BetMGM Online Casino & Sportsbook Reviews & Ratings 2022

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A busy site with plenty to offer – that’s BetMGM

Busy is certainly the word for BetMGM, which brings you straight into the sportsbook once you land on the homepage. Our BetMGM review explores the three major areas and more, covering sports, casino, and poker.

The white and gold logo carries through to the color scheme throughout the site, without being too outlandish. If you want to explore this planet in detail, our full review guides you through the features, highlights, and plenty more. You’re about to discover our BetMGM rating as we head for this outpost in the online gaming universe.

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What should you expect from BetMGM?

MGM is immediately recognizable, and the bet part of the name tells us what we can expect from the site. The landing page doesn’t disappoint either, giving us fast access to the three specific areas of interest. The sportsbook is the default from the homepage, while the casino and poker areas appear next to it by the logos on the left of the page. I noticed just how much information they displayed on the screen when I landed – as much as I’d expect to see in a space shuttle operation guide.

So, does that make the site difficult to use? Not at all – in fact, you ought to know they have done a fine job of making lots of information accessible and logical from the beginning. We’ll see this in more detail when we progress to the reviews of individual site areas.

BetMGM Logbook: What happened so far

  • 30. JULY 2018: BetMGM starts its offer.
  • 29. OCTOBER 2019: BetMGM joins forces with Yahoo Sports
  • 22. JUNE 2021: We updated our BetMGM test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our BetMGM review

The BetMGM planet offers a new array of information that could so easily become confusing, yet never manages to fall into that black hole. Each site area is huge, so it almost feels like three websites rolled into one. If you’re curious to explore the casino, the poker area, or the sportsbook, stay in your seat because I’ll head for each site section later in this review. It’s enough here to say that the site gives you a separate submenu for each section, so you only ever see the most important features of each area – the only ones you’ll want at specific moments.

You can see that a ton of sports feature in the sportsbook, along with betting offers, top events, and live events happening now. The casino gives you all the familiar gaming areas you’d hope to see from a name as big as BetMGM. The poker area is also much bigger than I expected. You may well already guess that our review is going to earn a rating as high as (or higher than) our Betfair rating in that review elsewhere at PlayersBest. When you first arrive, you’ll want to explore a little as I did. At that point, you may feel overwhelmed by all the sights and sensations coming your way. However, you’ll see – again, as I have – that BetMGM gently guides you through their part of the stratosphere. They’re always reliable and trustworthy, so you won’t need to worry about any negative experiences, black holes, or alien encounters.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... BetMGM test

We visited BetMGM via Pennsylvania, but we realize you may end up visiting from another state. It could be easy to become confused about state-specific access, but it’s a breeze to find the area you need for state selection. You need to go almost to the bottom of the landing page, where you’ll see a dark gray area with lots of menu links inside it. At the top of that area, there is the name of a state – in our case, Pennsylvania – and an arrow that reveals a dropdown menu.

You might be wondering, “Is BetMGM legal in New Jersey?” Let’s take a look. If you reveal the menu, you’ll reveal a list of 10 states you can sign up from and legally use the BetMGM website. The menu includes New Jersey, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Indiana. When we went through to the registration page, we noticed that the URL already reflected the state we were in – the PA appeared in front of the portion of the name. You may wish to check this when you sign up to the site if you haven’t yet done so. Once you reach the bottom of the site, you will see relevant licensing details depending on the state you’re in. In my case, in Pennsylvania, they offered a link to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, and confirmed they were approved for real money gambling in that state. Good to know. You can check this for your location too. They also use geolocation technology to confirm where you are if you want to use the site.

What about their take on responsible gaming?

I’m placing this early in my site review because I feel it is important to know how seriously they take this. I found a link to that area at the bottom of their site – easy to spot in seconds, rather than taking light years to find. They introduce you to the topic before moving on to other relevant areas to read about:

  • Problem gambling
  • Warning signs
  • Details about the Council on Compulsive Gambling of Pennsylvania (you may see different information if you are viewing the site from another state)
  • Ways to find help

They move on to give a series of links to areas such as prevention, self-help, and research, so they do cover plenty of ground in this section. They take their responsibilities seriously and have made the relevant info easy to find too. I would expect nothing less from a name as big as this one, so the dedication to offering the best online sportsbook, casino, and poker offering is clear to see here.

New Jersey (US)
Pennsylvania (US)
Ontario (CA)
Michigan (US)
Colorado (US)
+ 11

Discover the available banking facilities in our BetMGM review

It’s incredibly easy to find the details you want on this topic. That’s not something I could say of every sportsbook I’ve visited. In this case, the lower menu in the sportsbook reveals an ‘about us’ section. There, you’ll find the banking information page. This gives you a list of all the accepted methods, as follows:

  • VIP Preferred e-check
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayNearMe
  • Discover
  • Electronic transfer
  • Online banking via PayWithMyBank
  • M life Rewards MasterCard

The site gives further details of each method, so you can see what’s involved. The simple language and instructions are refreshing to see. You can also see just two methods for withdrawals, which are the VIP Preferred option along with online banking. The site also confirms that you can get 24/7 deposit assistance, so if you run into any issues while attempting to deposit, you can find help whenever you need it.

Credit Card
Bank Transfer
+ 8

How about some mobile access?

This was tricky to learn more about as there were no obvious links to details about apps at the site. However, I did a little digging and found there are apps to download for Android and iOS devices. You can get separate apps for the casino and the sportsbook. It does depend which state you are in, but if you search for the app you want, you can see whether it is available in your state. At the time of writing, for example, the Android sportsbook app was fine to use in Pennsylvania, but not in Michigan or Virginia. Check this before you proceed.

Exploring the promotions at BetMGM

If you’d like some BetMGM new customer offers, you’ll easily find one for the sportsbook on the front page for that section of the site. You can access details for that offer, which the site listed in numbered format. Of course, the deal you see could vary depending on which state you’re in when visiting the sportsbook. It is important, though, to check through all the details for each offer. These include the promotional period, the qualification details, and how to claim the offer. This latter section is where you’ll spot a BetMGM promo code if you need one. This isn’t always necessary, as you may know if you have looked around for a 4njbets promo code. Always wise to check though before you zoom toward another promotion in this corner of the universe.

You can visit the promotions area in the menu too, which gives you the specific sportsbook bonuses and promotions to claim if you like using that part of the site. There were lots of deals there, with plenty of them focusing on specific sports and events. This means there is plenty of opportunity to find different deals whenever you visit, depending on what is happening across the most popular sports at any one time. They use color-coded tags too, such as a red tag for new promotions and a blue tag for a current promotion. The blue one seems to apply to deals that will expire, rather than ones that keep going. An example of the latter is a free weekly bet, a deal shown on the Pennsylvania site. Check whether this appears on other state-specific versions of the BetMGM website, so you can be sure of finding and using the best deals.

Again, with each deal, you can choose to read more info about it. You may be asked to log in to see these details – it depends on the offer. However, while this was frustrating to see, as I couldn’t find out the details I wanted, it did reveal that I would see promotions specifically tailored to me, rather than generic ones. It is another reason why I’d recommend the BetMGM website. But what of other promotions for the casino and the poker section? You may notice that when you’re viewing the sportsbook promotions, you’ve got a chance to go through to separate areas covering the casino and the poker area too. There were fewer deals in those areas, but they still had some appealing offers. Just be sure you check for a BetMGM  bonus code for each one, just in case.

What do you do if you need help?

If you check the top right corner of the site, you’ll see a ‘help and contact’ section. Once inside that area, there were 11 areas to explore. You just click on the one you need more details on, and you’re in. This should open further queries and questions on the topic you chose. Some of the answers take you through to other helpful pages on the site, so you can easily find what you need to know with their help. You’re then asked if you need more help and can select yes or not at that point. Selecting yes changes the page to show you the available contact options.

Live chat is always my preferred option here, especially as you could be stuck in the ether and feeling all alone in an alien location. Fortunately, we do get live chat, and we just need to enter our name and email address to begin the chat. The page also gives an email link and the chance to visit their help pages. It also gives you the chance to verify your details by uploading documents, so that is another way to find that page if you need it. If you choose the email option, you can choose one of 11 topics to focus your query on. This helps direct your query to the best person to help you. You can even add pictures or photos to your query if you use this method, so it’s a pleasing way to get in touch if you need to show them a screenshot for some reason.

In orbit: discover the possibilities at BetMGM

The most important factor I can share with you here is the fact that you don’t need to worry about the usual query, is BetMGM legit. It quickly becomes clear that it is, along with the realization that BetMGM has achieved the impossible. I’ve seen sportsbooks and casino sites with so much to offer, they become unwieldy and confusing to find your way around. When you land on a new planet you’ve never visited before, it can easily go that way. You feel as if you can never find your way back to your spaceship. That doesn’t happen at BetMGM. They almost take you by the hand and lead you through the site, while retaining the ability to get back to any other page with ease. It’s quite the achievement.

It’s also cool to spot the social media links for BetMGM. You can never be sure of seeing these, but they do have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, while we’re talking about interaction with the site users and fans, it’s worth telling you there isn’t just one blog at BetMGM – they have two. I’ve noticed it is rare to see one, so it’s great to find they have a sports blog and another one aimed at casino players. You can find those at the bottom of the site under the blogs heading. They include some great articles to read about sporting events and betting strategies. In the case of the casino, you can expect betting strategies there too, along with recommended slots on specific themes.

BetMGM Sports Betting

How promising is our BetMGM sportsbook review?

This is the landing page for the site, so you’ll find it easily. How will our BetMGM review compare to our 888 review on this score? It displays a series of links and logos across the top of the site, so you can see NBA, MLB, NHL, and various other familiar sights there. You’ve got a list of top sports on the left too, which makes it easier to access the top-level sport rather than a specific event or league. There are 10 of those on offer, including tennis, soccer, and baseball. However, you’ve then got an A-to-Z sports list underneath. This includes other sports such as lacrosse, NASCAR, and even specials.

I spotted some top betting offers underneath the submenu for the sportsbook, connected with current events that were going to attract big audiences. It’s a fast way to see if there are any good deals to claim but be aware you can access the full set of promotions towards the right of the submenu. Meanwhile, one of the middle panels of information on the sportsbook landing page brings you to the top events and live events arena. You can switch between these as you wish. In each case, you’ve got individual sports listed underneath, so you can select one to see what’s happening at that time.

You might expect our BetMGM sportsbook review to include details of live action and whether you can watch matches as they occur. Look for the TV screen logo next to any of the live matches. If you see this, you only need to sign into your account to watch that match. You can also see graphics showing what is happening if you select the logo representing the court, pitch, or other relevant areas where the match is happening. And for even more information, select the stats logo (three vertical bars) to see the latest statistics for the match.

You can guess that live betting is available at BetMGM, and this is as easy to use as everything else. Since your bet slip always appears to the right of the sportsbook, you can select any odds (you get American odds as the default) to add them to your slip. Click on the cog in your betting slip to change your settings. You can accept any odds if you wish, which gives you the quickest experience in the live betting arena. The default there is only to accept higher odds once you’ve chosen a live bet. Again, tons of info but an easy format that is a breeze to use.

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📱Where can I use the BetMGM app?

The BetMGM app is available and fully legal for use in lots of different states. Check out our BetMGM review to see where the app is legal and you’ll realize that you can use this online sports betting platform in many more states than most other online sportsbooks in the US.

🏀How good are the BetMGM odds?

It’s fair to say that any online sportsbook is only as good as the betting odds that it provides. This is why we had to carry out one of our odds comparison tests when we conducted our BetMGM review. So read our review and see how BetMGM’s odds compare to other top betting sites in the US!

🎰What games are at the BetMGM casino?

We found no shortage of amazing online casino games at the BetMGM casino. In fact the choice of games was equally as good here as you’d find at the best online casino sites in the US. So read our BetMGM review to see exactly what kinds of online casino games you can play on this gambling site.

👀Can I get a BetMGM Michigan app download?

Sports betting hasn’t been legal in Michigan for too long, but already there have been plenty of online sportsbooks appearing in the Great Lakes States. Check out our BetMGM review to see whether this brand has made a splash in the online gambling news by launching its sportsbook app in Michigan.

🎁What are the latest BetMGM bonus code deals?

BetMGM has earned a pretty impressive reputation as a result of the quality of its betting offers over the past couple of years. So be sure to read our BetMGM review to see whether the brand’s current range of bonuses and promotions can give you a lift with your online sports betting and casino gaming.

BetMGM review: conclusion

This is a massive site, to be sure. That could make it tough to find your way around, but I found that is far from the case. I did ask myself, is BetMGM legit, as I feel this is one of the most important questions to answer, just as I would ask, is PointsBet legit? I was delighted to realize that the big brand name didn’t disappoint. With so much to offer, there were various moon rocks and black holes that could have been present. However, none of those occurred. If it is important to you to use a site with a sportsbook and a casino, with the chance of some poker too, you can count on BetMGM to provide it all.

A rising star in NJ

Garden State bettors can enjoy the many perks and benefits that come from being a BetMGM member. First, new players over the age of 21 can enjoy a $1000 welcome bonus after successfully signing up and depositing into their accounts. Licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming, players can also place wagers in a safe, fair, and controlled manner. BetMGM provides sports betting, online casino, and poker, meaning any bettors will be able to place wagers across their favorites, as well as trying other gaming channels they may have previously not considered. Odds are in line with industry standards, and regular parlay boosts allow these boosts to surpass the average. Overall, the site has great usability, availability, and credibility.

A top competitor across PA

Pennsylvania (PA)Pennsylvanian players will be over the moon to find out that BetMGM is live and legal across the Keystone State. The lively online scene already features some fantastic online operators, but very few offer a complete experience similar to BetMGM. Over the last three years, our experts have noted the increase in popularity surrounding BetMGM PA and, thanks to its superb promotions, markets, and games, and it’s not difficult to see why. $25 is offered to new customers simply for joining the platform, while up to $1000 can be unlocked after a bettor’s first deposit. All bases are covered so far as gaming availability is concerned, including NFL moneylines, popular slots, video poker, and live casino options.

Making a big bang in VA.

VirginiaSports bettors based in Virginia will be racing to download the online sportsbook after hearing what the reputable operator provides. As you will have noted from our extensive review above, BetMGM offers superb customer service, is licensed and regulated in accordance with state laws, and provides one of the most user-friendly platforms we have stumbled across. However, when we look deeper into its VA sportsbook, this is where the site really excels. After signing up and verifying their identity with BetMGM, players have the chance to unlock a $1000 welcome bonus. This bonus can then be used across an astronomical array of sports markets, including many US favorites.

Galactic gaming options hit Michigan

Backed by the stars of the online casino world, BetMGM offers Michigan-based bettors the chance to put their luck to the test via a cutting-edge and user-friendly online casino. Players can enjoy a popular selection of US slots, pull up a seat at the live casino, bluff their way to victory in any number of poker tournaments, and plenty more. $1000 is available to new customers that can be utilized across the online casino or sportsbook. If the casino is not your gaming preference, BetMGM has made sure your sportsbook experience is just as impressive. Parlays, moneylines, spreads, and over 50 other betting markets are available across popular fixtures, while lesser-wagered international sports still have plenty of opportunities present.

BetMGM IA – A strong gravitational pull

Our experts found themselves drawn to BetMGM IA almost instantly. The outstanding usability, simple sign-up process, and accessible platform meant we didn’t need a telescope to discover the great perks and benefits available to BetMGM IA members. We also felt very welcomed – a $1000 sign-up bonus will do that alone, but we also couldn’t believe the amount of superb sporting options readily available to us. Alongside expected markets such as NFL, NBA, and MLS, bettors could also look to place bets across darts, the Ryder Cup, Boxing, and many more. The odds and regular rotating promotions found on-site are some of the best around too.

We have found life in Colorado

After a turbulent-free journey through the BetMGM CO platform, our experts only had positives to tell upon their return to HQ. Firstly, the site is licensed and regulated in accordance with state law, meaning bettors are placing their wagers in a legal, tested, and secure environment. The fluidity of the site is another standout feature. Players can be signed up, have deposited into their account, and unlocked a rather lucrative $1000 welcome bonus at the speed of light before beginning their own voyage through the cosmos of BetMGM CO betting markets. Promotions and bonuses do not end at the sign-up stage either, with all wagering activity contributing directly to the highly respected MLife Rewards loyalty program.

Indiana now has a cluster of sports to choose from

Indiana sports betting enthusiasts can take full advantage of the legal and licensed sportsbook provided by BetMGM. We all love a betting bonus, and you will find no shortage of boosts, insurances, and risk-free bets on-site. NFL and MLB are two of the most well-covered spots across BetMGM, with bettors often finding themselves with over 50 betting markets to choose from. Slightly less popular and niche markets are also prevalent across BetMGM, allowing fans of MMA, darts, tennis, and volleyball a taste of some great sports betting action. The odds across the board are some the best statewide, competing with the biggest names across the cosmos. If you are after the complete sportsbook experience, BetMGM IN could be the spot for you.

Making up for Tennessee’s retail casino black hole

As Tennessee bettors will be quick to tell you, there are currently zero retail casinos across the state. However, courtesy of recent changes to law and legislation, Tennessee players can still enjoy a flutter online. BetMGM TN is legal and licensed across the state, providing a sportsbook to those residing within state lines and over the age of 21. If the new customer $1000 welcome bonus wasn’t enough to entice you in, then perhaps the great site usability, accessibility, and availability will be. BetMGM TN players can download the app for an on-the-go experience, place wagers across the most popular sporting events globally while taking advantage of some of the best odds across the state.

Rocketing up the WV rankings

BetMGM WV is proving to be a popular choice amongst West Virginia’s online betting scene. As with all online operators, the credible platform gifts new customers with an enticing welcome bonus. The difference with BetMGM WV is that great bonuses and promotions don’t end there. Players can opt-in to plenty of rolling promotions, providing insurance and boosts to their sports betting activity. If that wasn’t enough, all stakes above $1 would contribute towards the prestigious MLife rewards program. Once players have accumulated enough points, they will be able to redeem them against luxury items, free betting credits, and plenty more. Who knew betting on the NFL, darts, and MMA could be so rewarding?

A lucrative lift-off to your NY betting journey

It’s safe to say that BetMGM NY is ready for lift-off and, based on the healthy welcome bonus they are looking to offer new customers, you could be too! New players are provided with a little insurance when placing their first wager, up to the value of $1000. If you’re unsuccessful, BetMGM promises to return your funds in entirety, as betting credits that can be used across the site. Aside from a fantastic welcome bonus, BetMGM provides bettors with a fantastic overall experience, too. Whether its the superb usability or the array of betting markets, BetMGM NY has you covered.

Filling DC’s online void

BetMGM DC burst onto the scene in 2021 after securing a multi-year partnership with the Washington nationals. As expected, the $1000 sportsbook welcome bonus was lapped up by DC bettors who finally had an online spot to call home. BetMGM DC players can now enjoy many other perks familiar to other legal states, including parlay boosts, NFL insurances, and a plethora of sports markets to wager across. The busy lifestyles of DC folk were clearly taken into consideration too, with the site unveiling a BetMGM DC app to its members. Now players can deposit, browse, place, and cash their wagers on the go.

No dark matter in NV

If you are based in Nevada, over the age of 21, and looking for the next great spot to enjoy some online gaming, then have we got a treat for you – BetMGM NV is live and legal to Nevada bettors. The King of Sportsbooks lives up to its name, providing bettors with a great wealth of betting markets, sports, and promotions to enjoy. The platform also provides some of the best odds across the state and a fantastic rewards program with perks including hotel stays, dinners, and free betting credits. BetMGM NV may be renowned for its great sportsbook, but Nevada players can also enjoy a fantastic online casino. Slots and games are backed by some of the industry’s best, offering you some glitch-free entertainment at your fingertips.

Adding a little flair to the LA market

BetMGM is well renowned across the galaxy as one of the slickest and most reliable platforms around. From February, when the platform comes to Sportsman’s Paradise, users can expect a huge range of sports betting markets as well as plenty of bonuses at their fingertips. Backed by Jamie Foxx, and the LGCB license, you’re sure to have a high-class, professional, experience with this classy operator. When choosing the best sportsbook for you, amongst the stratospheric options out there, bonus offers are always worth considering – with BetMGM offering a massive $1000 risk-free bet, you may just have found your perfect platform!


BetMGM Sports Bonus
100% up to $1000
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  • Good range of markets
  • Live betting

User Reviews for BetMGM

3.67/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. average sportsbook

    betmgm is ok but i dont think its any better than any other sportsbetting site that ive seen. i have lots of time for the overall site design and the app was pretty good on my iphone. the odds for football betting were ok and i actually made something back when betting on the 49ers which was pretty good. so i guess i am not complainign too much about betmgm as it does what is meant to do.

    so i was a little disapointed to have to wait nearly a week to get my withdrawal back but thats pretty common i guess
  2. One Stop Shop

    BetMGM is a one stop shop with a good sportsbook and an equally efficient casino and both are compatible on desktop and mobile. Compared to other bookies, BetMGM has fair odds and a risk-free first bet deal. I lost my first wager and got a refund.

    I like how fleshed out the slots collection is but there aren’t enough table games. The daily promotions are cool. The payment options are lacking somehow but deposits and withdrawals are fast.
  3. Great Sportsbook

    One of the better online casinos I’ve played at. Great sport betting site. The welcome bonus is particularly good, I suggest making the most of it.

    Flat 3 to 7 days waiting period for withdrawals can be frustrating, but not a deal breaker.

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