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Golden Hearts Games Promo Code & Bonus 2023: Get 2000 Free Coins

Golden Hearts Games New Customer Offers

Golden Hearts Games Social Casino
Golden Hearts Games Social Casino Bonus
Join GOLDEN2000 for 2,000 FREE coins
T&Cs apply, 21+
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Welcome Bonus
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Players from Virginia accepted
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Nathan Walter
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Golden Hearts Games Bonus
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In search of new, exciting, and quality social casino operators, my intergalactic journey can take me to the most interesting destinations. Once I stopped at Planet Golden Hearts Games, I was amazed at its charitable platform and what’s to come once I take a tour.

I was specifically enthralled by the Golden Hearts Games New Customer Offer available for new visitors like me and that the platform is based on giving back to nonprofit organizations. This shining star in our gaming galaxy offers a fantastic deposit match deal to new members, so join me as I tell you everything and more.

Social Casino Bonus
Golden Hearts Games
Social Casino Bonus
Join GOLDEN2000 for 2,000 FREE coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+
Get Bonus

Important info on the intergalactic Golden Hearts Games new customer offer realm

Before any social gaming space traveler starts off on a new bonus mission, it’s helpful to do a recap on what bonuses are and why they are so freely offered to us mere humans. On each gaming or social casino planet, you’ll find different bonus deals, and specifically sign-up bonus deals. So, what’s with that?

So, you want to claim this shooting star of a bonus? Let’s take a look at what Golden Hearts Games offer

Here’s the deal that every online social casino and games operator in the galaxy swears by. Bonus deals, specifically welcome bonus deals, are created to attract new customers who these companies are hopeful will stay after they had their first experience of playing. These social and games casino companies don’t just want to attract new customers without making some money, though. So, looking for the best bonuses that are realistically doable and viable is the job of the PlayersBest intergalactic team of social gambling experts. If it’s good, you’ll know. If it’s not, you’ll also know.

What do you need to know about Golden Hearts Games, the Golden Hearts Games new customer offer, and how to enjoy the experience? Fear no more as this entire section is dedicated to making you have a spectacular experience donating and playing games where you stand a chance to win something as well.

Here’s what you can play in the Golden Hearts Games solar system

Once you’re ready to play, you may have a dilemma of galactic proportions if you’re someone who struggles to make decisions, and I mean this in the best way possible! There are so many great options for you to spend your well-earned Golden Hearts Games virtual money on that you may want to start in one section and see how you feel. Before you do, though, you may want to check out the daily bingo jackpots on offer.

One of the most popular options is the Live Bingo section, where you can play a new game of live Bingo every ten minutes! If you’ve out-Bingoed yourself, move on to the video poker and blackjack galaxy to show your table games skills.

On top of these options, there are also loads of QuickPlay slots games and online scratch cards! Play entertaining slots like Pirate Looty, Old School Slots, discover King Lootencashin’s Lost Treasure, and many more themed and classic slot games.

You’ll never be out of options, and using the Golden Hearts Games bonus code is the ideal way for you to discover your ultimate social gaming option.

Out-of-this-world facts you need to know about Golden Hearts Games

If you thought other online social games and casino platforms have something to brag about, wait until you find out what Golden Hearts Games have been doing while its customers were happy slotting and bingo-ing away!

  • After signing up for the Golden Hearts Games new customer offers, players go on to win over $30 000 daily.
  • Golden Hearts Games has already processed over $7.5 million in donations to more than 44 000 nonprofit organizations in the US.
  • Since Golden Hearts Games launched in August 2020, the company has paid out over $5,000,000 in prizes for their loyal customers.
  • Finally, over 40 000 customers are officially donors, so where are you steering your spacecraft to?

Five top tips for a spectacular bonus liftoff

This Golden Hearts Games joining offer is from a platform with an ethos I’ve never encountered in my social gaming galaxy missions. Instead of asking is Big Fish Social Casino legit, you’ll be able to dive in and find all the details you need for reassurance.

First, this is a fantastic initiative that brings together the customers’ need to give back to society, which is not always that accessible as you don’t always have the information you need to just go and make a donation.

However, to ensure that your very first bonus deal at Golden Hearts Games doesn’t end up looking like a meteor crash site, we’ve compiled some of the most useful tips and tricks in the book, so you can sit back and enjoy your bonus experience.

Make sure you understand the T’s & C’s of the gaming galaxy you’re in

Even when it comes to social gaming platforms like Golden Hearts Games, it’s still crucial that you understand the rules of the platform and its terms and conditions so you don’t miss a single win.

Each game on this stellar social games platform has its own set of rules, and when checking the Golden Hearts Games site, you’ll see in the FAQs and About Us sections that the operator makes it clear that these game rules are important.

Keep in mind that you are not only playing games for your own entertainment, but you are also donating to charity, so there needs to be some rules and regulations in place.

Golden Hearts Games shines like the morning star when it comes to showing transparency and aiming to build trust with their customers, and everything you possibly need to know, including how the operator pays the charity of your choice, is contained on the Golden Hearts Games site.

Make sure you have a great time playing by knowing what to expect and how things work, as this is the first social gaming platform of its kind!

Look out for any details that may point towards a Golden Hearts Games new customer offer disqualification

Nobody at Golden Hearts Games is looking to disqualify you on purpose, but there are always certain factors at social gaming sites, whether it’s relevant to the Golden Hearts bonus code or just general play, that you need to be aware of.

For example, if you would like to make a donation, is it at all possible for you to get a refund? This wouldn’t be an ideal situation, but the Golden Hearts Games T’s & C’s has all of these topics covered to make sure you know where you’re standing once you’ve made a donation to the nonprofit of your choice. 

Choose a listed nonprofit for your Golden Hearts bonus code

One of the most important things you need to remember when it comes to your Golden Hearts joining offer is that you need to find a charity you want to give some of your well-earned money to.

There are many nonprofits or charity organizations available on the site, so if you want to donate to more than one, that’s perfectly fine! However, for the Golden Hearts Games bonus code, you need to choose your first nonprofit and make a donation that will be matched 100%, so make sure you choose a nonprofit that lies close to your heart.

To get access to all of your options, sign up and click on the heart with the dollar sign that says “Give.” Then you’re all set to enter the galaxy of Golden Hearts Games.

Make sure you use your Golden Hearts Games bonus code funds before they expire

When playing Golden Hearts games, you don’t use real money. Your real money donation goes to the charity of your choice. So, every time you make a donation, you’ll receive Golden Hearts Games site credit or virtual coins you can use to play all the top games available.

Like with all online social casinos and gaming operators, your virtual coins or credits are not going to last forever, and you can also confirm this in our Double Down Social Casino review, so you need to ensure that you know the expiry date and make the most of your coins before then.

There is only one way to do this, and that’s play all your favorite games! However, if you’re living a busy life, make sure you sign up for the Golden Hearts Games new customer offer when you have a bit of free time to play and leave no virtual credits behind. 

Choose a payment method that’s right for you

Golden Hearts Games offers you the moon and stars when it comes to safe payment methods. After all, this golden galactic games company wants your donation to reach its ultimate destination, which is the nonprofit in need of your support!

There are a fantastic variety of payment methods you can use, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, American Express, VISA, and Discover. Every payment is made safe with secure payment technology, so you can show you care with added peace of mind. 

Golden Hearts Games bonus code FAQ

🎰Is Golden Hearts Games a real online casino?

Real online casinos are considered casinos where you can place wagers on your favorite casino games. When it comes to online social casinos and gaming sites, this is not entirely the same, as you’ll see in our Ocean Social casino review. Online social casinos have a different ring to them, and these platforms allow you to enjoy your favorite games with less risk. If you want to find out more about social casino and gaming, check out

🏈Is there a Golden Hearts sports bonus?

Sports bonuses are usually available if an online casino, social casino, or gaming platform offers sports markets or games. To find out if there is a Golden Hearts Games bonus code for sports available, check out our Golden Hearts new customer offers review.

💎How do I qualify for the Golden Hearts Games bonus code?

Questions like those are the reason we conduct our in-depth reviews in the social casino solar system. We provide you with all the information you need about possible Golden Hearts Games bonus codes, so stay tuned for a fun and informative outline of this fantastic operator.

The Golden Hearts Facebook page you need to visit

Just when I thought I’ve seen the best of the Golden Hearts Games bonus code, I noticed that this nifty nonprofit-supporting platform has a Facebook page bustling with activity from fans all over the US.

One of the reasons you can sign up at Golden Hearts Games using your Facebook login details is because the Golden Hearts Games Facebook page is one of the highlights of your interstellar Golden Hearts Games journey.

The Golden Hearts Facebook page offers an all-new galaxy filled with information, the opportunity to leave comments and react to new promotions, and even another channel to customer support as you can IM Golden Hearts Games directly from the Facebook page for a quick response.

There are loads of offers to be seen on the page’s news feed, and what’s so incredibly heartwarming is to see how each of these promos are designed to support a cause for someone in need.

I strongly suggest you like the Golden Hearts Facebook page and visit it often to find some of the best promos and information you’ll need for a truly rewarding social gaming experience.

And, if you’re not on Facebook, Golden Hearts games are also on Twitter and Instagram. All you need to do is click on the social media icons at the bottom of the Golden Hearts Games’ main page.

Did I hear someone say there are even more Golden Hearts bonus codes?

So, as I just mentioned, there are lots of offers you can find on the Golden Hearts Games Facebook page, which provides easy access and a nifty forum for all of you who have Golden Hearts.

Here are some of the most recent promos you can get access to via social media or the Golden Hearts Games official platform:

  • Covet the Free Daily Bonus and get your share of up to $2500 when you play every day
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Golden Hearts Games official site to find the times you can enter scores of different jackpots, including Bingo Jackpots
  • On the Facebook site, there are other special offers, including one that supports National Rescue Dog Day. These great promos make it possible for all customers to improve the lives of those in need while still having an out-of-this-world social gaming experience.
  • Another one, which I’m sure will be a winner with everyone you know, is the “Refer-a–Friend” promotion. For every friend who uses the personalized link you send them from the Golden Hearts Games platform, can help you become 5000 virtual credits richer!

Make sure to check out Golden Hearts Games on social media to find the best memes, fellow Golden Hearts supporters, and newest offers that allow you to have loads of fun and win cash prizes while you help others.

Golden Hearts Games Social Casino Bonus

The Golden Hearts Games new customer offers

The Golden Hearts Games new customer offer is as charitable as the ethos of this fantastic social gaming platform. If you sign up as a new customer, this US social casino reviews section shows you how you can receive a 100% deposit on your first donation, giving you double the virtual credits to play your favorite games with!

Signing up is as easy as putting on your seatbelt for your next space adventure, and you can even use your Facebook profile details instead of filling out the sign-up form. Just remember to provide the Golden Hearts Games bonus code in the sign-up box if there is one provided.

When you’re in, you can choose from a wide variety of nonprofits who you can support while playing your favorite games and standing a chance of winning cash prizes every day.

How to start changing lives at Golden Hearts Games

You can start your Golden Hearts Games space adventure by joining with your Facebook account details or by filling in the sign-up form, that is a required step if you look at other examples like our LuckyLand rating and in-depth review

If you decide to fill in the sign-up form, you’ll need the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • US Zip Code (US residents only)
  • Password

The site encourages you to create a strong password that consists of 8 characters or more; at least one number or special character, and one capital letter included.

The form also has a promo coupon box where you can fill in a bonus code if you need to. Then, all you need to do is confirm that you are of age and that you consent to the terms and conditions. That’s it!

Once you’re in and you made your first donation, you’ll receive your 100% deposit shortly, and you can have some good clean fun on Planet Golden Hearts.

Conclusion: A top bonus that gives back

The Golden Hearts Games bonus offer allows you to make a donation to the nonprofit you hold dear to your heart, play high-quality online social casino games, and still win without having to wager any money. If you want any idea of how much and how often customers win at Golden Hearts Games, you can simply take a look at the site, where all the details of charitable donations and winnings for customers are proudly displayed. Consider playing at an online gaming site that has a soft heart like Golden Hearts Games.

Social Casino Bonus
Golden Hearts Games
Social Casino Bonus
Join GOLDEN2000 for 2,000 FREE coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+
Get Bonus

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