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Funzpoints Promo & Bonus Code 2023

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Funzpoints Social Casino
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Funzpoints Social Casino Bonus
Players from Virginia not accepted
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Funzpoints Social Casino Facts
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Standard Funzpoints
1 USD = 20000 SF
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Daily Jackpots, Daily Bonus Wheel
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Bank Transfer
Woopla Inc.
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Last Updated on 11/27/2023

Funzpoints New Customer Offers

I was idling my way through the social and sweepstake iGaming universe when some dazzling Funzpoints new customer offers caught my eye. Given my obsession with tracking down the top destinations for fellow gaming fans, I had to go and investigate them for myself, so that I could report back on my findings. I‘d need to check out the operator’s credentials and make sure the promotions were worth claiming. Was I happy with what I found? You’re about to find out!

Why is Funzpoints giving away bonuses?

If you take a look at any of my online casino or sportsbook reviews, you’ll quickly appreciate why these operators are giving away introductory bonuses. They want to attract new members, so they’ll try to grab your attention with  some free bets, or deposit match offers, that give extra power to your bankroll.

The thing is, when you play games at a social or sweepstakes casino, you won’t ever be wagering with real money. There’s usually an emphasis on slots, although you’ll occasionally find a few table games or poker variants too, and every coin you play with is virtual. You can’t deposit any funds, because these aren’t really online casinos, so where does a bonus come in?

Meet virtual coins!

OK, now take a look at some of my best social casino reviews, and you’ll see that they also include details of introductory bonuses. The coins you’ll be playing with may be virtual, with no real cash value, but you still need to get your hands on them somehow. And how better than through a generous introductory bonus? Every social and sweepstakes casino puts together some sort of welcome package so that you can start playing games pretty much straight away.

Most social and sweeps casinos call their virtual coins gold coins. They don’t have any value, so you can’t redeem them for real cash. You can’t transfer them to another player either, as they’re exclusively for your own personal use. There are usually all sorts of ways of collecting more of them for free, but you can buy additional gold coins too, if you want to extend your gameplay.

But sweeps casinos also offer another type of coin, known as sweeps coins. These can’t be purchased and are only given away as promotional gifts by the operator. But if you choose to play games using sweeps coins, prizes are paid out in sweeps coins too – and they can be redeemed for cash paid directly into your bank account!

Funzpoints new customer offers are a little bit different

Check out my Ocean Social Casino review, or any other social casino comparison guide, and you’ll find that they often tend to operate in a very similar way. But the Funzpoints joining offer seems quite unique, in part because of the site’s own terminology. Forget about gold coins and sweeps coins – at Funzpoints, you’ll be playing with standard Funzpoints and premium Funzpoints instead. And there’s also a special Funzwheel to discover, but I’m getting ahead of myself here!

These are the latest Funzpoints new customer offers

The fact that this introductory bonus caught my eye from so far away is an indication of just how attractive it is! And let me reassure you that you don’t need to remember to input a Funzpoints bonus code to activate it – just follow my link, which will lead you straight to the site and ensure you don’t miss out on any aspect of this generous bonus.

The first part of the Funzpoints introductory bonus offer

Create your Funzpoints account, confirm your email address and straight away you’ll be awarded 1,000 standard Funzpoints. But that’s not all! Almost immediately you’ll be offered the chance to spin the Funzwheel, which could award up 10,000 additional standard Funzpoints, as well as premium Funzpoints or sweeps tickets.

Now all you need to do is complete your player profile and you’ll be rewarded with 250 free premium Funzpoints. And these are the virtual coins that could lead you towards the chance of some real cash prizes!

The second part of the Funzpoints new customer offer

If you only ever intend to play Funzpoints games for fun, and you don’t have much interest in making any in-play purchases, then that’s absolutely fine. As I’ll explain later on in my review, there are plenty of ways of building up your collection of standard Funzpoints without ever having to make any purchases.

But if you’re getting through your standard Funzpoints rather more quickly, and you’re looking to increase your collection, there’s a special offer that you can claim against your first purchase. Choose from one of the following:

  • Make a $5 purchase of standard Funzpoints and receive 500 extra free premium Funzpoints
  • Make a $10 purchase of standard Funzpoints and receive 1,000 extra free premium Funzpoints
  • Make a $20 purchase of standard Funzpoints and receive 2,000 extra free premium Funzpoints

How to withdraw your Funzpoints bonus

OK, I’ll confess to being slightly misleading here, because of course you can’t withdraw your bonus at Funzpoints. Playing with virtual coins means that the prizes are virtual too – unless one the following happens:

  • You hold a winning ticket in the daily sweepstake jackpot draw
  • You win premium Funzpoints when playing games in premium mode

Check out the Funzpoints website for the full details of your withdrawal options, as these can be subject to change depending on the financial institution involved. And you’ll find the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts vary according to your chosen method too. An ACH bank transfer is a popular option, but bear in mind that it could take a few days for the funds to reach your account. This is completely outside the control of the team at Funzpoints, who say they action withdrawal requests as quickly as possible – and often within just a couple of hours.

Verification required to action your first Funzpoints withdrawal

These Funzpoints new customer offers are only available to players located within any US state other than Washington. To confirm that players comply with the terms and conditions of social casino gameplay, it’s necessary to complete an ID verification before your first withdrawal request can be approved.

No sweepstakes prizes can be redeemed for cash until the operator is satisfied that you are aged 18 or over, and that you reside in any US state, apart from Washington. So you’ll need to input your full name and address, together with your date of birth and the final four digits from your Social Security Number.

This is my experience of the Funzpoints introductory bonus

Regular site visitors will know how obsessed I am with the details of a bonus, so it won’t come as much of a surprise to discover that I decided to try out the Funzpoints promotional offer right there and then! After all, whether it’s the latest review, or explaining the finer points of the Funzpoints bonus, the devil is in the detail!

So I tapped on the register button, filled in my email address, username and password and I was almost done. All that remained was to click on the link that Funzpoints emailed to me, and I was taken directly to the site, where I could choose to play in premium or standard mode. Since standard mode didn’t require any virtual coin purchases, that was the panel I clicked, and I was taken straight to the lobby.

Here comes the bonus!

As soon as I arrived at the Funzpoints lobby I discovered plenty of excitement waiting for me. First of all I was invited to tap on my bonus gift, sending 1,000 standard Funzpoints straight into my account, shown at the top left of my screen. I was pretty set on spinning up the reels of the highlighted game – a fun-looking slot called Dog Gone Lucky, but I was distracted by the sight of a colorful wheel, complete with arrow and flashing lights, urging me to give it a spin.

Well, how could I refuse? The Funzwheel is divided up into sections, and depending on where it lands you could win between 1,000 to 10,000 standard Funzpoints, mystery premium Funzpoints and sweepstakes jackpot tickets. I tapped on the center of the Funzwheel and was rewarded with an instant prize of 3,000 standard Funzpoints and 60 tickets for the daily sweepstake jackpot prize draw.

Even more free standard Funzpoints and jackpot tickets available

Without having to input so much as a single Funzpoints bonus code, I’d already managed to put together my own personal Funzpoints new customer bonus of 4,000 standard Funzpoints and 60 tickets into the sweepstakes jackpot draw. There’s a countdown in the lobby, so you can always check how long you have to wait to find out if you’re a winner. And the Funzwheel also has its own countdown too, as you get to spin it every three hours. You really don’t ever need to make a purchase here!

Digging a little deeper into the site, I discovered you can even make a postal application for free standard Funzpoints and premium Funzpoints. The full details of how to apply for this freebie are shown in the site’s FAQ section, and it’s important to follow the instructions to the letter. Once your handwritten claim has been assessed, your free Funzpoints will be credited to your account as quickly as possible.

The option to purchase more standard Funzpoints

Although I was tempted by the second part of the Funzpoints new player bonus, I decided not to complete my profile just yet, so I haven’t yet been awarded my free premium Funzpoints. And I’ve yet to make a Funzpoints purchase – but it’s something I’m planning on doing quite soon, as those extra free premium Funzpoints could lead to some real     cash prizes!

Time to start playing free casino games

OK, so now my console showed that I had already amassed 4.000 standard Funzpoints, as well as 60 tickets, and this is before I’d played a single game! So it was time to start exploring the slots, all of which seem to come packed with bonus features. There were loads of games to explore, although some of them are locked and only become available under certain conditions, including

  • Making a standard Funzpoints purchase
  • Playing games in premium mode

Regardless of whether you play in standard or premium modes, games can randomly spin up a sweepstakes jackpot ticket for the next prize draw. That means I stand a chance of winning real cash, even if I never make any onsite purchases, which strikes me as a pretty good deal!

How to make the most of your Funzpoints new customer offers

Regular site visitors will know how passionate I am about giving you top-quality advice that will enhance your every iGaming session. And having explored every aspect of the Funzpoints bonus for myself, these are my top tips that I’m passing on to you.

No Funzpoints bonus codes are needed to unlock more coins

Once you’ve created your Funzpoints account and  you arrive at the lobby, you’ll notice the Funzwheel waiting at the bottom of your screen. Click or tap on it to take a spin, which awards from 1,000 to 10,000 standard Funzpoints to add to your initial bonus. Or you could spin up some premium Funzpoints, or even a few tickets for the next sweepstakes     jackpot payout!

There’s also a countdown to the next sweepstakes jackpot draw. It provides you with information about the total jackpot available and details of how the prize is broken down into different awards. And it’s possible to land extra jackpot tickets during gameplay regardless of whether you’re playing with standard or premium Funzpoints, so nobody has to miss out on the chance of winning a real cash prize.

Claim all your free standard and premium Funzpoints

Although one of the Funzpoints new customer offers is based around a special deal for your first virtual coin purchase, don’t lose sight of the fact that no purchase is necessary. Be sure to send off your handwritten request for bonus standard and premium Funzpoints to the address shown in the site’s FAQ section. Don’t forget you can spin the Funzwheel every 3 hours for the chance to add to your balance, so it’s worth setting up a digital alarm so you can keep your account topped up!

Play responsibly

You’ll be playing with virtual coins at Funzpoints, but it can be pretty easy to get swept up in the moment during any gaming session, and start making purchases. I recommend you follow my lead and stick to playing the games using just your free standard Funzpoints in the first instance, to see how you get on.

Check out each game’s rules and paytable first, then set a low wagering level to stretch out those standard Funzpoints to the max. Only once you’ve got a really good idea of how games play out over time should you think about using your premium Funzpoints. Wins aren’t guaranteed but fun should be – so if you find yourself making purchases to chase wins, take some time out for a while and reassess your reasons for playing.

Keep checking back right here!

I’m always busy traveling through the iGaming multiverse in search of new deals, but I make a point of checking back to see how each operator is getting on. So if there’s a Funzpoints bonus code you need to know about, or any new Funzpoints offers, you can be certain that I’ll have the details posted up here just as soon as I can.

Conclusion: some genuinely exciting new customer offers at Funzpoints

Having had my attention hijacked by the bonus offers at Funzpoints, I definitely wasn’t disappointed once I’d explored the promotion in close-up detail. I was determined to test out the ‘no purchase necessary’ claim, and although that means I haven’t fully explored the second part of the bonus, it’s clear that it’s going to be appealing to lots of social and sweeps casino enthusiasts.

Head on over to check out the full Funzpoints Social Casino review, if you need any more info about the operator. Right now there’s no Funzpoints sports bonus, but I’ll let you know if that changes in the future. I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve found at Funzpoints, so I’m delighted to recommend the bonus to anyone looking for an entertaining and innovative iGaming session.


Funzpoints new customer offers FAQ

💰 Are there any Funzpoints new customer offers?

At we’ve got the full details of every promotional offer that’s worth knowing about. Find out what’s available, how to claim it and even how to put it to good use, with our insightful reviews and useful tips!

❓ Is there a Funzpoints bonus code?

We don’t just review operators and bonuses at We bring you all the information you need to know, including any bonus codes needed to activate a promotion. Don’t sign up to any operators until you’ve read what we have to say!

⭐ Is the Funzpoints bonus the best social casino promotion?

There’s a social casino and bonus that’s right for every type of gaming fan, and we’ve got the full details on our website! Compare Funzpoints against our DoubleDown Social Casino review, then use our comparison guides to land the bonus that’s a perfect fiT for your needs. Everything you need is right here!

Social Casino
Funzpoints Social Casino
Rating follows
  • 1000 Funzpoints for registration
  • 250 premier Funzpoints for completing profile
  • Experience the site instantly for free
Funzpoints Social Casino Bonus
Players from Virginia not accepted
T&Cs apply, 18+
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