This operator is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, issues around payouts or an unreliable license.

Topbet Review & Rating 2022

Is Topbet Legit?

We recommend you play with the below brands instead, for a safer experience:
  • Illegal online sportsbook
  • Limited sports to choose from
  • Feeble betting odds

WARNING: Topbet is an illegal gambling site. Read our Topbet review below to see why you should avoid this black hole of a site and visit a legal online sportsbook instead!

Everything about Topbet disappoints. Not only is it illegal, but everything from its sports bets to its casino games will ruin your space mission. Plus it has some deceptive bonuses that could send you down a wormhole. Keep reading to see why you should avoid Topbet at all costs!

Worst Encounters of the Topbet Kind

Here are the basics of why Topbet sucks. Every bookmaker analysis – including this Topbet review – begins with a first impression. In fact, I’d say this inevitability was more pronounced than usual, with Topbet online throwing their lamest part at newly landed users. This includes an ugly racing section, a confusing and unattractive design, and, what appears on the face of it, to be a very limited betting selection.

But, as all good captain’s knowledge, no planet is hollow. So, we’d best dig a little deeper to find out if Topbet online is as bad as my first impression would suggest.

Topbet Logbook: What tragedies happened so far

  • 2011: Topbet starts its pitiful offer.
  • 2021: Topbet somehow makes it to 10 years of operations
  • JULY 2021: We updated our blacklisted Topbet test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our honest Topbet review

How do you intend on navigating an unknown and illegal betting planet like Topbet without a proper course of direction? Frankly, that kind of ill-preparedness will simply not do as part of my crew. I won’t accept it in my other online gambling site reviews, and I certainly won’t accept it as part of this Topbet review. So, before we begin our take-off, lets’ first see what Topbet has in store for us.

I’ll be going into more detail on specifics a little later. This is an overview of the kind of betting you can expect as part of this operator. This is important because it’s only fair – according to Space Core Directive 5 – to judge a betting site on what they offer. In other words, it wouldn’t really be fair to give a poker site a poor rating because they didn’t do a great job of covering the Super Bowl, while it would be a fair consideration for a William Hill rating.

The totally lame Topbet Sportsbook

While this operator isn’t quite the jack-of-all-trades of that international juggernaut, it remains a cosmically lame betting buffet, beginning with the Topbet sportsbook. Here, you’ll find a dismal mix of betting markets that should disappoint Earthlings from the stretch of land known as the USA. You can expect major baseball, basketball, NASCAR, American football, and not much more.

Just as important is that there is limited depth to the coverage. There’s a poor selection of sports markets here with weak odds, so you’re not getting quality and variety at this illegal gambling site.

Just like with the Bet365 promo code, it’s always important to check the bookmaker yourself for updates. I’d say though that the focus for Topbet online is largely American sports, but they do provide very limited variety elsewhere, with horse racing from around the world in particular given some half-baked attention.

Another such area I was disappointed to spot from the bridge is the unhealthy selection of eSports. By and large, Topbet does appear to be an operator which stays fairly traditional with the kind of sports they cover, so it’s really surprising to see them rocket towards pastures new with eSports although the coverage is very poor. I think we’re getting to the point where eSports are so mainstream that they should be included practically everywhere, but sadly, some bookmakers are still behind.

The cosmically disappointing Topbet Casino

The other major continent on this gambling stratosphere is the casino. There’s a poor amount of slots to choose from, alongside some sucky table games. In particular, their blackjack selection is really poor, and then there are even some pitiful versions of Keno, jackpot, video slots, scratch and pull, and even arcade and shooting games for you to ignore.

The Topbet casino is clearly an afterthought. The other major downside is there’s no live casino at the time of writing. A poor attempt.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Topbet test

Right crew, we’ve got our blueprint at the ready and we know exactly what’s waiting for us once we land. Now, it’s time to dive deep and see what kind of experience Topbet online is unloading on its poor, unsuspecting customers.

Ultimately, that’s what this is all about. Wherever you are in the universe – whether you’re looking at this Topbet review or a Betstars review – never forget that it’s all about having a good time. So, my focus here is all about that user experience. When it comes down to it, do I think my crew will have a good time on this betting site? Well, there’s only one place we can really begin.

Registration: Don’t bother with Topbet

Of course, your first serious experience with how the site actually operates begins with the registration process. This is how you actually sign up to Topbet online. The bad news is this is kept incredibly complicated. You’ll see the second your ship lands on the homepage that there’s a big yellow ‘Join Now’ button greeting new people – and this is the case whether you’re on a desktop or Topbet mobile.

Click this button and you’ll eventually be taken to a signup page where everything you need to get started is hardly made clear. It’s all confusing, weird and if you’ve ever signed up to pretty much anything online, you should know that it could be better than what’s on offer here. You provide your name, date of birth, email, password, mobile number, and other basic information to sign up.

A couple of important things I logged in to the ship’s computer is that this is where you would include a promo code, so be sure to check out the promotional page for relevant options before clicking through here. The only other slightly unusual addition is the request for your mother’s maiden name, which is a standard security feature in many places across cyberspace, but the first time I’ve seen it done on a betting site. Another sign that you cannot trust Topbet.

Service: Is Topbet legit and available to me? No

The first vital point of service is availability. Ultimately, regardless of how positive Topbet online may be, if it isn’t available to you, then a great Topbet review is about as much use as bringing extra rocks to the moon.

You may be a touch concerned because the URL of this site is Topbet EU. However, it would appear that the Topbet EU URL is just a name and doesn’t reflect its geographical availability. Not surprising given that Topbet is an illegal offshore gambling site. One part of the registration form not mentioned was the list of available countries, which is massive and most certainly includes the United States. However, Topbet has no US licensing and is actually breaking the law.

Onto customer service, I was really unimpressed by customer service failing to pop up to offer me help when I lingered on the registration page for longer than usual. That shows no attention to detail for the customer experience. You can contact them through several email addresses and even a phone number although you won’t get a response. My experiences with the team were very negative – either absent or uncooperative to work out issues with.

Payments: Don’t give Topbet your money

Topbet has many weird and untrustworthy payment methods which is a good sign that this is an illegal gambling site. After all, no serious bank would ever let you make deposits at an illegal operator. That, alongside the feeble license from Curacao, gives you all you need to see that Topbet cannot be trusted.

There isn’t much information on the individual US states – all customers are treated equally badly, so that is left up to the user of the site to understand the specific laws of that jurisdiction. But again, that’s pretty much beyond the control of the operator. Payments also include traditional options such as debit and credit cards, which ensures the broadest variety of players. Just bear in mind that your bank won’t let you use its services for an illegal gambling site.

Plus with nasty fees, weird limits, and slow transaction times, it’s all you need to give Topbet a miss.

Mobile: Dismal wagering on the go

Topbet mobile doesn’t appear as part of a Topbet app, which may disappoint some. I know that mobile apps are especially popular amongst Earthlings and Martians, who have really taken to the technology. That said, to the members of my crew who prefer a pocket rocket rather than a big-screen adventure, then they should be disappointed, as Topbet mobile is barely available through your mobile browser. It might take a couple more clicks than a dedicated Topbet app, and it is almost impossible to see.

Design: A bleak view of Topbet

Most people don’t realize how important design is to the user experience. This is not just about how a site looks but also the telescopic details such as the smoothness of the operation and how well the site is structured. In other words, do you have to be a trained cyberspace pilot or can any citizens enjoy what Topbet has to offer?

It’s absolutely the former, as Topbet online manages a pitiful balance between detail and simplicity, leading to a confusing and bland betting experience.

In orbit: Discover the limited possibilities at Topbet

In my experience, you can often break down an interstellar investigation into the finest betting sites cyberspace has to offer into two key considerations. The first is whether they meet our incredibly high standards of quality, verified by the Space Core to be safe to fly to. That’s why before I decide whether or not a great site like Fanduel is worthy of my esteemed recommendation, for instance, I must first determine is Fanduel legit in terms of safety and quality.

As you can see from the previous points of our field training today – and as I will expand upon further in my personal guide to the sportsbook and casino – Topbet hasn’t done more enough to pass even my sky-high standards. Plus, in order to understand how much the Topbet sportsbook and/or Topbet casino will disappoint you, we have to unearth what makes the site such a nightmare.

Topbet online for the most part sticks to what most people don’t want from a betting site: that’s a poor customer experience, dismal casino games, and pitiful sports coverage with bleak odds. It’s already down there with the worst gambling sites in these regards.

However, what puts Topbet into the nightmare bracket in my opinion is their feeble variety of banking options that all use some fairly strange digital payment technologies, which means that this operator is a truly dishonest one. This is, of course, is what Topbet does to try and dupe US players as no legit banks would ever let you pay money to Topbet. Considering the poor betting selection and the absent banking options, we’d advise avoiding Topbet altogether. Sports Betting

The Captain’s sportsbook space tour advises you avoid Topbet

Understanding and examining all the different elements which make up a betting Big Bang objectively is incredibly important in knowing not only whether a betting site is good but also whether it suits you. But, at the same time, whether Topbet is right for you comes down to personal experiences. That’s why I’ve decided to go through my personal experience with Topbet, so you know why you should avoid this site.

I’ll begin with the sportsbook because that’s the first thing I checked out. Firstly, I needed a telescope to figure out exactly where to go to find my favorite sports and to register. The only stop to refuel I needed to make was to go avoid the dodgy promo codes from the promotional page. After that, registration was done in an overly complicated manner.

I really hated going through all the different markets that were available, as everything was so confusing and all my favorite sports were absent. After completing the weird banking process I placed my bets and was immediately aware that something wasn’t right here.

My least favorite thing about the sportsbook was the dismal international soccer selection and the inability to bet on the markets I wanted. It’s not detailed enough for experts yet beyond the reach of newcomers. A terrible start to my Topbet review. Casino Esports

Topbet review FAQs

❓How do I create my Topbet account?

The best sports betting sites in the US may vary when it comes to setting up an account. That is why our review of Topbet makes sure to give you a step-by-step guide on how you can get your account all set up. However, we’d advise that you stay away from this illegal gambling site!

⚽How good is the sportsbook at Topbet?

In order to have a top-quality betting experience, you need a sportsbook that not only gives you the best betting odds but that gives you access to plenty of betting markets and sporting events as well. Our review of Topbet will let you know why this illegal sportsbook fell so short.

🎰Do Topbet also offer casino games?

The best online gambling sites in the US won’t just offer you a sportsbook to use but they will also make a casino available to their users as well. Our review of Topbet gives you a look at the whole platform to let you know why you should give its casino a miss.

💳What deposit methods can I use?

It’s important to have a comprehensive selection of deposit methods for you to choose from for your deposit and withdrawal needs. That is why our review sheds some light on the available methods available at Topbet right now so that you are 100% sure that you should never give this site your money.

💲Is there a rewards program?

Where welcome bonuses are a great introduction to online gambling sites, a rewards program keeps you interested as you continue to play. Our review of Topbet takes a closer look at the platform to see why its bonuses and rewards are so deceptive and misleading.

Topbet review: A sorry conclusion to a dismal experience

It became clear during my Topbet review that this is a betting site aiming itself squarely for the blackest of black holes. Not only is both the Topbet sportsbook and Topbet casino clearly illegal, but the general focus on deception and disappointment means this will be a meteoric disaster. So, avoid this illegal gambling site and blast off anywhere else!

User Reviews for

3.33/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. A massively underwhelming casino

    Topbet is mediocre at best.

    Alarms started going off as soon as I opened an account, but I was extremely excited about the massive bonus on offer. Went ahead and made a deposit which took some time to get approved. I had to seek help from the customer service team, thankfully they are quite helpful. After winning some money, I decided to claim a withdrawal. This took a little over a week to get approved. To make matters worse, there’s no live casino and neither is there poker betting.
  2. Full of endless possibilities

    I’m not over exaggerating when I say Topbet is a gaming nirvana. The casino is loaded with slots from several top developers. I like that they also have a huge sportsbook, so there’s never a dull moment. The design of the site is to-die-for and the same can be said for its mobile casino. I found the bonuses very useful. Most importantly, I was able to receive my funds in a day. I had some inquiries about their T&Cs, and was very pleased with their prompt response. Overall, I’m more than satisfied with Topbet and will definitely become a regular.

  3. Nothing special, just OK

    This is the most ordinary boring cookie cutter sight ive found, theres nothing bad here, it’s OK to use, it’s OK for sports and it’s OK for slots. Don’t paly anything else but if I did I bet they’d be OK too. Had a good look round to find something special but found nothing.


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