store. If you have an Android device, you need to use the web as the Android app store doesn’t currently allow sportsbook apps.  However, there is light at the end of the Android tunnel as they may soon be allowing sportsbook apps for download. Check out your Android app to see if Barstool Sportsbook is available.
  • Speed and stability: What would Barstool reviews be without checking out the app speed? And, let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. If you wait more than 10 seconds to log in, blame your internet connection. Any functions that need to be performed on the app are done super-fast and glitch-free. Superb!
  • A nice little extra — stats! I love this feature. When you click on a game, mostly from a major sport like football, the top of the page acquires a scrolling bar containing useful stats about that particular matchup. This is a great feature for online sports betting mission control.

Need some help? Barstool customer service is rocket-fast

As you might have seen in my latest MaximBet review, I’m always skeptical about customer support services, so I tried out Barstool’s several times. It’s a live chat service, and each time I initiated a conversation, I got a reply within only a few minutes. The customer support agent made an effort to be courteous and friendly, which I really appreciated. Now, that’s what I call top-notch customer service! CS, you deserve positive Barstool reviews!

In orbit: Discover new galaxies with our Barstool sports reviews

One of the best assets we found in one of our newest Barstool sports reviews, which is this one, is the unique Live Betting experience. On top of that, Barstool Sportsbook offers a plethora of fantastic promos and offers – some ongoing and some available for a limited time. In our Barstool reviews here at, we make sure we give you all the dirt on promos for existing customers and newcomers alike! Strap yourself in securely as you are about to experience the best of the best offered by Barstool sportsbook in one of our most comprehensive ever Barstool sports universe reviews.

Live betting blast off

Much like what I found in my WynnBET review, Barstool Sportsbook offers in-game betting on mainstream and niche sports from around the globe. Each live event is covered in detail, which gives bettors lots of opportunities to bet on different in-game events from start to finish.

Betting options include short-term in-game wagers, such as predicting the outcome of every pitch in an MLB game.

While other sportsbooks may offer a more standard pregame show to bettors, only Barstool Sportsbook provides its own special take on sports commentary with the Barstool Sports Advisors show. This show will give even the most established sportsbook operators a run for their money when it comes to live or in-sport betting, and discussing this feature is one of the highlights of Barstool reviews.

Drool-worthy Barstool promos in orbit right now

  • 5 p.m. on weekdays at Barstool equals “Reduce the Juice,” a one-hour window of reduced odds on select standard bets.
  • Barstool also offers some intergalactic bets you may not find anywhere else, like “total number of eagle putts for Bryson DeChambeau at the Masters” and “total points scored in all games this week in the Mid-American Football conference.”
  • Barstool also offers an assortment of “only at Barstool” promos, such as a “Quick Pick 6,” in which you choose from all the leagues, set a date range, and Barstool will automatically put together a six-leg parlay for you. But seriously, this one is just for fun, so don’t go all out!

The Barstool loyalty program

Barstool online sportsbook introduced a loyalty program that is linked with all Penn Nationals retail properties, Barstool Online Casino in Michigan and Hollywood Online Casino in Pennsylvania.

It’s called MyChoice rewards, and is highly recommended by most Barstool reviews, including ours. Customers like you and me can earn MyChoice reward points for every bet we make at 1 point for every $5 bet on parlays and at $10 wagered for 1 tier point on straight bets. These points help move you up in the MyChoice tier system and the higher you go, the more perks you get from all participating partners.

This Barstool Sports review found no FAQs — mission control hit or miss?

After scouring the Barstool Online sportsbook site for a while, I realized that I couldn’t locate a dedicated FAQ section. This is definitely something Barstool can implement by just placing a link or banner on their homepage.

Currently, their awesome customer service may be compensating for the lack of an FAQ section, but think about it — you’ll really give your customer support reps a break if you post the most frequently asked questions and their answers upfront where customers can see them.

Barstool Sports Betting

Did you say you wanted sports? Just hit the launch pad!

Okay, you can basically bet on everything in the intergalactic realm. Here’s a list where you can check if you might be looking for some wildly exotic sport like Barrel Racing:

  • All American sports like baseball, football and basketball
  • International sports like rugby and cricket.
  • Golf, boxing, motorsports, tennis, and soccer
  • Even darts and table tennis and much more.

Take my word for it — If there’s a sporting event happening somewhere in the universe that’s not a yodeling contest, Barstool most likely has odds on it. We’ll keep you in the loop about any changes in future Barstool reviews.

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+
Barstool Casino

Barstool Reviews: Barstool Casino offers its own galaxy of gambling

I recently paid a virtual visit to the Barstool Casino on my local ISP. Many Barstool reviews note that the Barstool casino does not offer such a wide variety of games as other casinos may do, but that may be because their main focus has always been sports.

The operator can focus on getting more types of slots, table games, and blackjack. That being said, the Barstool casino app is absolutely fantastic, and you get the idea that a gambling fan designed it because it has an almost intuitive feel to it.

The casino is safe and licensed but not available in many states. It does, however, have a fantastic blast-off bonus deal: New users on the Barstool casino get 24 hours of refund up to $1,000 in losses after they sign up and make them first wagers.

It appears that Barstool is in the process of growing and expanding its casino operator across the U.S. If the project was haphazardly put together, it wouldn’t have such a fabulous app, so hang in there!

Barstool reviews: Reserve your seat at the No.1 Sportsbook

The development of Barstool Sportsbook has such a charming story attached to it. And what makes it even better, the older aspects of the brand like the podcasts and news reporting components now give this sportsbook an advantage when it comes to features like live or in-game betting — almost like a retrorocket.

Carved right out of the old printing press into an online phenomenon that is scooping up fans by the day, Barstool reviews cannot contain anything else but praise. From their flawless app, their super-efficient customer service, and their wide variety of sports and betting options, you’ve got yourself a solid sports betting partner in the ever-expanding galaxy of gambling.

Keep your eye on Barstool Sportsbook, and look out for more Barstool reviews from us as this operator is one to keep an eye on!

Barstool Reviews Pennsylvania — a flyby of  sportsbook in the Keystone State

Pennsylvania (PA)Barstool Sportsbook officially came to Pennsylvania in September 2020, making the Keystone State the company’s first mobile betting market. Barstool Pennsylvania now offers mobile sportsbook betting and retail sportsbook is also shortly launching into betting space.

Barstool Pennsylvania’s land-based partner is Hollywood Casino, and Jeff Morris, the vice president of public affairs and government relations for Penn National Gaming, confirmed in August 2021 that a Barstool Sportsbook is coming to Hollywood Casino in Grantville.

There are always Barstool Pennsylvania bonus and promo deals on the table with daily boosts, promotions, and custom offers.

Barstool offers a fantastic mobile app experience for Pennsylvanians that they can download from Android or iOS.

Barstool Reviews Michigan — what’s been happening  the galaxy of the Great Lake State

Barstool Sportsbook started by launching in-person betting at Greektown Casino in December 2020, right after receiving a Michigan sports betting license under Penn Sports Interactive.

Barstool Michigan went on to launch statewide mobile sports betting and online gambling at the beginning of 2021. Michigan currently offers mobile betting, online casino, and retail sportsbook with their land-based partner, Greektown Casino.

Barstool’s highly rated app can be downloaded via Android or iOS and provides a superior avionic sports betting experience. Additionally, look out for Barstool Pennsylvania bonus and promo deals that are regularly on the table, including odds-boosts custom offers, and signup offers.

Barstool Reviews Illinois — spacewalking with Barstool sports betting in Illinois

Barstool Sportsbook launched mobile betting in Illinois in the early months of 2021. Illinois bettors can now log in on the Barstool mobile app or the desktop site to check out new Barstool Illinois’ out-of-this-world betting offers and promotions that are explicitly geared toward local sports teams, such as odds boosts on the Chicago White Sox, Bulls, Cubs, Blackhawks, Bears, and many more.

Barstool Illinois’ land-based partners are Hollywood Casino Aurora, Hollywood Casino Joliet, Argosy Casino Alton, and both mobile and retail betting is available in the state of Illinois.

Download the Barstool sportsbook app from Android or iOS for a seamless sports betting experience.

Barstool Reviews Colorado — in orbit with sports betting with Barstool in Colorado 

On August 9, 2021, Barstool’s brand-new sports betting was officially launched. That happened on August 9. Barstool Colorado is available via mobile or retail sports betting as, although Penn National doesn’t directly own any casinos in Colorado, the company manages the Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk. Ameristar Casino Resort is thus Barstool Colorado’s land-based partner. The Black Hawk venue is a favorite hosting both retail and online sports betting under the Barstool Bets brand.

There are also Barstool Colorado promo deals like no sweat bets as a welcome bonus: if new players first bet loses, they will receive a refund in sportsbook bonus cash equal to the amount wagered (up to $1,000). You can download the fantastic Barstool Sportsbook app on Android or iOS.

Barstool Reviews Virginia — a flyby look at Barstool’s legal status and offers 

VirginiaBarstool Virginia Sportsbook has officially launched, now joining a rapidly growing betting market, one that is expected to become progressively competitive in the coming months.

Barstool Sportsbook is the eighth Virginia sportsbook that’s taking sports bets in Old Dominion in a relatively short period of time. Virginians have anticipated the launch of Barstool Sportsbook for some time, and now it’s finally here. There is also a Barstool Virginia bonus for new signups and lots of other promos running constantly.

The Barstool Sportsbook app is available to download on Android and iOS and gets superb ratings. Alternatively, the online experience is also available on their desktop site.

Sports bettors have long known that Barstool would launch in Virginia. However, the date had remained a bit of mystery until now.

Barstool Reviews New Jersey — an intergalactic look at Barstool’s provision in the Garden State

Sports betting in New Jersey has never been easier. Barstool Sportsbook New Jersey, owned by Penn National, is now the 19th online betting platform in the state.

Penn National partnered up with Freehold Raceway to secure market access for Barstool Sportsbook. The sportsbook initially underwent a soft launch, where only 500 people could utilize the platform. This was done as the company wanted to test the product before football season when a full launch was conducted.

Siska Concannon, VP of marketing for Penn Interactive, gives more information about Barstool New Jersey bonus deals and promotions: “Unlike the other books, we offer same-game plus multi-game parlays.” This means that Barstool customers can build completely custom parlays using a massive variety of options.

You can download the Barstool app on Android or iOS today!

Barstool Reviews Indiana — a brief space cruise along Barstool Sportsbook’s provision in the Hoosier State

Barstool Sportsbook first came to Indiana when opening retail sportsbooks at Ameristar East Chicago and Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg. Not too long after, mobile betting by Barstool Sportsbook Indiana launched in May 2021.

Barstool made a massive profit after their launch in Indiana. There were 12 online sportsbooks in Indiana in May of this year, and Barstool is already the seventh-most popular one in the state thanks to its May performance.

Barstool Indiana’s impressive sports betting app also helped bolster its reputation as it is quick, versatile, and available on Android and iOS. Like in any other state, you’ll find Barstool Indiana bonus deals and lots of promos constantly running — keeping their customers happy by providing an exciting gambling experience.

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