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Betnow Review & Rating 2021 – Answered: Scam and Illegal (Blacklisted)

Is Betnow Legit? That's a negative

Warning: Read my cosmic Betnow review and you’ll see exactly why you should avoid this illegal gambling site. Thankfully there are lots of legit US sportsbooks and casinos you can use instead!

I had the misfortune to review the Betnow casino and sportsbook. It’s a great example of an illegal offshore gambling site that’s about as much fun as getting hit by an asteroid. After all, it has no US licence, lame sports bets and hopeless casino games. Read on and see just how bad it gets at Betnow!

Understanding Betnow: A cosmically bad sportsbook with a squalid casino

So, what can you expect from this site? I wasn’t impressed with the Betnow sportsbook. It offers a limitd number of markets and the platform makes betting unnecessarily complicated. Betnow is also sportsbook heavy, so it will naturally appeal to bettors who are occasional casino players. Plus, Betnow operates in the grey areas of online betting, making it a less trustworthy site from which to launch your next betting exploration – as in not trustworthy at all!

For me, this wasn’t a challenge at all, as that brief describes me perfectly. Even if this balance isn’t appealing, you still need to keep reading this Betnow review. As you might have already gathered from my other online gambling site reviews; there is more to it than just the games. However, this site fails to dazzle. Let’s take a look why… Over and above the Curacao license, which is a cheap version of tier-one licenses such as those offered by the MGA and UK Gaming Authority.

Betnow Logbook: What dismal experiences happened so far

  • Betnow crawled out of a black hole in 2016
  • Opens up a base station in Curacao – not the US
  • Gains Curacao gambling licence – useless for US players
  • Betnow launches some dismal promotions
  • We tested Betnow today and were appalled with what we saw
  • Betnow is blacklisted by us

Countdown: What you can expect - Betnow falls short of the mark

Betnow is an online casino but without any credibility that you’d get at a legit site. I understand that simply stating that will not suffice, that’s not what you are here for. If you are to go on a space mission you need more information than this. So, let’s look at the map and see how you can navigate through this treacherous site. Some lame bonuses are up first.

Betnow bonuses – Intergalactic generosity not a strong suit

The Betnow online welcome bonus is just another rip-off deal from a rogue operator. It may offer players the chance to select the size of the overall bonus, and the level of wagering required but it’s a lame offerl. I’ll go through how it works below.

  • First offer – 100% deposit match wagered 25x
  • Second offer – 50% deposit match wagered 8x
  • Third offer – 25% deposit match wagered 5x

To claim any version of the welcome bonus you need a promo code. You will also need to make a really high minimum deposit . This will give you access to a maximum bonus that is valid for Betnow sports betting, casino, and horse racing, but the wagering requirements are simply too tough to fulfil. Avoid this site.

Other bonuses – Not worth the trouble

The welcome offer is just the beginning of the dismal voyage. But if you are going to successfully traverse the expanse of the Milky Way, you will need more juice. I wasn’t impressed by the collection of bonuses available for regulars in Betnow casino.

Few options are available, like the refer a friend promo, which can earn you a feeble amount of cash. There are weekly promotions, and of course, the loyalty program. However, the lack of regulatory oversight in the US means that these offers are essentially risky and should be passed up for other deals.

Betnow sports betting – A barren experience

The sports betting complement in Betnow is below average, especially if you are into American sports. It only offers a few of all the major markets that any serious sports bettor would look for in an app. These include basketball, baseball, football. hockey, and even MLS soccer. All in all, the user interface operates below full capacity.

Besides the main options, I saw that you can also wager on a handful more sports including UFC, boxing, golf, auto racing, and tennis. Betnow also included horse racing and esports, which I know some people will be glad to see, but the overall selection wasn’t too great. Aapart from that, there is nothing much to talk about. This is in stark contrast to what I saw in my William Hill rating. Surely Betnow needs more if it is to stand against legit betting sites like that.

If live betting is what you are after, you can find a little of that at Betnow. This is an entirely separate section of the site which isn’t worth visiting. This is because the live betting that the actual site is offering fails to meet our standards. There’s no need to settle for an unreliable site in this day and age.

Betnow casino – A pitiful online casino

I see avid casino gamblers having a hard time in Betnow. The site offers some casino games, but way less than what you would get elsewhere. The entire collection is less than 100 games. Yes, that’s how small it is. So, if you harbour any ambitions of swimming in an aurora of reel and dice games, you best look elsewhere. But before you jet off, let me show you what you can get here.

Betnow casino has a limited selection of table games on offer. The overall number is feeble and this lobby isn’t big on variety. You have games like Multihand Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow, and Sic Bo. Progressives are always a headline item wherever you can find them. Betnow doesn’t sizzle in this regard.

Video poker has also been added to the lobby to try provide some more variety. Tens or Better, Aces and Eights Multiline, and Keno, are some of the titles at your disposal. If you are not familiar with any of the titles listed on Betnow, you can click on a game and instantly get some misleading information on how it’s played.

The last section in the games lobby is dedicated to the live games collection. I tried searching around to see who provides the studio in Betnow. The site is tight lipped about this and I had not received any word back at the time of writing. it may well be another red flag!

Lift-off: Terrible results in our Betnow test

Now, mission access to all the perks in Betnow casino is only granted to those who have clearance. Luckily, signing up to an online casino is generally painless although it’s not worth it at Betnow. For a similar process, you can check out my Tipico review.

Registration – The Betnow casino sign up process (avoid at all costs)

In Betnow, your bleak journey starts on the casino homepage. You will see four options: Horse racing, Casino, Live Betting, and Betnow sports betting. If you’re feeling brave, you can click on the orange ‘Join Now’ button and get transferred to a registration page.

On landing there I was presented with a form, in which I had to fill out my details; nothing out of the ordinary, just your name, surname, email, address, phone number, and so on. The only thing that stood out for me was that at the bottom part of the form, you need to provide a 4-digit pin. You will need to provide this pin when you contact customer support via phone or live chat. But honestly, I don’t recommend that you even get this far at this illegal gambling site.

Betnow casino isn’t transparent, but it offers its some vague terms and conditions just below the registration form, so you can go through them before committing. Now, I know that most players rarely go through these, if ever. But you need to familiarise yourself with the document. I was checking out customer complaints about unfair treatment from ‘former’ Betnow casino players. I found that four out of five times the problem arose because the terms and conditions were not fully understood. But, the problem is that Betnow fails to deliver on its promises and this renders the t’s & c’s rather useless.

Betnow Payment Methods – Don’t give this site your cash

Betnow casino offers payment alternatives to its customers. I usually use a debit card or e-wallet to fund my account. So, I was surprised to see that Betnow accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. However, as this is an illegal gambling site, then your US bank won’t let you make payments with this providers here.  If you try to use any of these options to fund your account, know that only transaction values between very high minimum and low maximum limits will be permitted. Availability of these services also depends on your customer level. Something I find rather worrying is the inability to access full payment services from the get-go. Plus, Betnow harps on about honoring various services but this is less so in reality.

I have been noting, with great interest, the rise of bitcoin as a payment services provider.  Even with its violent swings recently, it seems there is no turning back on this, and it really must be going all the way to the moon. For now, it seems Betnow casino is accepting two tokens, Bitcoin and Bitcash. This is only because no US banks will let you pay money to this illegal betting site. However you can  these cryptos to fund your account and also request payouts. Transactions in Bitcoin start from quite a high amount, and you can deposit a fair amount but I do not recommend giving this site your money.

Please take note: The reason this site has included crypto payments is so that it can avoid detection by US financial authorities. The operator has not included this payment method for your sake. It enables the site to accept deposits without being blocked in the US. Another sure sign why you should AVOID this site.

Payments are implemented automatically, but sometimes they don’t do so securely. In the chance that this happens, Betnow casino has set up a deposits toll free hotline. You can call and customer support agents will try to help you out. But, don’t expect quick resolution.

Playing on the go – Don’t bother

I always bet on mobile, I have found that it suits my schedule and general preferences. This might not be for you, but if you are like me, then this Betnow review will be valuable.

The Betnow app is a mobile web service that you can access without a download. This app sits on your browser and takes up less storage but fails to impress. I used an Android device while researching for this review. But even with an iPhone, you’ll get a rocky lift off in Betnow casino. It’s unappealing and it doesn’t deliver the same user experience as a dedicated mobile app.

I used the app in the sportsbook. I wanted to see how it would fare on my device and also to try out the casino’s prop builder. After a few unsuccessful missions with the app, I can’t call myself an expert prop builder, I was left slightly tormented by the experience. I’ll discuss more on this feature in the following section. An apparent shining light (not to be) on a platform which is simply not a great place to start betting.

In orbit: Dreadful possibilities at Betnow

This section is dedicated to informing you about the many capabilities your rocket has. Let’s be honest, where you are going, you will need all the help you can get. You can call upon these tools at any time to give you the maximum advantage. At least, that’s what I was hoping. Not to be at the end of the day.

Lifetime VIP – Rewards may pull the wool over your eyes

This may seem like a promotion, and may have been better placed earlier in the review. The Life Time VIP scheme is a program that seeks to promote repeated, consistent, and long-term use of casino products. To be fair, it’s a waste of space, but we may as well show you what’s on offer. Betnow casino offers a lifetime bonus cash allotment on all deposits, for life. The offer comes in two waves. You get the first one when you reach a high amount in lifetime deposits. This will earn you bonus cash on all reloads. This is bumped up to a higher when your lifetime deposits tally hits a ridiculous amount of cash.

However, the Lifetime VIP Bonus is wagered. This brought me down to earth as I had assumed you could instantly walk out with your earnings. But at just 3x, chances are you won’t be able to make it work. Plus the VIP program may well make you forget about the actual issues at hand. This includes the fact that Betnow is not a reliable site. Thus, the VIP program should definitely be overlooked.

The Betnow Prop Builder – More disappointments here

Many have come to consider the Betnow sports betting app as the market leader and wrongly so. In many ways, you can compare it to others. Take the Resorts promo code, for example. You can stack it up with the one in Betnow and point out pros and cons for each. But, you’ll simply find too many issues surrounding Betnow. The lack of reliable license in the US, means this any notable feature falls at the weigh-side.

With the prop bet builder you can create your own bets, not just use the ones provided by Betnow. It is something that should add to the fun, but it proved to be impossible to use. Plus you should only utilize such a feature if you’re confident the site is secure; something we can’t say is true about Betnow.

Customer Support – lacking the necessary help

I know you won’t be calling a tow truck in space, well maybe a tow-ship; if such a thing exists. But you should be able to call upon friendly customer support personnel when you need to. However, getting help in Betnow casino is not as easy as you’d hope for.

The ‘Contact Us’ tab is in the top right-hand corner. Clicking on this button will give you the casino’s toll-free line. You can use it to talk to real customer support agents. Don’t expect quick response times though.

Betnow has a very heavy presence on social media. I browsed the casino’s blog but didn’t find many helpful articles on  topics of concern. Thus, there’s really very little for me to point towards in terms of additional features that are worth your time.

BetNow Sports Betting

The Betnow sportsbook - My unbiased review of this terrible gambling site

The Betnow sportsbook has some basic sports markets; basketball, baseball, football but I had no joy when I tried to find smaller markets like lacrosse, darts, and cricket though.

I disliked the fact that Betnow casino offers very few of the creature comforts that make betting a blast. What would I change in Betnow? Apart from adding more games and giving myself a huge bonus, I would say, a proper US  gambling license. Otherwise you simply won’t get any customer protection at this illegal gambling site.

BetNow Casino

My dismal Betnow casino experience

On landing in the Betnow casino, I wasn’t impressed by what the platform looks like. The games are disorgainzed in the vertical banner to the left, which makes navigation tiresome. Betnow does not have the largest number of games, and you’ll see a bland selection of slots, table games, and poker. There is also a live casino that you should steer clear of. This is another major setback.

At this time, I don’t imagine that die-hard casino fans will feel at home here. But I saw that games are being added sometimes. However, if they don’t improve their regulatory outlook, then there’s little point wasting your time on a platform like this.

Betnow review FAQs

❓Can I claim a Betnow sign up offer?

New players who sign up to the best sports betting sites in the US will often be able to claim a welcome bonus. Our review of Betnow makes sure to cover any promotions that might be available for new players on the site. However you’d be better off avoiding this illegal site completely.

💻Does Betnow have a live streaming feature?

Placing a wager on an online gambling site is made even better if you can watch the match unfold live on the site itself. Our review of Betnow will let you know if there is a live streaming feature available for you to use and what you might need to do to gain access to it. Sadly it’s best just to avoid this rogue operator.

💱What kind of betting markets are available?

Having access to plenty of sporting events is only one part of the whole that is online sports betting. You need to have access to a number of different betting markets to spice up your betting endeavors. Our review of Betnow will let you know what kind of betting markets you can choose from when you place your sports bets. However it’s best just to avoid this illegal sportsbook.

💳What deposit methods can I use?

In order to successfully fund your betting journey, you will need to have access to a selection of reputable payment methods. Our review of Betnow gives you a clear look at the available deposit methods on the site so that you know for sure if your preferred method is available before you create your account. To be honest, you should never give money to illegal gambling sites like this.

📳Is there a cash out feature for certain fixtures?

Cash out features are the best way for online betting fans to either save a bet that is headed for trouble or by protecting the winnings that you already have. Our review of Betnow sheds some light on any available cash out features that might be available on the platform. Still, you’d be best served by completely avoiding this illegal gambling site.

Betnow review: Conclusion - An absolutely black hole of a gambling site

My Betnow review was a real eye-opener as it could be the worst gambling site I’ve ever seen. I went in thinking I would see just another casino trying to fool me with a splash of paint and some bonus cash. And, I was right. Yes, there are options for horse racing, casino gaming, and general sports betting. You’ll certainly note the lack of regulatory adherence in key areas such as licensing (US-based) and inadequate support features. This leads me to suggest that you and I look elsewhere – with no exceptions when it comes to Betnow.

Ever thinking about what’s best for you, I started researching the quality of this app, just like I did when I asked, “is BetMGM legit?”. I am happy to say I got a better result at that rival site. A much better result as it’s a licensed and reliable online gambling site. So avoid Betnow like the plague as it’s illegal and will probably suck you into a black hole.

User Reviews for BetNow

2.67/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Scam Alert 🚩

    Absolutely nothing!

    There is a lot of scam site in online gaming and I was unlucky enough to find myself at one of the worst ones. BetNow is a red flag all the way through. Their customer service representatives are anything but helpful. In most cases, you won’t be able to get in touch with them as their response time is poor. So, there’s no way to get any issues resolved. I’ve lost money on the site and still awaiting assistance. Worst of all, it appears this is a norm at BetNow and nothing is done to improve the service.
  2. Lots to like

    Love betting on Betnow. On other sites you get a bonus but have to go through it 40 times but here its only 25 which is much more doable. I play on my phone and the games work well and don’t glitch like others. Just as eay to use as all the others too.

    Happy I don't play slots as theres' not as much here as there is for sports
  3. An okay betting site

    BetNow not only has decent software, but it’s also convenient and practical. From a real money stand point, there’s a wide selection of banking methods and payments are instant.

    The problem lies in the limited selection of games. I only found about 100 games on the site, which is quite disappointing. The customer service can do better.

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