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BetAmerica Review & Rating 2023

A galactic gambling superpower

BetAmerica is not active anymore.
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BetAmerica, the North American sweetheart of online gambling, has become a major player in the game. With the gravitational pull akin to a black hole, this galactic gambling operator offers an immensely exciting online experience to all that venture across its path.

BetAmerica, created in 2008 as a horse racing betting site, has grown in size and scope ever since. Today, the platform boasts dazzling bonuses and multiple products. It’s possible to benefit from a dedicated horse racing channel, in-depth sportsbook, and tantalizing casino platform. The comprehensive online gambling site reviews at PlayersBest have found a new inclusion and I’m eager to share my findings with you!

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victor hernandez
best casino in the us
"betamerica is my favorite casino site easily i love the games here and the live casino games are really good. i spent about a week ..."
Donna Chapman
My American hero
"When I moved to NJ I realized that I could finally play online without fuss. I found an easy-to-use platform, called BetAmerica and these guys ..."
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3 User Reviews
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Nathan Walter
Nathan Walter
Last Updated on 03/23/2023

An authentic American experience

The entire concept behind BetAmerica is based on appealing to your patriotic side. This site has managed to create a real American experience and you’ll be able to wave your flag with sheer pride as you zip through outer space. BetAmerica has incorporated a seamless on platform that manages to facilitate an unworldly gambling experience – whichever way you look at it.

The site is exceptionally well designed and this is apparent from the get-go. I have come to find that the overall usability of the site may well be unmatched. I’ve traveled across the solar system in search of the very best gambling planets. Some have met my expectations while others have paled in comparison. From the very beginning, BetAmerica certainly ticked more boxes than I originally thought possible. As such, I’m over the moon at being able to cover the latest BetAmerica review. I’ll run you through the entire checklist – covering all aspects of the platform. At the end of it all, you’ll understand why the latest BetAmerica rating is what it is. You’ll also be ready to claim the latest BetAmerica promo code and jet off into the great unknown!

BetAmerica Logbook: What happened so far

  • 01. JAN 2008: BetAmerica starts as an exclusive horse racing site.
  • 01. APRIL 2017: Churchill Downs Incorporated purchases BetAmerica.
  • 07. FEBRUARY 2020: BetAmerica implements a riveting sports bonus.
  • 21. JUNE 2021: We updated our BetAmerica test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our BetAmerica review

It is always a wise decision to cover all the bases of any online platform. This enables you to fire up your engines without having to concern yourself with being let down in the long run. Much like in our Borgata review, you will quickly realize there are several exciting sections that make up the core betting site of BetAmerica. This provides you with a wider scope of range – enabling you to aim for Pluto as you prepare for take-off.

The BetAmerica platform is made up of three distinct sections. Sticking to its roots, there is a dedicated horse racing section. This stands apart from the rest of the sportsbook and provides horse racing betting fans with the perfect opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of domestic and global racing events. If you’ve got your eyes on the prize and do not wish to be distracted by alternative sports betting markets, BetAmerica provides the perfect escape. You can also access the general sportsbook – an online platform full of gallant betting opportunities. An explorer worth his weight in gold will navigate this sportsbook with sheer confidence while still being in awe of all that it has to offer. It’s much the same as navigating the wide expanses of our universe. So much to see, so much to do!

You will also be able to utilize an innovative and advanced online casino. I really admire the casino capabilities and can truly speak to the enticing volume and quality of games on show. You will be hard-pressed to find a sports betting site that has incorporated such an outstanding casino lobby into the fold. A true testament to the gambling superpower that is BetAmerica. My latest BetAmerica review, much like the 888 promo code, would be remiss not to touch on the exclusive bonuses on hand. Before you take off on your journey into the depths of the solar system, why not embrace the offerings that come in the form of the BetAmerica new customer offers. Below, I’ve outlined the options that you will be able to choose from. As an explorer of space and beyond, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of tricks up your sleeve.

The shining BetAmerica sports betting bonus

As a new explorer to the site, you’ll be eligible to claim a fantastic BetAmerica promo code to be used on sports markets of your choosing. No matter where you find yourself in the gambling galaxy, the BetAmerica new customer offers will provide you with comfort and guidance. It’s one of the best ways in which to kickstart your journey and will only boost your chances of discovering the unknown with complete success. There’s no reason for you to return home without having claimed an enticing BetAmerica bonus code to be used on sports betting markets. The generous bonus is versatile and flexible. Bear in mind that you will be required to make a qualifying deposit before take-off. If you manage to create a valid account and make the deposits, your BetAmerica new customer offers are within reach.

Casino BetAmerica bonus code will ignite your rockets

If you think the sports bonus dazzles, then you’re in for a great surprise. The latest BetAmerica casino bonus, in my humble yet experienced opinion, may well outshine the latest BetAmerica promo code for sporting explorers. You’ll come to find that you can claim a massive bonus by following the onlin prompts and bonus requirements. Don’t forget to use the latest BetAmerica bonus code as this will enable you to pick the correct bonus for your troubles. The latest offers on this stellar online gambling site must be applauded. I’m nothing short of amazed at the flexibility and size of these offers. These are the types of bonuses that one wants on any voyage across the endless open spaces of the gambling universe. If you’re looking for a way in which to tackle all that lies above you in the open skies, then claiming one of these compelling bonuses is the right move.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... BetAmerica test

After finding the riveting new customer offers on this site, my latest BetAmerica rating is sky high. However, is BetAmerica legit? If the foundation isn’t solid, then our journey is over before it begins. We’ll need to ensure that all the aspects from an operational standpoint are checked off and in good health. This will certainly provide us with the ability to take-off and break through the stratosphere – a feat we are eager to achieve with the latest BetAmerica review. If experience has taught me anything, methodically testing each fundamental feature will ensure a safe lift-off.

Does BetAmerica carry the right credentials for a safe moon landing?

Before taking off with any online gambling site, it is imperative that you find out about their credentials. A gambling site without the correct license is not safe to board. The mission is clear and there’s no room for missteps. Not when the idea is to reach space safely. Thus, I urge you to always check whether the operator you wish to sign up with is licensed to offer online gambling services. If this is not the case, you will quickly come to find that the entire online experience becomes murky and difficult to navigate. It’s best to avoid as many potential asteroids from the start.

Fortunately, I have noted that BetAmerica is licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. If you reside in Pennsylvania, you’ll come to find that the platform is licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Either way you look at it, there’s no need to feel concerned. This site will enable us to take-off with complete and utter confidence.

Adding jet fuel is simple

In order to gain some traction and provide our rocket with fuel, we’ll need to know how to pay for the fuel. The same is true when you create a new gambling account. Without being able to deposit real money funds, you’ll come to a stand-still pretty quickly. My latest BetAmerica review has noted that there are several options that are accepted. You won’t have to worry about your deposits not being accepted as you travel throughout the gambling galaxy. It’s important that you ensure that your account is linked to an accepted option before you embark on your journey. This will allow you to top-up your account and keep your rockets ignited. Falling out of the sky mid-bet is no fun. BetAmerica provides you with comprehensive and instant payment processing – so that isn’t a concern that should be tabled.

You can deposit funds using your bank card (Visa, Mastercard), ACH payments, online bank transfers, PayPal, PayNearMe, Skrill, and Play+. The latest BetAmerica rating certainly takes a boost based on this news.

It’s important to bear in mind that the withdrawal options will vary from gambling astronaut to gambling astronaut. Thus, you should check which options are available to you by logging into your account and visiting the payment section. The options will depend on your account history as well as whether you have verified your account in full.

Support will guide us on our mission

BetAmerica players are certainly well-supported. You will be able to seek help 24/7 – allowing you to forget about Earth time and space time as this gets tricky. All you need to do is ensure that you know how to use the support structures in place. Be sure to jot down how you can get in touch as you don’t want to become untethered in space without any assistance.

My BetAmerica rating is found that you can make use of several contact options and features. The first being the comprehensive FAQ section that is available to all explorers. This should always be your first port of call. It’s the most convenient way in which to seek clarity on questions you might have. Traveling across the gambling galaxy is exciting but fast-paced and uncertain at times. Thus, you should always have a clear guide at your disposal. The FAQ section on the BetAmerica site is one such guide. It’ll enable you to answer questions on the go without having to wait for a response from mission control. Always keep this section close to your chest.

Alternatively, you can seek help using the latest 24/7 email support option. If you are unable to find what you are looking for using the FAQ section, you can email the team at BetAmerica. Otherwise, it is also possible to give them a call if you have a cellular signal. This will put you in direct contact with a representative.

Our spaceship is secure

Is BetAmerica legit? Only time will tell. All that I can highlight from the start is that it is paramount to make use of a legitimate and secure site. We need all the protection and oversight we can get as we embark on the latest trek through the never-ending galaxy up above. In an effort to answer the question, “Is BetAmerica legit”, I have tested the security protocols of the overall platform. My findings are more than promising – instilling a sense of calm and relief in my latest BetAmerica review. This operator has implemented state-of-the-art encryption technology that protects and secures all data on the site. All of your personal information will be secured via this encryption and nothing is stored in plain text. Thus, you needn’t worry about extra-terrestrial bodies gathering intel on you. Any unauthorized access should be stopped from the get-go as the SSL technology is very effective.

Accessing BetAmerica on the move

As we’ll be hurtling through outer space, being able to gamble on the move is of great importance. In light of this, I have tested the site for any possible mobile app. What I have found will surely provide you with even more desire to make use of this site. You can access the BetAmerica platform using the latest mobile app for Android or iOS. If you are an Android user at heart, you will need to download the mobile app directly from the official site. The Android app does not appear in the Google Play Store. For those of you who have iOS devices, you can simply download the app in the App Store.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can simply log in using your account details. What’s more is that it is also possible to create an account from scratch using the mobile app. You’ll find that the process is streamlined and easy to navigate. It’s certainly the best bet if you find yourself on the move prior to creating an account. This will enable you to place bets and play all the latest games wherever you may find yourself. Is BetMGM legit in offering a mobile app? Find out more about the latest mobile apps from the very best operators in the universe. You needn’t settle for one if you’re looking to open multiple gambling accounts.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at BetAmerica

It’s time for you and I to remain in orbit for some time. It’s clear that BetAmerica is capable of lifting us into outer space without a hitch. However, how are we going to remain on track to continue our exploration? BetAmerica has included a range of exciting features which will continue to power our rockets for as long as we like. This gives you the freedom to explore the gambling galaxy with BetAmerica for eternity – if you so please.

Free play extravaganza

If you’re so inclined, you’ll come to find that the latest free play section provides you with great insights. It’ll enable you to plot your trajectory with maximum efficiency. Plus, you’ll gain added confidence that will allow you to navigate through the solar system without hesitation. All in all, you should certainly further equip yourself by using the section on the BetAmerica platform. This page is yet another feather in BetAmerica’s cap and will enable you to find the latest Betamerica promo codes. These can be used to bet on a range of markets using the free play page. Boost your winnings and get involved with potential prizes!

Intergalactic social media blitz

Staying on top of all the latest developments can be tedious at best. This becomes even more apparent when you’re on a super important mission across the gambling galaxy. It’s simply impossible to find the time to access your account every second of the day. However, you don’t want to miss out on any new offers, games, markets, or developments at BetAmerica. As such, you can stay in the loop by following their social media accounts. You can do so on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. What this allows you to do is to stay in contact without actively doing so. You may well set your mobile device to alert you of any new updates. This means that you can stay ahead of the game. Keeping your finger on the pulse will mean that, no matter where you may find yourself, you’ll always know what’s happening at BetAmerica. You can be the first to claim a new offer or play the latest and hottest casino games to merge on the market.

BetAmerica Sports Betting

An unparalleled sports betting experience

In an effort to outline exactly what you’ll come to find on the sports betting platform, I’ve rounded up the very best features and services that make up this riveting product. As I have outlined above, the horse racing betting section can be accessed separately. Below, I’ve touched on what you should keep your eye out for!

Dedicated horse racing betting

With a slick design that leaves all the bells and whistles at home, the horse racing homepage enables you to quickly analyze different markets and potential races. You can use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate across the horse racing betting platform. It’s as if you’ve accessed a completely secret section on the BetAmerica site. There’s efficient support on offer while you can view upcoming races and past results and replays. It’s an intriguing and practical betting section complete with tips on how to get started. Plus, you’ll be able to stream the latest races directly from your device. What better way to enjoy quality horse racing action! From where I’m standing, this is certainly an intuitive touch from BetAmerica and shouldn’t be overlooked by any sports betting fan out there.

Wide betting markets on offer with scintillating odds

The sportsbook consists of around 15 different sports. You can bet on the upcoming Olympics or simply back your favorite NBA team. You’ll be able to bet on sports such as baseball, tennis, MMA, field hockey, water polo, rugby league, and several others. Unfortunately, there’s golf coverage. But, with great odds on major North American fixtures, you won’t mind too much. Use the dedicated BetAmerica Super Odds tab to tilt the latest odds on a selection of events in your favor. You’ll come to enjoy this feature more than most on the site. It enables you to take advantage of the very best online odds that the universe has to offer.

Great live betting capabilities

Lastly, I’d be remiss not to mention the exciting live betting capabilities on the sportsbook site. There are a number of sports that are included as part of this offer. You can catch the latest cricket, soccer, basketball, and baseball action. Keep in mind you’ll have access to more than this. It all depends when you tune in! Keep track of upcoming markets and you’ll find a world of live betting opportunities to take advantage of. It’s all on offer at BetAmerica and you’ll be able to maximise your betting with in-play opportunities.

BetAmerica Casino

Exploring the uncharted online casino platform

BetAmerica may have started out as a horse racing betting site but they’ve come leaps and bounds in the last 14 years. Today, you’ll be able to access a quality casino platform. This complements the sportsbook to no end and enables you to play the very latest games while you’re on your manned mission.

Compelling game catalogue

The best part about the BetAmerica casino lobby is that you’ll be able to choose between hundreds of high-quality games. Not a handful or two but hundreds! It’s as if you’ve landed in a cluster of the brightest stars. The layout of the lobby makes it easy to navigate in order to find games that you want to play. With a selection of over 400, your enthusiasm for the platform won’t fizzle out anytime soon. I suggest that you try out the latest inclusions that consist of games such as Dark King: Forbidden Riches, Enchanted Lamp, and Willy’s Hot Chillies. 

Live casino exploration

If you ever feel lonely in the outer reaches of space, the live casino section at BetAmerica will be of great excitement to you. We’re social beings and interaction is important for daily peace of mind. Thus, you can utilize the latest live casino in order to play compelling games all the while making use of professional dealers. There are 14 different live dealers on standby. All you need to do is pick a table that appeals to you and join in on the fun. You’ll certainly find the experience to be refreshing and highly immersive. It’s one of the best ways to get your mind off things and simply have fun!

BetAmerica FAQ

📱Is there a BetAmerica app?

You’ll find that pretty much all decent online sportsbooks in the US will have some kind of betting app. This contains important geolocation software and it also gives you an easy way to bet from a small screen. So read our BetAmerica review to see whether this sportsbook has an app that you can download.

📞What is the BetAmerica phone number?

Read our BetAmerica review to see what the best methods are for getting in touch with this sportsbook. This will reveal whether there is a BetAmerica phone number, or whether you have to use live chat or send an email. After all, most online gambling sites in the US will provide you with a few different ways of getting in touch.

❓Do I have to use a BetAmerica promo code?

It’s fairly common to have to use some kind of promo code to get many of the best sports betting bonuses in the US. So check out our BetAmerica review to see what the process is for getting any of this sportsbook’s special offers and promotions. 

✅Is the BetAmerica casino legal?

Check out our BetAmerica review to see whether this online casino is acting legally. After all, while online casino gaming might be legal in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, this is the exception to the rule. Make sure that you also check out our online gambling news service for more about this important issue.

🎁Can I get a BetAmerican freeplay bonus?

There are plenty of great casino bonuses out there, but you should read our BetAmerica review to see what kinds of casino promotions this online gambling site has on. Our review will instantly reveal whether you can pick up any matched deposit bonuses or even some free spins for online slots gaming.

BetAmerica review: Conclusion

BetAmerica is one of the most sought-after online operators in the gambling galaxy. Explorers come from all corners of the universe in order to try out all that is on offer. I am astounded at the ability of BetAmerica to continue pleasing customers to the extent that they do. There is a wide range of quality sports betting markets and online casino games. The site is certainly a paradise for horse racing enthusiasts and you’ll be able to get in on racing action from all over the globe.

As a new explorer, you’ll be welcomed to the site with a thrilling online bonus. The requirements are few and far between, enabling you to take advantage without delay. The latest bonuses are only part of the larger online promotional catalogue at BetAmerica. Thus, you’ll find a meteor shower of regular deals that can be applied across the site. With top-notch support and a versatile betting app, you’ll quickly come to call this platform home. If you’re still keen on exploring the gambling galaxy in search of hidden gems, take a look at the latest FOXBet rating. This will give you better insights into how competitors rank next to the giant betting planet that is BetAmerica.

User Reviews for BetAmerica

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. best casino in the us
    victor hernandez

    betamerica is my favorite casino site easily i love the games here and the live casino games are really good. i spent about a week here at the casino and never got bored once. some of the slot games i havent seen anywhere else and i play at a lot of online casino sites. theres also a sportsbook here but i didnt go there. my favorite thing was the bonuses that didnt try to rip me off like most bonuses so i am definitly coming back to betamerica again

    theres nothing wrong with betamerica its a great casino
  2. My American hero
    Donna Chapman

    When I moved to NJ I realized that I could finally play online without fuss. I found an easy-to-use platform, called BetAmerica and these guys welcomed me with a 100% match bonus. The sportsbook has a wide range of sports events with standard odds. And lucky me I won and collected my cash, pretty easily, after satisfying the wagering requirements.

    I didn’t win anything at the casino but It’s great too. The site didn’t have enough regular promos after the welcome offer but, generally, I loved it.
  3. Small game selection

    This casinos theme is very patriotic, it has a nice, easy to use layout. They have all the game types you could need but the selection is not very big.

    They have a small selection of games, there are better casino options out there.

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