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4NJBets Review & Rating 2021

Blast off with my 4NJBets review

You’ll probably know that 4NJBets is New Jersey’s only legal pari-mutuel horse betting site. But read my 4NJBets review to see whether this is the best horse racing betting site in the whole solar system!

I had to award a huge 4NJBets rating. This is because this racebook had routinely awesome odds for races everywhere from the US to Europe and beyond. Plus there was even free live streaming to add an extra dose of fun to the action. But is 4NJBets legit? Read the whole of my 4NJBets review to find out!

Check out interstellar race betting in my 4NJBets review

I found that 4NJBets is a serious horse racing betting site. It gives you quality odds for all of the horse races in the US you could think of. I’ll admit that I’m more of a casual punter than a hardcore horse betting fan. But I had to award a good 4NJBets rating for how user-friendly the site is. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try their first bet on big races like the Kentucky Derby.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, there’s no need to ask ‘Is NJBets legit?’ This is because the brand is regulated to operate in multiple US states. Keep reading my 4NJBets review to find out more about this quality racebook.

4NJBets Logbook: What happened so far

  • 14. July 1999: 4NJBets starts its offer.
  • 19. April 2021: 4NJBets launches its refer a friend program
  • 24. June 2021: We updated our 4NJBets test

Countdown: Key things I discovered in my interplanetary 4NJBets review

The main thing that you’ll get from this 4NJBets review is that this is a betting site that’s 100% dedicated to horse racing betting. If you want to try casino games then check out my Caesars Casino review. 4NJBets is known as being a pari-mutuel horse racing betting site that is powered by the highly regarded TVG network.

This basically means that all of the bets on one race are pooled together. But if you look beyond this fact, then you’ll find that it looks and acts like most betting sites. Sound good? Keep reading my 4NJBets review to find out more.

All of the horse bets from all over the solar system

4NJBets has got a great reputation for its horse racing. It takes just one look at the betting site to see why. The brand has got horse racing bets from all over the cosmos. Obviously, there’s a real focus here on horse races in the US. But I was pleased to see that it’s also easy to bet on horse races anywhere from Australia to Europe.

Plus there is no shortage of handicapping tools to help you shift the odds in your favor. Some people might be put off by pari-mutuel betting but I found that it worked just fine for me.

Top monthly 4NJBets promo code deals 

I’m of the firm belief that all gambling sites should give you a welcome bonus for signing up. After all, there is a pretty good BetStars promo code deal on at the moment, so I’d expect the same from 4NJBets. So there’s nothing in the way of 4NJBets new customer offers, but there are plenty more 4NJBets bonus code deals. Most of these come in the form of monthly deals.

For example, you could get cashback if your chosen runner comes in second or third in certain races. This isn’t the same as getting a massive matched deposit bonus, but it was handy for giving you some insurance.

Plus I saw some more deals like the awesome Super 5 promo. This basically gave you the chance to get a four-figure cash prize just for predicting the winners of five races. Not easy, but definitely worth a look!

Enjoy fee-free deposits on your planet-sized horse racing bets

I have to admit that I was a little confused by this deal at first, but it soon turned out to be good value. This sees 4NJBets waiving all of the fees that you’d normally get hit with when you make deposits between Mondays and Thursdays.

To be honest I was hoping that all deposits would be free anyway. But seeing as this isn’t the case, then it’s easy to see why this promotion could work out to be a great value. Here’s hoping that 4NJBets pushes ahead to make all deposits free in the future.

Special bonuses at top races like Lone Star Park

If you’ve made it this far down my 4NJBets review, you’ll know that this is a specialist horse betting site. So it’s no major surprise to find that it has specialist horse betting bonuses. I found some great deals like the Lone Star Park Hit It and Split It promo.

This saw you splitting a massive cash prize pool by getting a certain kind of bet to work at the legendary Lone Star Park on certain days of the week. It’s fair to say that you simply don’t get special offers like this at your regular gambling websites.

Get a referral bonus from this intergalactic racebook

I’m always a big fan of refer-a-friend bonuses. After all, betting on horse racing is so much more fun when you’re playing against friends. So I was glad to see that 4NJBets has a referral scheme that gives you a decent bonus for getting a friend to sign up to the racebook.

All that you have to do is to make sure that your friend signs up, and makes a qualifying deposit with the 4NJBets promo code that you give them. Once this invite link is activated, you’ll automatically get your bonus to use on horse racing bets.

Make galaxy-sized wins with the 4NJBets Wager Rewards program

I was only with 4NJBets for a couple of weeks, but I could already see that the Wager Rewards program looked like being decent value for money. This is a kind of loyalty scheme that gives you cashback for all of the real money horse racing bets that you put down. All you need to do is to enroll in the Wager Rewards program and you’ll find that you earn points for each dollar that you spend.

Once you’ve managed to accumulate enough points, you can then redeem them for cash. A nice way to offset any losses!

Responsible gambling at 4NJBets

I’ll admit that I’ve gotten carried away with horse racing betting a couple of times. So it’s kind of nice to see that 4NJBets has some responsible gambling tools in place. These offer a good way to answer the question of ‘Is 4NJBets legit?’ as no dodgy racebook is going to stop you if your bets get out of control.

But at 4NJBets you can stay in charge of your racing bets. This is because 4NJBets is part of the Aware program which basically means that you get easy ways to put down deposit limits, request a time out, or even exclude yourself from the site.

Lift-off: Is 4NJBets legit? Discover the safest racebook in the cosmos

It’s not rocket science to say that 4NJBets is a serious horse betting site. But 4NJBets has to do more than just serve up decent horse racing bets to earn my seal of approval. After all, you’ll be investing your real money at this betting site. Plus you’ll want to know that 4NJBets can be trusted with your data.

All of which makes the question of ‘Is 4NJBets legit?’ a valid one. So be sure to keep reading to see how 4NJBets works and how you can use its horse racing betting odds.

Is 4NJBets regulated in the US and the solar system?

I’m always happy to put each gambling site’s regulation under the microscope. Take a look at what happened when I asked ‘Is SugarHouse legit?’ for a good example of this. So I did everything required to fully answer the question of ‘Is 4NJBets legit?’. I found that this brand is regulated in all of the US states that it operates in. This basically means that you’ll get a fair horse racing betting service at this fully encrypted site.

Plus each state has its own requirements about how you use its betting product. For example, if you live in New Jersey you have to download the 4NJBets mobile products that contain geolocation software to ensure that you play within the state.

Customers in states like Minnesota won’t be able to bet on races within the state, while punters in Massachusetts will get an extra tax if their winnings reach a certain level. Make sure that you check out the page on state-specific rules for more about this.

Standard and user-friendly horse racing betting site 

The 4NJBets site is part of the TVG Network. This is a massive horse racing betting business, and the 4NJBets website benefits from this fact. I found that the website was professionally designed and nicely simple to navigate around.

You just have to click on the sidebar to see all of the upcoming races. Each race will give you a wealth of information about the weight, trainer, jockey of each individual racehorse. Plus you’ll see all of the pooled bets for the different betting options like win, place, show, and so on.

I tried a quick bet for a random horse race in Toulouse. This meant first signing up to 4NJBets which took just a few minutes to submit some basic personal information. Once I’d done this, I just made my deposits and put my bets down.

All of which proved to be pretty easy and I was impressed with how fast the 4NJBets website loaded. So check out the 4NJBets site if you want a good idea of what a modern horse racing betting website should look like.

Awesome betting apps available in some US states 

So the good news is that 4NJBets has created some awesome horse racing betting apps. The bad news is that these 4NJBets apps are only available in certain US states. For example, you’ll only be able to get the Android app if you live in Illinois or Indiana. Thankfully it’s easier to download the brand’s awesome 4NJBets iOS app.

I downloaded this for my iPhone and found that it did a great job of putting an entire world’s worth of horse racing bets in the palm of my hand. I also checked what the 4NJBets website looks and works like from my mobile browser, and I was impressed with what I saw.

Making planet-sized deposits at 4NJBets

I was pleased to see that 4NJBets makes it easy to put down a deposit. I simply put down an e-check deposit and didn’t have to deal with any of the fees that you get when depositing with debit and credit cards or PayPal. There are also no deposit fees if you deposit with PayNear Me.

All I had to do was deposit with my checking account number and routing number. Then I just had to fill out an authorization form and send in a copy of a voided check to the 4NJBets support email address. Other deposit options include the likes of the TVG prepaid card, Green Dot MoneyPak, wire transfer or you could even deposit at one of the partnered racetracks like Los Alamitos, Prairie Meadows, and Suffolk Downs.

Easy withdrawals at the 4NJBets site

It’s also pretty easy to make withdrawals from 4NJBets. I could simply put in my E-check withdrawal request and my winnings landed back in my account in just over two days. It was also interesting to see that you can withdraw to Visa debit cards.

This apparently sees processing times of 25 hours and you won’t get this option at too many other betting sites. You can also withdraw via PayPal, TVG prepaid card, or at one of the partnered racetracks. There is also the option for making wire transfer withdrawals although this carries some hefty processing fees.

Get interplanetary help via email or at the support center

I was happy to see that 4NJBets operates a professional and friendly customer service team. All that you have to do to get in touch is click on the question mark icon at the bottom right of the site. This brings up a dialog box where you can pose a question to the brand. You can also add attachments of things like screenshots if you think it would speed up the process.

To be honest I didn’t need to get in touch with a customer care agent, because there was a pretty good FAQ section on the site.

In orbit: Intergalactic reasons behind my awesome 4NJBets rating

I’m always keen to see what betting sites do to take things to the next level. After all, it’s not enough just to serve up some odds and leave it there. Thankfully it looks like 4NJBets has taken plenty of time to make sure that you get a quality all-around horse racing betting experience. Here are some things I found at 4NJBets that you might not see at too many other racebooks.

Unbeatable TVG live streaming for all space cadets

You’ll get instant access to the TVG network when you sign up to 4NJBets. This basically means getting free live streaming for a massive number of horse races in the US and around the world. It’s completely free but you’ll need to be logged into your 4NJBets account to watch. Obviously, you can’t bet live on horse racing, but this free live streaming service is surely the next best thing.

It also allows you to take advantage of race replays at the TVG network. Such a tool can be invaluable for spotting where you went wrong on the last big race. To be honest, you’d have to be a hardcore racing fan to want to watch old race replays. But I guess it’s nice to have the option.

Check out TVG picks for the best racing tips in the universe

I’ve already mentioned the fact that 4NJBets is part of the TVG group. This is one of the largest horse betting brands in the US. As such, it’s pretty decent that there are some TVG picks on the 4NJBets site.

These picks give you a great way to see what real horse racing experts think about that big upcoming race. I followed some of these TVG picks and found that they actually helped me pick a winner that I might not have previously considered. So be sure to check out the free horse racing betting tips.

Read 4NJBets racing news to inform your interstellar bets

It can be pretty hard to stay on top of all of the horse racing news that takes place all over the world. So I was glad to see that 4NJBets includes a useful horse racing news service. This offers you a great way to get up to speed with all races taking place from Arlington Park to Del Mar. All of which should stop you from making too many rookie errors with your racing bets.

Handy horse betting guides and 101 betting course 

Everyone has to start somewhere. That’s what 4NJBets seems to think as the brand has put on a series of handy horse racing tutorials. These start with the very basics and gradually work you up through some more advanced bets. I took a quick skim through the guides and found it to be a decent refresher for some quality horse racing betting.

4njbets Sports Betting

A huge 4NJBets rating for being the top racebook in the galaxy

In order to be a decent horse racing betting site, an operator will have to go in deep to give you the bets you need. After all, there are plenty of betting sites out there that can get away with some basic bets on things like the NFL and the NBA. But horse racing betting fans are a different breed of punter. So I’ve taken the time to see exactly how serious 4NJBets is about being the best horse betting sites in the cosmos.

Interstellar bets for the biggest US horse races

Most people will have tried their luck on the Kentucky Derby. I’ve definitely spent more than enough time wagering on this iconic horse race at Churchill Downs. So I did some research and found that 4NJBets routinely manages to put on some of the best odds for the Kentucky Derby. In fact, the same is true for all Triple Crown races.

So that whether you want to bet on the Preakness Stakes or the Belmont Stakes, you’ll want to make sure that you give 4NJBets a try. I should note the fact that 4NJBets has consistently awesome odds for whenever the Breeders’ Cup comes around. Plus it’s probably worth a look if you’re thinking about betting on the next Pegasus World Cup too.

Get top odds for all races in the US and the whole universe

The good news is that 4NJBets serves up consistently competitive odds right the way through the US horse racing season. I tried my luck on some races at Gulfstream and Golden Gate Fields and found that the 4NJBets were excellent. The same is true when I put down a bet on a big race at Santa Anita that actually managed to come home first.

I was also pleased to see that 4NJBets doesn’t just give you bets for major races at famous tracks like Keeneland and Saratoga. You can come here and enjoy quality odds for pretty much any major or minor race in the US.

Enjoy betting on the best horse races in Europe

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who likes taking a bet on horse racing across the pond. After all, countries like the UK and Ireland are famous for their legendary horse races. So I was pleased to see that 4NJBets has an impressive amount of bets for all of those iconic racetracks like Cheltenham, Aintree, Punchestown, Newmarket, York, and so on.

The famous Royal Ascot horse racing festival was on when I carried out this 4NJBets review. This revealed that 4NJBets put on leading odds for this legendary horse race. I’d imagine that it would be the same for all other major European horse races from France to Germany and beyond.

Discover intergalactic horse racing bets all over the world

I found that 4NJBets is a truly international horse racing betting site. This can be seen in the fact that it gives you bets for pretty much any horse race anywhere in the world. I’m a huge fan of betting on the Melbourne Cup, so I was more than pleased to see that 4NJBets had odds for all major and minor races in Australia and New Zealand.

Plus  4NJBets is also a great place for bets on horse racing anywhere from South Africa to Canada and beyond.

More horse racing bet types than there are stars in the cosmos

I’ll be honest and say that I normally keep my horse racing bets pretty simple. This usually means just betting on the race winner. There are also some times where you’ll find me putting down a place bet when I can’t make my mind up.

But if you’re the more adventurous horse racing punter, you’ll be pleased with all of the betting options that 4NJBets has to offer. This means that you can try all kinds of exotic bets with no shortage of exacts, trifectas, and so on.


📞What is the 4NJBets phone number?

All good betting sites in the US will make it easy for customers to get in touch with them. This is why our 4NJBets review will let you know whether you can contact the brand via telephone, email or live chat. Our review will also tell you if you can reach 4NJBets on social media and if it has a FAQ section on its site too. 

🔐How do I get a 4NJBets login?

It’s fairly straightforward to sign up to the 4NJBets site. If you take a look at our 4NJBets review you’ll see what the signing up process involves so that you can easily get your customer login. Plus we’ll reveal what kinds of betting odds you can enjoy once you have created your new customer account.

🎁What is the 4NJBets promo code deal?

There are plenty of awesome sports betting offers out there, but we believe that the bonus found in our 4NJBets review could easily be one of the best. Check out our review and you’ll see exactly what kind of bonus this is, how you can claim this deal, and how it’ll give you a great way to take your bets to the next level.

💰How do I make a 4NJBets deposit?

It’s very easy to make a deposit at the 4NJBets site and you are given access to a decent range of deposit methods for doing so. But make sure that you read our 4NJBets review to get the latest information about what kinds of processing times, fees and limits you might be up against when you add money to your account.

❓How does 4NJBets out of state wagering work?

Check out our 4NJBets review to see how the brand’s out of state wagering platform works. This is important as you’ll know that all online gambling sites in the US are legally bound to operate by the laws of the state that they are licensed and regulated in. So read our review to see how this applies to 4NJBets.

4NJBets review: Concluding thoughts on an interstellar horse betting site

I think that 4NJBets is clearly an excellent horse racing betting site. It makes it easy for complete newbies to put down their first racing bets, and there’s plenty here for experienced punters. A big reason why my Resorts rating was so good was the fact that that gambling site put on lots of special features on its online casino site. This can be seen at 4NJBets in everything from the special offers to the addition of free live streaming and racing picks.

I was also pleased to see that 4NJBets is a horse racing betting site that you can trust. After all, it is regulated to operate in a number of different US states and it’s got a responsive customer support team. The only downside to using 4NJBets is the fact that there are some fees on deposits and withdrawals. But if I could find a way around this, then I’m pretty sure that you can too.

Just remember that if you aren’t into horse racing betting, you should check out some of my other gambling reviews for everything from regular sports betting to casino gaming. So make sure that you sign up to 4NJBets if you ever want to put down a planet-sized bet on a horse race!

User Reviews for 4njbets

3/5 – 2 User Reviews
  1. They love horses.

    I love horses. Such wonderful creatures. I found myself the best place to bet on my favorite thoroughbreds. 4njBets. The welcome offer doubles your deposit and that means you got more chances of winning. These guys actually love horses too. 4njBets has the best live race videos and betting tips that are actually helpful.

    The website wasn’t really cool on smartphones and tablets. My experience at this site was good okay and I will want to find out more.
  2. Underwhelmed

    If racing is your thing, they have what you need.

    Landing on this website left me very underwhelmed. First impressions are important and I was not impressed. Its very bland. Not much in the way of welcome bonuses

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