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Watch and Wager Review & Rating 2023

Watch and Wager review - let the space races begin!

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My first impression of Watch and Wager was that it’s just another average sportsbook. But after browsing through the site, I realized that this is an online racebook from another world. In fact, it’s quite rare for a US licensed racebook to offer such a huge selection of offshore race tracks. I mean, aside from their tracks in the US, they also offer horse racing tracks from Canada, France, Australia and Hong Kong.

And Hong Kong has offered what I regard as some of the best betting action pools! Watch and Wager even offers horse racing from Singapore and Japan. So I decided to take a closer look at Watch and Wager horse racing betting in my Watch and Wager review.

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A promising bookie
"Watch and Wager is a decent sportsbook that offers greyhound and horse racing markets. The bookie has everything from live bets to tons of racetracks ..."
Easy does it
"I’m a simple guy and I don’t see the point in complexity, especially when it comes to horse racing. Watch-and-Wager seems to have ..."
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3 User Reviews
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Nathan Walter
Nathan Walter
Last Updated on 03/19/2023

Watch and Wager: - a meteoric rise in online horse betting action!

If you have your heart set on betting on the biggest racing events around the world, then Watch and Wager is for you. They provide greyhound and horse racing as well as harness racing betting coverage. Alternatively, if you’re after online casino offerings, then check out Mohegan Sun casino in our Mohegan Sun review.

So while Watch and Wager is not a comprehensive sportsbook and you won’t be able to bet on other sports like hockey, tennis and basketball, if you’re a die-hard horse race betting fan and want access to massive international racing events, then Watch and Wager is definitely worth looking at. So keep reading to learn more about the online horse betting action here at Watch and Wager.

Watch and Wager logbook - what happened so far?

  • 2013: Watch and Wager starts its online racebook offer.
  • 5 JUN 2019: Watch and Wager extends Hong Kong Jockey Club contract till 2022
  • 24 JUN 2021: We updated our Watch and Wager test

Countdown: what you can expect - this is our Watch and Wager online racebook review

Watch and Wager betting markets – the sky’s the limit!

This operator specializes in four main betting markets, and while this may not sound like a huge offering at first, punters may place bets on hundreds of tracks around the globe, so it still provides much more opportunities than horse betting fanatics are likely to find at a local track.

So currently, Watch and Wager offers 251 thoroughbred racetracks, 73 greyhound checks, 7 Jai Alai, and 101 harness race tracks. So considering this type of availability, it’s quite challenging for players to become limited in a short space of time.

One of the first things that caught my eye on the Watch and Wager site is the Watch and Wager welcome bonus used to draw in new users. While lots of online sportsbooks offer bonuses and promotions, I found that this operator has gone over and above what is required. In fact, you’ll find many Watch and Wager promo codes on their site.

Bonuses are available to players when making deposits. So all you need to do is claim one of the Watch and Wager promo codes and then fund your account with anywhere between twenty five to a hundred and fifty dollars into your online Watch and Wager account.

So when making your bets, make use of the Watch and Wager promo code and thereafter, the Watch and Wager sign-up bonus is credited to your betting balance.

Additionally, I also found out that you can get a weekly three percent cashback on selected tracks. When it comes to the harness tracks, you also could qualify for a weekly two percent cashback bonus. For this bonus, there’s no need to enter any Watch and Wager bonus code and you will receive a one percent cashback on selected thoroughbred tracks, as per my Watch and Wager review.

For those of you who are keen on the three-two-one Watch and Wager offer, additional details are available on the website.

Furthermore, the operator offers a deposit bonus if you Wager on Wednesdays and no bonus codes are required in order to take advantage of this promotion. So although lots of people like me prefer to reserve their racing or race betting activities for Saturdays and Sundays, considering this amazing midweek bonus, it may be worth your while to place a few bets in the middle of the week as well.

So while you can make your deposits and take advantage of the deposit bonus in the middle of the week you can also use it on weekend races as well. This will also give you a chance to pursue any of the future races and allow you the chance to peruse the various bonus offers, so you may decide which ones you’d like to make use of.

There’s also no reason to enjoy the fun all by yourself, in fact, if you have a friend or family member who’s also interested in some of these types of events, speak to them to join the site, and when they take advantage of the sign-up offers, you will both receive a referral bonus.

Additionally, the Freeplay offer from Cal Expo appears to be a very popular one at that. All you need to do is place your bet on a given race, and if you don’t win, you will still keep your money. Therefore, this is definitely considered a worthwhile Watch and Wager Freeplay offer.

Live betting, streaming and odds – beam me up!

When it comes to the live betting and streaming aspect, it appears that bets are placed before each race. However, I did find that I could change my wagers as often as I wanted until I clicked “confirm” as long as it was done before each race began.

So once you’ve confirmed your bet, you can either change or cancel it. However, it’s imperative that you double-check all of the information you’ve entered and ensure that it is as accurate as possible before you tap on the “confirm” button.

This is because if you do pick up a mistake after you’ve clicked confirm, then your money will not be refunded to you. So the onus is on each and every player to make sure the information they’ve entered is 100% accurate for their placed bets.

The Watch and Wager wagering screen and the PDF program provide odds for each race that is available. However, I found that the betting or wagering screen under the “wager now” tab was a lot easier to navigate and easier to use when compared to trying to read the PDF program.

So if you are new to the site, I recommend using the on-screen wagering page just to get a better understanding of the site before transitioning to the PDF program.

You’ll also find a handy “help” tab that contains an education button as well as a placing a bet option. So if you’d like to learn more about how to use the site more effectively, then both of these resources will help you along.

You’ll also be able to learn terminology and the meaning of different abbreviations as well as how to place your bets.

Lift-off: - get a headstart at the Watch and Wager online racebook test

Registration – all systems are go!

In order to start placing bets with Watch and Wager, you’ll need to sign up for an account. All you need is an email address and a few personal details to begin. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be asked to verify your identity before you are allowed to wager on bets.

So once your account has been opened and also verified, you may use your laptop, desktop, or browser on your mobile device to access the site. All you need to do is log in using your credentials and then go to the “wager now” tab at the top of the homepage, where you’ll be prompted on how to make a real money deposit.

You’ll find that there are various bonuses offered to new players, so ensure that you enter the correct bonus codes in order to take advantage of all of the offers, starting with the $25 welcome bonus. This free bonus can be used in any way you like to wager on any of the horse racing tracks offered by the site.

So ultimately, the entire process is simple, hassle-free, and you could be placing bets in a matter of minutes after signing up.

License and coverage

Irrespective of whether you are betting at an online casino, sportsbook, or horse racing betting sites like a Watch and Wager, you always need to make sure that the platform is reliable and secure.

After all, since you’re betting using real money that you’ve worked hard for, it’s in your best interest to make sure that the site is safe and secure. Additionally, any licensed or regulated operator is more likely to abide by the regulator’s guidelines as compared to one that is not. So I decided to take a look into the Watch and Wager licensing, and I found that it is licensed in the US and regulated by the North Dakota Racing Commission.

So what it basically means for punters is that the site is constantly and consistently audited and required to uphold best online gambling practices. And in the event that any foul play is suspected, the site will not be able to operate.

I also found that the Watch and Wager site can be accessed from a number of different states, so in terms of coverage, they have opened up their sites to quite a few US states. However, at the time of my review, I did not find any options available for New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Payment options

I found that the payment options offered at Watch and Wager were not the most comprehensive, but they do have a couple of options to choose from. If you make a deposit to Watch and Wager, you may use your debit or credit card, which will make your deposit funds available immediately.

Something else that I was impressed with was the Watch and Wager payout times using the Play+ withdrawal method, and this is because it is available in a matter of hours. For those punters who still prefer using cash, the site has catered for them as well. Deposits can be made through 7-Eleven, CVS store, Family Dollar as well as PayNearMe.

Alternatively, you may also deposit money into your Watch and Wager account using a Visa, Discover or MasterCard, when opting for the Play+ option. Play+ may charge you some fees, however, your funds will be available immediately. So when using Play+, you can move your money both ways so deposits and withdrawals are quite easy and swift.

This way, you don’t have to disclose your credit or debit card info, nor your banking information. Your money is also available immediately. As a bonus, you don’t need to worry about hidden fees.

Withdrawing funds as well will take anywhere between 1 to 3 business days. There is also an option to withdraw your winnings using a check which is normally sent in a space of three working days; however, mailing times are subject to change based on where you are located.

WagerCash is another option offered by the site where you can use your banking account to make deposits and request payouts. There’s no hidden fees linked to these transactions; however, funds are available anywhere between two to four business days when making a deposit.

Usability, look, and feel – worlds apart

If you’re like me, then you’re looking for a fuss-free betting site. Watch and Wager’s simple design that is attractive to both new and experienced users is definitely one of the operator’s highlights as we’ve come to learn from our many online gambling site reviews.

There’s also a huge selection of tracks and markets on the main page, which may seem a bit overwhelming to newbies at first; however, it’s possible to search for events that you want to bet on.

The site’s FAQ section is clear and concise as well, and you won’t find the main page bombarded with news about horse racing or anything else for that matter. However, if that’s what you’re looking for, then there’s a designated tab that has all the latest news and events including tabs for track results and more.

Mobile app

One of the drawbacks of Watch and Wager is that they do not have a mobile app like Ocean casino, which we found out while reviewing the Ocean Casino promo code. Instead, you have to log onto the desktop site from your cell phone or another portable device. And while the fact that there is no mobile app is quite disappointing, this is a decent alternative. So irrespective of whether there is a mobile app or not, you can still conveniently make use of the Watch and Wager desktop site on your mobile device.

However, the fact that most people prefer to place bets anytime and anywhere means that this is one of the site’s limitations and they are clearly in a world of their own here. Considering that launching an app for an Android or iOS device is not challenging, I couldn’t understand why the site hasn’t done so already. That said, the mobile site version, according to most users, is still pretty decent and works well.

According to Watching and Wager, their mobile site works just as well on a mobile device as it does on your desktop or laptop. After testing it myself, I have to say that I do agree. So although I would prefer to have downloaded a mobile app, the fact that the mobile version of the site works extremely well gave me some consolation. Perhaps Watch and Wager will be releasing a US app in the future, and we’ll just have to wait and see. But for now our Watch and Wager rating for their lack of a mobile app is 2/5

Customer service – best in the universe!

Possibly the most crucial factor of any website is its customer service. However, when it comes to operator sites that offer services where money is involved, competent customer support is even more imperative. And one of the operators that has impeccable customer support is Rivers Casino which you can read about while assessing, “Is Rivers Casino legit?

When you click on the help section, you’ll find a button that says “Contact Us” and will bring up information containing the sites’ contact number, post, email, as well as live chat options. Alternatively, if you do decide to choose the “send mail” option, you’ll find the postal address of the main office as well as the operations office. I was also impressed by their toll-free number offered by the site if you decide to give them a call.

During my Watch and Wager review, I found that there was a straightforward way to reach customer service by clicking the relevant tab on the same page. Live chat is also available during certain hours of operation; however, outside of these hours, you have the option to leave your questions or concerns and they will answer asap.

When you tap on the live chat option, you’ll be asked to enter your email, as well as your question, concern, or query. Thereafter, the site’s customer service department will make contact to sort out your concerns.

Limits – cool your jets!

Based on the kind of race, the type of bets played as well as the specific race you are betting on; the limits may vary. However, throughout the site, the bare minimum is $0.10, and the highest limit is $1000.

The majority of the wagering apps, on the other hand, offer a button titled “other,” and this permits you to punch in an amount of your choosing. So based on the same determining factors as the wagering limits, you’ll find that each race already has a preset amount.

In orbit - discover the possibilities at Watch and Wager

Refer-a-friend bonus

If you’re looking for even more horse racing offers, then Watch and Wager does offer a refer-a-friend bonus. And while it meets the minimum requirements of a referral program from any operator, it’s still a pretty decent bonus.

Additionally, this indicates that the operator provides opportunities for you to get some extra betting funds, and punters around the world always appreciate that. Let’s take a closer look at how the refer a friend bonus at Watch and Wager works.

If a friend or family member signs up using your name and makes a deposit and wagers, you’ll receive a bonus. However, I found that being required to wager the minimum amount is quite steep compared to other online operators.

Then again, there’s also no limits to the number of referral bonuses you can qualify for. So if you have dozens of friends, that means dozens of potential fifty dollars in your betting account. And it depends on how many friends have an extra bit of funds laying around to bet on horse racing.

Watch and Wager VIP program

Upon browsing through the Watch and Wager site, I did find that they have a VIP program. It’s called the Premier Rewards program, but there’s no indication at all on the site of what the VIP program entails. The only information provided is that if you wager at least $5000 a month at Watch and Wager, then you are entitled to contact them and ask them to join the VIP program.

This came across as quite unusual to me because there are many horse racing sites that track their customers’ spend, and if they do come across a customer spending an amount of $5000 a month, they would naturally reach out to the customer and offer them a reward. So for the fact that Watch and Wager insist that you contact them seems a bit strange to me as they should be keeping track of what clients are spending on the site.

Aside from that, the fact that you have to bet at least $5000 a month to be included in the VIP program seemed extreme at the least. However, you don’t really need to ask, is Watch and Wager legit? Because they definitely are irrespective of whether some of their offers are on the extreme side of things.

Huge selection of domestic and international race tracks

I found that Watch and Wager has one of the biggest assortments of racetracks compared to other online sportsbooks we’ve reviewed in the past. So the selection includes every major and minor horse racing track in the United States. Here, you’ll find tracks from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and many other countries in Europe. And the bonus is that one account will get you access to all of them.

Watch and Wager review FAQ

🏇Does Watch and Wager cover international horse racing markets?

The very best online sports betting sites will cover a multitude of sports markets. Watch and Wager is well-known for horse racing betting. Our review will outline all of the markets that you’ll have access to; local and international. At PlayersBest, we ensure that you are always privy to the latest bookies, offers, and gambling features online.

🎁What is the latest Watch and Wager sign up offer?

If you love to gambling online, then a cheeky bonus will also appeal to you. In our latest Watch and Wager review, we have included an overview of the sign up offers available on the site. Make sure you take the time to read through our review to find out more.

💸Does Watch and Wager accept PayPal deposits?

Our latest reviews at PlayersBest dedicate an entire section to payment options. Here, we’ll give you the low-down on which operators have a diverse number of solutions on hand. Plus, we’ll be sure to outline the processing times, fees, and limits. Read our Watch and Wager review to find out more about the relevant payment methods available to you.

📲How do I download the Watch and Wager app?

Using a mobile betting app is definitely the way to go in this day and age. You’ll quickly come to realize just how convenient it is. Plus, you’ll have instant access to your account – no matter where you may find yourself. Take a look at our Watch and Wager review to find out more about the app in question.

🌎Is Watch and Wager legal in the US?

You should certainly take the time to find out if your preferred bookmaker is legally allowed to operate in the US. There are strict rules and regulations that pertain to the online gambling industry. So, before you sign up with Watch and Wager, read our latest review. At PlayersBest, we strive to bring you up-to-date coverage of the latest gambling developments and offers across the US.

Watch and Wager review: conclusion - to infinity and beyond!

If you really love horse betting, then Watch and Wager is a great site. Not only do they cover lots of races, but they accept quite a few payment options as well. The site also has the same odds as the usual tracks where you place your bets.

Additionally, safe betting is clearly a priority on the site, considering that they are fully licensed and regulated. Watch and Wager also has one of the best customer support structures compared to other online operators, which is always worth mentioning.

The welcome bonus may not be everyone’s idea of a terrific bonus, but we thought it’s decent overall. Additionally, you can benefit from extra bonuses using the refer-a-friend program, and if you’re a high roller, then you may benefit from the VIP program too.

Although a lot of people may not be impressed by the lack of a mobile app and may see it as a failure to launch, the mobile site version of Watch and Wager is pretty decent and quite responsive, so you’ll still enjoy a good experience overall. Therefore, we would recommend Watch and Wager to any sportsbook fan looking to bet on a variety of different horse races. But if you’re after slot games, check out our Hollywood Casino rating to see what they have to offer.

User Reviews for Watch and wager

3.33/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. A promising bookie

    Watch and Wager is a decent sportsbook that offers greyhound and horse racing markets. The bookie has everything from live bets to tons of racetracks worldwide. Not to forget the generous promos that complement the overall gaming experience.

    It’s quite unfortunate that the bookie is not available in all states, and neither is there a mobile betting app. Also, the operator needs to revamp the handicapping features and explain their reward system a bit more clearly. After playing extensively at Watch and Wager, I think the bookie is quite promising, though still lacking here and there.
  2. Easy does it

    I’m a simple guy and I don’t see the point in complexity, especially when it comes to horse racing. Watch-and-Wager seems to have the same attitude and I love that about them. Watch-and-Wager made it all possible and I can even use my phone. I’m not tech savvy but the website is so user-friendly.

    I couldn’t withdraw my winnings and customer support took long to help me through the process.
  3. Not so flashy but that's great

    Watch and wager is a super simple and easy to use site – there are no flashy features or anything like that, they simply let you bet. What more could you want.

    If flashy is your thing, then this site is not for you.

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