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You might have come here expecting a BetStars review. But that brand has had a few name changes and is now FoxBet. So read my intergalactic FoxBet review to see why this is great news!

I awarded an interstellar FoxBet rating as the brand gives you massive odds for NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB betting. Plus it has even teamed up with PokerStars to put on some interplanetary casino games and online poker tournaments. But is FoxBet legit in your US state? Read my FoxBet review to see more about this awesome betting site!

Why FoxBet could be the best sportsbook in the cosmos

If you’re anything like me, you might be pretty skeptical about FoxBet. After all, this is a brand that has its background in topical news and sports TV. The fact that it took over BetStars meant that I was unsure that it could deliver the goods. How wrong I was. My FoxBet review revealed that this is an amazing site for betting on all US sports and much more. I even managed to make some decent wins by playing at the casino here. All of which made for one of the more enjoyable gambling reviews that I’ve ever done. So if you live in US states like Colorado, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, take a look below to see what you can get from FoxBet.

FoxBet Logbook: What happened so far

  • 2. September 2019: FoxBet starts its offer.
  • 28. January 2021: FoxBet launches in Michigan
  • 25. June 2021: I updated my FoxBet test

Countdown: What I found in my Intergalactic FoxBet review

While this might not be the BetStars review you were expecting, FoxBet is definitely worth a look. It’s primarily a sportsbook that is rolling out its sports betting platform across the whole of the US. At the time of writing this FoxBet review, it covered the states of New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. I’m pretty sure that more FoxBet legal states will get added as things open up here in the US. Plus there’s a PokerStars casino and poker section here too. All of which set things up nicely for delivering a strong FoxBet rating

Interplanetary range of sports bets

The first thing you should know is that FoxBet has a massive range of sports bets on offer. There’s probably an equal number of odds here as I found when I carried out my William Hill review. You can come here and get bets for pretty much any US sport. Plus FoxBet covers a massive variety of sports from overseas. I found that it was just as easy to bet on my beloved Philadelphia Eagles as it was to bet on Premier League soccer. What’s best is that the odds never let me down. All of which should provide a strong FoxBet rating for sports betting.

Add live bets to your space mission at FoxBet 

I usually like to keep things pretty simple when I bet on sport. After all, it’s hard enough just to make a prediction about who’s going to win that big game. But I was happy to give live betting a try at FoxBet. This is because the sportsbook makes it easy and fun to try your luck on the ever-changing odds. I particularly liked the range of live betting markets you could get for each sporting event. I’m not sure how many people want over a dozen betting markets for a Turkish tennis match, but I guess it’s a nice option to have.

Intergalactic alliance with PokerStars for casino gaming

FoxBet has wisely teamed up with PokerStars to bring you an awesome range of online casino games. This is a smart move as PokerStars has plenty of experience in this area. As a result, you could simply enjoy some slots or table games as a nice distraction from the sports bets at the FoxBet site. I should note the fact that only some FoxBet customers in certain US states will be able to access the online casino games.

Start your poker mission with FoxBet and PokerStars 

I’ll admit that I’m not exactly the best poker player in the universe. But I was glad to see that FoxBet had once again teamed up with PokerStars to include some quality online poker gaming options. This means that you can simply download the PokerStars software and get access to a good amount of online poker tournaments. All of which could be a good alternative to regular sports betting.

Planet-sized risk-free bet welcome bonus

I’ve already picked up some awesome bonuses on my interstellar travels such as the last Unibet promo code deal. So I was pretty keen to see what kinds of FoxBet new customer offers there are.  Depending on which state you live in, you might be able to get some decent FoxBet new customer offers. The good news is that I found an awesome risk-free bet deal. I didn’t have to use any kind of BetStars promo code or FoxBet bonus code to get this special offer. Instead, I just had to sign up, make a deposit, and then I could get insurance on my first sports bet. Perfect for enjoying what FoxBet had to offer without risking my own cash.

Daily sports special offers for galaxy-sized wins

I’d seen some interesting BetStars bonus code deals in the past. So I was glad to see that there were also some FoxBet promo code offers available on a daily basis. Mondays had a Parlay Club that gave you extra credit for parlay betting. Tuesdays featured an interactive Twitter promo where you could pick what odds boosts were available. Thursdays had a cool live betting promotion, while Fridays served up lots more odds boosts and bonus bets. Plus with massive profit boosts available each Saturday, it seems that my FoxBet rating for promotions is going to be pretty good.

Casino bonuses for intergalactic victories

I’ve spent long enough going on about the FoxBet promo code deals for sports betting. But I should let you know that there is also some cool FoxBet bonus code offers for casino gaming. These include new customer deals that give you a massive bonus just by wagering a pretty small amount of money. Plus there are Daily Free Casino Bonus deals available over at PokerStars. Just don’t forget to get involved with the Stars Rewards program.

Interstellar refer a friend promotions

I’m of the opinion that sports betting is so much more fun when you try it against friends. So I was pleased to see that FoxBet had some cool refer-a-friend promotions. All you have to do is to get your friend to sign up using the FoxBet promo code that you give them. Doing this could earn you and your friend a nice amount of bet credit. Perfect for getting a little extra for your sports betting contests.

Lift-off: Is FoxBet legit… in space?

Starting your journey to the stars at FoxBet 

I found that it was pretty easy to get straight into the betting action at FoxBet. All I had to do was to click on the big JOIN button at the top of the site. From here I had to enter my email address, and then create a username and password. Once I’d verified my account with some basic personal information, I could start betting. All of the sports bets were arranged in a sensible manner, and there was a tab at the bottom that allowed you to switch the odds format. Similarly, the process for making deposits was fast and easy. All in all, a user-friendly and well-designed online betting site.

Get a mobile blast-off with FoxBet

Most of this FoxBet review was carried out from my laptop. But I was keen to see how easy FoxBet was to use on a mobile. So I downloaded the FoxBet iOS app to my iPhone and found that it was pretty easy to use. I was able to browse all of the odds without too much stress and could put down a Moneyline bet with a simple tap of the screen. Android users will be pleased to know that there’s a FoxBet app for that operating system too.

Licensed in NJ, PA, CO, and more of the cosmos

I’m always happy to be super-critical of how trustworthy online sportsbooks are. After all, you can see what happened when I asked ‘Is Bet365 legit?’. Obviously, I won’t be asking ‘Is BetStars legit?’, but it’s worth putting FoxBet under the microscope. So I was glad to see that FoxBet is regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. This basically means that FoxBet has to comply with the state’s online gambling laws which is never a bad thing. I was also pleased to see that there was a little padlock in the web address bar which means that all of my data was encrypted. So is FoxBet legit? It sure looks like it.

Getting help via the intergalactic bot

Nothing annoys me more than bad customer service at an online sportsbook. So I was pleased to see that FoxBet has a pretty good customer support team. The bad news is that you have to click your way through a helpbot live chat feature before you actually get through to a human. But once I’d done this, I was able to get my question about using a FoxBet promo code quickly answered. Just so you know, there’s nothing in the way of FoxBet telephone support here. However, I found the FoxBet FAQ to be pretty useful.

Making interplanetary deposits at FoxBet

I couldn’t really give you a useful BetStars rating unless I let you know how you’ll be making your real money deposits. The good news is that you can make deposits with reputable payment providers like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, PayNearMe, VanillaDirect, or a standard bank transfer. I made a PayPal deposit and was pleased to see that it was added almost instantly to my account. Just so you know, there was nothing in the way of fees for making deposits.

Withdrawing galaxy-sized wins with FoxBet

It’s also seriously easy to make withdrawals from FoxBet. I found that FoxBet automatically let me withdraw back to my PayPal account. Once I’d submitted my withdrawal request, the money showed up just over 24 hours later. Again, there were no processing fees for moving my money around. I should let you know that you can’t make withdrawals via card brands like Visa and MasterCard at FoxBet. So if you deposited with a card, you’ll have to make a withdrawal with a bank transfer.

In orbit: FoxBet goes where no human has gone before

Get interplanetary super boosts from FoxBet

I found that FoxBet is always willing to give you a little extra on your sports bets. Why else would the sportsbook be willing to put on some Super Boosts? These great little deals simply boost your odds on a range of sporting events. When I was carrying out this FoxBet review, I found Super Boosts for everything from international soccer to a big NBA game between the Clippers and the Suns. I should note that some of these Super Boosts require you to bet outside your comfort zone. For example, the Yankees, White Sox, and Cubs would all have to win to get one particular MLB Super Boost.

Try a #CustomBet for your own bets in space!

FoxBet does a pretty good job in covering most sports bets that you can think of. But there might come a time when a particular kind of bet will slip through the cracks. This is where the #CustomBet feature comes in handy. Here is where you just have to send a tweet of your desired bet to the FoxBet Twitter account. FoxBet will then get back to you with the odds for your bet. All of which means that you’ll always be able to find your preferred bets at FoxBet.

I really like the Trending Bets feature at FoxBet. This gives you an easy way to see what other punters are betting on. While it’s never a good idea to blindly follow the crowd, it can be a good way of seeing some betting markets you might have overlooked. I found that the Trending Bets was also helpful in pointing out when I’d missed one of the Odds Boosts. Plus the whole thing is also pretty interesting too.

Add some Customized Challenges to your space mission

FoxBet has a cool Challenges section on its site. The premise is that you complete a series of customized challenges and win some exclusive rewards. To be fair, many of these challenges went way beyond what I was willing to try. However, it’s nice to find an online sportsbook that’s willing to add something unique. Plus I’m sure that there will be more than a few punters out there who’d be willing to try their luck on this interesting promotion.

Intergalactic casino bonuses to enjoy

I should note that FoxBet had teamed up with PokerStars to come up with some interesting casino bonuses. Some of these could give you insurance for your blackjack gaming, while others featured some handy reload deposit bonuses. My personal favorite was the Casino Races. These were awesome slot gaming contests where you take on other games in the hunt for cash prizes.

Get scientific help with your poker at FoxBet and PokerStars 

I’ve already mentioned the fact that I’m no poker pro. So I was pretty pleased to see that FoxBet and PokerStars have a series of handy guides that can take your poker gaming up to the next level. These cover everything from the basic rules to some advanced strategies. All of which should help you avoid making too many newbie errors when you step up to the online poker tables.

Fox Bet Sports Betting

Interstellar sports bets found in my FoxBet review

Getting cosmic bets on the Eagles in the NFL

One of the main reasons why my FanDuel rating was so good was the fact that I could get awesome odds for the Philadelphia Eagles. Obviously, there’s no BetStars rating for NFL betting, but I was happy to award an excellent FoxBet rating for its football bets. So the NFL season wasn’t actually underway when I carried out the FoxBet review, but I thought I should see what the futures bets were like. So I put down a very optimistic bet that the Eagles would win the next Super Bowl. I compared the odds at FoxBet with those at a rival sportsbook and found that FoxBet could offer serious value for futures betting.

Some of the best NBA odds in the universe at FoxBet 

FoxBet is definitely worth checking out the next time that you want to put down a basketball bet. I found that the sportsbook regularly serves up in excess of 200 betting markets for each NBA clash. Obviously, these cover regular money line bets spread bets, and there are also markets for the total number of points scored. But it doesn’t stop there as FoxBet also serves up bets on halves or you could even build a prop bet. I’m pretty sure that that’s more than enough for all serious basketball fans.

Enjoy planet-sized bets on the Flyers and more in the NHL

I’m a big fan of the Philadelphia Flyers. So I couldn’t wait to see what kind of NHL bets FoxBet was serving up. The good news is that FoxBet seemed to put on routinely competitive odds for all markets that I was considering for the next Flyers game. These covered everything from a Moneyline bet on the Flyers to win, to even some advanced spread bets. The overall number of betting markets for each hockey game wasn’t as expansive as for basketball, but it should be enough for most NHL fans.

Interplanetary bets for the Phillies in the MLB

There are sure to be plenty of baseball fans reading this. So I’m happy to report that FoxBet has a decent number of bets for each MLB game. I checked out a big game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds and saw that FoxBet offered up just shy of 30 different betting markets. Plus I found that FoxBet’s baseball odds were easily some of the best on the market. So be sure to factor in FoxBet the next time that you want

While there’s a US focus to FoxBet, it’s also a great sportsbook for sports all over the world. When I was writing this FoxBet review, there were massive international tennis and soccer tournaments taking place. I found that FoxBet didn’t just serve up top odds for these sporting events, but also threw in some odds boosts too. You’ll also find plenty more odds for some niche sports here like cycling, darts, Aussie rules football, and rugby. However, I didn’t see any kinds of horse racing bets here. But whether you want to bet on MMA fighting or motor racing, be sure to give FoxBet a try.

Fox Bet Casino
Fox Bet Poker

FoxBet review: Why FoxBet makes an interplanetary impression on betting

My BetStars review didn’t quite turn out the way that I’d thought. After all, it transformed into a FoxBet review as soon as I found out that the sportsbook had switched its name. But the good news is that I had to award a decent FoxBet rating. This is because the brand had managed to create a seriously impressive sportsbook. Plus by teaming up with PokerStars, many FoxBet customers will now be able to enjoy a superior range of online casino and poker games.

But is FoxBet legit? Yes, it definitely is. I found that FoxBet had all of the regulations required to operate in states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Colorado. This means that you’ll get nothing but a fair and safe sports betting experience. Plus it’s worth noting that FoxBet has excellent customer support and only accepts the safest payment providers – a bit like what we found in our FanDuel rating.

FoxBet managed to edge ahead of its rivals with the quality of its bonuses and promotions. The fact that new customers can get a risk-free opening bet is a nice touch, and there’s plenty here for existing customers too. Just don’t forget to see if there are any odds boosts for your favorite sport. So sign up to FoxBet and enjoy putting your bets down.


Sports betting fans in New Jersey can now join FOX Bet

As is clear from our review, FOX Bet is one of the very best sports betting operators in North America. And now, sports betting fans in New Jersey can now find out why. That’s because FOX Bet is now licenced and regulated in the Garden State if you are aged 21 or older. What’s more, thanks to FOX Bet’s fantastic new customer offer, you can get a 100% refund if your first bet of up to $500 loses.


Colorado sports betting fans are in for a treat

That’s because FOX Bet online sportsbook is now available in Colorado. In other words, if you are located in the state of Colorado and are at least 21 years of age, you can sign up at FOX Bet today and check out their  Not only that, but Colorado players are also eligible for the superb FOX Bet welcome offer. All you need to do is enter our exclusive bonus code and you will get a risk free bet of up to $500 when you make your first deposit.


Michigan betting fans: You are going to love FOX Bet sportsbook

Sports betting fans in Michigan love to try out new operators, so they will be thrilled to know that they can now join the  Bet online sportsbook. Yes, that’s right, FOX Bet online sportsbook is now fully licenced and legalized in the Wolverine State. And Michigan players can further enhance their fun by taking advantage of FOX Bet’s superb new customer offer, which gives MI residents a risk-free bet of up to $500 when they make their first deposit.


FOX Bet online sportsbook has a new home Pennsylvania (PA)

After years of waiting, FOX Bet has joined the party. As of now, Pennsylvania residents can visit FOX Bet PA, sign up for the operator and wager money on the huge range of sports betting markets the site offers. Best of all, PA players can also claim FOX Bet’s enticing new customer bonus. Just sign up, make a deposit of up to $500 and if your first bet losses, FOX Bet will give you a full refund.

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