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Is SI Sportbook Legit?

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SI Sportsbook review Before I started up the PlayersBest shuttle, I had a little snoop at my latest mission. To navigate this SI Sportsbook review.

Great, I thought – another online operator promising a fun, innovative, and trusted online experience.

As it turns out, SI Sportsbook blew me away, and has every right to claim they are fun, innovative, and trusted.

Despite a welcome bonus that lacks any horsepower, the betfeed, personalized accumulators, great selection of betting markets, and in-play accessibility instantly shoot this operator amongst the stars.

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Further findings: SI Sportsbook discovery fills a black hole I never knew existed!

I’m sure you and I aren’t the only ones who enjoy scouring the cosmos for the best bonuses, promotions, and rewards around. We want the best bang for our buck, after all!

Well, what if I told you there is an operator that provides rather tame betting offers but is most definitely worth your time? You’d think I was crazy, and I would too, until I understood the power of personalized wagers.

In my latest SI Sportsbook review, I discuss personalized bets, accumulators built by fellow bettors, and much more. Intrigued? You should be. Strap in, and read on.

SI Sportsbook Logbook: What happened so far

  • SEPT 2021: SI Sportsbook starts its offer.
  • SEPT 2021: Plans to expand into New Jersey, Indiana, and Iowa discussed
  • OCT 2021: We updated our SI Sportsbook test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our SI Sportsbook review

My SI sportsbook review looks to take an in-depth look at what the operator provides. However, let me begin by saying that the build-up to the release of the Sports Interactive and 888-powered sportsbook has got bettors all across the US hoping that they select their state as its next legal and licensed destination for online sports betting.

As it stands, I could only access SI Sportsbook if I was in Colorado, Virginia, or New Jersey. Thankfully, that was enough for me to board my shuttle and begin excavating the up-and-coming sportsbook in its entirety.

A jet-powered lift-off for this impressive sportsbook

As I exited my shuttle and landed at the control panel of the SI Sportsbook, I instantly felt at home.

I was greeted with the option to place wagers across the most popular fixtures today, or those already in play, with a list of convenient areas accessible by selecting the relevant tab on the left-hand side.

Football, basketball, and baseball appear to be the three most popular markets chosen by SI Sportsbooks – I’m sure many of my fellow US bettors would agree, they’ve made the right choice. When I dived deeper into the football markets, it was nice to be provided with SI sportsbook’s top 5 bets, this included futures on the outright Superbowl winner, as well as upcoming moneylines. As I traveled further down the middle of the site, it was evident SI Sportsbook was not solely focused on the NFL. College games were also available to bettors, with plenty of exciting markets to choose from, including the more popular money lines and spread. No wonder SI Sportsbook customer reviews are so positive!

I picked up 20 total sports markets on the SI Sportsbook, each opening up a taste of the upcoming US and popular international action. Players could wager across darts, cricket, boxing, and even esports helping to boost my SI sportsbook review and rating into competition with some of the top competitors across the US.

However, while compiling my SI Sportsbook review, I noticed that the welcome bonus was a nice and simple offer – no hidden nasties or lurking martians whatsoever. New bettors were encouraged to deposit and wager $10 to receive $50 in betting credits. There is no doubt this is an achievable and easily redeemable bonus that encourages bettors from all walks of life to trial the platform. Just be sure to place bets on markets with odds of -200 or better. Once awarded the free bets, your odds are no longer restricted.

As I mentioned earlier in this SI Sportsbook review, it is clear that bonuses and promotions are not the most significant selling point of this future online giant. Oh, and if you’re looking for a casino game or two, you won’t find them here.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... SI Sportsbook test

Registration – SI Sportsbook reviews all new customer applications

The SI Sportsbook control panel makes navigating around the platform an absolute joy. Markets can be reviewed and searched within seconds, parlays can be built just as swiftly, and the sign-up process is about as straightforward as they come.

As I entered the online site, a big red button in the corner was calling my name. On my missions, I’ve always noted red signs as a warning, but in this instance, it was a warning that I was about to sign-up to one of the most user-friendly sites I’ve ever had the pleasure of researching.

When pressing Join Now, I needed to select my residing state before continuing. Once my geo-location was verified, the sign-up process was simple, clean, and crisp, allowing me to begin placing my wagers and unlocking my first SI Sportsbook bonus almost immediately.

Before you can enjoy legal online gambling in New Jersey, SI Sportsbook reviews and verifies all accounts before accepting players. So, new customers must be able to provide an email address, telephone number, SSN, photo identification, a recent household bill, and any further details that SI Sportsbook deems necessary to confirm their identity.

Payment methods – No turbulence when depositing or withdrawing with SI Sportsbook

Now my account had been verified, I was ready to deposit into my account and unlock my new SI Sportsbook welcome bonus. But before I did, I wanted to confirm the answer to is SI Sportsbook legit?

As I made my way to the cashier section of Si Sportsbook and selected the deposit option, I found myself presented with a solid selection of popular and reputable payment methods. However, I also noted the opportunity to view more. Wow – SI Sportsbook really is catering to the masses. Just look at how many deposit options are available:

  • Bank Transfer (ACH)
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Play+
  • Discover
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • PayNearME

I was pleased to see that SI Sportsbook aimed to keep the deposit process as simple as possible, with all payment methods requiring a minimum deposit of just $10, with all processing times stating “up to 10 minutes”. However, in this SI Sportsbook review, it is worth noting that further down the terms and conditions, players may have to wait up to 24 hours.

Things get mildly trickier when players look to withdraw from their SI Sportsbook account. Unfortunately, the platform only allows withdrawals via Play+ and bank transfer, with a maximum wait time of 4 days. It is also worth me mentioning that SI Sportsbook reviews all withdrawal requests within 24 hours and may request further proof of identity if they are not 100% satisfied with your withdrawal request.

Credit Card
Bank Transfer
+ 2

Availability – Players can expect 5* service from SI Sportsbook agents

I have broken this section of my SI Sportsbook customer review into two sections. The availability of the site and the availability of the customer support team.

My experience with customer support was extremely positive. There is a whole section on-site dedicated to online help, where I was met by an extensive FAQ and self-help page. Any problem I may have had regarding bonuses, games, login, my account, withdrawals, and much more, all housed a list of the most common problems players ran into and comprehensive answers to help self-diagnose the problem.

When considering the site availability, yet again, I was impressed. Despite being so young in age, the development behind the platform is comparable to the best in the business. The platform loads promptly, but, perhaps most importantly, the dedicated mobile apps offer the same cutting-edge service. I could head to the app store, download the sportsbook with ease, and enjoy the fantastic range of sports and betting markets, high-functionality, and live in-play statistics, just as comfortably as I could via the desktop platform.

Virginia (US) Lottery Board
Colorado (US)
Michigan (US)

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at SI Sportsbook

I don’t know about you, but I’m a busy bettor in every sense of the word. I like to research the games before I place my wagers, check the stats if I’ve missed the kick-off, and place my bets on the go while I’m getting prepared for my next mission.

Thankfully, SI Sportsbook has taken this into consideration, providing a dedicated mobile app for smartphone users. As I mentioned earlier in my SI Sportsbook review, bettors can place wagers across all betting markets available to desktop users – including live and in-play!

The live section of the platform deserves a special mention by itself. Players like me, who tend to be a little late to the party, can still benefit from the great odds provided by SI Sportsbook and the superb selection of betting markets that come as standard. I made my way through some international soccer fixtures while I was busy creating my SI Sportsbook review and managed to place an over/under in-play accumulator with ease. Not only was I able to create my accumulator with ease, but I was also able to review all of the stats surrounding each fixture in real-time, meaning I had the best chance of predicting where each match-up was going to go.

A couple of other nice features that are available to SI Sportsbook bettors are the betfeed and recommendations. On the left-hand side of the desktop platform, bettors can select either one of these tabs and unlock a unique experience that I am yet to see executed quite as well as I mention next in this SI Sportsbook review.

The recommendations section offers bettors, as you’d expect, recommendations on where and when to place their next wagers. SI Sportsbook has created an incredible piece of technology that has a built-in algorithm to help review your previous bets and create the perfect recommended bets for you going forward.  The betfeed, on the other hand, is slightly different. Here, I found a great selection of accumulators already placed by fellow SI Sportsbook bettors. Generally, I noticed the markets were relevant to my own wagering habits. However, a few curveballs were also thrown in – maybe I could try those out with my free betting credits?

SI Sportsbook Sports Betting

SI Sportsbook Sports - New kid on the block is not lost in space

As a huge fan of sports betting, I was eager to sink my teeth into the SI Sportsbook – especially after instantly being greeted by this week’s most popular events. On this occasion, it looked as though NFL was on the menu, with some truly tantalizing fixtures coming up.

For a little bit of background, I am a Cincinnati Bengals fan – so, money lines backing the Bengals don’t always go to plan. Thankfully, as I’ve mentioned throughout this SI Sportsbook review, SI Sportsbook offered up plenty of other sports and betting markets for me to enjoy. My initial deposit was $10 – the minimum requirement to deposit onto the site and unlock the $50 betting credits from the welcome bonus. Win, win already, in my eyes!

Armed and ready to wager my first $10, I took to the A-Z list to reveal the complete availability of SI Sportsbook, and I was not disappointed. It was nice to see each sport itemized as a sport rather than a league, as this reassured me that the markets extended beyond the US – I should also mention I follow the EPL, boxing, MMA, and rugby union fairly closely.

As it happened, the USL league one match-up between the Richmond Kickers and Forward Madison was due to start shortly, so I decided to review the betting markets available before opting for an over 3.5 goals with odds of 4/5 – an easy way to unlock my $50 of betting credits and almost double my money, or so I thought.

Naturally, the match ended 1-0, so I didn’t quite double my winnings, but the $50 free betting credits as promised by SI Sportsbook flew into my account shortly after the match had resulted. While the match was in play, I did review the odds and stats available. Despite not being one of the most popular fixtures across the soccer scene, there was enough live information on the match to help me judge whether another wager was worthwhile. I opted against this and decided to review the odds in comparison with other top sportsbooks. SI Sportsbook proved themselves more than worthy of my deposit, offering odds in line with most top competitors and greater than many others.

Now, with $50 of free betting credits and the knowledge that the SI Sportsbook offers excellent odds, I was ready to review a few other markets. This NFL season has already thrown up a few surprises – Bengals sitting 1st in the AFC North is one of them. With this in mind, money lines and spreads are off the cards until the season is a little more predictable—time to take a look through the additional markets from SI Sportsbook.

All of the main NFL fixtures offered a great variety of betting markets, including quarters, total points, game lines, and more, but I settled with an anytime TD scorer in the Vikings V Lions match. Of course, Dalvin Cook is the obvious choice, and at 4/6, those odds are a steal.

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SI Sportsbook review: Blown away by the complete sportsbook experience

As I bring my SI Sportsbook review to its close, I feel it is essential to offer the readers of PlayersBest an honest account of my findings.

Overall, the sportsbook competes with the best in the business. Although it has only been around for a short time, the usability and availability make it an instant classic. I was made to feel at home as soon as I landed on-site; the accessible and easily redeemable welcome bonus enhanced this.

As I have noted throughout my SI Sportsbook review, I found the betfeed and recommendations sections of the site to be of particular interest. Unlike many other top competitors who provide generalized accumulators and parlay boosts, it appears SI Sportsbook reviews user activity and offers tips and betting boosts catering to your own personal preferences and offers you the chance to review other bettors accumulators too.

SI Sportsbook CO — Colorado bettors, you have lift-off!

As I mentioned in my extensive SI Sportsbook review, the online operator is currently only providing its services to Colorado bettors. If you reside in the Centennial State, lucky you! You can begin wagering across a wealth of markets provided by the up-and-coming markets, including very specific markets for popular events across the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Ever wanted to place a wager on Jerry Jeudy scoring the first TD? Now you can! You could even place your $50 free bet welcome bonus on it if you like. For busy bettors, you also have the option to place your wagers on the go courtesy of a cutting-edge mobile app that offers the same great availability as featured on-site.

SI Sportsbook NJ — The countdown begins…

Those who enjoy sports betting in New Jersey will be pleased to hear that the SI Sportsbook has begun its official countdown to launching across the NJ online gaming space. SI Sportsbook has made it known that their intentions are to bring the same fantastic selection of gaming options, betting markets, and fantastic usability to the Garden State as soon as they have secured a license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. I expect SI Sportsbook to provide New Jersey sports fans with a similar welcome bonus to those already enjoying the platform in Colorado. However, with the slight differences in legislation, could we also see an SI Sportsbook casino? I guess we will have to wait and see.

SI Sportsbook Bonus
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  • Plenty of sports on offer
  • Great $50welcome bonus
  • Well designed site

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