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America’s Bookie Review & Rating 2021 – Answered: Scam or Legal (Blacklisted)?

Is America's Bookie Legit? Certainly not

Warning: Don’t play at this gambling site. Our America’s Bookie review found that this is an illegal offshore casino site. Visit one of our recommended US online sportsbooks instead!

Pretty much everything about America’s Bookie is below par. From its outdated graphics to its complete lack of US licensing, you’ll find plenty of reasons to avoid this black hole of a gambling site. Check out our review and you’ll quickly understand why you’ll want to hit the ‘Abort’ button on this particular space mission!

Reasons to throw America's Bookie down a wormhole

The outdated front end will be interesting to many experienced players, who perhaps look back with a weird nostalgia on sites like this as if it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Others will look at the site and mistakenly wonder ‘is America’s Bookie legit?’ because from the outside, it doesn’t look anything like a modern site, and to the untrained eye, possibly neglected. It my opinion that this site has been left to deteriorate substantially.

This America’s Bookie review will be looking at this operator from both sides, so read on to discover whether America’s Bookie is a useful blast from the past (it isn’t), or an old junker that’s just had some new parts put on it because it’s about to fall to bits(this is correct). We can tell you from the get-go, that it’s certainly the latter sentiment that will prevail. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons why this site doesn’t play ball like the others. We’re also hoping to stop you from signing up with any sites that are illegal such as America’s Bookie.

America’s Bookie Logbook: What disasters happened so far

  • America’s Bookie launched online in 2004 – no one cared.
  • America’s Bookie steals crossover customers from sister sites that use RDGCorp software.
  • July 10th, 2021 PlayersBest latest review takes a harsh look at America’s Bookie.
  • July 30th, 2021 Playersbest blacklists America’s Bookie

Countdown: What you can expect - oversimplified and lacking depth

As pointed out above, America’s Bookie deceptively seems to tick many of the same boxes as we have found in our other gambling reviews. Upon further inspection, this is definitely not the case though. There are none of the flashy graphics telling you about the incredible odds or the massive range of slots, to the point that you might not think this is a sportsbook or casino site at all, but instead an older blog telling you about those services. No matter if this is something you prefer, the fact of the matter is that America’s Bookie isn’t what it makes itself out to be.

America’s Bookie Sportsbook Overview – A rogue operator

Nowhere is this more apparent than with the sportsbook front end. Yes, there is a headline about the lame bonus (which we’ll look at in more scathing detail later on in this review) but there aren’t even any odds listed or displayed until after you’ve registered and logged in.

Once you’re on the inside, you’ll see a more modern look, and of course, all of the major sports and markets are covered. But, that’s about it. Pretty unimpressive right off the bat.

America’s Bookie Casino Overview – Avoid this site

While an outlook like this is uncommon in a sportsbook, in a casino it’s almost unheard of. While the normal range of games looks to be present, nothing is made of the software providers or slots games on offer to members.

We’ll take a closer look later, but it’s plain this isn’t one of the standard voluminous casino areas you might be familiar with elsewhere.

America’s Bookie Racebook Overview – Disappointing effort

The understated theme is prevalent here too, with much of the information regarding the history of America’s Bookie and the safety and security of placing a wager with them rather than huge headlines telling you what’s on offer.

So, details are kept to a minimum, in a way that will make some interested to learn more (unlikely), but others are more likely go off to somewhere else where they are a bit more explicit about what is on offer. It’s always best for bookies to be forthcoming. Something an illegal site like this will try its best to avoid. Thus, we truly hope to outline why you should make the most of alternative gambling sites. There’s no reason why you should opt-in to a site that fails to do the bare minimum.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Americas Bookie test (an epic failure)

Certain aspects change when you are on the inside though, where things look more modern and, functionally at least, a little more as you might expect. There are still no garish graphics, though, and just a red, white & blue (what else) website with options down the left-hand side. First impressions are lacklustre at best. How could they be any better when considering this is a site that doesn’t meet any US regulatory standards?

Registration – Slow progress

Before you can check these out though, you have to register – which again is a workmanlike old school process that will be the theme of your whole experience with America’s Bookie. Once you’re inside, you might want to complete KYC (know your customer) as soon as possible if you have your docs ready to upload. However, as you may start to realize, you’ll probably be better off not signing up at all.

Payments – Dodgy crypto betting site

This is where you might find yourself doing something of a double-take, but for a good reason. From what you will have seen on the way in, you might be expecting just the basics when it comes to payment methods, but the first thing you will see on this page is the word Bitcoin.

While some might find that it’s a bit odd that a site that looks like it hasn’t been updated for years accepts cryptocurrencies (Ethereum is also accepted on the cashier page), this America’s Bookie review think that the only reason this site accepts cryptos is because no legit US bank would go near an illegal gambling site.

Other deposit methods include gift cards, bank drafts, wire transfers, and credit and debit cards via person-to-person transfers. However, most of these probably won’t be available for US customers. Keep in mind that you will probably incur fees from your account or service provider.

Withdrawals – Not to be trusted

Withdrawals are available for all the same methods as deposits, but there are some limits that not everybody will be happy with. Bitcoin withdrawals must be at least $500 but not more than $2000 and incur a 2% fee. Person to person is $100-$450 and incur a $50 fee. Bank drafts are for $500 only and like the other methods can only be requested once every 7 days.

Bank drafts are $500 – $1000 for registered mail, and $500-$3000 for the courier, both incurring a $45 charge. This America’s Bookie review found this to be completely unacceptable.

America’s Bookie on mobile – Sub par performance

Given everything you had seen so far, you probably wouldn’t expect this Americas Bookie review to find a mobile app for this operator just yet – and you’d be absolutely correct. However, it has to be said that the website does work on mobile devices, albeit at a slower pace.

Look, feel and usability – A hideous betting site

While this is also true of the desktop site, the plain look won’t be for everybody. Where the vast majority of sportsbook sites all follow approximately the same layout, and if you can find your way around one, you can probably find your way around all of them. This is not true of America’s Bookie, where the process would not match our 4NJBets rating for instance, because the process feels a little more clunky in comparison. The look of the site is unappealing, and various improvements must take place before we will even consider endorsing this site.

In orbit: Discover the (lack) of possibilities at/in America’s Bookie

In some areas, over half of the betting takes place after the event has started, so any sportsbook with an eye on the future will be constantly improving their live betting operations. As this America’s Bookie review progresses, it is becoming plainer that the operation is a fusion between a traditional front end, with an operating section which isn’t updated enough.

It must be said that there is a live betting section, and a spot check will show you that the markets on offer will match anything you are likely to find at another sportsbook. There is no evidence of live streaming for those events and the overall lack of a good reputation means that the live betting services don’t off-set the negatives.

Pitiful bonuses, rewards and gamblers insurance

In the sportsbook, you’ll find other features that aim to disappoint in other ways. First among these is the deposit bonus, where you receive a bonus on not only your first deposit but allegedly every deposit you make. This is triggered as you make a deposit, so there is no need to enter anything like a Resorts promo code to get you started.

But don’t get too excited as the rollover requirements are quite terrifying, with the size of the bonus matching the rollover. For instance, if you want a 100% deposit match, you have a 10x rollover, and for a 30% match, you have a 3x rollover.

There is also a focus on recruiting others, so you will receive a 10% bonus on any deposits made by people you introduce to this dismal site. Further bonuses can be won by playing in pool events like the last man standing – although you probably won’t win them. In this event, you have to pick an NFL team for that week. If they win, you’re through, if they lose you’re out. You can only pick a team once, and the last person left wins a fairly disappointing prize.

There is also a woeful points reward for every wager you place (similar to many other operators). These points can again be exchanged for free-play rewards in your account. To be honest, you probably won’t get anything back from this deal. Gamblers insurance is also available and is triggered by an initial deposit of over $500. Once this is triggered, you get 10% cashback on your net monthly losses although the terms and conditions of this deal make it pretty much useless.

Other lame features of a rogue offshore site

As this site is old school in some areas, and upgrading in others, the other features that you might expect to see are not present. There is a fairly ropey parlay builder, but very much the same as you might find elsewhere, and nothing to catch the eye. What does make an impression, and bad one at that, is the feeling of unreliability from this long-standing operator. You’d never ask ‘is Betfair legit?’ However, we can’t say the same for Americas Bookie.

There are no social media channels for there is operator, but there is a blog that covers many aspects of placing bets and wagering in general. This also calls back to the old-school approach we first encountered.

Support – Not worth the effort

Before we draw things to a close, we also need to look at support. There is email, live chat, and telephone support available, very much in line with what you would expect from other operators. And, also in line with what you have seen elsewhere, you would expect to get the best response via email, rather than what is often a generic response from live chat, or a long wait on the phone. Our experience has shown us that this site simply hasn’t been able to match other bookies when it comes to the standard of their support.

Americas Bookie Sports Betting

America’s Bookie Sportsbook - a depressing experience

It is easy to see that America’s Bookie is a lame betting site. As mentioned earlier, this front end might put some people off, as the operating area of the site where you can place bets or play games can only be viewed after you have joined. Both of which are below par compared to decent online sportsbooks.

The overview of these sections earlier in this America’s Bookie review was more concerned with what you saw when you first arrived on the site. In this section, we will be taking a more in-depth look at the sportsbook, casino, and racebook areas.

Once you have registered, the sportsbook has little in common with other sportsbooks you will have seen. For one, it doesn’t flow quite as easily as those sites.

Only some of the sports and markets you might expect to find are there, along with a barren live betting section – definitely not something to praise a bookie about. The lack of any evidence of extensive eSports markets will be a disappointment to you, too. Plus, relatively slack odds leave you scratching your head. Thus, we can’t endorse this bookie as it fails to meet the most basic standards.

There is the ability to create exotic bets and show odds in fractional and decimal formats as well as the standard American format which is displayed as default. In conclusion, the America’s Bookie sportsbook certainly ranks at the low-end and has actually been blacklisted by us!

America’s Bookie racebook – Lame effort

The same can be said for the racebook. There are a handful of possible wagers that are covered. But, in placing win, place and show bets is a much more difficult process than you might find elsewhere. A mediocre selection of exotic bets are covered here too, as well as a bland horse racing betting blog section. However, a blog section counts for nothing when you cannot tick the correct regulatory boxes. Thus, this blacklisted site will surely fizzle into nothing soon enough.

Americas Bookie Casino

An uncomfortably unfamiliar casino area

Just like the sportsbook, the casino area is different from what you might expect. Usually, entering the casino area of many operators will give you a seemingly endless choice of slots to play, just like we found in our Caesar’s Casino review. But, with America’s Bookie, you get something disappointingly different.

There are probably just 40 slots here, and they are certainly not the focus of the operation. Whether this is because the casino is also a work in progress was not clear, but we did see it as a negative. The slots weren’t ones we recognized from other sites, which is worrying. Also, the quality is second-rate and something that you’ll come to loathe about this lobby.

There is the same story with the table games, where most of the bases are covered, but the range will certainly disappoint those who like a lot of different versions of the same game.

America’s Bookie review FAQ

❓Is America’s Bookie available in all states?

It’s vital that you find out which online operators are available in your state. This allows you to sign up with licensed sites without being barred entry. Each state has different gambling laws and it’s up to you to find out what applies to you. You can use PlayersBest as your number one online gambling resource for this exact reason! You may realize that this platform is in actual fact not licensed.

🔆Does America’s Bookie offer a rewards program?

There are a number of top online sportsbook sites that will offer a tantalizing rewards program. These programs are implemented so as to reward loyal players who continue to use the site. You can rack up loyalty points and redeem them for personal bonuses. While we would advise against joining this bookmaker, you can read our America’s Bookie review to see if there is a program like this on the illegal gambling site.

📞Does America’s Bookie have good support?

You will come to find that there are those sites that have comprehensive support on hand while other operators fall short of the mark. We suggest that you read our latest coverage of America’s Bookie to assess the capabilities of this disappointing gambling site and see whether you’ll be looked after properly.

📲Can I download an America’s Bookie app?

Being able to use a mobile app for sports betting or online casino play is definitely a great attribute for an operator. You can read our latest review to find out which trusted sites ensure that you can transition smoothly between a desktop site and a convenient mobile betting app – unlike the blacklisted America’s Bookie.

🔮Can existing players access promos at America’s Bookie?

A welcome bonus is good and well when you start off using a new site. However, the strength of regular promotions will dictate how much fun you’ll have over an extended period of time. For this reason, we suggest that you take a look at our America’s Bookie review. Bear in mind that America’s Bookie is a blacklisted site. Find out more from PlayersBest.

America's Bookie review: Conclusion - Avoid this meteor at all costs

The front end of this site and the actual operating areas could easily be from two different planets, which creates confusion for all players. This operator has a long pedigree of disappointment and safety and security are still major concerns. Plus, many of you may not be fans of the old-school sections at the front of this site.

It has an outdated look, which won’t be to everybody’s taste, and those that are unhappy with the galaxy of graphics and animation you find elsewhere, will need to keep looking for a decent alternative. America’s Bookie won’t tick the right boxes. The casino and poker sections are certainly not as stellar as you would see elsewhere, too.

On balance, this America’s Bookie review can find no positives here. We recommend that you scratch this bookie from your list of potential sites and use our latest reviews to find a reputable online bookie! Always make sure that you avoid ILLEGAL SITES such as this operator. There’s only disappointment and frustration waiting around the corner for you at America’s Bookie.

User Reviews for Americas Bookie

1.33/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. An absolute joke!

    I left my usual casino to try my luck at America’s Bookie and it turned out to be a mistake. The only thing that Americas Bookie has to offer are generous bonus packages. Other than that, there’s nothing worth your time and money. After winning a little more than a thousand bucks, I had issues with the payout and decided to seek help from the operator. A few months later, I’m still awaiting assistance.

    After my experience, I have to agree with all the negative reviews. Americas Bookie is an absolute joke!
  2. Should have read this first

    Looks OK on the inside

    Wierd. Joined up and it looked like i was being sent to a completely differentsite and thought it might be a scam. Didn't give them money and wnt looking for reviews and found this. Should have read it first.
  3. A horrible experience

    AmericasBookie claims to provide everything you need for an immersive experience at the comfort of your home. I appreciate that it’s easy to use on computer as well as on the phone but that’s just about it.

    AmericasBookies may be a good place for some amusement but don’t bank on winning money while at it. I’ve been going back and forth with customer support for months now, and still no money. The casino is stressful, especially when you come across challenges.

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