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Get social at WinStar

Even if WinStar social casino feels like an alien planet upon arrival, you’ll realize it has a different approach. You won’t feel nervous to leave your spaceship when you visit, as there are plenty of games and people to discover.

WinStar is a winning site if you want the thrill of casino action without the cost. I soon realized this was a site that offered a social scene to gaming – and that’s something you may not find anywhere else. Take an intergalactic trip with me to discover how to navigate your way through this appealing site.

Claim your chips each day

So… how does WinStar work if it’s not your regular casino? I discovered that chips are the order of the day on this planet. I received some when I signed up, with more coming every four hours. This is all about entertainment, and I found lots of superb casino games that brought the action to the forefront of the site. Featured games, eTables, eGames, and lots more… I didn’t run out of amusing and entertaining games to try. This isn’t about real prizes – it’s about playing alongside others and finding some favorite titles to play.

WinStar Social Casino Logbook: What happened so far

  • 1991: WinStar begins life as a bingo hall
  • 2003: The bingo hall becomes WinStar Casino
  • 7. JULY 2021: We updated our WinStar Social Casino test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our WinStar review

When I arrived at WinStar, I was looking for a social casino website I could enjoy and use without worrying about budgeting to play. While I can buy more chips to play with, I can easily do without that part of the offer. With 400 chips to collect every four hours, it’s easy to wait a while to get some more interactive play going. There are lots of familiar gaming areas to check out too, with table games, slots, keno, and video poker to explore. Whatever you feel in the mood to play today, you can certainly find something to suit at WinStar. I found that I could play some games to try and scoop more chips, using those to play for longer when I was in the mood. And if I ran out of chips, I knew I would only have four hours before I could get some more. It’s a neat way of limiting your time on the site too. Most games give you assorted betting values, so you can stretch those coins further than you’d think as well.

One of the most important things to check on when arriving at any casino is the range of available games there. It’s hard to compare this casino to the Unibet review elsewhere at PlayersBest, simply because a social casino is a totally different planet to the usual real-money casino offering. However, many people never want to go beyond the demo games or casual play. If you feel the same, you’ll certainly have lots of WinStar social casino games to dip in and out of whenever you want to. The biggest slice of the action comes from the slots, but that is common with all casinos. They are the most popular games for many, and you’ll find lots of them on all topics at WinStar.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... WinStar online social casino test

Where do I begin at WinStar? Many elements go into my ratings for various sites, as you’ll see if you read our Bet365 rating. While this casino focuses on the social side and doesn’t offer real prizes, there is still plenty for us to sort through as we evaluate the site. I think it’s even more important than ever to read this review of WinStar, especially if you’ve never used a social casino before. So, come with me as we explore this area of the social gaming universe together. I can tell you that after exploring, reviewing, and trying the site for myself, I did end up rating this highly. It’s easy to use and entertaining in lots of ways.

Is it easy to sign up to play?

Yes – you’ll see the signup invitation in the top right of your screen when you land on this socially-aimed planet. There are two ways to join – you can either continue by using Facebook or you can create an account using an email address. You must confirm that you are over 18 years of age and that you’re not living in Washington state. Other than that, all other areas of the US are fine to sign up from. There is also a question asking if you have a promo code, so you might be able to find one online offering a deal for extra chips upon signup. This is a common offer among many casinos of all kinds, as we’ve seen in other gambling reviews at PlayersBest.

Do you need any payment details to join?

Let’s be clear about one thing here – you cannot withdraw anything won on any of the games. You don’t need to deposit any funds either. You’ll receive chips when you sign up – 5,000 at the time of writing – and more every four hours. You can use those to play with. You can deposit funds to buy more, but this doesn’t open a path to any real prizes. You simply receive more chips to play with. Nothing is withdrawable. If you do want to buy more chips, you can use these methods:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express


Does WinStar offer any promotions?

The promo area does appear in the menu, so you need to check there to see what’s in store. I always look for a Golden Nugget promo code whenever I visit that site, and even though WinStar is social rather than offering ‘real’ games with real chances to find prizes, it’s still worth checking if you want to buy more chips. There was a refer-a-friend offer, a 6x bonus on your first deposit, and other seasonal deals and offers too. When I joined the site, I only wanted to use it for entertainment, so I had no intention of depositing funds. If I change my mind, though, I’ll certainly look for bonuses on the promo page.

What about licensing information?

Things work differently here as we’re not looking at a real money casino. You must be over 18 to use the site, but you can use it from anywhere within the United States, except if you’re a resident of Washington State. This caveat appears on the signup page. Regular gaming laws do not apply in the case of social casinos where there are no real prizes available. The jurisdiction and operation notes appear in the terms of use page, where it states that the website operates under Chickasaw Nation laws. That is where the original bingo hall the company derives from first opened its doors. The site is hosted in Oklahoma, as confirmed by a statement at the bottom of the site. They confirm also that the site is free to use, and no real prizes can be won by any users.

Mobile access if you’re curious

There is further information on this topic in the FAQ section of the site. I found that area at the bottom of the page when visiting the casino to play some WinStar online social slots. If this is your first foray into the alien world that is social gaming, I’d suggest checking through the FAQs first, as there is plenty of useful info in there. You can find the mobile gaming question in there. The casino confirms that you can download an app to use on Android or iOS accordingly – just follow their links to find them.

I also tried visiting the casino using my browser and found that it displayed nicely on different screen sizes. An app is built for use on Android or iOS devices respectively though, so I’d recommend checking those out if you like what you see at WinStar social casino. You can of course still play on a regular computer if you’d rather do that. All you need is your Facebook or email login, depending on how you chose to sign up.

Loyalty potential at WinStar online social casino

Here’s another area you may not have expected to see when exploring the far-flung corners of this universe. It’s only for players who have a Club Passport Account at the real bricks and mortar casino though. If you do, you can link your social account to that account to gain access to their loyalty lounge. This suggests you could be in for some special promotions and bonuses. There is the chance of real rewards here, such as tickets to shows and gift card opportunities among others.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at WinStar online casino

Does the WinStar name sound familiar? Legitimacy is always a crucial topic when I write a review for PlayersBest, and that doesn’t change simply because I’m reviewing a social casino here. When I wrote about BetAmerica, I asked is BetAmerica legit, and I am going to ask the same question of WinStar as well. That familiar feeling you might get may well come from the WinStar World Casino and Resort brand, which is based in Thackerville, Ohio – a real resort and casino you can visit. The WinStar online casino is an offshoot of that, supplying a social side to the brand that everyone in the US can check out (other than those in Washington state).

I think it’s this connection to such a well-known real casino that makes WinStar stand out among other social casinos online today. Sure, it has some competition, but you know you’re in reliable hands whenever you want to play some WinStar online casino games. The only surprise I got was that their Twitter account hadn’t been updated in a long while. You can see links to Twitter and Facebook at the bottom of the site, via the usual familiar logos. For a social site, this seems an oversight, but you can happily continue using the site as I did, without visiting their own social pages.

Winstar Social Casino

Guiding your spaceship into the social casino area

It’s obvious from the moment you arrive at WinStar that you’re looking at an alternative casino experience. You’ll see the full range of WinStar online casino games categories across the top of the page. These include eGames, video poker, eTables, and keno. For eGames read slots, and for eTables read table games. Easy when you know that much, and you can go through to each section to see the full list of games. I spotted a couple of top titles in the eGames area, with Starburst instantly recognizable among them.

I also spotted some other titles from NetEnt, creator of the Starburst slot. Berry Burst and Aloha Christmas were among them, so if you’re keen to try some of their games but you don’t want to join a real money casino to do so, WinStar online social casino does give you an excellent opportunity to do this. That said, I also saw plenty of titles I hadn’t come across before. It was a lovely mix of titles that gave me a chance to experiment with themes and features I wasn’t used to.

There are a couple of things I loved about the gaming area. Firstly, the new games get a yellow sash-style label to mark them out from the rest. Secondly, you can see all the eGames by selecting the All 360-degree area, or choose those based on themes set in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. This is a neat and unusual way to present the games, with over 170 slots to choose from. You do need a login to try any of them, but this is simple to do because you can log in using Facebook.

Poker players will find 11 titles to play, but there is a diverse mix of options in that small collection. The eTables area has just European roulette and Blackjack Classic to try. Keno has seven variations, only one of which is a standard game. All other titles revolve around themes including tropical vacations, jungles, and ancient settings. I noticed that even the areas with fewer games (the slots take precedence as you’d expect them to) offered great scope for some entertaining play.

Look too at the bottom of the site for three tabs – giving you new, eGames, and eTables areas to explore. The new area is superb, as that is the quickest way to find some new games to look at. Among them I found games with titles such as Midnight Matinee, Alchemist’s Gold, Book of Secrets, and Gold Dragon Red Dragon. Those titles alone should suggest the wider scope of game themes you can explore when you join the casino. I liked the ability to be able to explore and look around at the titles before signing up too. I can never be sure I’m able to do this at other casinos, so it’s nice to see that WinStar is welcoming in this sense. It’s another tick in the box to visit this otherworldly destination.

Another fascinating area to explore is the leaderboard area. You’ll spot this to the left of the page when you arrive. I noticed it said leaderboards – plural – and the arrow next to that word did reveal several tables. There is a monthly poker leaderboard along with another one for table games. I also saw daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards, which presumably covers all games on the site. Selecting ‘see more’ gave me the chance to see the full table and who was in the top spot. It’s a nice way to get competitive with your friends on Facebook if that’s how you join the site.

WinStar Social Casino review FAQs

💡How do I get WinStar coins?

When you find yourself using a social casino site, you’ll need to pick up coins or chips in order to play. Social casino sites have a wide number of different ways in which you can do so. Read our latest WinStar Social Casino review at PlayersBest to find out all you need to know. We leave no stone unturned.

🎲What are the latest WinStar social casino games?

There are plenty of new games being released each year; making the online space exciting and ever-changing. However, it’s important that online casinos also include a number of classic games, giving their site the right balance between old and new. Take a look at our latest WinStar review to find out more.

🔥Can I claim a WinStar daily bonus?

One of the best aspects of an online social casino is the daily bonus. The best sites will always have some sort of fun daily ‘spin the wheel’ offer or at least provide you with free coins every day when you log in. To find out if WinStar is one of the sites, read our latest coverage right here!

📲Does WinStar have a mobile app?

In 2022 most players are eager to use a mobile app for online gaming. There’s little appeal to a site that does not have a complementary app or mobile-optimized site. It makes it a lot more difficult for you to access your account. Take a look at our latest reviews at PlayersBest to find out which social casino sites have the best apps.

📝Does WinStar require a license?

There are always a fair number of different online platforms that follow the rules and attain the necessary licenses. However, social casino sites needn’t adhere to gambling regulations per se. We suggest you read our latest WinStar review find out exactly what it is that this site is required to do in order to be reliable and transparent.

WinStar review: Conclusion

So, is WinStar online social casino worth heading for when you’re searching for some friendly gaming in your spaceship? I think so. My favorite area took me to the many WinStar online slots available, but they’ve created a series of games that dips into many areas of appeal. This is all for entertainment, but sometimes that’s all I want from casino games. If you feel the same, and you want some gaming without the budget, you can collect coins and use them to access whichever games you most want to try. There are always new titles on the way.

I would also rate this site highly for its mix of slots. Sure, it doesn’t have a huge quantity of games in other areas, but it does still manage to give you enough versatility in all sections to satisfy your needs. I was delighted to see some of the top-ranking NetEnt slots in that part of the casino, which paired nicely with the other slots I’d never seen before. I think you’re going to like the mix of the familiar and the alien here, giving you plenty more chances to find some favorite games to return to.

User Reviews for Winstar

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Good alternative to brick-and-mortar casinos

    WinStar casino is my go-to alternative every time I feel like gambling but am too lazy to drive all the way to the local casinos. The site offers everything that’s usually found there. I also absolutely appreciate the frequent bonuses and promos at WinStar.

    If you’re looking for live games, then you’re up for a major disappointment.
  2. A fantastic website

    WinStar Social Casino (4 stars)
    I have been with WinStar for years and not once have l been a victim of fraud or come across anyone who had a distasteful experience. The casino takes security seriously, so your financial information is safe and this includes all your historical gambling records. If you happen to face any payout challenges, contact the customer support team which is available 24/7. I had a similar issue and got it fixed within 5 minutes.

    I could with more withdrawal options, particularly e-wallets.
  3. LOVE this site, have visited the real one!

    I love this website, it’s so easy to use and the graphics are amazing. Me and my friends play against each other all the time. Ive been to the real Winstar Casino and oh my God that place is insane, this way I can still feel like i’m sort of there as well. Best bit is playing against my facebook friends though and trying to get on the leaderboard.

    Makes me want to go back to Winstar casino resort SO BAD!!

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