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William Hill Reviews 2023

Just how old is William Hill?

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The sportsbook giant William Hill has its roots way back in England in 1934. It’s been online since 2000, moving into the US market in 2012. It has a pedigree shared by few others in this corner of the universe.

That history and experience is on display throughout the site, and I soon realized I’d have plenty to share in my William Hill review. There’s a familiarity there, along with a sensible design, giving me access to lots of crucial info. It’s time to board this spaceship to take us to this shining star.

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James Ryan
Solid online sportsbook
"OK I came to William Hill from a friend’s recommendation. That friend is a Giants fan so don’t just him too harshly! It’..."
My best bookie so far
"Odds change less frequently, which allowed me to make much better bets then usual. Good range of sports and casino gaming options. I wasn't too ..."
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Nathan Walter
Nathan Walter
Last Updated on 03/26/2023

A light and airy design you’ll love

Do you ever feel as if a sportsbook is too overwhelming and complex to look at? You won’t feel that way on the William Hill website. Far from it – there is a clean white backdrop to all the information. I got a real sense of professionalism and efficiency there, feeling confident they always put the player first. I’m going to compile my William Hill rating here, so you can see where the highlights are and whether there are any wormholes to avoid. Their background stretching back decades certainly helps bolster your confidence for the journey ahead, though.

William Hill Logbook: What happened so far

  • 1934: William Hill starts its offer.
  • 2012: William Hill US is created
  • 22. MAY 2021: We updated our William Hill test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our William Hill review

When you think of William Hill, you’re going to think of sports above everything else. In fact, you may not realize the site has anything else, but I can confirm there is a casino we can explore together later in this report. As you’d expect from a business that has been around for so long, they also offer in-play action. That’s ideal if you want more immediacy from your sporting wagers. One element I loved was the presentation of the sports. You can see them both in order of popularity – and I’m guessing that might occasionally change – and in alphabetical order.

Meanwhile, the casino is a quick click or tap away at the top of the site. Again, you’ll notice the simple approach to the design comes into play here. While some casinos have plenty of categories and complex ways to find games, that’s not true at William Hill. It’s not a negative point though. Instead of feeling as if you’ve hopped onto the flight deck of a space shuttle, you’ll feel as if you’re in an accessible light aircraft, with far fewer controls. You’ll still feel as if you can get around easily though – and you can, even on your first visit.

You’ll see this factor is borne out during the rest of this William Hill review. I’ll go into more detail on both areas of the site later, but you can immediately see that while many sportsbook-casino combos fall into the trap of becoming too unwieldy, that is far from the case at William Hill. It’s impressive to see how much information the site has available and how fast you can find it. You won’t spend your first visit looking around for anything – and that alone is superb to know.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... William Hill test

The landing page at the USA version of the William Hill website is the ideal place to begin our exploration of the site. Just below the ‘America’s No 1 Sports Book’ strapline – we’ll put that claim to the test shortly – there is a map of the US with state-by-state access. I’m going to complete this William Hill review by accessing the version aimed at those in New Jersey.

However, does the platform change depending on the William Hill legal states at hand? The services won’t change much between US locations but it’s something to be aware of. If you’re in another acceptable US location, such as Colorado, Indiana, or Michigan, you may see a few differences in the service. Reassuringly, though, William Hill follows all the legal requirements regardless of the location it is aiming to serve with its online website.

Exploring the site further, we can see the logo for the DGE at the bottom of the site. This stands for Division of Gaming Enforcement – in this case, as I reviewed the New Jersey site, it focused on the New Jersey-specific branch of the DGE. The logo confirms that William Hill is licensed and regulated to supply its services in approved locations in the US.

The foot of the site also supplies a phone number for a problem gambling service, along with a link to their responsible gaming area. I’ll cover that in more detail later in this review, but this is one of several ways to reach that area of the site. They also confirm the minimum age to use the site is 21.

Do they have accessible customer service facilities?

This is a key feature of all sportsbook and casino combos. I always want to know I can get answers if I need them. Fortunately, it couldn’t be much easier to do that at William Hill. The support tab is over to the right of the page when you arrive. If you choose that facility, you’ll soon see they have four options for you to choose from:

  • Live chat (always my preference)
  • Email (including the email address right there)
  • Call (displaying the phone number)
  • Online help

Clicking on the live chat option opens another tab. If it isn’t available, you’ll see a message telling you this and giving you other options to think about. The online help choice might be a smart first stop in this case though, as it takes us to a huge help section. This must surely cover most of the queries you’d have about using the site. If you’re visiting for the first time, you could learn plenty about how everything works by exploring the various areas to see what you think. The learning curve – short though it feels anyway – gets smaller still if you do this. Just look at some of these areas to explore:

  • Payments
  • Promotions
  • Getting started
  • Responsible gaming
  • My account

There are many others too, along with a section covering popular articles just below the categories. This means you’re always within one or two clicks of the area you want to know more about. I also liked the ‘how can we help’ search box at the top. This seems to work best with a more specific question in many cases, rather than just using one or two words. I found that even if my first attempt at asking something didn’t find an answer, I usually got to the right place by tweaking my query slightly.

Promotions and bonuses on offer

Note that these could vary from one state to another, so the best bet here is to check the available promotions once you’ve arrived on the site for your state. It’s easy to check out the possibilities though. The ease with which you can find the promotions area is part of how PlayersBest creates its rating, just as we did with the Bet365 rating elsewhere on this site. Assuming you land on the sportsbook page, you’ll see two links just under the William Hill sportsbook logo. These are for a search feature and for the promotions area. The neat thing about this is that you’ll see all the available offers covering the sportsbook and the casino in one place.

I should also draw your attention to a few links at the top right of that promotions page – and specifically to one of them. It says, ‘sportsbook state’ and has a tiny down arrow next to it. Select that arrow and you’ll reveal a list of the applicable states. It’s a good idea to check that list and make sure the state you’re in is the one that’s selected. You can then be sure you’re viewing only those promotions that apply to you in that location. While an American-focused sportsbook has many laws to focus on when catering to its players, this sportsbook does a fine job of making it look easy. That is another reason to push my William Hill rating a little higher.

Now, you might wonder about William Hill new customer offers, so I’ll begin with those. Just as I found in my FanDuel review, I noticed that there were several offers to sort through, not all applicable to newcomers. However, there were deals for the sportsbook and the casino, so it’s best to think about the deal that would suit you most. Whatever you choose, you can read more information about it before claiming it. It’s possible to choose the register now or bet now command from the promo page itself, but I’d recommend reading all the details for each offer before you claim anything. You can do this via the ‘more info’ command.

Each page contains further details about the offer, along with full terms and conditions. These are in small print and for some reason the site has centered all the text, so it’s not the easiest content to read. However, read it you should, especially as there could be a William Hill promo code in there somewhere. I should say that the site seems to go for other conditions to qualify for an offer rather than a William Hill bonus code. You should still check though in case there is something along those lines that you need. I’ve found a Golden Nugget promo code on that site, so some sites do them, and others don’t.

Mobile access and apps

If you’ve gone beyond the landing page for William Hill, you won’t see any mention of any apps. However, on the landing page you can see an invitation to download for iOS or Android. You don’t need to do this as the site does display well in a browser, but if you know you’re more likely to play on your device, you should think about getting the free download for iPad, iPhone, or Android as relevant. One download and you’re all set to go.

Banking at William Hill

Head for the payments area in the help menu and you’ll see links to deposits, withdrawals, prepaid cards, and a payment FAQ. You need to access the deposit FAQ to find a list of available deposit methods, including these:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • eCheck if you’re enrolled with VIP Preferred
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • PayNearMe
  • The prepaid card offered by William Hill
  • Online banking

All deposits must be worth at least $20, but all methods allow for instant access to that cash to play casino games or place wagers. As for withdrawals, it appears that you can use online banking, PayPal, Skrill, the William Hill prepaid card, or eCheck if you wish. The FAQ area states that all withdrawals are processed inside 72 hours, usually much faster. As with the deposit FAQs, you get another section covering all the most popular queries for taking cash out of your account too. You’ve got a $5k ceiling on each transaction for withdrawals across all methods.

What’s the William Hill rating for responsible gaming?

Is William Hill legit on this score? You’ll find information on responsible gaming via a link at the bottom of the site or inside the help area if you’re already there. They supply a list of warning signs for problem gambling, along with information about the Council of Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey. They also supply a phone number and internet website for the Problem Gambler’s Hotline. It’s impressive how much info is on this page, as it runs into several sections.

You can read about self-exclusion, prevention, self-help methods, and the terms of service on the site. I think they’ve covered all the most vital areas and plenty more as well. I would suggest you check out this page before using William Hill, so you can feel assured of their responsibilities and how seriously they take them.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at William Hill

So – what sets William Hill apart from its competitors? Why play or bet there rather than anywhere else? The live betting is a major feature, rolled into the main sportsbook, so you don’t need to look for it elsewhere on the site. Positioned above the sports list, you can easily find it and check how many events are happening in each sport. The site displays the available live wagers for each match, changing each box to a padlock sign when that bet is no longer available.

The live area is the ideal place for you to learn more about the stats on the site too. the live scoreboard has a view of the court, pitch, course, or field as relevant. You’ll see the scores changing as the match goes on. Just under this, you’ve got popular bets followed by others relevant to that sport. It’s possible to click on many scoreboard areas to go further into the facts too. The standout feature at William Hill (and the reason my William Hill review is this positive) is that even with all the stats and facts at your fingertips, it’s all easy to reach and understand. Top marks on that score.

William Hill Sports Betting

My William Hill sportsbook experience

You’ll soon work out why the question, is William Hill legit, fades into the ether the very second you arrive on the site. It’s sensible to ask this as you want to be sure you’re visiting a trustworthy sportsbook. Our foray into the world of Unibet asked – and answered – is Unibet legit too. I can tell you you’re in reliable hands at William Hill, so let’s work out just why that’s the case. I mentioned the way you can choose from popular sports or from the A-to-Z list underneath, and both these are to the left of the page when you visit.

Let’s now check out a few other areas of the sportsbook together. The middle of the page used a promo panel to catch the eye, and it does an excellent job of that role. It switched between four panels, one covering the welcome offer and three more covering various matches or events with available odds. For instance, there was a Nets and Lakers Boost giving better odds for that event. This shows a few of the treats you might expect to see during your time at the sportsbook.

Some sportsbooks don’t make it easy to spot your bet slip. It’s always in view at William Hill though, even if you have nothing on it. I actually prefer this, as it does away with the task of trying to find it if when you arrive and you’re ready to place a wager. There is still plenty of room in the center of the page for information on popular sports and upcoming events. Whatever is on that page when you land at the sportsbook, you can choose another sport to see the matches or events for that day if you wish. Everything loads fast enough, with the chance to dig deeper into the available bets for any event that looks appealing.

I should mention that the default odds format is, of course, American odds. However, if you don’t fancy those and would prefer to see either fractional or decimal odds, the chance to switch is just moments away. You’ll see Odds Format as an option at the top of the site, to the immediate right of the Sportsbook State dropdown options. Just head there and choose another format if you wish. The site should keep it that way for the rest of that session. I’d suggest checking and confirming you’ve still got your preferred odds format when you next visit, but that’s quick enough to do too.

As for the range of sports you can bet on, the A-to-Z listing shows 17 of them. All the top choices are there, including rugby, football, soccer, tennis, and golf, but you’ve got the chance to bet on others as well. Lacrosse stands out as the most unusual of those. Before I switch to the in-play facilities at William Hill, I do want to bring your attention back to the changing panel at the top of the sportsbook. When you select a sport, you’ll see relevant wagers, odds, and deals regarding upcoming events for that sport. For example, baseball had money line prices, Urshela Odds Boost, and Zimmerman Home Run among others. That’s a neat way to explore some of the leading deals you might get the most of.

At the top of the popular sports menu on the left of the page, you’ll see the InPlay option. Once you select it, the middle panel changes to show you live events and odds for various applicable wager types. The top of the section shows how many live events are occurring, and how many are happening in each sport. Once again, choose your favorite and see what’s happening for a chance to place a real-time wager. Every live event has a scoreboard at the top of the dedicated page covering it, so you’ve got a chance to follow the stats and the action, even though you cannot watch it for real.

William Hill Casino

It’s a quick hop to the William Hill casino

From the sportsbook at the top of the page, look to the right to see the casino offering. Select it and you’re there – it’s that fast. The design isn’t the same as the sportsbook, although it does retain that sense of simplicity I love about the site. The promotions link is at the top, tucked away underneath the site logo. Just below that, you’ve got the all-games link which is the default for the casino area. You can also choose from table games and slots. Only two areas? Far fewer than you’d see at many other casinos, but there is plenty more for us to uncover yet.

So, a quick look down the casino landing page gives us an idea of the game variety available there. I found these areas to explore:

  • Featured games
  • Table games
  • Slot games

The featured games area has some nice discoveries to make, especially as on my recent visit I spotted a couple progressive jackpot games to try. These were Divine Fortune and Mercy of the Gods. I liked the fact they put a gold strip across the bottom of the game screen, revealing the current available jackpot amount. That makes it much easier to see other jackpot games within the standard table game and slots areas. If that’s your thing, you’ll certainly find some promising games to play.

Now to another neat feature I really liked about the William Hill casino. The default presentation shows you the title card for each game, usually featuring the title. Yet you don’t get any more information other than that. If you look to the right of the page, opposite where it tells you the type of game you’re looking at, you’ll see two logos. One has four lines and the other – the default mode – has four squares. Switch to the lines and you can learn plenty more about each game.

This came in very useful when I was thinking about which slots to play. Each panel gave me the RTP (return to player, as a percentage), the minimum bet and the maximum bet. It’s a fast and convenient way to find out whether a game is going to fit your casino budget. You’ve then got a big play button next to that info, so you can head straight for the game that grabs your attention. You do need to sign in or open an account to play anything, even if a quick demo is all you’re after.

It looks like NetEnt supplies the slots to William Hill, so you’re in great company if you want some entertaining and complex titles to try. These popular titles were among many I found there:

  • Fruit Shop Christmas
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Finn and the Swirly Spin
  • Starburst

In short, if you can’t find a wager that suits you in the sportsbook, there are many reasons to hop over to the casino instead. Once again, we have a positive answer to that common query, is William Hill legit?

William Hill FAQ

🔐How do I get a William Hill login?

Read our review of William Hill to see what you need to do to play at one of the best online sportsbooks in the US. The good news is that the signing up process is pretty easy and you should be able to get your William Hill login in just a couple of minutes.

🏈How good are William Hill football odds?

William Hill is well known for being a big online sportsbook, so we could wait to see how its betting odds stacked up against the competition. So make sure that you read our review to see what happened when we compared William Hill’s odds for a big NFL game with another sportsbook.

🎰Is there a William Hill casino?

You will probably know that many online sportsbooks will also have a few casino games on the site. So make sure that you read our William Hill review to see whether this legendary sportsbook has a casino, and if so, see how it compares with the best online casinos in the US.

📱Is there a William Hill app?

Check out our guide to the William Hill gambling site to see how the brand looks after its mobile customers. All of which should reveal whether there is an app that you can use to do everything from putting down bets to using sports betting offers on a smartphone or tablet.

🏇Are there any William Hill horse racing bets?

In our comparison of US online gambling sites, we found that horse racing was treated a little differently from other sports. In fact, many US sportsbooks failed to have anything in the way of regular horse racing bets. So make sure that you read our William Hill review to see whether this sports betting site has bets for major US horse races like the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes and so on.

Reaching an excellent William Hill rating

If I had to pick a standout feature of the website, it would be the relaxed design. It doesn’t seem like there is a lot of information there, and yet you can easily access all the info you could want in seconds. I’ve reviewed many other sites throughout the PlayersBest gambling reviews, and I’ve become lost on several of them. Not so here though, as the William Hill experience keeps on giving in just the right way. I think their decades of experience – albeit offline for the first few decades – have given them all the knowledge they need for how to help you, the bettor, reach the information, wagers, and games that you’re looking for. Once you try William Hill, you’re not going to want to go elsewhere.

William Hill NJ – Joining the Caesars Starship.

Bettors from New Jersey have been enjoying the great gaming availability and fluidity of William Hill for some time now. However, in April 2021, the vibrant blue of William Hill was relegated to the past tense. Instead, players can make use of William Hill’s superb sportsbook technology under the Caesars heading. Thankfully, when Ceasars acquired William Hill earlier in the year, the intuitive tech came as part of the deal. Now, Caesars’ bettors can enjoy the sleek and sophisticated sportsbook that made William Hill so popular, as well as the already well-established Caesars online casino all from one handy location.

William Hill WV – Joining the Caesars Starship.

William Hill WV was a prominent fixture amongst the online gaming scene in West Virginia, cementing itself as one of the most user-friendly platforms across the cosmos. Caesars WV was clearly paying close attention to its competition, later acquiring William Hill in a deal worth $3.7 billion. Despite being rebranded on Caesars’ white, gold, and black, the great William Hill tech still shines through. West Virginia bettors can now enjoy an extensive range of slots, poker tournaments, betting markets, promotions, and perks, while still benefiting from the great usability originating from William Hill.

William Hill MI – Joining the Caesars Starship.

Michigan is a proud sporting state across the US, with a thriving sports betting community to match. No doubt, many bettors were left disgruntled at the prospect of William Hill MI being sold in early April 2021. After all, the platform boasted some fantastic markets, accessibility, and usability. When Caesars confirmed the $3.7 billion deal had taken place, the MI betting scene could relax once more. The deal saw the fantastic technology behind William Hill acquired as part of the deal and allowed Caesars to instantly improve their own platform’s fluidity. Now, bettors could wager across sports, casino, and poker legally.

William Hill TN – Joining the Caesars Starship.

Tennessee folk had begun welcoming William Hill TN with open arms long before Caesars took over the popular operator in April 2021. As we detailed extensively above, there are many incredible perks to joining the William Hill platform, including great usability, site reliability, superb customer service, and more. The appeal for Tennessee bettors was heightened due to its lack of land-based casinos. However, they had nothing to fear when online giants Caesars took the reins. In fact, quite the opposite – Caesars players can now benefit from a superb catalog of online fixtures, markets, promotions, and more, all backed by the reliable tech of fan-favorites William Hill TN.

William Hill VA – Joining the Caesars Starship.

VirginiaMuch to the confusion of Virginia-based bettors, Caesars VA acquired the William Hill VA sportsbook and all of its supporting technology for $3.7 billion in April 2021. From our review above, you can see that Virginia bettors were privy to fantastic sportsbook technology, markets, and promotions. Thankfully, being acquired by top competitor Caesars meant that William Hill VA bettors would still be able to capitalize on a solid selection of bonuses and promotions, as well as being able to browse, place, and cash out wagers across the most popular global sports fixtures.

William Hill CO – Joining the Caesars Starship.

The William Hill franchise was an established and popular choice amongst Colorado bettors. Players received top-notch customer service, a great selection of gaming availability, quality odds, and fantastic accessibility. So, what could lead such a top competitor and thriving sports betting platform to abandon ship? $3.7 billion, probably. Caesars took over William Hill in 2021 and has not looked back since. The online operator has merged the outstanding tech of William Hill with its own outstanding selection of markets, promotions, amongst many other features. While William Hill CO is no longer physically available, the usability and accessibility live on through Caesars.

William Hill IL – Joining the Caesars Starship.

A $3.7 billion deal saw William Hill IL change over to Caesars IL in April 2021. Prior to this change, bettors could experience some of the best odds across the state, a great selection of sporting markets, a comprehensive yet straightforward platform, and some great promotions too. Thankfully, William Hill was taken over by an equally-as-impressive operator, who have looked to utilize the positive attributes of William Hill and implement them across their very own Caesars sportsbook. With licensing sorted and an affiliation with the land-based Grand Victoria Casino, Caesars IL is now open to Illinois and ready to showcase its improvements.

William Hill IA – Joining the Caesars Starship.

There is no disputing that William IA was once the talk of the town. The operator provided a legal and licensed sportsbook full of fantastic gaming opportunities and promotions across the Hawkeye State. After Caesars IA acquired the sportsbook in April 2021, the attention of the town was directed in Caesars’ direction. Now, Iowa bettors could enjoy a lucrative welcome bonus, plenty of regular rolling bonuses, a stream of sporting markets, and some of the best odds across the state. This time, the only difference was that Caesars was now powered by the fantastic William Hill technology that once made it so popular!

William Hill IN – Joining the Caesars Starship.

Indiana is no stranger to online sports betting. The state is full of great operators battling it out for pole position across its borders. At one time, the William Hill IN sportsbook would have been up there with the best of them. As detailed above, the site had plenty to boast about, including great usability, customer service, speedy parlay building, and various accepted payment methods. In April 2021, William Hill was taken over by Caesars – another top name across the Indiana scene. Caesars quickly made use of the intuitive William Hill tech, providing its players a streamlined sportsbook and updated mobile app.

User Reviews for William Hill

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Solid online sportsbook
    James Ryan

    OK I came to William Hill from a friend’s recommendation. That friend is a Giants fan so don’t just him too harshly! It’s a pretty solid online sportsbook that did what I hoped it would. The app was kinda confusing at first, but I figured it out eventually. I even took my first live bet here so that was quite something. I’m not like massively into betting, but the Willaim Hill app let me do whatever I wanted.

    Like who is this William Hill guy anyway?
  2. My best bookie so far

    Odds change less frequently, which allowed me to make much better bets then usual. Good range of sports and casino gaming options. I wasn’t too bothered about bonuses, but these were great also with reasonable terms. I could use, PayPal, which is always convenient for me.

    The website takes a while to get used to
  3. Old faithful

    I have been a player at William Hill for a LONG time, they have been around the block and established a solid brand. I would recommend to a friend.

    I don't play too often at William Hill anymore, the site feels a bit dated, and the promos are not the best.

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