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Fox Bet Reviews 2023

You can’t miss the splashy intro to Fox Bet

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Bright and breezy with a crew of happy people waiting to welcome players! That’s the feel when you arrive at Fox Bet. This Fox Bet review takes you past the promotional beginning to see what lies ahead.

Once you’re inside the site, you’ll see you can play casino games, make bets on sporting events, and even bet on some poker. We’ll cover all areas in this review, so prepare for a ride you’re not going to forget. It’s time to find out whether Fox Bet is worth watching or one to avoid.

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jacob anderson
fair sports odds but still
"i came to fox bet as a joke and its a sportsbook thats thankfully a bit better than the media outlet. still the odds werent ..."
Good Gaming Platform
"The website just feels convincing and it look and feel is so calming. I joined up partly because the bet boost deal was amazing. I ..."
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Last Updated on 10/02/2023

A neat design aimed at all visitors

Straight off the bat, the key features catch the eye, leading you through each page to help you find what you’re looking for, whether that’s some casino games or a few of your favorite sports and events. I visited the Pennsylvania site, so there may be a few differences depending on the state you visit from. However, I can certainly confirm that Fox Bet delivers lots of action, gaming, and information on all relevant topics. I noticed the yellow and blue colors on the landing page cropped up throughout each part of the site itself, too, which makes it much easier to spot key areas to explore.

Fox Bet Logbook: what has happened so far

  • May 2019: Fox Bet begins its offer via a partnership between FOX and The Stars Group.
  • 4th September 2019: Fox Bet launches in Pennsylvania
  • 24th June 2021: We updated our Fox Bet test

What you can expect - this is our Fox Bet review

Fox Bet is a little unusual compared with other sportsbook sites. We can confirm the sportsbook is a big attraction here, but you can also easily reach the casino and poker sections from the sportsbook menu. Fox Bet is the operator for the casino and poker area, so even though you’ll see different names for those, they all come under the Fox Bet umbrella.

One of the key questions we get for any sportsbook online today – especially in the US – concerns the legitimacy of that site. People asked us is Betfair legit?, and we answered. We know you’re wondering, is Fox Bet legit too, and we aim to get some answers for that as well. We can, in fact, find some information to support their honest service by checking the bottom of their website. Since we visited from Pennsylvania, we saw the relevant information confirming their registration and licensing details with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. They also had clear information on Federal limitations for using the site. Only those in Pennsylvania can use this version of Fox Bet. Be aware of the law by reading the details at the bottom of each version of Fox Bet if you’re visiting from one of the other permissible states.

Get a head start at... Fox Bet test

The first thing I ought to share with you is the availability of Fox Bet in certain American states. You can’t miss the possibilities here as they’re on the home page. You can use the sportsbook if you are in:

  • Colorado
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan.

They display each state name inside a light blue box, so all you need to do is to select the relevant one and wait for the site to load, and then you’re on your way! While there are only four available states just now for Fox Bet fans, it looks like there could be a couple of others added in the future. We’ll update you on any news on that topic as it comes through. Of course, you should also see other states appear on the landing page for Fox Bet.

We have plenty of areas to explore when we begin searching the site for further information. We’ve already covered how to find the licensing information, so the next natural step is to look at responsible gaming. Stick with us as we travel through our review, covering all sights within this part of the gambling site. By the time our review is complete, you’ll know all you need to know before deciding whether the Fox Bet offering is right for you.

How does Fox Bet approach responsible gaming?

We feel this information should be easy to find – and it is. The lower menu at Fox Bet has several areas to sort through. They’ve titled one such area as Being Responsible. The only link in that section is to the responsible gaming area, so we followed that to find out more. You’re taken to another page that also has a link to a page covering player protection – another important topic you ought to know about before signing up. They certainly give us confidence that we’ll get some clear details here.

They begin with a mission statement, but one of the best features of this statement is that they mention certain things, such as self-exclusion tools and customer verification. They’ve taken the time to hyperlink all these elements, so you can go straight to the information you want. They also list signs of gambling getting out of control and give you a chance to visit certain websites that can help with problem gambling. They’ve got plenty of information in each section, but some have ‘more’ with a plus sign next to it. In these instances, you can expand that section to learn specifics on that part of the topic. Top marks for this area of our Fox Bet rating.

Promotions at Fox Bet

What about some Fox Bet new customer offers? Is Fox Bet legit in this area? We’re about to find out. When arriving at the sportsbook, you can look for the gift icon and ‘promotions’ near the left of the menu. You’ll sometimes see bet offers on the landing page for the sportsbook too. Some might offer a free bet if you bet a certain amount by following the rules of the deal. Of course, it’s worth clarifying once again here that deals could vary by state, depending on laws and limitations. That might well be true of any states that join the Fox Bet family of state-specific sites in the future too. The takeaway here is to remember that the promotions area should always be positioned in easy view on the menu.

So, what did we find there? We spotted 14 deals, an impressive amount, and while the first few were all focused on sports, we did see some that related to the casino and to various games there too. There was a casino mega prize deal along with insurance for blackjack games, for example. Remember that deals can and do change regularly anyway, and you may see different offers for your version of Fox Bet. The trick is to check the promo area whenever you visit the site, so you can catch up on any deals you may wish to claim.

To find out more about a deal that catches your eye, just click or select it. You should then see a popup that tells you more about the offer. You can view the challenge or deal, by reading the details broken up into easy bullet points. Underneath this, you should see the terms and conditions, divided into paragraphs and numbered sections. One of these sections should concern eligibility, and we noticed that they listed the qualifying states where the deals were available. Eligibility is usually the third section in the terms and conditions, and in all the deals we looked at, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, and Colorado were all fine to be present in while betting.

The next section concerns the actions needed from you to qualify. If you need a Fox Bet promo code, you’re likely to see it here if you haven’t already. However, we did look through a handful of Ts and Cs for various deals and did not spot a single Fox Bet bonus code. It doesn’t look like you need them, but you should still confirm that whenever you see a new offer. We would suggest the same if you’ve read our PointsBet review and you’re looking for a PointsBet promo code.

What’s our Fox Bet rating for depositing and withdrawing monies?

The How-To menu at the bottom of the site is superb. You’ll find a section there on deposits and withdrawals. Most have a $10 minimum deposit, which is lower than we’ve seen at some other sportsbooks. They also supply an easy-to-view table giving you all banking methods and whether you can use them for depositing, withdrawing, or both. Using a simple green tick and red cross makes it easy to see which method could be perfect for you at a glance.

The content on the page displays all potential methods available in the US state you’re visiting from. If you have a login, you can access your account and view all the methods in each state inside the cashier. We found card methods, bank transfers, and online services including Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, PayPal, and PayNearMe for Pennsylvania. We’d advise you to make sure you’re viewing the correct Fox Bet site for your state, so you can see which methods you’re able to use. It was quite an even split between methods we could use for deposits and withdrawals, and those we could only use for deposits.

How do they rate on customer service?

There are bound to be times when you have some questions about how to use their service. This is one of the more important topics we cover in our online gambling site reviews. So, how does Fox Bet stack up on this? The easiest way to reach assistance if you need it is to look at that How To area once again. You will see Help near the bottom of that column of options, so choose that and you’ll go through to the help area proper. This begins with a search box you can use to find answers, while also covering some of the most frequently searched help features on the site.

Over to the right, we get a category list. This is a superb way to minimize the time it takes to find what you need. The categories include deposit and withdrawal, special offers, sports, my account, and technical issues. You only need to hover over one of those areas to see it open and reveal several topics to look at. Once you select it, you’ll see various topic areas on that subject, so you can read through them to see what you think. Be aware that some areas have more than one page of topics. They have small numbers underneath the last topic, so you can select a number to move to the next page.

The most common search queries also include a contact query, so if you select that, you can find out how to contact them. They have a help bot available, but you can request proper contact if you follow the instructions. They don’t currently have phone support, but you can contact them via mobile or desktop.

Can you download an app for Android or iOS mobile devices?

Yes, although we had trouble finding specific details of such apps on the website. We did, however, access the mobile section in the help area. This revealed how to solve problems if you experience any with the iOS app or the Android app. So, they do have apps you can search for if you visit the relevant store to download them. We Googled for information and found links to the App Store for iPhones and iPads and the Google Play Store for the Android app. Easy enough to find when you know they exist.

Discover the possibilities at Fox Bet

What makes Fox Bet stand out? For me, a key feature is accessibility. While you can only use the site if you are from one of the accepted states, you’ll find it simple to get around and explore long before you think about joining. You cannot always assume this is true. Some betting sites don’t even let you on the launchpad, much less in the cockpit to have a look around. Here, though, you get the sense you’re welcome if you’re in one of the Fox Bet legal states and can legally bet at the site. That’s great to know.

Does anything else stand out? Certainly, the navigational abilities on the site, any betting site that has a sportsbook, poker area, and a casino has a challenge to meet when organizing everything for ease of use. We think Fox Bet exceeds this challenge, therefore earning a much higher Fox Bet rating from our experienced reviewers. Does it equal or better our 888 rating? It’s up to you to work out what you think of that one.

We also noticed they have a presence on social media. They seem active on those sites too, and you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The Twitter account stood out for us as they had hourly tweets on there with tips, odds, and competitions. You can also watch clips from sporting events – the highlights you may have missed and classic moments. If you’ve followed other sportsbooks online before and felt disappointed in the lack of content, you won’t feel that way with Fox Bet.

Fox Bet Sports Betting

Our Fox Bet review of the sportsbook

We’ve reviewed many sportsbooks over time, with our Bet MGM review just one example. It’s time to see what is at the heart of the sportsbook at Fox Bet, so we can see what’s on offer there. The dark blue and yellow colors are present, with the yellow splashes making it easy to see important areas, such as Super Boost bets, Bet Boosts, and one or two other promotional panels as well. You’ll see the sportsbook menu stretched across the top of the page, with key areas including live, promotions, and specific sports or leagues. These include the ATP and WTA for tennis, MLB, golf, NHL, and playoffs.

Below this, as we explore further, we can easily find the popular header. This has the most popular events happening right now, so as you can imagine, this is going to change – possibly every time you visit the sportsbook. Since this is aimed at American bettors, the American odds appear for each wager. However, you need only go to the bottom of any sportsbook page, and you’ll see the American odds listed there. You can easily switch to fractional or decimal if you prefer. Some sportsbooks hide this away inside your account, so it’s refreshing to see we don’t need to log in to change them.

We should also mention a key area at the bottom of the sportsbook page. They’ve given us several submenus there, the first one being How To. If you’re new to Fox Bet, you should head there to find out how everything works. Among the options are:

  • Betting at Fox Bet
  • Sports FAQs
  • Bet types
  • Market descriptions

This is all accessible to non-members, so it’s a great school in how to use the site and make the most of it without running into issues along the way. Returning to the sports themselves, you may think there is a small quantity on the menu and that’s it. However, if you open the burger icon on the right of the menu, you’ll see the complete A-to-Z list. If you choose a sport from there, you can see the list of events happening now or coming up on the left of the next page.

Go deeper and you’ll see matches, odds, and the chance to look at more wagers. The page tells you how many more wagers there are and you can select them from there. If there are any available Bet Boosts for better odds, you’ll see them listed there too. Choose your odds and you’ll see a pop-up adding the bet to your bet slip. You’re then prompted to log in and make your bet if you haven’t logged in already. Top marks for this section of our Fox Bet review.

Fox Bet Casino

Fox Bet FAQ

🎁What Fox Bet promotions are there?

We’ve seen some amazing deals from Fox Bet that are every bit as good as some of the best sports betting bonuses in the US. However, it’s worth noting that these deals are only on for a limited amount of time. So read our Fox Bet review to see what deals the online sportsbook has on at the moment.

📱Where can I use the Fox Bet app?

Even the best online gambling sites in the US are only allowed to operate in the states in which they are regulated to do so. As such, you might be able to use a sportsbook’s betting app in some states and no others. So check out our Fox Bet review and learn which states you can use this brand’s app in.

❓How does Fox Bet work?

Our Fox Bet review won’t simply tell you how good or bad this online sportsbook is, as we’ll also reveal the best ways in which you can use this betting platform. So make sure that you read our review to see how the online sportsbook works and discover how you can get more from the betting odds here.

👀Where can I get a Fox Bet app download from?

Check out our Fox Bet review to see where you can download the brand’s sports betting app from. In addition to this, we’ll reveal what kinds of bets you can find on the app, and even reveal which of the common deposit methods you can use from within the app to give you an easy way to fund your bets on the go.

☝Do I have to use a Fox Bet promo code?

Many online sports betting bonuses can only be activated by you entering the right kind of promo code. This is the kind of information that we cover in our Fox Bet review where we examine what kinds of promo codes you might need and tell you everything you need to know about using the bonuses from this awesome online sportsbook.

Fox Bet review: conclusion

The amount of detail and information at Fox Bet is quite impressive. You feel there is a real difference between the key areas of the site, so the casino feels different from the presentation for the sportsbook, and so too does the poker area. This may feel a little jarring if you’re not used to it, but of course, you may end up only using one portion of the site. Fox Bet creates a welcoming feel in each area though, and the way they’ve approached the design takes this into account. I found the presentation for the sportsbook considered the information I’d need to make the best of it, and it gave me everything I needed. So, too, did the casino, albeit in a different way.

The best way to really experience what I mean about this standout feature of Fox Bet is to try it for yourself. The partnership with others behind the scenes has been a key driver of the full Fox Bet experience. This is also why our Fox Bet rating has turned out to be even higher than we expected. I would happily return to the site for my next sports wagers or casino games whenever I’m ready.

User Reviews for Fox Bet

2.67/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. fair sports odds but still
    jacob anderson

    i came to fox bet as a joke and its a sportsbook thats thankfully a bit better than the media outlet. still the odds werent as good as i found at other sportsbooks so ill be sticking with my fave betting site for betting on the giants.

    its actually an ok sportsbook but who wouldd wanna play with such a nasty brand?
  2. Good Gaming Platform

    The website just feels convincing and it look and feel is so calming. I joined up partly because the bet boost deal was amazing. I deposited $20 and got a total of $70 to play with. FoxBet offers lots of sporting leagues, for soccer, tennis, football, basketball and everything. I especially love the live bet feature on my mobile. The casino is a great all round and cashing out with FoxBet is like ABC.

    Not many negatives that I can think of.
  3. Is this a news site or a sportsbook?
    Oscar Rowe

    The welcome bonus for both the casino and the sportsbook are pretty good.

    Doesn't feel like I am on a sportsbook website, feels more like a news site. Some people may like that I guess, but not for me.

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