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betrivers review usa BetRivers is what I would call an all-rounder operator. They appear to offer – as much as each state allows – most things you could possibly wish for in an online gaming experience, from casino to sportsbook options, throughout the USA.

However, doing many things and doing them well don’t always compute. My BetRivers rating, therefore, will be based on how consistent this betting site is across the many facets: sports, casino, promotions. These make up a universally enjoyable trip into betting cyber space. I’d best fly my spaceship to the nearest jet fuel station – it’s going to be an adventure.

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Is BetRivers legit? Join the crew and find out!

How do I provide the most comprehensive betting reviews in the known galaxy? It’s simple – I test everything which could possibly have an impact on how you enjoy a betting site, from your first BetRivers bonus code through to the time you log off.

And today, with this BetRivers review, you have the privilege of joining me on a cosmic journey to discover not just whether the operator is good, but also whether it might be right for you. Considering just how much BetRivers appears to offer, we’ve got a long, but fascinating flight ahead.

BetRivers Logbook: What happened so far

  • 2009: The company is established
  • September 2016: The first casino site is opened
  • August 2018: An integrated sportsbook is added
  • April 2022: Our test on BetRivers casino & sportsbook is conducted

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our BetRivers review

Usually, when I make up the maps for my most recent space adventure, I only have one destination in mind. My review here is a little different – although it’s something I’ve encountered once or twice before when looking at the best US sportsbooks.

The USA has a unique position in the galaxy in terms of betting legislation. Each state has its own laws regarding what, if any, types of gambling are allowed. As BetRivers operates in over a dozen legal states, this means there’s multiple versions of the site. What I’ve decided to do is go with a state which offers the broadest variety,  including both casino and sportsbook, so every nook and cranny is explored.

Do note though, you’ll want to double check your state to ensure there’s no difference in things like a BetRivers bonus code or BetRivers new customer offers.

Exploring the BetRivers sportsbook

It’s pretty clear that the scale of the BetRivers sportsbook is immense. There’s a focus on American sports which makes a great deal of sense considering the target audience – plenty of baseball and NBA markets, for instance. But there’s also a great deal of international appeal across the likes of soccer, tennis and golf, to give a few examples. The live offering appears just as broad, with a fantastic selection of markets for all kinds of sports fans.

In addition, the promotions available for the sportsbook are something really special. In terms of BetRivers new customer offers, there’s only one, but it’s a real star – a matched bonus up to $250 using the BetRivers bonus code with 1x rollover requirement. Fantastic stuff, one of the best betting offers I’ve had the good fortune of coming across.

There’s also betting tournaments, profit boosts, a rewards system and even benefits for attending games in-person. Another area where they excel is with event-specific promotions. For instance, right now, you can bet on the Gold Masters and get free bets for every birdie and eagle made by your pick.

A colossal look at the BetRivers casino

Just as impressive is the casino. Do keep in mind this is not available in all states. However, this is to do with state laws, so won’t impact my BetRivers rating.

There appears to be an incredible selection of games here. I was almost overwhelmed when I stepped through its virtual doors and was hit with the sheer blast of color and creativity of all those slots, table games, jackpots, tournaments and even live dealer options. This is all made possible through an utterly immense selection of software developers, leaving me with no doubt to the affirmative for those who ask “is BetRivers legit as a casino?”

Again, the promotions on offer are fantastic. The welcome offer remains the same, as it’s applicable for both casino and sportsbook users, with the same BetRivers bonus code. There’s also slot tournaments and double loyalty points for playing slots and table games at certain times, alongside random prize drops in the community chat. An astronomical selection.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... BetRivers test

One thing I feel is vital in analyzing any betting site – whether it’s a BetRivers rating, a Betfred review, or anything else – is the quality of the user experience. Betting sites aren’t just analytical like rocket science. They’re an experience to be enjoyed.

With that in mind, I’m going to be breaking down how the site handles and how it feels in general. Let’s see whether the experience is as light as zero gravity, or whether you’d need a space helmet to put up with it.

Moonbouncing towards BetRivers registration

I like to follow in the footsteps of my fellow adventurers to best get an idea of what they experience – as is the case with other explorations like the Tipico rating. This means starting at the registration form.

Hitting the ‘Join now’ button takes you to a simple registration screen, which takes mere minutes to get through. Simply tell the site where you’re from, your name, email and password, along with affiliate codes if that’s relevant. There’s even a fast registration option where you can sign up using different accounts. The Pittsburgh iteration of the site, for instance, allows you to register using your Rivers Casino Pittsburgh Rush Rewards account or an existing Casino4Fun account. Great attention to detail and a top BetRivers rating for registration.

Where on Earth is BetRivers?: Service and availability

I’ve touched on this earlier in my review, regarding how different states require variations on the betting product by law. Extending upon this, I can confirm that BetRivers is available in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Michigan, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Arizona, Louisiana, Ontario, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Considering this list, I think it’s fair to assume that they make themselves available in any US jurisdiction with legal online betting. The only other restrictions are standard and vital, including age restrictions and protection against fraud. Beyond that, they’re about as versatile as you could hope for.

Virginia (US) Lottery Board
Pennsylvania (US)
Illinois (US)
Indiana (US)
Michigan (US)
+ 10

Is BetRivers legit?: Payments and security

One thing I’ve learned from my many adventures is that security always comes first. This is the case whether you’re piloting through a meteor shower or simply finding a betting site which works for you. When I ask ‘is BetRivers legit?’ – both with regard to payment and more general security – it’s about safety. So, I’ll start there.

Whatever state you access BetRivers from, you can rest assured they’re fully licensed for that jurisdiction. For instance, if you were to head on over to the PA verison, you’ll find a license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. This is consistent across the board.

Furthermore, they have an extensive privacy policy, explaining how they utilize your data and use SSL encryption technology to keep it safe from third parties. This is especially vital if identification may be needed as part of their process to prevent fraud and to ensure minors aren’t using the site. In addition, responsible gaming is a priority here, with links to help being offered on the site. Their terms are also fair and their reputation is excellent.

As far as payment methods go, they’re straightforward, simple and safe. You can pay with cash using PayNearMe or Vanilla, BetRivers Play Plus Card, credit or debit card, PayPal, VIP preferred and online banking. You can even bank using the casino cages at their physical locations. Fees are minimal and transaction times are what you’d expect – instant in the case of most deposits and within 24 hours for many withdrawals. Your standard minimum is $10, and the upper limit is $500, but you can sometimes go above that. This is more than enough to satisfy most people. Top BetRivers ratings.

Credit Card
Bank Transfer
VIP Preferred
+ 6

BetRivers offers a free app and it’s every bit as excellent as everything else I’ve discussed in this BetRivers review. It’s intuitive, technically sound and, as far as I can tell, doesn’t suffer from any loss of content in the transition to the small screen.

Is BetRivers legit on mobile? I’d certainly say so. The only caveat to my recommendation would be that the app is currently only available on Android. You can, of course, use your mobile browser and this also works fantastically well. But, with as high standards as this, I must be tough with my BetRivers rating, and it would be preferable to also have an iOS option. Make no mistake though, whatever device you’re using, BetRivers is available to you.

Checking the BetRivers engine: Menu and design

One thing that’s often overlooked but is vital to your betting experience is the design. Just to be clear, when I talk about design, I don’t necessarily mean the way the site looks – although I can’t imagine many people being disappointed with the easy, breezy good looks of BetRivers. Instead, I mean how the site operates and is structured. When I talk about technical design, for instance, I essentially mean whether everything works as it should.

Thankfully, there was no sign of slowdown during my entire investigations with BetRivers. Every casino game and live stream was as smooth as silk, no matter what I tried to throw at it. Everything is really easy to find too, thanks to clear navigation. And if you do get lost, their excellent customer service (with live chat available between 9.30am to 2am) and ‘Help’ section are there to direct you. This is also the case on the mobile app, meaning that design-wise, BetRivers is a joy to behold.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at BetRivers

There are two key elements that make BetRivers special. As you can see throughout this BetRivers review, I’ve been impressed by them pretty much consistently. But with so much available to players nowadays, you need something extra to stand out. So, why choose this operator?

First, I’d say they simply go to the moon and back in terms of providing everything they can to make your experience as simple and easy as possible. For instance, there’s a feature which helps you make the best same game accumulators – a unique take on the bet builder. Great live streaming and features like cash out are commonplace and their ‘Help’ center is truly extraordinary. They don’t need a huge social media presence to showcase their personality: they do it in the site itself. Few can balance this ease of use with the detail they offer, making them a true all rounder.

Beyond that, their promotional terms and conditions are simply exceptional. Consider the welcome offer – virtually none offer that level of reward for a single rollover, and certainly not across both sportsbook and casino. It’s that generosity and thoughtfulness, and focus on the user experience, which makes them special. Sports Betting

An astronomical BetRivers sportsbook experience

The first thing I checked out when I landed on BetRivers’ slice of cyberspace was the sportsbook. I’m aware they’re better known for their casino, so I was slightly concerned that their focus could be more on that side of things. Well, I was relieved to find that the sportsbook here is certainly no afterthought.

There’s a truly awesome collection of sports betting markets here. In terms of focus, there’s more on American sports like the NFL and NBA. But when I dug deeper – which didn’t take much effort, thanks to their fantastic site design – I found them to have a truly international flavor. And it wasn’t just the number of sports available that was impressive, as there was also plenty of depth per game. There’s tons of players specials and left-field creative markets, meaning there’s maximum variety and betting opportunities.

All of this was also so easy to navigate. The excellence of the site design makes live betting a joy to behold, with the response times necessary to bet live with confidence and maximum efficiency, even when live streaming was involved. When you back all this up with one of the absolute finest selections of sports promotions I’ve ever seen, you have one of my favorite sportsbook experiences of many excellent competitors.

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BetRivers Review FAQ

❓Where is BetRivers available?

As BetRivers is an operator in the US and each jurisdiction has its own laws regarding betting online, it isn’t as simple as being able to say they’re available in the USA generally. Instead, they must be available only across select states. To find out which states BetRivers is available in, and much more, check out our comprehensive review.

💰What kind of promotions does BetRivers offer?

One way bookmakers can distinguish themselves in the increasingly crowded world of betting online in the US is through promotional generosity. BetRivers certainly have an excellent reputation but does this extend to the bonus page? Join us to find out not just which bonus offers are available, but whether they’re worth your consideration.

📱Is BetRivers available on mobile?

Today, an excellent mobile experience is expected of any betting operator that wishes to be considered amongst the best the industry has to offer. How does BetRivers stack up in this regard? For information on everything from available apps to the quality of the mobile experience, our review has it covered.

BetRivers review conclusion: A cosmic experience

Rarely, in all of my explorations across cyberspace have I come across a bookmaker who has impressed me as consistently as BetRivers. With everything from the design quality to things like the diversity of software developers, it’s clear that it has been pushed to be as comprehensive and as excellent as they could possibly make it.

The bonus page, for instance, has few competitors, with an amazing BetRivers new customer offer. The ‘Help’ section is wonderful, you can even bank in person. It soon went beyond asking the usual questions such as ‘is BetRivers legit?’ and became a question of whether they’re the best betting site currently operating in the US. I’m not sure I can say that because of the immensity of the competition, however, they’re certainly up there.

Rating Sports Bonus
100% up to $500
Go to Sports
  • Matched welcome bonus up to $250
  • Opportunities for bet boosts
  • Rewards for going to real sports events

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