FanDuel Reviews 2022

Fantasy sports and the real thing at FanDuel

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Is FanDuel legit? We’re going to find out together as we board our exploratory shuttle to visit the site. Fantasy sports, a sportsbook, casino, and racing areas all feature here, giving us plenty to dig into.

The light blue theme is innovative, along with the yellow strip at the top covering responsible gaming and their play safe link. Sports action and casino games are within reach whenever you want them. I’m going to find out about the highlights you can expect to see at FanDuel.

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What should you expect to enjoy at FanDuel?

The name really does appeal to the fans, and that bodes well for the fantasy sports area that marked the beginning of the FanDuel offer. Today, though, it’s wonderful to see the mix of sports – real and otherwise – along with casino and racing areas. I noticed that FanDuel is a superb all-around site, managing to cater to everyone without dropping its quality anywhere. That’s quite the achievement, and as you come with me through this review, you’ll see just how they’ve managed to do this.

FanDuel Logbook: What happened so far

  • 2009: FanDuel starts its offer.
  • 2018: FanDuel launches its online sportsbook
  • 03. JUNE 2021: We updated our FanDuel test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our FanDuel review

I love the FanDuel name as it denotes a site intended for fans. You can see how this works as you journey through various parts of the site. The landing page of this planet makes it easy to see what’s on offer, with their major areas laid out in the menu:

  • Fantasy
  • Sportsbook
  • Racing
  • Casino

Each area is big enough to feel like its own site. The fantasy area is where the FanDuel offering began, where you can choose contests and pick teams to see how accurate you can be with your score. I should say that each individual area of the site is going to get its own review later, so stay with me for those.

Meanwhile, the sportsbook is a giant offering filled with popular sports, live action, odds boosts, and plenty more. From following your favorite players and teams to betting on major events, the FanDuel sportsbook sure does stand up well against sites like Unibet, as you’ll see in our Unibet review.

There is a ton of horse racing action too, so I was relieved to see that in its own section. You’ll note a separate design for that part of the site, a logical one that introduces you to upcoming races, popular races, and plenty more. Of course, my FanDuel review wouldn’t be anywhere near complete without a visit to the casino. Stay tuned as I rocket toward that area later as well.

The main thing to know here is that if you’re only going to visit FanDuel to use one of the four main portions of their offering, you’ll find it easy to do so. The landing page is only the beginning, giving you a quick way to go through to four subsections of a massive site. Can you tell my FanDuel rating is already likely to be a positive one? Don’t worry, though – I won’t grant that rating until I’ve looked around every area and overturned every moon rock I find.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... FanDuel test

When you arrive at FanDuel, you’ll see the four site areas at the top of that landing page. That keeps the design nice and clean and the offering quite clear. Further down, though, there are more details about the available services for each state. The question remains as to which FanDuel legal states actually make the list. Sports betting is available in 10 states including New Jersey. The Daily Fantasy area is available in 44 states, so that has way more potential for more players. Finally, the racing is fine to use for those in 22 states.

You can join your chosen area by selecting the relevant button to do so. When you travel through to the casino, you’ll see you can select Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or New Jersey to find out more about it. (That said, when you select games, you must select a state and New Jersey doesn’t then appear on the list. Odd.) I’ll go for the Pennsylvania link for the purposes of reviewing the site for you today at PlayersBest. While all the states make it sound complex to get to where you want to be, it’s far from it. Make a quick selection and you’re ready to zoom ahead.

New Jersey (US)
Pennsylvania (US)
Ontario (CA)
Michigan (US)
Colorado (US)
+ 11

You can find out plenty from the links at the bottom of the official landing page for FanDuel, too. There’s a link to the FSGA, the Fantasy Sports ands Gaming Association, telling us that they’re serious about supplying the best service in that area. The other interesting link is to a stats company, and since FanDuel clearly uses this service, it shows how much information and statistical analysis is available on the site. And yet nothing becomes too overwhelming. It’s a fine balance to strike and yet they’ve done it well. There are many other vital areas to guide you through when exploring FanDuel though, so let’s steer ourselves through to those now.

How to register

Upon arrival on the landing page, you can hit the join button for fantasy, sports, or racing. You’ll need to choose your state for the sportsbook. You can sign up to the fantasy sports service using Facebook if you like. The state selection request also pops up for the racing area. You may find when returning with your login details in future that you need to re-select the state then, too. It only takes a second to complete though, along with entering your email and password. Nice and easy.

Moving on: Our FanDuel review of the payment facilities

Upon arrival at FanDuel, the very bottom of the site gives minor hints to some of the available banking facilities. The logos for PayPal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and Play+ are present there. (Play+ is a cashless and insured account specifically designed for sports venues or sites like FanDuel.) The best way to find further information is via the support area at the bottom of the site. Once through to that area, you can select deposits and withdrawals to see all the available questions on those topics. There is a search box at the top of the page too, so if you want to ask something, you can use that to do it.

It looks like the methods mentioned above are the only available ones to use. One notable point is that you cannot use American Express cards directly. If you want to use Amex, you can do it via PayPal. Gift or prepaid cards also make it onto the list. There are only three ways to withdraw funds if you’ve won something. PayPal and online banking are the best methods to choose, with PayPal as the fastest method, completing in 48 hours. You can expect an online banking transfer to occur in two to four business days. Bear that in mind if you place a request just before the weekend. You can also request a check – not something you see on every site today. FanDuel allows it, although you’re going to need to wait between seven and 10 business days to get it.

Credit Card
Prepaid Card
+ 6

Are there any apps to download?

If you read our review of Golden Nugget, you’ll know we look at many varied elements of a site to work out how to rate it. I’ve compiled my rating for FanDuel in the same manner I did for our Golden Nugget rating. Apps are often tough to spot unless they’re mentioned on the landing page. FanDuel does display the availability of apps more easily than other sites. Speed toward the foot of the landing page to look at all the menus there. Underneath the heading FanDuel apps, you’ll see the possibilities.

You can get an iOS app for the fantasy area of the site, and an Android app that covers both the sportsbook and the fantasy sports area. If you have no interest in the fantasy area and you own an Android tablet or smartphone, don’t worry. You can download the alternative sportsbook-only app instead. There is also a sportsbook-only app for iOS. The one obvious omission is an app for the casino. That seemed odd, so I explored all areas of the casino to see if they did have an app to use. And they do. From the main casino page, scroll down to see lots of information about the site. There is a section on mobile casino play, and links to two apps. There is one for iOS devices and another for Android. So, you need to hunt them down, but they’re there to be found.

Is it easy to find help if you need it?

Yes, and if you want to know about their responsible gaming stance, it’s easier than you think. Look for the yellow line near the top of the site and follow that link to read more. As with the main site, the responsible gaming area is divided into four sections. Select the part of the site you want to use and read the info provided for that section. It covers deposit limits, spend limits, timeout, and much more.

As for support, the bottom of the landing page contains all you’ll need for your trip into the ether. The first section is headed About, and the first link there says support. A chat bot appears in the bottom right of the FAQ page that appears, so you can use that to help find the info you’re looking for. Alternatively, look through the popular areas first, as these include details on withdrawing funds, postponed games, location issues, and verification. There are nine areas to explore in this support section, so you can work out which area is ideal for you and explore the questions and answers held on the next page.

If, after all that information, you are still stuck and have some questions to ask, you can submit a support ticket. Look for the link (it’s a green button) at the bottom of the main support section. You must supply an email address and choose a reason for contacting them from the menu. You can then write out your message and await a response from the team. You can even add files to the message if relevant.

Is there plenty of scope for promotional activity?

Definitely. Promotions may vary according to state, but it’s always worth following the usual tips when searching for a FanDuel bonus code. I’d suggest checking the welcome deal for any area of FanDuel. This is your one chance to claim it when signing up. I’d also suggest getting into the habit of checking for a FanDuel promo code, even though you may not always spot one. I realized this when reviewing Borgata, finding that a Borgata promo code wasn’t always necessary there either. If you check rather than assuming, you’ll know what you need to do to claim an offer.

They do have styled promos for each area of the site, so if you’re signing up to use the casino, check that promotional area before you do so. Always make sure you’re viewing the correct state-centered portion of the site before joining too, as you must be within state boundaries to use it.

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In orbit: Discover the possibilities at FanDuel

You could play fantasy sports at lots of other locations, so why pick FanDuel? One big reason covers the number of other available services on the site. Sportsbook, racebook, casino… they’re all there and each area offers its own impressive array of services and features. The live sportsbook is one of the easiest I’ve seen, with a sensible design that is clean and fresh throughout. The scope for various bets for each sport is impressive too, far more so than on other sites. FanDuel goes large in every area.

I’ve noticed that plenty of similar sites don’t bother with social media… or at least they don’t make a show of doing so. Here, though, we can see the Twitter and Facebook logos at the bottom of the site on some pages. Click on either of those to go through to that site. They’re active on both, although they have a larger following on Facebook. Searching further as I became bolder on this planet, I found another menu area at the bottom of the site – Follow FanDuel. This gave the Facebook and Twitter links, along with others for Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. It’s clear they’re happy to interact with fans and members across many popular platforms.

You’ll easily find accessible stats on the site too. Any live games or matches have info on the screen. Keep up with the scores and see the most relevant stats without getting too many of them. I also want to mention the betting guide link for the sportsbook, below the A-to-Z of sports. This opens another tab with FAQs on this topic. You’ll learn more about wager types and other topics here.

FanDuel Sports Betting

Touching down at the FanDuel sportsbook

One move from the homepage at FanDuel gets you to the sportsbook – and there is plenty of action to be had on that landing page. It looks busy to start with, but it’s not so bad. If you’re still asking is FanDuel legit, you’ll leave that behind here (just as you might have stopped asking is BetAmerica legit when we wrote that review). The uppermost section of the site has popular links to the left and the bet slip area to the right. Familiar enough if you’ve visited other sportsbooks. The middle section is left for a series of promotions and bets, including FanDuel new customer offers and various other offers.

Below this, you’ll see the popular events and odds for relevant sports. There is a live tab there too, along with a highlighted yellow Odds Boosts feature. They’ve covered a handful of popular sports by the ball type used too, such as a tennis ball, football, and golf ball. You’ll see that same idea in the Sport A-Z area below the popular section on the left side of your screen. This format is the fastest way to find your favorite sport. Once selected, you’ll see upcoming events in the middle of the page. Now, depending on the sport, you might then see headings covering forthcoming major events. For tennis, I spotted the Grand Slams. For soccer, I saw countries represented in the tabs. Basketball covered a variety of things, including WNBA, Euroleague, and separate countries.

If you select an event, you’ll see the available wagers on your screen. These always appear in blue type on a grayed-out background panel, so your eye is drawn to them no matter which sport you’re viewing. You’ve got outright winner, match betting, specials, and other wagers specific to each sport too. Variety is certainly going to be the spice of life in this corner of the FanDuel universe. And right at the top of the sportsbook, you’ll see a chance to go through to the live area.

All available sports with live matches happening are highlighted in the middle of the page. A red LIVE sticker appears next to each match, along with the current score and American odds for each player or team. These change too, so watch for a while to get the hang of how it works. You can also go through to learn about other wagers for that event or match.

Fantasy sports covered by FanDuel

We should also cover the point where it all started. The FanDuel rating for the fantasy sports area is looking promising too. The opening page offers a welcome deal that could change depending on which state you’re in. A quick method for finding the list of available fantasy sports is to zoom toward the bottom of the site. See that list over to the right? It includes 11 fantasy sports, with NFL, NBA, soccer, golf, and tennis all making it onto the list.

I’d advise you to start there, as each link takes you to a training page for that sport. You’ll see strategy guides, scoring guides, league and contest information, and plenty more. If you’re new to fantasy sports, this is the perfect starting point. Even if you’re experienced with other sites, FanDuel offers a lot more in many ways. Some contests and events only allow beginners, for example, while there are also lots of tournaments to enter. I would say, though, that of all the fantasy sports sites I have reviewed, my FanDuel rating is way higher than for many of those other sites. The scope is fantastic.

Racing toward the final section at FanDuel

I love the look of the racing area at FanDuel. The top panel, appearing against a darker background, has various linked areas to visit, such as Best Bets of the Day, Understanding the Odds, and Horse Racing 101. Below this, I spotted today’s popular races, and the names, stakes, race numbers, and runners and riders, are well organized. There is also a race-off timing underneath each info panel. This tells you how many minutes are left until the race begins.

A quick hop through to the ‘all races’ area gives you more options too. You can see the tracks at the bottom of the page, with other options for home, my bets, promos, and more. The track listing is in the A-to-Z mode you’ve seen elsewhere at FanDuel. And right at the top of the page, we’ve got region (US or international) and the race type. The latter covers thoroughbred, harness, and quarter horse. Even though the format looks different compared with other racebooks online today, it works well and offers a logical approach you’ll come to like – a lot.

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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports Offer - FanDuel daily fantasy sports NBA and more

FanDuel daily fantasy sports might now be known as one of the best US sports betting sites, but when it comes to daily fantasy football picks, FanDuel is the best in the universe! And it’s not just football they do either – there’s literally a whole galaxy of FanDuel daily fantasy sports NHL contests made available every day.

What makes FanDuel DFS contests truly cosmic though, is the fact that they suit players of all experience levels, playing styles and budgets. From classic FanDuel DFS NFL games, to more modern stat-specific games, there’s something for players old and new. Additionally, you can also track your progress in real-time using the DFS FanDuel lineup optimizer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete rookie or a seasoned pro – selecting your FanDuel DFS lineups is easy!

Prize Pools – NBA FanDuel DFS

The prize pools available in the selection of FanDuel daily fantasy sports NBA games vary in both amount and nature. From the FanDuel DFS NBA tournaments with multi-million dollar prize pools, to contests with smaller, but more attainable prizes – they’ve got it all!

If you play well and ride your luck, you could wind up winning prizes similar to those found in the best US bookmakers when playing FanDuel daily fantasy sports contests. We should point out though, that FanDuel DFS NHL is totally different from online sports betting, but you can find the best hockey odds here. With many FanDuel DFS contests, you don’t have to win in order to get your hands on a cash prize, as they offer a share of the prize pool to well-ranking players.

Community & Forum- Discuss FanDuel daily fantasy sports NHL to you heart’s content

When making your daily fantasy basketball picks, FanDuel allows you to touch base with your fellow contestants. Whether you’re playing a FanDuel daily fantasy sports NFL contests with thousands of people, or a closed league with friends – you can big-up or trash talk with your competitors. And you don’t have to stay specific to the game at hand either – you can also discuss the fact that as well as DFS Thursday night football, FanDuel has some of the best basketball odds in the galaxy!

Product Summary – Our verdict on FanDuel daily fantasy sports

At the end of the day, the range of FanDuel daily fantasy sports NFL games truly can take you to infinity and beyond, no matter how experienced you are at traversing the DFS universe. As well as offering specialist contests for rookies that still have out-of-this-world prizes and betting bonuses, FanDuel also caters to players with extremely high experience levels. Moreover, the quality of the software on-sit, the innovative FanDuel DFS optimizer and the real-time tracking facilities are second-to-none. If you’re looking for something new, blast off with FanDuel daily fantasy sports today!!

More of a sports wagering fan? Then check out the best football odds in the cosmos today with us here at PlayersBest!

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FanDuel FAQ

📱Is there a FanDuel app for iOS?

Make sure that you read our FanDuel review to see all of the information you need to know about the brand’s app. We’ll reveal whether you can download this app for iOS or whether it’s only for use on Android devices. While most of the best US sportsbooks have betting apps for both operating systems, it’s best to play it safe by reading our review.

🎰Is the FanDuel casino legit?

Check out our review of FanDuel to see whether the brand’s casino is legit and legal. If you’ve read our online gambling news, you’ll know that the legal situation regarding casino gaming is changing all of the time. So let’s see whether FanDuel’s casino is acting legally.

❓Do I have to use a FanDuel promo code?

Many of the best sports betting offers can only be activated by you using the correct kind of promo code. So read our FanDuel review to see whether you have to use a specific code to get the brand’s bonuses, or whether you can get away with putting down a qualifying bet or deposit.

🏀How good are the FanDuel sportsbook odds?

We always compare a sportsbook’s betting odds when we review these sports betting sites. These comparisons could cover the odds for anything from the NBA to the NFL. So make sure that you read our FanDuel review to see what happened when we compared this sportsbook’s odds with one of its biggest rivals.

👀Where do I download the FanDuel sportsbook app from?

All of the best sportsbooks and casino sites in the US will aim to make their apps as accessible as possible. So check out our review of FanDuel to see whether you can download its app from its betting site or whether you have to visit a specific app store depending on what your preferred operating system is.

Concluding with a high FanDuel rating

I’m finding it tough to mark down my FanDuel rating in any real way. From sports to virtual sports and the casino to the racebook, no matter where you want to go, you’ll have plenty of action to look forward to. Even though each area has its own look and format, they’re all accessible and understandable – and they all give you that FanDuel feel.

I always pour hours of research into my online gambling site reviews for PlayersBest, and I hope you’re able to see how varied FanDuel is. Even the fantasy sports area carries far more action and innovation than many other like-minded services. It feels as if the rest of the site was built around that original offering, taking on many of the successful features and using them the same way. Try FanDuel today to see if you agree – there’s plenty to appreciate while you’re there.


Illinois sports betting fans: FanDuel is now live

No, that’s not a misprint. FanDuel sportsbook is now fully available online throughout the state of Illinois. And the fun does not stop there, before Illinois players try out FanDuel’s revolutionary sports betting contests, they can also claim FanDuel new player bonus. When you sign up for FanDuel, enter our exclusive promo code and you will receive a $1,000 No Sweat First Bet. In other words, if your first bet of up to $1000 loses, FanDuel will give you a 100% refund in free bet credits.

Indiana sports betting fans can now join FanDuel

Indiana sports betting fans are in for a treat. That is because they can now sign up at FanDuel and experience the innovative sports betting on offer. FanDuel is now fully legalized and regulated throughout the Hoosier State, plus new customers in Indiana are also eligible for FanDuel’s fantastic risk-free offer. This promotion means that FanDuel will give you a guaranteed $150 free bet if you place a $5 or more first wager. So head over to FanDuel and sign up today. You won’t regret it.


FanDuel casino and sportsbook: Ideal for New Jersey gamblers

Great news for online sportsbook and casino fans in New Jersey. FanDuel is now fully licenced and regulated in the Garden State, so if you are aged 21 or older you are free to sign up and discover why fans across the United States love playing at FanDuel. What’s more, thanks to FanDuel’s fantastic new customer offer for sportsbook players, your first bet at FanDuel is entirely risk-free. That’s right, if your first bet loses, FanDuel will give you a complete refund!


Are you at least 21 years of age? Do you love sports betting? Are you located in the state of Iowa? Great news, you can now join in the fun at FanDuel. That’s because the operator is now fully licenced and regulated in the Hawkeye State. And to help you start your journey in style at FanDuel, Iowa players can get their hands on FAnDuel’s exclusive $1,000 No Sweat First Bet. If your opening bet of up to $1000 at FanDuel loses, the operator will give you a complete refund in free bet credits. Ideal for starting your time at FanDuel off in style.


Pay close attention Colorado sports betting fans

We can reveal that FanDuel online sportsbook is now fully available in Colorado. This means that if you are located in the state of Colorado and are at least 21 years of age, you can sign up at FanDuel today and check out their unique sports betting contests and markets. And just to make things even better, players in Colorado are also eligible for a 100% deposit bonus of up to $250 in free bets. This promotion means that FanDuel will match your first deposit of between $10 and $250 with an equal value of free bets to use on sports wagers.


Michigan gambling fans can rejoice

Sports betting fans in Michigan love trying out new operators, so they will be delighted to discover that they can now join FanDuel online sportsbook and casino. This is due to the fact that FanDuel is now fully licenced and regulated within the Wolverine State. What’s more, Michigan players can also get an exclusive deal when they join FanDuel. Sign up at FanDuel, make your first deposit of up to $1000 and if your first bet loses, FanDuel will give you a 100% refund in free bets.

FanDuel online sportsbook: Now in PA Pennsylvania (PA)

Pennsylvania residents looking for a new sports betting and/or casino operator can visit FanDuel PA today and sign up for one of the most innovative operators in the United States. Players at FanDuel can compete against each other in unique contests, as well as trying their luck in the fantastic FanDuel online casino. As an added incentive for new sportsbook customers, PA players can claim FanDuel’s $1000 No Sweat First Bet when they join the site. This means that if your first bet loses, you will receive a full refund in free bets. Perfect!


VirginiaFanDuel is the new place to go for Virginia sports fans

The waiting is over. Sports betting fans in Virginia can now sign up for FanDuel and find out why gamblers from right across America flock to FanDuel. Better yet, FanDuel VA also has an excellent welcome bonus that will match your first wager by up to $250 whether you win or lose. To claim the offer, just sign up for FanDuel, make a deposit of up to $250, and a qualifying bet. Within 72 hours you will receive your bonus funds.


FanDuel sports betting has come to the Volunteer State

FanDuel is now available to residents of Tennessee. So if you are located within TA and over 21 years of age, you are eligible to join FanDuel online sportsbook today and try your hand at the operator’s incredible range of sports betting contests and markets. To help you get started, FanDuel are currently offering a $1000 No Sweat Free Bet. In other words, if your first bet of up to $1000 loses, FanDuel will give you a full refund in free bet credits. So what are you waiting for?


FanDuel sportsbook: The new name in West Virginia betting

West Virginia residents can now sign up for FanDue’s online casino and sportsbook. As long as you are located within the Mountain State and at least 21 years old, you are eligible for FanDuel. And if that news is not enough to entice you, wait til you hear about FanDuel’s sign up offer. When you join FanDuel, enter our exclusive bonus code and you will qualify for a $1000 No Sweat Free Bet. Then, if your first bet of up to $1000 loses, you will receive a full refund from FanDuel in free bet credits. What’s not to love about that?!

Causing a big bang across NYC

Do any of our NY-based readers fancy a risk-free bet? Then FanDuel could be your next sports betting home. The platform is renowned for its great array of sports markets, superb usability, and abundance of ongoing bonuses and promotions. Currently, the welcome bonus provides new bettors with a $1000 No Sweat Free Bet – wow! Since securing the backing of a legitimate license, provided by the New York Gambling Commission, bettors can be confident their personal details will be kept safe, odds presented will be fair, and any transactions from their account will be kept secure at all times.

Ready to join the LA sports betting market

The anticipation of FanDuel opening its virtual doors has been building since sports betting was legalized in Louisiana last year. Thankfully, the wait will soon be over! Even prior to its official opening, FanDuel is offering some very generous welcome offers, presenting new users with the opportunity to claim $100 in free betting credits.  Backed by the license obtained from the LGCB, FanDuel users can expect a secure and fair experience throughout – great news for anyone who was considering whether to take advantage of the additional $1000 No Sweat Free Bet! Your first wager of up to $1,000 will be refunded in free bet credits if you lose it.

FanDuel Sports Bonus
Bet One, Get One: We’ll match your first bet placed up to $250 in free bets
Go to FanDuel Sports
  • Huge variety of markets available
  • Plenty of Odds Boosts available
  • Watch live matches on the go

User Reviews for FanDuel

3.67/5 – 3 User Reviews


  2. Everything I wanted

    I fell in love with Fanduel the moment I accessed their site, it was as user friendly as it could be. Lots of bonuses and promotions to claim and with both sports and casino. I never get bored. Their customer support is amazing and answers quickly.They also have additional active social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram besides live chat on the page and emails.

    Fanduel’s odds weren’t the most competitive. The deposit bonus has a limit and it’s a once off.
  3. Good all rounder

    It’s really good to have a decent online casino here in the US, everything you could need from an online casino.

    The online slot selection is not the best, unfortunately.

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