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Welcome to my Betfair review. Or should I say my Stardust Casino review. After all, Betfair was recently rebranded in the US to become Stardust Casino. Confused? Keep reading my intergalactic Betfair review and it’ll all make sense!

Whether you’re looking for a Betfair rating or a Stardust Casino rating, you’ll discover that this is an awesome online casino site. It’s only available in a few US states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but I think that Stardust Casino is set for big things. Take a look below to see what happened in my Betfair review!

Key reasons behind my intergalactic Betfair rating

At first my Betfair review was a bit confused. After all, I didn’t know whether to ask ‘Is Betfair legit?’ or ‘Is Stardust Casino legit?’ But once I got over the name change, I found that it is an awesome online casino site. It has all of the slots and table games you’d expect. Plus I discovered some awesome Betfair new customer offers that were equally as good as the last Resorts promo code deal. All of which is wrapped in a cool space-themed retro gaming package that mirrors the famous Stardust Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Betfair/Stardust Casino Logbook: What happened so far

  • 01. June 2021: Betfair starts its offer.
  • 03. March 2021: Betfair rebranded as Stardust Casino in the US
  • 23. June 2021: We updated our Betfair test

Countdown: What you can expect from my interplanetary Betfair review

I always like to start my gambling reviews with a broad overview of what you can expect from the operator. After all, you’re not going to want to use a casino if you’re looking for bets on the NFL. So it’s here that I should make it perfectly clear that Stardust Casino is 100% about casino games. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve thought that this Betfair review was going to be about using a sports betting exchange. Simply put, Stardust Casino is an online casino where you get to play casino games for real money and that’s about it.

Intergalactic casino games from quality developers

Stardust Casino was originally a Las Vegas-based casino resort and hotel that’s been open since the 1950s. As such, it should know more than a little about slots and table gaming. This is something that I recognized when I saw the game developers behind each of the casino games featured at the Stardust Casino site. Seriously, there are some of the biggest gaming studios featured here like NetEnt. All of this is important as the quality of the developer has a direct impact on the gameplay that you enjoy. Plus you’re more likely to make some decent real money wins by playing a well-designed casino game.

Security at Stardust Casino for your space mission

I have to admit that I’m a real stickler for making sure that any online casino is safe before I sign up. Just because Stardust Casino is a big casino brand doesn’t mean that I’m going to feel any more secure in giving the operator my cash. This is why I’ll be checking how Stardust Casino looks after my personal data and real money deposits. I should note the fact that I live in one of the few US states where online casino gaming is legal. I recognize the fact that this is the exception to the rule. But for the purposes of this Betfair review, I’m going to pretend that your US state has also legalized online gambling.

Why responsible gambling is essential in any casino gaming mission

One of the main reasons why Stardust Casino looks like it’s a legit casino site is the fact that it contains a variety of responsible gambling tools. These give you some easy and flexible ways to make sure that you don’t spend too much with your online gaming. It might not sound like the most exciting thing for an online casino to do. But I’ve found that responsible gambling tools can be a big help in stopping me spending more than I’d meant to.

So I was glad to see that Stardust Casino lets you set limits on how much you can deposit within a certain time period. You’ll also get to put limits on how much you wager both on

the bet slip and within a specific time period. Other useful responsible gambling tools include options for things like maximum entry fee and the number of contests you enter. All of which help you enjoy online gaming without things getting out of control.

Lift-off: Is Betfair legit for interstellar casino gaming?

So I’m not going to ask ‘Is Betfair legit?’ here. After all, the brand has changed its name to become Stardust Casino pretty recently. This shows that it’s a different entity and I’ll try and treat it as such. What you should know is that FanDuel is behind the new venture in conjunction with Boyd Gaming – one of the biggest casino gaming brands in Las Vegas. This basically tells you that this is a serious business operation and not some dodgy offshore operator. Keep reading my Betfair review to see how safe Stardust Casino is, and learn how this gaming site works.

Fully regulated casino site in certain parts of the universe

I’m always careful to use fully regulated US casino sites and you should be too. So just as I asked ‘Is Caesars Casino legit?’ I’m going to do the same for Stardust Casino. I know some people who’ve used unregulated offshore casino operators. This has usually turned out to be a bad move and they’ve often seen their real money deposits go AWOL. So I was glad to see that Stardust Casino is fully regulated in the US states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This basically means that Stardust Casino has to obey the online gambling laws of those states. As such, you should get nothing but a safe and fair gaming platform here. Just so you know, Stardust Casino runs a completely encrypted gaming site. This means that there’s little chance of someone running off with your personal data.

Making intergalactic deposits at the Stardust Casino

Stardust Casino is a real money casino site. So I had to put down some real money deposits before I could start gaming. After I’d registered my account, I simply followed the links to the deposit area. I was seriously pleased to see that PayPal was one of the payment options. This meant that I could deposit directly from my PayPal account and the money showed up in my Stardust Casino account almost instantly. All of which occurred with no hassle and no annoying processing fees. Other deposit options at Stardust Casino include ACH, Visa, and MasterCard. Not the largest choice of payment options, but all safe, secure, and speedy.

Trust Stardust Casino to pay your planet-sized winnings

It took a little while before I managed to make some winnings to actually withdraw. But once I’d succeeded then I found that the withdrawal process at Stardust Casino was pretty smooth. It made it automatic to get paid back into my PayPal account, and I was happy that there wasn’t any more authentication needed. What’s best is that the payout came through into my PayPal account in a little over 24 hours. Just remember that some of the other withdrawal methods like ACH might take longer for payouts. But on the whole, the whole payout process felt fast and effortless.

Get interplanetary customer support from Stardust Casino

I have to admit that I had a pretty easy-going time at Stardust Casino. This meant that I didn’t have to contact customer support at any time. However, I thought it might be useful to see what your customer service options are. You can click on the little question mark at the bottom of the Stardust Casino site and it’ll bring up a live chatbot. By clicking through this, you’ll eventually find the live chat where you can speak to a real human. There’s also the option to request a callback, but no information is given on whether the Stardust Casino customer support is open 24/7 or not. I should mention the fact that there’s a pretty hefty FAQ section on the Stardust Casino site. This is a good place to look if you’ve forgotten what your password is or need help making a payment. All of which shows that Stardust Casino cares about its customers.

Download the intergalactic Stardust Casino app

Being a pretty lazy kind of person, I’m usually keen to enjoy casino gaming from the comfort of my couch. So I was more than happy to find that Stardust Casino had developed some awesome casino gaming apps. These are available for iOS and Android devices. I downloaded the iOS Stardust Casino app to my iPad and found that it worked wonderfully. There was something seriously fun about playing slot games with a tap of the tablet screen. I also noticed that there was geolocation software in the app to make sure that I only used it within state borders. All in all, one of the best online casino apps that I’ve come across.

No degree in rocket science needed to use the Stardust Casino website

You can also use the regular Stardust Casino site for online gaming. I fired up the brand’s site and found that it looked and behaved like pretty much every other online casino website I’ve used. This means browsing between all of the different gaming genres and clicking on different tabs for all of the promotions and so on. It’s not the most distinctive online casino I’ve seen. I wish that more had been made of the retro space-age feel of the original Stardust Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. However, I was glad to see that all of the pages loaded quickly and there weren’t any glitches. In short, a perfectly usable online casino site!

In orbit: jet off into space with my Betfair rating

It’s only been a matter of months since Betfair morphed into Stardust Casino. As such, the brand probably hasn’t had too much time to implement too many innovative features. The brand’s collection of slot and table games is impressive, but not something that you can’t find in many other US online casinos. Similarly, everything from the Stardust Casino app to the brand’s website looked and worked much the same as any other operator’s. However, we did find that Stardust Casino went the extra mile when it came to its bonuses and promotions.

Get the interstellar Stardust Casino bonus

I have to admit that my Betfair review started pretty strongly as I found a nice Stardust Casino welcome bonus waiting for me. This special offer is available to all new customers who’ve never signed up for Stardust Casino before. Creating your new account is pretty easy as you just need to provide the brand with your name, date of birth, and so on. If you’ve managed to do all of this, then the Stardust Casino sign-up offer would kick in. This basically allows you to play risk-free during your first day at the site. I used this deal and found that my losses had been refunded up to a certain amount. It’s a great deal and it offers you plenty of insurance during your first 24 hours at this awesome casino site.

Discover some of the best daily casino bonuses in the cosmos

The above welcome bonus is a good deal, but for real innovation, check out some of Stardust Casino’s daily bonuses. Depending on which day of the week you play, you could find yourself given some awesome special offers. For example, I played some of the blackjack games on a Tuesday and got a very handy card gaming bonus. However, if you play some of the Stardust Casino live casino games on a Monday, then you might find that your losses had been covered up to a certain amount.

There was a similar deal for table gaming that let you play risk-free on Thursdays. Plus Stardust Casino will also put on special promos for slots gaming. I took advantage of the deal that let me play the Triple Diamond slot game risk-free on Fridays. There might be larger casino bonuses out there, but each of these deals proved to be a good value for money.

Bring a friend to the interplanetary Stardust Casino

By now you’ll probably be sick of me going on about how good Stardust Casino is. Well, part of the reason why I’m doing this is that the brand has an awesome refer-a-friend promotion. All you have to do for this is to get a friend to sign up and play the site’s games with a minimum amount of real money wagering. If your friend manages to do this, then you’ll both get a decent bonus. All the more reason to shout to the world just how good Stardust Casino is.

Join the interstellar Stardust Casino loyalty club

I saw that Stardust Casino had put on an impressive loyalty club. To be honest, I wasn’t at the site long enough to take full advantage of this, but it looked to be a good value for money. It’s one of those reward programs that have different levels. You’ll start off at the VIP iron level and then climb your way through the ranks of bronze, silver, and gold to the final platinum level. Each stage that you reach sees you rewarded with benefits like bonuses, gifts, special events and you could even get your own VIP host.

You are entered into the loyalty program as soon as you sign up for the site. Just remember that you may have to spend a lot of time wagering to get much back from this reward program. You can also link your B Connected card with Stardust Casino for more ways to get a little extra from your casino gaming. I should mention the fact that Stardust Casino has even partnered up with some famous hotels around the Atlantic City area so that you can enjoy the VIP treatment there. Definitely not something that you’d get at the average online casino!

Betfair Casino

Make planet-sized wins at the Stardust Casino site

You might have come to this Betfair review expecting to find some kind of sportsbook. After all, Betfair was one of the first sports betting exchanges to open up in its home nation of the UK. But don’t expect any sports or horse racing ratings in this Betfair review. In fact, go to my 4NJBets rating if you want to see a quality horse betting site. Because for now, it looks like Betfair has morphed into becoming a pretty impressive online casino site called Stardust Casino. You might already know Stardust Casino from being the 1950s retro sci-fi casino in Las Vegas. Well, the Stardust Casino website is pretty much the same in digital form. Keep reading my Betfair review to see what games you can find at the Stardust Casino.

Some of the best slot games in the cosmos at Stardust Casino 

I have to say that I’m a real sucker for slot machines. Something about the whir and click of those retro slots always hints at making some decent real money wins. So I was very pleased to see that the Stardust Casino had an awesome collection of online slots. I started off playing the Jumanji slot because I liked the movie as a kid. From here I checked out Starburst as it’s probably the most famous slot on the planet. However, I got the greatest amount of luck in playing Gonzo’s Quest. Not just a cool El Dorado-themed slot, but also capable of some decent real money payouts too.

Get a unique live casino experience at the interstellar Stardust Casino

While live casino games are great fun, they can often be the same games from the same developers. So I was pleased to see that the Stardust Casino live dealer games come from the brand’s own live casino studio. This certainly helps the brand stand apart from the pack. In terms of the live dealer gaming options, it’s all fairly familiar with table games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette and hold’em poker. But credit must be given to Stardust Casino for Live Unlimited Blackjack that does exactly what you’d expect. Not the biggest live casino I’ve ever seen but it does the job.

Not exactly a supernova-sized variety of roulette games at Stardust Casino

I have to admit that I’ve been stung by the roulette wheel a couple of times. So I wasn’t massively disappointed to see that Stardust Casino only has about six roulette gaming options. However, I know that there’ll be roulette fans out there, so I should probably highlight what I found in my Betfair review. You’ll get to play all major roulette variants here like American, French, and European roulette. Plus there is even a game called Roulette Advanced and the aforementioned live roulette games. So if you’re into roulette, you’ll enjoy all of the basic options at Stardust Casino.

Why Stardust Casino impressed with its cosmic blackjack games 

Blackjack is probably my favorite casino table game. After all, the rules are pretty simple and it’s relatively easy to win. So I was more than happy to see that Stardust Casino had a good amount of online blackjack games. These included all of the standard classic single-player blackjack games. Plus I noticed that there were some more unusual blackjack options including something called Zappit Blackjack. I wasn’t sure that my card gaming skills were up to playing Multi-Hand Blackjack, but I was pleased to see that this is an option at Stardust Casino. All of this shows that this is an awesome site for some space-age blackjack gaming.

Plenty more interplanetary table games at the Stardust Casino 

I also found well over a dozen other table gaming options at the Stardust Casino. One of the best table games was definitely the Baccarat Professional Series. This card game has one the most player-friendly house edges and I was able to rack up some pretty decent wins here. I was also happy to see some fun video poker games. These included the likes of Destiny Poker, Hold ‘em Poker, Three Card Poker, and something called DJ Wild Stud Poker. You’re not going to find anything like sic bo or Teen Patti here, but Stardust Casino manages to cover all basic table gaming options.

Get the biggest jackpots in the universe at Stardust Casino 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to try your luck on some jackpot games. After all, these are the casino games that pay out biggest despite requiring the smallest amount of effort. So I was more than happy to see that Stardust Casino has a quality selection of jackpot games. My personal favorite had to NetEnt’s Divine Fortune. OK so I didn’t manage to get the mega jackpot here, but I still claimed some respectable wins. All of which was enough to offset some of the damage gained by playing other jackpots like Candy Bars, Lightning Horseman, and Mercy of the Gods. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck with the awesome collection of jackpot slots at Stardust Casino than I did!


Betfair FAQ

✅Is Betfair US open?

If you’ve read the recent online gambling news, you’ll know that Betfair was poised to make a big splash in the US sports betting and casino gaming market. So check out our Betfair review to see what happened here and what it means for the brand’s plans to become a key player in the US gambling scene.

🏀Where can I play at the Betfair sportsbook from?

All sports betting sites in the US are only allowed to operate in those states where they are licensed and regulated to do so. Our Betfair review will give you all of the latest information about which states Betfair is regulated in so that you can see whether you can legally play at this sports betting platform.

🎰What states is the Betfair casino open in?

Check out our Betfair review and learn whether this brand’s online casino has been launched in any US states. Remember that which some of the best online casinos may be operational in states like Michigan and New Jersey, they won’t legally be allowed to operate in those states that have yet to legalize online casino gaming.

❓How does the Betfair exchange work?

Much of Betfair’s success has been down to its betting exchange that works a little differently to what you get at a standard online sportsbook. So read our Betfair review to get an insight into how its betting exchange works and see whether its betting odds are any better than what you can get at other US online sportsbooks.

🎁What is the Betfair sign up bonus?

Betfair has a long history of putting on some of the best sports betting offers that have helped many people get much more back from their sports bets. Our Betfair review will take a close look at each of the brand’s latest promotions to see how they work for sports betting so that you can see whether they are worth getting or not.

Betfair review: why Stardust Casino could be the best gaming site in the cosmos

My Betfair review got off to a pretty rocky start. But once I realized that the brand had merely undergone a name change, things settled down. It basically meant that I’d be using a Stardust Casino promo code rather than a Betfair promo code. Plus I got just as satisfactory an answer to my question of ‘Is Stardust Casino legit?’ as ‘Is Betfair legit?’ What I’m trying to say is to not let the name change from Betfair to Stardust Casino put you off using this awesome online casino.

This is because Stardust Casino has managed to assemble an awesome selection of online casino games from some of the biggest developers in the cosmos. There are some seriously massive progressive slot games that have jackpots that could block out the sun. Plus table gaming fans will appreciate the decent variety of blackjack and baccarat variants. I particularly appreciated the live dealer games that you won’t get elsewhere.

Obviously, there’s no such thing as a perfect online gambling site. Stardust Casino is all about casino games, so you’ll have to read our PointsBet review if you want to bet on sports. Plus I have to remind you of the fact that this casino site is only operating in New Jersey and Pennsylvania at the moment. But it’s an impressive start from Stardust Casino. So pick up that Betfair bonus code, sorry, Stardust Casino bonus code, and see what you can win!

User Reviews for Betfair

4.33/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Love thes slots variety

    there is such a great variety of slots on betfair and I really enjoy playing on the site as I win quite often. I had a problem the other day and customer service were actually really good.

    I thought betfair had an exchange but maybe I was on the wrong site because I couldn't find it and this seemed very different
  2. It was very friendly site

    Betfair is a customer-friendly bookmaker that really enjoyed playing at. Customer support is always super nice and constantly available via live chat, ready to assist me. The bookmaker covers a wide variety of leagues and I was just spoilt for choice. I often had to do a coin toss to decide what to bet on next. I won on several occasions and collecting my cash wasn’t hard.

    The casino section seems to biased towards slots and I’m a Blackjack and poker expert myself. But that’s wasn’t too bad.
  3. Greeat VIP Casino

    I have had a really enjoyable experience at Stardust casino, the VIP club is worth it once you make it to Silver. Another great feature of this casino is that you can favorite the games you play most regularly.


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