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Gambino Slots Review (Legit & Safe): Get 200 Free Spins + 100k Free Coins

Is Gambino Legit?

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Gambino Casino is one of a growing range of social casinos. These are completely legitimate, enjoyable, and very popular. Let’s be clear though, while you should definitely take a look, this online casino experience is worlds apart from anything you are used to.

It might feel like you’re stepping into another dimension, but it is a journey worth taking. While social casinos usually offer a casino experience with a twist, you’ll see in this Gambino online casino review that Gambino online casino goes one small step further to take one giant leap into another type of online experience altogether.

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A good option for pumped gameplay
"For starters, the casino has a great design that’s perfect for entertainment. It makes you forget everything else and focus on having a good ..."
Good fun
"Right, this isn't a real casino or even a pretend one and I dont see that as abad thing. having to go through the levels ..."
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Last Updated on 03/23/2023

Same world, different planet

Social casinos bridge the gap between the online casino experience you are familiar with and the type of games that can be downloaded for free and are typically played on mobile devices. To refresh your memory, they are the ‘match 3’ type games or the ones where you run your own farm, town, or island.

They are typically free to play with an allocation of time, energy, or tokens given each day. Extended-play beyond this, or extra resources to make play a bit easier, have to be purchased. This is the model that social casinos work on, with credits or tokens being wagered instead of money. We’ll cover this in a bit more detail later on, but Gambino online casino goes that bit further.

The difference here is that many social casinos look like an online casino but work with an online game model. Gambino casino looks more like an online game but has a strong casino element to it.

Gambino Casino Logbook: What's happened so far

  • 22 March 2015 – Gambino Casino launch and is playable on several platforms including Facebook
  • 26 February 2018– Gambino Casino launch iOS mobile app in Apple store
  • 22. June 2021 – Gambino Casino Test started by Players Best

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Gambino Casino review

Despite not being what you might expect, if you are a fan of the ‘in your face’ graphical style favored by so many online casinos, your first impression of Gambino online casino will be a positive one. There are none of the simple layouts you might have seen in other social casinos, or, at the other end of the scale, our Betfair review. However, this is not the only thing you will notice.

Firstly, from a wider perspective, you might expect an online casino to have something other than just slots. There are notable games in evidence, and the structure of accessing games is different from what you might expect. This is where the structure veers more into the territory of an online game rather than a casino, something that you are likely to find a refreshing change rather than a frustration.

Gambino casino slots

This will be covered in more detail later on, but a fundamental change with this operation is how you progress through the slots on offer. Whereas you would normally be presented with an eye watering volume of possible slots to play, here you are just presented with one. As you play with your stack of credits, you gain experience points, which then unlock the next level and other slots to play.

That initial stack of credits is given free when you join, with various bonus amounts dropped in to get you going. You can play for free for as long as these tokens last, and then you can buy more, or wait until you receive more free ones the following day. Gambino casino, although it really should be referred to as Gambino slots, is classed as for amusement only, and as such has no cash prizes, although there are jackpot slots on offer that reward you with tokens.

A different scenario

Whereas some social casinos offer the same slots you might find at online casinos that use real money, there is none of that here, so it offers a welcome alternative to those bored with seeing the same old things over and over again. The overall experience at Gambino casino is probably not like anything you have seen before, no matter how many online casinos you have visited, and that starts right at the beginning

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Gambino Casino test

This is where you are reminded that you are in a different universe entirely. While the graphics are in your face, the offer definitely isn’t and you are initially tempted with just 200 ‘G-Coins’. Sign-up consists of a username and email, and you’re good to go.

A welcome stack of ‘G-Coins’

As stated above, a stack of 100,000 or so of these G-Coins find their way into your coffers so you can play the first game. Depending on your stakes (which you can alter easily) you could happily play for hours without parting without any cash. In fact, during our initial run, our balance remained almost constant throughout, so there was no real need to reach for the plastic unless we wanted to go onto bigger things.


If you do want to boost or top-up your  G-Coins, however, you’ll find a very different process to the one you might have found while with other online casinos. This again reflects the online game model where instead of having a straight cash/G-Coins exchange rate, you buy them in packs or bundles, which consist of G-Coins and loyalty points.

The starter package for your first purchase will get you 36,000 Coins and 47 loyalty points for 99c, right up to 3,600,000 for $49.99. These packages are a bit more low-key than other social casinos, where 7,000,000 might set you back $999.99.

You can pay with PayPal or debit and credit cards on all platforms, as well as Facebook payments if you’re playing it on the social networking platform. For those playing an Apple device, there is the option to pay with iTunes vouchers or gift cards, and Android users can use the equivalent Google methods. This level of flexibility and payment structure shows that Gambino casino is geared up for customers from a wider base than a conventional online casino.

There is also an option to buy a subscription, at either $9.99 or $19.99 each month, which gets you into the VIP club. The benefits of this will be covered in more detail in the full slots section later on.


Withdrawals and fees

Here we have another large separation from what you are familiar with and another step into that different world where things work more like an online game. Although you might usually deposit funds into an online casino, to play though until they are gone, here there is no choice in the matter.

When you buy a package of G-Coins you need to be fully aware you are making a purchase and not a deposit. No matter how many G-Coins you happen to win, they have no value outside Gambino casino. They have no transferable value, and you can only play until your balance is zero. It is this part of the process that experienced online casino players might have a problem with, however, it does not seem to be much of a problem for their current customer base.

Gambino Casino App

This customer base is very focused on playing on their devices, so as you would expect, The Gambino slots app is freely available for Android, iOS, and playing within Facebook. Because Gambino slots casino is for amusement and entertainment rather than gambling, there are none of the problems you may have encountered previously when it comes to downloading the app. It is available on Google Play, and in the Apple Appstore where it has over 2K ratings at an average rating of 4.7/5.

The app itself is fast and responsive and easy to use across all platforms, another positive it has brought over from the online gaming universe.

Feel and usability

This is another point at which experienced online casino customers will feel out of place. While other social casinos have one eye on an online casino experience, here there is no regard for that at all and has both feet firmly in the online game camp.

The way you progress through the levels by earning experience, which opens up new games is not something you would usually find with an online casino, so if you were in any doubt you were playing a game on the way in, it is emphasized here. This doesn’t mean it’s not a legit operation, but you won’t find any license details because it simply does not need one.

This is underlined further by the fact there are no table games or any of the other features you would naturally assume were part of an online casino.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Gambino Casino

By now, you will have realised that you are on a completely different planet when it comes to your casino experience. If you are looking for the usual boxes to be ticked with bonuses and big money wins, they are not here in any from you would recognise

The dimension jump into this new universe, however, will leave you open to a new range of innovations made possible by this. Because this is clearly not aimed at the same market as BetMGM or Resorts, there is a more relaxed and social atmosphere you might not get in a more ‘high stakes’ environment. This is shown most evidently in the social media presence of Gambino slots.

Gambino Casino social media

Where some social casinos are, ironically, not doing great numbers on social media, this is not the case with Gambino slots. They have over 600,000 followers on Facebook with the opportunity to play the game on the platform. There is also a strong presence on other older platforms, but nothing to attract younger players. This would indicate this operator knows exactly where it’s market is and focuses on that.

Gambino Casino FAQs

While you are pretty much spoon fed everything you need to know to get going with Gambino casino, you can find an extensive ‘knowledge base’ through the support tabs in the games. This is also the portal through which you raise a ticket if one of your purchases doesn’t register in the game. While this doesn’t appear to happen frequently , it is one of the major causes of negative feedback online, along with those inevitably caught up in teething troubles after updates.

The online feedback is mostly positive, so there is no question that this is an established operation. And, because they don’t have any withdrawals to worry about, where a customer might ask ‘is 4NJbets legit?’ you won’t get that here at all.

An ‘out of this world’ slots experience

The Gambino casino slots experience is not a normal one, as mentioned above, you play with G-Coins and not money, and unlock slots as you progress through the game. This rather otherworldly experience starts with one of the key parts of a normal casino experience, the bonus.

Gambino casino bonus offer

You are given a stack of credits to start with, but that is not really a bonus offer you might be familiar with, or you would get from entering a Caesars Casino promo code. As soon as you hit the ‘buy’ button, however, to add to your stash, it will look a bit more as you might expect. All first purchases get you 300% more G-Coins than normal, and there are other tempting offers for 99c.

Of course, the bad news here (if you view it that way) is that you can withdraw none of this for the reasons we pointed out earlier, but on the plus side, there are no bonus requirements to meet.

Gambino Slots

Normally when looking at an operator, this part would involve checking out the games and the quality of the software providers. Again, this is a different experience as there are limited games on offer. In this respect, Gambino slots would not meet our Pointsbet rating for the range of slots on offer. In fact, these bear little or no resemblance to many of the slots you will have played before, underlining again that this is more game than a casino.

This is done yet again by the lack of table games but does have other features that will catch the eye of players on the lookout for something new, but at the same time slightly familiar.


While there are no welcome bonus requirements to meet, there are challenges where you can complete a set of tasks (for instance, spinning 50 times in a certain game) to win more G-Coins.


You can also compete against other players for the most wins, with the top of the leader boards winning packs of G-Coins. As you gain experience, you can also gain boosters to multiply your number of wins.


You can also send gifts to other players in the game once you are registered on Facebook. This concept is another one migrated over from online games and costs you nothing to do.


Jackpots are built as people play, and a winner is chosen every 3-6 hours from those who have played enough in that time to complete their progress bar.


This is another crossover from online gaming and is where you cash in your daily rewards for logging several days in a row, for example. There are also random gifts and offers in here according to whichever promotion happens to be running at the time

Mega Bonus Wheel

Despite the rather overblown name, this is just a wheel of fortune type device that awards you extra tokens, which you can play every few hours. The rewards we found to be quite small and only equated to one or two spins.


Having a monthly subscription offers benefits that are likely to put you at the front of the line for all of the above benefits, with extra G-Coins and boosters available in varying amounts to those paying either $9.99 or $19.99 each month.

VIP Club

This is not the only way to get extra benefits, though. Regular players who level up, make purchases and those who attract others to the casino are awarded points, enough of which will get you into the VIP club where you also get further enhanced benefits for playing at Gambino casino.

Gambo Social Casino review FAQs

💸Does Gambino allow real money gambling?

There are an abundance of online casinos in the US. Many of these sites will allow you to gamble with real money. However, it’s imperative that you only use licensed operators in this respect. When it comes to social casinos, there’s a clear difference in how they operate. To find out more about Gambino Social Casino, head on over to our latest review at PlayersBest!

👀Where is Gambino Social Casino available in the US?

The US won’t necessarily have online gaming opportunities in every state. There are clear rules and regulations that tend to differ across the board. At PlayersBest, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that you are in the know about all of the latest developments and news surrounding online gaming. Be sure to stay in the loop!

🏆Is the Gambino Social Casino the best?

There are quite a few great online social casino sites in the US. Thus, the competition is stiff and it’s important to test each site using a blanket analysis. Our latest reviews are impartial and will highlight which platform currently tops the charts. Read our Gambino Social Casino review to find out where this site ranks.

📝Does Gambino Social Casino require account verification?

When you create a new account with licensed gambling sites, it’s mandatory that you verify your identity. However, there is far more leeway when it comes to social casinos. Our latest reviews of the best social casino sites, such as Gambino, will outline all you need to know before you get started!

🎰What are the latest Gambino Social Casino slots?

Real money online casinos and social casinos will have a raft of slot games on offer. This allows you to access all of your favorite games and many new additions. In our review of Gambino online social casino, we’ve included a section on the gaming portfolio. This provides you with the necessary insights required to assess whether this is the site for you.

Gambino Casino review: Conclusion

If anybody told you that Gambino Casino (or Gambino free slots) was a typical online casino experience, you would think they were from a different planet. For that reason, this Gambino casino review has come to the conclusion that this is something you are either going to think is the best thing under the sun, or something you would happily see disappear into a black hole.

If you are coming here hoping to find what you would normally see at an online casino like the ones you’d find in our other online gambling site reviews, or even another social casino, you will be disappointed. The fact you are not playing for money, and that the whole process plays like an online game rather than an online casino, might have you setting course for another planet immediately.

However, if you are new to all of this and are looking for a low key introduction to the world of slots, this might be the perfect starting place. Likewise, if you are fed up, or bored with finding the same thing everywhere you look, or need time away from a conventional casino environment, then you could easily find yourself in orbit around Gambino online slots casino for some time. Social Casino
Rating follows Social Casino Bonus
5% Rakeback
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Go to Social Casino
T&Cs apply, 18+
  • Get Stake Cash just for logging in!
  • Play for free with Gold Coins!
  • Hilo, Keno and more Stake Originals!

User Reviews for Gambino Slots

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. A good option for pumped gameplay

    For starters, the casino has a great design that’s perfect for entertainment. It makes you forget everything else and focus on having a good time. Their games are also quite good. Gambino has a collection of slots and table games. The signup process was pretty straightforward too.

    Micro-transactions are heavily marketed which is not what I was looking for in an entertainment hub.
  2. Good fun

    Right, this isn’t a real casino or even a pretend one and I dont see that as abad thing. having to go through the levels is good and keeps you interested instead of goinf from one slot to another which is way boring when there is no real money at stake. Im not one of those people who want to pretend they’re gambling, and this is just good fun.

    I don't need an email every day
  3. Great app

    I really love this app, it loads really quickly and it’s fun to play on my phone against my friends. I also like that there are loads of different games.

    I wish you could get more coins for your money because I feel like it’s quite expensive but you can also earn some for free so it’s now too bad

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Gambino Slots Social Casino Bonus
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Players from Virginia accepted
T&Cs apply, 18+
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