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Derby City Jackpot Casino Review & Promo 2024: Claim 250$ Bonus

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Derby City Social Casino
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  • Great for horse racing
  • Simple to use
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Looking for a new casino? Want to explore new games and search for hidden treasures?

Well, we have got exactly what you are looking for. Derby City Jackpot Casino online is an exciting operator, full of dynamic odds and chances to win huge prizes. So let’s get stuck into the review of Derby City Jackpot Casino.

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Last Updated on 06/16/2024

Derby City Jackpot Casino review

Derby City Jackpot Casino online aims to make horse racing betting a fun and social experience. The site is aimed at horse racing gamblers of all levels. If you are completely new to horse racing betting and just looking for a casual gambling experience, Derby City Jackpot Casino could be your perfect destination.

What’s more, because Derby City Jackpot Casino online is a pari-mutuel betting site (meaning you bet against other players, rather than the casino), you can bet legally on horse racing from most places in the United States and Canada.

It all adds up to an exciting and dynamic betting experience that combines horse betting with slot and card games. So strap yourself in for our Derby City Jackpot Casino review.

Derry City Jackpot Casino Logbook: The story so far

Before we go any further into our Derby City Jackpot Casino review, let us first take a look at some of the key facts about the operator:

  • Derby City Jackpot Casino is owned by Xpressbet, a US-based Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) service.
  • The site was established in 2012.
  • The horse racing odds at Derby City Jackpot Casino are determined by the players and not the operator. This can lead to rapidly changing odds and some very appealing prices.
  • The site also has a range of lotto games, some of which have prizes of over $1,000.
  • This Derby City Jackpot Casino review will look at the current bonus offers, the betting markets, the customer service options, and other key features of Derby City Jackpot Casino online.

What to expect at Derby City Jackpot Casino

To start our Derby City Jackpot Casino review we are going to look at the different betting options offered by the operator. And what better place to start, than with the horse racing betting offered on the site?

Horse racing betting

Betting on horses can be a confusing and intimidating prospect for inexperienced gamblers. Derby City Jackpot Casino knows that, so has completely reinvented the way you bet on horses. Instead of placing win, each way or combination bets, you select horses via fun games that correspond with certain bet types. Each game comes with cartoon graphics and makes the whole process extremely simple.

The six types of bets you can place are:

Monkey – Essentially the same as a traditional win bet. You just pick your horse from the cartoon graphics, select your take, and hope it wins

Donkey – An each-way bet, you get paid if your horse finishes first or second. The payout for finishing second is much less than if your horse wins.

Granny – Similar to a Donkey, but a Granny also pays out if your horse finishes third.

Gonzo – This is Derby City Jackpot Casino’s random version of an exacta bet. You have to pick two cards from a selection. Each card reveals a horse running in the same race. If your cards finish in the top two you win. You can increase your chances of winning by picking three horses and hoping two of them finish first and second. However, this does diminish your potential win.

Fiddy – This is where horse racing betting meets slot games. You spin three reels and reveal the names of three horses in an upcoming race. To win, you need the three horses to finish in the same order as they appear on the reels.

Dime – The same principle to the Fiddy, but there is an extra reel. Meaning you need to have the first four horses in the correct order.

For the Fiddy and Dime bets, you have the option of ‘boxing’ them. This gives you a win regardless of the finishing order.

The odds on each bet change depending on how many people are betting on that race. Ultimately the payouts are based on the odds at the start of the race.

And if that is not enough for you, Derby City Jackpot Casino also has a jackpot option. To take part in this you need to place a $4 bet in the jackpot area of the site. To win, you have to land, in order, three Grannys, three Donkeys, and three Monkeys within a 24 hour period.

The jackpot is progressive and resets every time it is won. It is worth noting that the jackpot is paid out as a bonus which needs to be played through once before it can be withdrawn.

Lotto games

Given the huge focus on horse racing at Derby City Jackpot Casino online, it is no surprise that their Lotto games have a heavy horse racing focus. These Lotto games have names such as Pick 4 and Pick 5. As the names suggest, these Lotto games involve picking a selection of horse names or numbers and winning a prize if they all win. There are also smaller prizes for getting some of your picks correct. Stakes for the Lotto games start as low as $20, whilst the highest paying games can sometimes pay out six-figure sums.

You can find out how Derby city Jackpot Casino compares with their competitors by reading our other online gambling site reviews, such as our Borgata review or our FOXBet rating.

Get a head start at Derby City Jackpot Casino

Now that we have discovered the innovative ways of betting at Derby City jackpot Casino, it is time to look deeper into what makes the site tick.


Registering at Derby City Jackpot Casino online is extremely quick and easy. The signup page is easily accessed from the site’s home page. From there, all you need are a few personal details, then just set up your password, agree to the terms of service and you are good to take off.

Licensing and encryption

You need to feel secure when betting. That means you need to ask yourself questions such as ‘is BetMGM legit?’

Derby City Jackpot Casino is an Advanced Deposit Wagering service that is fully licensed out of Oregon. The site is approved by the Oregon Racing Commission. This means that betting at Derby City Jackpot Casino online is legal and secure.

The site uses a 256-bit secure socket layer encryption to keep your personal and financial information safe and secure.

Payment methods

There is an excellent range of deposit methods at Derby City Jackpot Casino including Mastercard, Skrill, Visa, PayNearMe, InstaFund, and American Express. Unlike many of their competitors, you can also make payments via PayPal.

Minimum deposits are $25 for PayPal, credit and debit cards, and $10 for all other methods. There are no transaction fees charged by the casino for any deposits or withdrawals.

Withdrawals can be made using the same methods, although withdrawal speeds can vary depending on the method you use. Generally speaking, PayPal is the fastest option and you can have funds back in your account on the same day as your withdrawal request.

Customer service

Because Derby City Jackpot Casino games are aimed at relatively new and inexperienced gamblers, the customer service options are of particular importance. The good news is that the site has an extensive library of information that aims to answer any issues you encounter. You can filter this information depending on whether you are in Canada or the United States. Everyone is presented in a largely jargon-free way so that it can be understood even by players with no knowledge of horse racing or traditional betting.

Should you be unable to find an answer to your query, there is a contact form you can submit. There are also telephone and email contact options, although the site is yet to introduce a live chat facility. Reviews of the contact options at the site are overwhelmingly favorable, with customers praising the speed and efficiency of replies.

Mobile functionality

The Derby City Jackpot Casino site has been optimized for mobile users. The site is fully compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The mobile version of the site has exactly the same features as the desktop version and there is no drop-off in gameplay or functionality. As of yet, there is no app version of Derby City Jackpot Casino.


Upon arrival at Derby City Jackpot Casino, you will notice that the brand colors of green and white are very prominent. This gives the site a distinctive and fresh look without detracting from the main aim of your mission.

The main betting options can be accessed from a central banner on the home page. Naturally, the primary focus is on horse racing betting options, but it is also easy to access other options such as company information, payments, and the aforementioned library of information.

Once you have accessed the betting options, you can easily locate the meetings, races, and games you are looking for.

Overall, Derby City Jackpot Casino is a fantastic and modern-looking site. Best of all it is very easy to navigate around and you are never more than a couple of clicks away from what you are looking for.

Discover the possibilities at Derby City Jackpot Casino

The big question is – what makes Derby City Jackpot Casino really stand out from the crowd? Why should you visit there rather than the abundance of other casinos on offer?

Our Derby City Jackpot Casino review discovered two enticing features that make the operator stand out. So let’s take a more detailed look at them.

Pari-mutuel betting

You might not have encountered the term pari-mutuel betting before, but it is a system that can add an extra dimension to your horse racing betting. In simple terms, pari-mutuel betting means that instead of betting against the casino when you place a stake, you are betting against your fellow gamblers.

As such, the odds change depending on how much is betting bet is on each specific horse. This means that instead of the operator deciding who the favorites are for races, the odds are dictated by the actual players. This system leads to odds changing frequently and rapidly right up to the start of races. When you place a bet at Derby City Jackpot Casino online, your payout is based on the starting price of your horse(s).

The main benefit of the pari-mutuel system is that it makes betting legal for players from states that would not otherwise allow horse racing betting online. At the time of writing the only US states in which you cannot use Derby City Jackpot Casino online are:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah

The site is also legal for residents of Canada. The main downside to this system is that any winnings above $600 have to be reported to the IRS. If you have a single win that amounts to over $5,000 then 25% is taken off the top for tax purposes.

Bonus offers

We all like to start our casino missions off in style and Derby City Jackpot Casino certainly does not disappoint in this regard. Their offering certainly compares very favorably to promotions such as the Golden Nugget promo code.

The welcome bonus at Derby City Jackpot Casino works somewhat differently from most other casino sites. When you make your initial deposit, you do not automatically receive your bonus. Instead, the bonus is released in increments of 10% when you place your first ten bets.

There are four Welcome Bonus amounts that you can claim depending on the size of your deposit. These amounts are:

  • Deposit $50 and receive $10
  • Deposit $100 and receive $25
  • Deposit $250 and receive $100
  • Deposit $500 and receive $250

For example, if you deposit $50, you receive a $10 bonus. For every $10 bet you place, $1 from your bonus is released.

Please note that the bonus ratio varies depending on the size of your deposit. Whilst a $500 deposit gives you a 50% bonus, a $50 deposit only gives you a bonus amounting to 20%.

All in all, this is an attractive welcome offer. Whilst it is slightly confusing compared to many other casino welcome offers it is still a promotion that can make you a healthy profit at the beginning of your gambling mission.

Whilst existing customer offers are somewhat scarce, Derby City Jackpot Casino does operate a VIP loyalty scheme. This scheme allows you to gain points and climb leaderboards every time you place bets. When you reach certain points you trigger bonuses and Derby City Jackpot free casino games. The higher up the leaderboard you go, the more bonuses you win.

Derby City Jackpot Casino also operates a very popular ‘Refer-A-Friend’ scheme`. Shortly after signing up you will receive an email containing a specific link to a new sign-up page. Simply send this link to a friend and if they sign up and deposit at the site, you will receive a $25 bonus into your account.

Our thoughts while reviewing the Derby City Jackpot Casino

Derby City Jackpot Casino is unlike any other online casino we have encountered before. For a start, it is a fantastic-looking site. From the excellently presented home page, to the quirky game graphics when you place bets, there is a huge amount of care and attention that has gone into the site.

It is also abundantly clear that the site is squarely aimed at horse racing betting novices. The original names for the betting options, as well as the gamification of some of them, means that even if your horse racing knowledge is negligible you still have a good chance of winning. That is not to say that experienced gamblers won’t enjoy visiting Derby City Jackpot Casino online. Indeed, the quirky betting style can be a breath of fresh air for even the most well-seasoned gambler.

Derby City Jackpot Social Casino review FAQs

❓Is Derby City Jackpot Casino free to play?

If you’re after a free-to-play site for the latest casino games, then it’s important to read our latest reviews at PlayersBest. This will give you a better idea as to which social casino sites enable you to access the platform without having to deposit funds. Ultimately, all of these sites should provide this service. Read our Derby City Jackpot Casino to find out more.

📱What’s the Derby City Jackpot interface like?

Our experts continue to break-down each platform in order to assess its strengths and weaknesses. Our latest review will outline all you need to know about each online casino. You can find out how the interface works and which social casinos have designed the best platform.

🎰How do I play Derby City Jackpot Social Casino games?

Playing the latest social casino games is a breeze. Social casinos cater to all types of players and make the entire process of accessing your account, and playing games, as streamlined as possible. You can visit our section on the game portfolio in our latest reviews to find out more.

💰What’s the latest Derby City Jackpot Social Casino bonus?

There are always a number of bonuses that you can claim online. Most sites will have some sort of welcome offer. These can be claimed instantly as long as you follow the correct process. Head on over to our Derby City Jackpot Social Casino review to find out what the latest deal is. This will enable you to get involved as quickly as possible.

🎁How can I win more Derby City Jackpot Casino coins?

One of your missions on any social casino site is to accumulate more coins so that you can keep playing. As such, our reviews assess how the platform implements the process of claiming coins. The best sites will have a variety of different features and offers on the table. Stay in the loop with PlayersBest to improve your knowledge of the best social sites and online gambling platforms.

Derby City Jackpot Casino review: Conclusion

This Derby City Jackpot Casino review was impressed with the range of customer information on the site. The operator clearly knows that the majority of visitors will not want to be drowned by jargon and left confused.

Ultimately, that commitment to providing an enticing product for gambling novices is the big selling point of Derby City Jackpot Casino. They know that not everybody who bets on horse racing is a big fan of the sport. And not everybody who gambles on horses understands all of the sport’s complex terminology.

So if you are looking for a fresh and fun way of betting on horse racing, then this Derby City Jackpot casino review can highly recommend that you make the site your next online casino port of call.

User Reviews for Derby City

5/5 – 1 User Review
  1. Learnt me how to bet

    This website learnt me how to bet on horse racing, it is brilliant if your a beginner. Also the wesite looks really cool and it’s easy to use and the customer service is really good.

    friend referral bonus should be bigger

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Derby City Social Casino
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  • Great for horse racing
  • Simple to use
Derby City Social Casino Bonus
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