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Maximbet Sports Betting Reviews

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When you first see Maximbet through your wagering telescope, you know that you have discovered no ordinary sportsbook. You’ll still be able to quickly find that everything you are looking for is here, there is a generous bonus, all of the major markets and the best odds available, but if you’ve already read Maximbet reviews like this one, you’ll know that compared to other sportsbooks, this one looks like it comes from a different planet. But, whether you are a brand-new bettor, or somebody who is looking for somewhere new to place their wagers, Maximbet could be the answer.

Launch yourself into this review to find everything you need to know about Maximbet

The fact is though, that there are a lot of choices when it comes to opening a sportsbook account in a state like Colorado. Some might even say there were a galaxy of options, and possibly too many to check out in any sort of depth yourself – however, with operators like Maximbet, that is likely to be the wrong approach. In short, there’s so much more on offer here then you can see at first glance, which is why you need to read this whole Maximbet online review, to make sure you don’t miss out on any of them.

Maximbet Logbook: What happened so far

  • 2020: Carousel Group is granted a sports betting license in Colorado and launches
  • 2021: id re-branded as Maximbet to partner with the Maxim men’s lifestyle brand
  • 05. October 2021: Players Best carry out the latest of the Maximbet online reviews

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Maximbet review

As mentioned previously, Maximbet does not look like any other online sports betting site, and the main reason for this (as you’ll see in more detail later) is to do with its strong alignment with the Maxim lifestyle brand. This outlook hones down several areas of the operation, with the range of sports and markets covered being the most obvious.

With the attention of Maximbet sportsbook very much on the major sports such as football, with the NFL and college matches covered, and the NBA, MLB and NHL also take the spotlight on a simplified layout. So, rather than just reel off a list of sports, it would be easier perhaps to imagine a range of sports as focussed on the ones you might discuss in a bar or at work, rather than the niche events and markets that could be used by experienced or ‘serious’ bettors. These markets are, of course, still available, but are not so obviously apparent.

A simple and straightforward bonus

One area where things might be more familiar, however, is with the welcome bonus. If you’ve done any sort of search for sportsbooks online, such as our Barstool review, you will have noticed they all offer a bonus, and this operator is no different. But, what this Maximbet review found on closer examination sets this offer apart from what you might see elsewhere.

While other sportsbooks will throw $1000 bounties like this one your way, it will typically come with a laundry list of wagering requirements, the Maximbet bonus gives you a much shorter list of things to do. To start with there is a simple deposit match in free bets for the first time you fund your account up to $500. You will only have a 1x rollover before you can withdraw your winnings, and you’ll have 7 days to complete this in. This simple criteria is matched for your second, third and fourth deposits, except for amounts up to $250, $125, and $125.

This different take on betting offers is typical of much of the Maximbet way of working, which some will find interesting and other off-putting.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Maximbet test

Signing up, registration and validation

You’ll be pleased to discover, however, that this Maximbet online review found the key areas such as registration and payments won’t offer you too much in the way of surprises. Joining is a case of filling out your name and email address, your age, and your Social Security number, the same as you would elsewhere. The verification process of uploading an image of govt. issued identification (such as your ID card, driver’s license or passport) should be equally familiar to anyone who has joined a sportsbook before.

Payments and withdrawals

If you have joined a sportsbook before, the payment process will be a lot more streamlined than you are used to. Normally you might expect to see as many as a dozen different payment options, so that as many customers as possible are catered for. In this case however, this Maximbet review found that you are only able to deposit using Visa, Mastercard, Instant Bank Transfer, and Skrill. This area does seem to be a work in progress with other options (presumably covering methods like PayPal and Neteller and other online gambling standards) ‘on the way’. Withdrawals are catered for using the same methods as you used to deposit.

A unique look and feel

As mentioned earlier in this Maximbet review, this operator has a different look to a number of sportsbooks you may have seen before. Gone are the simple green or red, white and blue layouts you’ll see elsewhere and instead it is replaced with the feel of being installed in the VIP area of a club.

This fits closely with the lifestyle elements introduced by the Maxim branding, and it is probably aimed more at more casual bettors dealing in higher stakes than more experienced hands. This is reflected in the fact that there is no real maximum wager, and that the most you can win is set at $500,000 for the mainstream sports.

Customer support 24/7

As claims go this is quite a big one, but it is covered by the live chat option, which happily did not give generic or automated answers. The preferred method though would seem to be email, with the single address [email protected] covering all enquiries. Whether or not this will be quite as responsive when this operation extends to other states remains to be seen, but with the attention to detail and the bespoke design of the site, it would be hard not to assume that Maximbet will have this covered.

The Maximbet app

Another area that is also under further development is the Maximbet app. You can download the Android version directly from the site, and the iOS version is in the app store. Once you go there, however, you’ll find that the underwhelming overall score is the middle ground between plenty of 1 star, and equal number of 5-star reviews. This would point to ongoing tech problems (many reviews are from the last few weeks) that need urgent attention from this operator. This is unlikely to be an indication of any sort of scam, however, as Maximbet is licensed by Colorado Division of Gaming under license number 94342204 and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) under license number MGA/B2C/674/2019, so it is more likely to be a case of the technology at fault rather than anything sinister. If you’re specifically looking for sports betting in New Jersey, this does mean you will have to wait a little longer to enjoy the sports betting delights of Maximbet.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Maximbet

Like an emerging operator though, Maximbet has its finger firmly on the pulse of growing markets like live betting. These are covered every bit as thoroughly as any wagers you might place before the event starts, with regular updates and stats available.

Further information of the hot markets are provided by the usual suspects of the social media world, with Maximbet accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all available and active since earlier in 2021. Followers are thin on the ground currently, but you would expect this to grow as the operator expands. There are also regular updates on the Maximbet page of the Maxim brand website, which obviously has a much larger audience.

Proprietary software means the sky is the limit regarding innovation

The real innovation here though is that the site uses proprietary software and not the white label software used by many other sportsbooks you may have seen. This does not only mean there is a different look and feel (as mentioned before) but there are none of the restrictions that come with using an off the shelf application. The cliff notes version is that the in-house developers can add anything they want, and not wait for it to be issued as an add-on by a third party, although the focus does seem to be very much on getting a Maximbet casino online as soon as possible.

The downside of proprietary software, of course, are the type of technical problems that were highlighted by the difficulties with the app earlier, and the reviews that could potentially affect the accounts of the users and the longer-term success of the operator.

The Maxim lifestyle connection

Where this operator might also have an edge over other operators is with the connection to the Maxim brand. Where other operators that are part of real-world casino operations, and can offer crossover benefits, the programs at Maximbet are able to offer VIP trips to games and other lifestyle related benefits that you are unlikely to see elsewhere.

MaximBet Sports Betting

A Colorado sportsbook that’s in a world of its own

As mentioned in the main section of this Maximbet online review, the Maximbet Colorado sportsbook will look and feel very different to other sportsbooks you might come across on your travels.

The reason for this is that the whole site is created using proprietary software and not a white label package. This sets it apart in several ways, some of which you’ll notice straight away, and others will be happening behind the scenes (but you might see the benefits of as well).

An individual approach to sports betting from Maximbet

If Maximbet used white label software, the layout would be the same as all other sites, just with the Maximbet branding and color scheme to fill in the blanks. However, as this is proprietary (which is just a $10 word for ‘done in-house’) software the operators can do what they want, and this unique look will please some, but end others running for the hills.

Much like my WynnBET review experience, finding markets is different but not difficult, and because the site does not seem to plug into the feeds used by other operators, they can offer different deals and odds. This is also made possible by the fact that as everything is done in house, they are not paying for either the white label software or the extras that go with it, so in theory they have a bit more money to play with.

Maximbet sportsbook focuses on certain markets

Because of its unique nature, this operator has a focus on some sports and markets that some other Maximbet online reviews might have struggled to come to terms with. The lead here appears to be from the branding, and concentrating on the major markets, rather than giving attention to areas that might not be visited by their target customers.

This can give the customer a different experience to the one they might get elsewhere, with the most popular wagers set out in front of them. This approach might suit casual bettors who want to place a quick wager on the outcome of the game they are watching rather than the experienced bettor with form books and a strategy to follow.

Is  Maximbet sportsbook for you?

Overall, this is a very different experience that will be for some and definitely not for others. If all you want from your sportsbook is to place a wager on the weekend NFL game, or a quick flutter on the NHL game you got told about at work, then Maximbet will fit your lifestyle perfectly.

On the other hand, if you want to place bets on the number of second half goals in an EPL soccer match, then this is probably not the best fit – but, that said, you won’t know for sure until you’ve taken a solid look yourself.

Maximbet review FAQ

👀 Is Maximbet fully licensed and legit?

Here at, whenever we carry out a review, we use a strict set of criteria, so that you know that each review is objective and that you can compare different operators easily. One of those criteria is to check an operator’s license and security, which is especially important with a site with a unique look like Maximbet. To see what we uncovered about this operator, and whether or not they can be trusted, read out Maximbet online review.

📱 Does Maximbet have a mobile app for Android and iOS?

In some sports, the number of bets placed after an event has begun is often greater than the ones placed beforehand. Much of this is due to the ability to place bets on the move using a sportsbook app. Despite this some operators still do not have an app to offer customers and some that are available are not up to the job. To discover if Maximbet has an app for iOS and Android, and if it is any good, read our Maximbet review. 

❓ Do I need a Maximbet promo code to claim the sportsbook bonus?

All operators tend to offer a welcome bonus to attract new customers, but those offers will vary from one operator to another, as will the way they are activated. Many operators will use a promo or bonus code to unlock specific offers or bonuses, but you could spend hours searching online unnecessarily if one isn’t required. To find out in advance if you need a specific bonus code to unlock the sportsbook bonus, reading our objective Maximbet online review should give you the answer you were looking for.

Maximbet review: Conclusion

In conclusion then, this Maximbet review found that there was much to look forward to here, but also a couple of areas where more work is required, especially with the expansions to other states and the implementation of the Maximbet casino very much on the cards.

The focus on doing things differently, including the proprietary software that runs it all is both the biggest positive, and the thing to look out for if you are considering opening an account.

The best destination for lifestyle sports betting

There is little reason not to consider Maximbet if you live in Colorado, or to put this operator on your shortlist if you are in one of the states that will be able to access this service soon. The bonus is generous and simple with a 1x playthrough, there are other promotions that you won’t get anywhere else and would also appeal to those who would use wagering as part of an overall sports experience rather than the focus.

Overall, this operator gets the thumbs up, but with the caveat that you check that some of the technical difficulties have been addressed first.

Enter a universe of sportsbook markets and the best odds available when you claim your Maximbet Colorado bonus

When looking at an operator, it is important to see what they focus on, because that’s where you will get the best deals and level of service. With Maximbet Colorado, this is very easy to see. Although there are expansion plans for legal online gambling in New Jersey, Maximbet is solely focused on Colorado. Also, as there is no casino operation yet, then all of the attention is on the sportsbook. So, if you are looking for a Colorado sportsbook, the deals and service you will receive from Maximbet Colorado could well exceed what you might get from another operator with more balls to juggle.


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