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Bet365 Reviews 2021

Bet365 is there for you all year round

Bet365 is a shining star in the world of sportsbooks, but that’s only part of the deal. The first thing I noticed was the orderly look of the site. Even on arrival, it was simple to get around.

The default arrival point is the sportsbook, but a quick hop took me into the casino or the in-play area. Focusing on New Jersey sports fans and casino players, the site certainly covers plenty of ground, as you’ll see in my Bet365 review. Prepare to board and discover the sports and games that await on their site.

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It's all gray and green at Bet365

Bet365 doesn’t worry about launching into a complex promotional landing page. Instead, we have a solid design for the sportsbook. From there, we can reach all areas of the site without hassle or delay. Solid navigational skills aren’t needed here, even for new travelers, as the site makes it simple to get around. That’s a big part of the attraction of Bet365. There are offers, a full sports list, and quick trips to the casino if you’re not fussed on sports. As with all our gambling reviews, you’ll get the facts and the features all in one convenient place in this report.

Bet365 Logbook: What happened so far

  • MARCH 2001: Bet365 starts its offer.
  • 2007: Bet365 adds the iPoker network to its site.
  • 21. MAY 2021: We updated our Bet365 test.

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Bet365 review

It’s tough to know where to begin with Bet365… and that is a good thing, really. It feels as if we’ve arrived in the Milky Way with lots to see and do. That is the reality of their site, and yet they manage to avoid the common pitfall suffered by certain other sites like it. What does this refer to? Simply the fact that Bet365 is a delight to look around. Even though they have a ton of information, games, sports, and other features to look through, you won’t feel overwhelmed or confused by any of it.

Let me show you what I mean by introducing the sportsbook. I’ll cover this in more detail later, but for now, I can point to the full list of sports to the left of the sportsbook. From football to virtual sports, they’ve got 20 sports there, with Formula 1 and NASCAR appearing under the Motor Sports heading. Logical, simple to sort through, and fast to load, with virtual sports right at the bottom of the list. Similarly, the casino has several popular areas to explore, so you’ve got plenty of features to look at there too. Our Bet365 rating is certainly going to be worth checking out. We’ve got as much detail here as you can find in our Unibet review elsewhere at PlayersBest.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Bet365 test

Before we get off the ground with the remainder of our Bet365 review, we must cover the most important feature of all – access to the site. Upon visiting the site, we saw a message at the top of each page pointing to a GeoComply plugin. The site requests this in New Jersey, so you must download or enable it to confirm your location. If you don’t do this, you cannot sign up to or use the site. If you’re not in New Jersey, you won’t be able to use the site either. The number of bet365 legal states is obviously limited from this perspective. Thus, if you are outside of NJ, then you can visit our site to find out more about the latest operators in the gambling galaxy.

You can find further information on this at the bottom of the Bet365 website. This confirms that Hillside (New Jersey) LLC is regulated in that part of the US. Legitimacy among online sportsbooks and casinos is a vital point to look at when you’re wondering where to play – and whether you can legally do so. Just as we asked elsewhere, is BetAmerica legit, we can ask is Bet365 legit here, and confirm that it is. They follow all laws and regulations currently relating to online sportsbooks and gambling in the US.

New Jersey (US)
Germany - Deutsche Sportwetten-Lizenz
MGA - Malta Gaming Authority
UKGC - UK Gambling Commission
+ 6

Can you find any apps for Bet365?

A quirk of the site is that you’ve got an app for the casino but not for the sportsbook. That said, you shouldn’t have any issues exploring any part of the site. You don’t need to download the app to use the casino, for instance. It’s there if you want it but for the purposes of this review, I tried visiting on several devices, using assorted screen sizes too (even on a computer). The screen always adjusts to reflect whatever you’re on. Even from a full-size computer screen, you can minimize the page to half screen and still see everything fine. The adjustment – if there is one – takes a split second to complete.

Customer support at Bet365

Just how simple is it to reach customer support at Bet365? If you’re thinking of joining the site, you want to be certain you can answer any questions you’ve got floating around in the ether before you do so. Fortunately, the help section is accessible right at the top of the site. The print is small but check for the little word itself – help – over toward the right of the page, near the top. This opens a new page covering all the possible queries and questions you might be able to think of. The major areas are as follows:

  • New customers (ideal for before you join, too)
  • Deposits
  • General
  • Account verification
  • Responsible gaming
  • Terms and conditions

You’ll see various categories underneath each of those as well, so it’s easy to speed toward resolving your queries. If you have specific queries relating to your account or to the sportsbook or casino portions of the site, you can select one of those options underneath the main menu areas. Another great addition is a search box at the top of the help area in the green bar. Use that and you may not need to hunt through the many FAQ and help areas anyway. It’s another logical way to speed up your journey.

Of course, knowing that you can contact the team at Bet365 if you cannot find any answers elsewhere is crucial. The ‘contact us’ option is under the general subheading, and it reveals every conceivable way you can think of to contact them. You’ve got phone, email, and even an old-fashioned mailing address. About the only thing they don’t give you is a fax number! The highlight is the live chat facility, certainly the fastest way to get attention and to resolve whatever has come up about the site. They’re there around the clock, 24/7, and they give you a live chat link to go through to that service with ease.

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Exploring the stratospheric offers and promotions

If you’re wondering about Bet365 new customer offers, hit the extra area in the main menu to open another page for promotions. The features you’ll see on that page are going to vary depending on when you read this, of course, but the basics are always the same. There are three areas to visit:

  • Special offers
  • Major sports
  • Other sports

We can see this refers to the sportsbook, so there is no sign of any casino deals on that page. If you’ve followed other reviews at PlayersBest, you may know it is straightforward to find a Borgata promo code for that website (if you need one). Is it as simple to get hold of a Bet365 promo code? The answer is that it depends on the deal. Many of the offers we found on the site did not ask for a Bet365 bonus code. Instead, there were other terms for qualifying for an offer.

One thing worth covering here is that each deal carries a lot of information on the relevant page. We do mean a lot too, but fortunately they have divided this into understandable and logical areas, such as:

  • How the offer works
  • Significant terms and conditions
  • Restrictions

The exact areas and rules you’ll see depend on the deal, of course, but they make heavy use of bullet points and headings to divide up what could otherwise be an overwhelming amount of info. Make sure you explore all areas of each deal, so you know for sure how it works and whether it appeals. And of course, whether a code or coupon is necessary for you to use it.

To find the casino offers, simply visit the casino. Once there, you’ll see an offers invitation in the center of the page, just above all the game highlights. You’ll then find yourself rocketing onto another page devoted to all casino bonuses. We found just one on our recent trip there, covering the new player bonus. This is a standard 100% new player deal, so it doubles your first deposit of $10 or more, maxing out at $500. As we found with the sportsbook offers, this one is logically laid out with plenty of detail. The site tells you how the offer works and then goes to the significant Ts and Cs for the offer.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

Banking isn’t the first thing you think about when visiting a site like this, but our Bet365 rating for the site improves further here. This is thanks to the inclusion of separate deposits and withdrawals areas at the top of the help section at the bottom of the site. That may sound confusing to explain but you’ll reach it in seconds rather than light years.

Selecting deposits takes you into the appropriate menu area on another page. Bet365 has gone for a table to show you the payment methods, whether there are any fees involved, processing times, and the minimum and maximum deposit amounts for each one. All methods qualified as fee-free when we checked them out, and all were instant too. A minimum deposit of just $10 is required for each method, allowing you to choose the most convenient method without worrying that you’ll need to deposit more than you’d like.

Credit Card
+ 5

There is some variation with the maximum deposit amounts though. PayNearMe has the smallest maximum of $500. Skrill comes top with a $38,000 ceiling on deposits, although that is only going to affect the high rollers. The site covers the type of payment in the final column of the table. This shows we can choose from debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid vouchers and cards. The obvious omission here is that no virtual currencies have been added yet. All amounts are in US dollars and apply to US residents of New Jersey, so you won’t need to pre-select any of those details to get accurate info on that topic.

You can easily switch to reading about withdrawals by seeking out that tab at the top of the page. There are a few less methods here, although they still cover credit and debit cards, e-wallets, a bank transfer, and cash. Again, we can quickly see from the table given that there are zero fees involved with withdrawals. Processing times vary depending on the selected method, with cash and the Bet365 MasterCard giving you instant withdrawal potential. PayPal and Skrill offer transfers within 24 hours, but even the other methods should see you receiving your funds within one to five business days. We’ve seen longer lead times on other sites, and the clarity of the info at Bet365 gives it another tick in the list of positives there.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Bet365

So… why visit Bet365 rather than any other similar site? With so many planets in the Milky Way of sportsbooks and casinos, why set your course to this one. Our Bet365 review can highlight some of the reasons here.

One feature I loved was the menu at the bottom of the site. There are six menu areas for the sportsbook, each with two or more featured sections. For example, they have an audio section for soccer and cricket – unusual among sportsbooks. The help area is best of all, with multiple sections covering any topics you may have queries about if you’re new. It’s supportive for seasoned Bet365 members as well.

Tools and know-how

If you’re curious to know more about form and stats, you can find soccer stats and sports stats in that area of the menu. However, if you’re exploring any of the live in-play games or matches in the sportsbook, you’re going to get plenty more stats underneath the live action for that match. The fast updates mean you’re always getting the latest stats to work with if you want to place some in-play wagers. The speed is notable and puts Bet365 ahead of many other sites rocketing toward the title of best sportsbook around.

Wading into the statistics and odds

First, you should know you can change the odds display quite easily when you know where to look. Explore the multi-faceted menu at the bottom of the site and you’ll find it under settings. The dropdown lets you see the fractional, decimal, American, or American/fractional choices, so just pick one and the site bows to your request. Fast, simple, and easy to switch back anytime you like.

You’ll find that the depth of detail varies according to where you’re at too. For example, if you’re looking at futures for a sport, you’re not going to get lots of information or statistics there. Live matches are at the opposite end of the scale though. The site is intuitive enough to give you what you need at the best time, rather than confusing things. Even a newbie would have a breeze making their first few bets at Bet365.

Bet365 Sports Betting

Soaring through space to the Bet365 sportsbook

Sports, here we come… and in this corner of the universe, Bet365 stands out and proud. I mentioned the full list of sports earlier, but I’ll confirm some of the major ones here:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Australian rules
  • Cricket
  • Golf

We also get handball and lacrosse, so the site doesn’t merely cover the bigger sports everyone would know about. When you choose a sport, the middle panel changes in a hot New York minute to reveal featured matches in that sport. Times, teams, odds, and other crucial factors appear for each one. You might also see upcoming matches, commonly followed by a list of events and (if applicable) tours. If you select an event, you’ll get match ups in the next area.

One notable feature is the inclusion of an invitation to receive live updates for whatever events or matches you want to follow. You need to allow notifications in your browser for this to work, but they guide you through the simple one-click process to make it happen. When you board this spaceship, you’ll be flying before you know it. It’s far easier to get around and find your favorite sports, sports players, and teams than you’d think.

As for markets, well, you can check out the available markets and wagers for each sport when you access the relevant area. You’ll spot a separate tab for futures too, offering a further series of bets you might want to sort through. These include bets such as the eventual winner of a tournament, who might reach the final, and other more specific bets. For example, the tennis section had a bet on whether a wild card entrant might reach the final of a tournament.

Adding something to your bet slip couldn’t be simpler either – a key theme you’ll find running throughout the Bet365 site. If anyone asks is Bet365 legit, you’ll know the answer is for sure, yes. Selecting odds for a specific bet allows a small popup to appear on your screen. You can set your risk in this if you wish, or simply hit the place bet option to do just that.

One last thing I should mention is the appearance of an odds-on list at the foot of the list of sports on the left of the page. This lets you go through to the odds-on wagers currently available. You’ll see a menu of sports across the middle of the site, so pick your sport and check the latest.

Examining our Bet365 rating for in-play sports

In-play is the second area of four appearing just above the site logo on the left side of the site, so it’s simple to go through to see what’s happening right now. One of the things I love about this area is that you can then see a menu revealing some of the leading in-play sports. Each one uses a logo based on the ball or tools used in that sport, so tennis ball, basketball, and so on… all in the correct colors in that case. Bet365 also gives us a look at streaming and schedule areas for ease of access.

When you’ve selected a sport, you can check out the events and matches happening at that moment. Scores update live, as you’d expect, and when you choose a match to look at more closely, you can check the available odds for all available wagers. These alter depending on the sport, but the available offers appear in tables and easily understandable formats in each case. I’m familiar with tennis, so I checked that out first and found it easy to follow, finding competitive odds for each potential bet. For comparison, even though I know little about rugby union, I found it quite easy to look around one of those matches and check the odds and available wagers for teams, players, and matches.

No matter which live event you go for, you’ll see the court, pitch, or other venue on the right of the screen. This shows you what’s happening, who is winning and who isn’t. Below this, there are stats, summaries, and standings as relevant. In short, all the details any eager space travelers could want when live action is the order of the day.

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Bet365 Casino

Strap on your spacesuit for the Bet365 casino

The third area in the Bet365 menu takes us into the casino for a look around this part of the Bet365 universe. The casino menu appears a little further down the page, as the top portion showcases some of their most impressive games. Titles such as Starburst, Asgardian Stones, and Divine Fortune (all major slots to check out if you’re keen) all appear there. I also spotted a new player bonus, promoted using a striking black and white casino chip.

But let’s navigate our way to the menu, where we can dip into any of the following destinations on this gaming planet:

  • Featured games
  • Originals
  • Video slots
  • Bonus slots
  • Jackpots
  • Arcade
  • Table and card

All good stuff, fueling our drive to discover some of the internet’s best slots and casino games. New Jersey players are going to find plenty to wow them here. The featured games area is ideal as a starting point for your exploration. I liked the balance of famous slots and games alongside plenty I’d never heard of. The originals area should fire your rockets further if you want some unusual titles, as those are unique to the site.

Is Bet365 legit in offering such games? Yes, the track history and scope offered by the entire site is part of what makes it special. Having a handful of unique slots to check out means you’ve reason to return to Bet365. As for providers, I found plenty of NetEnt slots at the casino. However, I also found plenty of potential from other developers including IGT, Playtech, and NextGen Gaming. It’s great to see there are video slots and bonus slots areas to check out too, as this makes it simpler to spot the games that you’re most keen to play.

The table and card game area gives you an opportunity to dip into some roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, and a few poker games too if you want to try those. Multi-hand options are available for some of the games too. One omission on this casino planet is the lack of any live games. However, with so much else to explore across multiple gaming areas, it’s easy to boost the Bet365 rating in this area.

Bet365 FAQ

🔐How do I get a Bet365 login?

We found that it was seriously easy to get a login at Bet365 and the whole sign up process lasted no longer than a couple of minutes. Make sure that you read our Bet365 review and see what you need to do to create and verify your new customer account with one of the best sports betting sites in the US!

⚽How good are Bet365 soccer odds?

You’ll probably know that Bet365 is an online sportsbook with British origins. As such, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find that Bet365 is a popular destination for betting on soccer. So make sure that you read our Bet365 review to see how this brand’s soccer betting odds compare to other top US online sportsbooks.

🎁What Bet365 promotions are there?

We found no shortage of awesome special offers on the Bet365 site. Read our Bet365 review and get the full lowdown on what the latest promotions are for new and existing customers at this awesome sportsbook. We’ll even compare these deals to the best betting offers in the US so that you can see which works best for you.

📞Is there a Bet365 live chat service?

The majority of online gambling sites in the US have some kind of live chat service that gives customers an easy way to get their problems resolved. So be sure to read our Bet365 review to  see whether this sportsbook has a live chat service or whether you have to reach the brand via email or telephone instead.

🎰What Bet365 games are there?

Bet365 is well known for having an excellent variety of online casino games that are just as good as those that you’d find at the best online casinos in the US. Check out our Bet365 review and get the latest information about what kinds of slots and table games you can find at this online casino site.

Conclusion: A sportsbook specialist you can count on

So, I’ve reached the end of my Bet365 review, covering key areas and interests throughout. The sportsbook is a major success, built on the back of strong software that puts navigation at the top of the list of importance. It’s just as easy to be impressed by the casino though. If you’re into online comparisons, I’d say Bet365 earns an equal or better rating than our Golden Nugget rating. See if you agree.

The most important takeaway here is that the sportsbook and casino areas are equals. Both offer streamlined access and great sports or games, respectively. Newcomers should find it easy enough to explore each area of this planet, speeding toward the sections that have the most appeal. For a site as giant as Bet365, it’s exciting to see how easy it is to sign up and explore, before readying yourself to make that first bet.

Bet365 NJ – Exploding onto the NJ gaming scene.

If New Jersey bettors were looking for an operator to cause a big bang across their online sportsbook market scene, then their wish was granted when Bet365 opened its virtual doors. The popular operator is renowned worldwide for providing a fantastic sportsbook, overflowing with betting markets, sporting options, and plenty of promotions. However, many may not realize Bet365 is also home to a casino crammed with quality. The Bet365 casino does not boast the most extensive gaming library, but it is supported by some of the biggest names in the business, providing top-level slots, table games, and video poker to the NJ market.

Bet365 CO – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Bet365 CO is about as close to lift-off as possible after securing its partnership with Century Casinos Inc. All that’s left to finalize is their online betting license, but we at PlayersBest can’t imagine Colorado bettors will have to wait long before the industry giants join the Colorado gaming cosmos. As you will have noted from our authentic Bet365 review above, the platform provides itself on providing expert service, superb customer support, intuitive tech, and some of the best odds across the board. Although we can’t specify exact markets or promotions just yet, we can safely predict Colorado will soon benefit from some fantastic gaming opportunities.


Bet365 NY – Preparing for take-off.

Bet365 has confirmed its intentions to provide Big Apple bettors with a platform to place online wagers. However, a date is yet to be confirmed. As we’ve detailed in our extensive Bet365 review above, US residents must be over the age of 21 and physically reside within the state to be eligible to sign up and unlock whatever the Bet365 NY welcome bonus may be. Our experts can only assume the betting markets and opportunities will be of a similar standard to those already provided to New Jersey residents, accessible both online and via mobile app. If you are after a safe, fair, and reliable operator, we’d recommend waiting around until Bet365 NY opens for business.

Bet365 Sports Bonus
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  • Regular betting bonuses
  • Dedicated statistics section
  • Ultra fast updates for in-play wagers

User Reviews for Bet365

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Maybe my new favorite betting site

    I really liked Bet365. I switched from another online sportsbook because that one took forever to pay up but Bet365 has got it down. Everything is easy on the Bet365 app and I loved how fast it was to put down my sports bets. There is also a great casino here with lots of slots and table games. I think I’ve only scratched the surface of what Bet365 has to offer here, so I’d recommend it to anyone.

    Nothing to report here!
  2. Not too bad as far as I can tell

    The Bet365 interface is quite easy on the eye. The welcome bonus is quite okay, but not the best on the market. I like that I could find literally every payment option I could think of. Plenty of opportunities to bet and play too. I won a few pounds and will surely be going in for more soon.

    I found only a few promotions after playing through the welcome bonus.
  3. For Sportsfans and casino lovers alike!

    Bet365 has all you could want from a sportsbook and an online casino. I have always been a betting man, betting on the footie more often than not, but I just recently got into slots and Bet365 caters well to all my needs!

    More promos would be nice to see, but can't really complain too much.

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