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Bet Angel Review 2021

Bet Angel Cost & Promo Code

Welcome to my interplanetary Bet Angel review. I think that this brand offers you an excellent way to raise your game on betting exchanges. Keep reading to see how Bet Angel effectively turns sports betting into online trading!

Bet Angel is designed to give you a helping hand when using betting exchanges like Betfair. It provides you with a wealth of tools and analytics that are far beyond the realm of regular sports betting. Take a look below to see how Bet Angel can take your sports bets into another dimension!

Costs - Enjoy cost-effective betting across the universe

The Bet Angel Professional software is the brand’s premier package and it comes in a variety of pricing plans. This means that you can buy subscriptions on an annual, monthly or even daily basis. Our Bet Angel promo code review found that the daily price plan will cost less than a cup of a coffee which is pretty good value for money. The Bet Angel Professional software comes bundled with the Soccer Mystic and Tennis Trader tools. Looking for a cheaper option? Then you should get the Bet Angel Trader package that offers less analytical tools but is easier on the wallet. Bear in mind that the Bet Angel Trader is only available in yearly or monthly price plans.

However, we should definitely let you know that there’s a great little Bet Angel Basic package that you can use completely free of charge. This offers a good glimpse of what Bet Angel is all about. Plus it’s important to note that you can enjoy free trials of both the Bet Angel Trader and Professional software. These trails are limited to just 14 days, but they also offer you a solid introduction to how Bet Angel works. All of which gives you access to lots of trading power from relatively little financial outlay.

Community and Customer Service - Meet an entire galaxy of Bet Angel users

Bet Angel hosts an excellent community Bet Angel forum. Unlike the often toxic nature of other betting forums, this actually looks like it’s a place where punters go to help each other out. The forum is split up into a variety of different sections. This means that newbies can find out tips about getting started with the Bet Angel software. Experienced punters will benefit from a wealth of discussions ranging from automation to the use of spreadsheets. You can even share automated files with other customers here at the Bet Angel forum.

If you need some more specialist help, then you’ll be glad to see that Bet Angel hosts a responsive customer support team. This is like a Bet Angel user guide and it is available as an email contact form although there is nothing in the way of telephone or live chat support. Don’t forget that Bet Angel features a range of tutorials and guides that are devoted to helping you take advantage of all that the brand has to offer.

Usability - Possibly not for newbie space cadets

Bet Angel has created some stunning pieces of betting software. These are packed with tools that are either extremely helpful or completely baffling depending on your level of experience. Thankfully there is a good Bet Angel user guide to help you out.  If you’re new to betting exchanges, then you might find the Bet Angel Basic package works best. This has features like one touch betting and fast refresh rates. However, experience punters will enjoy all of the advanced charting tools of Bet Angel Professional.

All of these different Bet Angel packages are well designed and fast to load. Admittedly there is a steep learning curve to using some of the technical indicators, but Bet Angel comes with a variety of helpful tutorials and guides. The only downside is the fact that the Bet Angel software is exclusively for Windows computers. This means that Mac users might have to find alternative ways of using this software. While the bulk of this Bet Angel review has focused on the brand’s software for the Betfair exchange, you can also take on the Betdaq with a specialist package for that betting exchange.

Comparison Versus Manual - Blast off with the Bet Angel software

Betting exchanges are great fun, but there’s often so much information on them that it can be hard to keep track of the different markets. This is where the Bet Angel software comes in. It simply does an awesome job in identifying the price movements so that you can make accurate predictions of which bets to back and lay. All without having to use a Bet  Angel promo code. Much of this is down to cool features like the ladder view that quickly reveals where all of the different bets in the market are. Plus there’s a bunch of tools like one-click betting and automation that speeds up the whole process of using a betting exchange.

Obviously, much of this merely builds on what an average betting exchange has to offer. But Bet Angel excels at removing many of the time-intensive tasks such as analyzing the market and it speeds up the whole process. Things like the advanced charting windows are purely designed to identify price trends in the markets like you would if you were trading stocks. Being able to change the color of trading volume bars may not sound like an essential feature, but it all adds up to a powerful way to customize a betting exchange to suit your needs. Plus there’s even a Bet Angel TV service for those who want an extra level of insight.

Cautions - Don’t get lost in deep space while using betting systems

The Bet Angel software is incredibly powerful and it can be all too easy to get lost in what it has to offer. By becoming overly dependent on the charting tools, you may lose track of what it is that you’re actually betting on. This is especially true if you find yourself using some of the automation features. After all, these essentially see you granting power to the software to carry out the trades on your behalf. As such, you could make some massive losses without even being present. All of which means that you should take great care in how you use the Bet Angel software.

The good news is that most betting exchanges seem to be relatively OK with you using trading tools like Bet Angel. In fact, our Bet Angel promo code review found that it even features among Betfair’s App Directory. However, even the most easy-going betting exchange isn’t going to like it if they think that you are gaining an unfair advantage. As soon as things like risk vanish, it no longer becomes gambling. As such, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Bet Angel or the arbing software found in our BetSlayer review, as you may find your account temporarily suspended.

Bet Angel iGaming Platform

Purpose - Intergalactic vision from Bet Angel

Bet Angel is the brainchild of Peter Webb – one of the first guys to take on betting exchanges. This software is branded as being ‘the ultimate Betfair toolkit’, but it can be used on other betting exchanges such as Betdaq. It essentially works to help you get a lot more methodical about how you trade bets on such betting platforms. This doesn’t mean that you’ll find any particular focus on arbing or value bets with Bet Angel. Read our RebelBetting review if you’re looking for something like that. Instead, the whole point of Bet Angel is to make sports betting something much more like online trading.

This means that once you sign up to Bet Angel, you’ll be presented with a range of tools and analytics. These will mostly work to help you make sense of price movements across the hundreds of markets available on a betting exchange. Yes, you might sometimes be able to lay the bets to counter a backed bet at another sportsbook to enjoy the kind of arbing found in our ArbMate review, but Bet Angel is about so much more than that. If anything, Bet Angel is aimed at those professional betting fans who will want to check out Bet Angel TV to get even more serious about their sports bets, rather than trying to beat the system.

Service Overview – More trading tools than stars in the universe

Bet Angel has a variety of different tools that you can use to raise your game at betting exchanges like Betfair. These are all dependent on different pricing plans  but you won’t have to use a Bet Angel promo code. Thankfully there is a good range of complexity with these trading packages. Newbies would be best served by getting  a free trial of the Bet Angel Trader tool. But if you want to go in at the deep end, you might want to check out the Bet Angel Professional package. Here is a quick overview of the different products that Bet Angel has to offer.

Try the intergalactic Bet Angel Professional trading tool

This heavyweight piece of kit gives you everything you need to turn your sports bets into online trades. The advanced charting features are incredibly helpful in managing all of the different betting markets on offer. This is entirely customizable so that you can add analytical indicators for things like trading volume. In addition to this, there’s a cool Guardian tool that lets you stay on top of different market prices in your watch list, and the automated feature acts like the pending orders you’d get at an online broker site. Not for betting rookies, but a powerful example of trading software all the same.

Start out on the interstellar Bet Angel Trader option

This offers a streamlined version of the Bet Angel Professional tool and it still packs in plenty of power. As a result, you’ll benefit from the familiar ladder interface to give you a comprehensive overview of all of the trades on the market. Some people might miss the Guardian feature that lets you build a watch list of different markets. But on the whole, this still gives you way more power than if you tried to take on the betting exchanges alone.

Give the cosmic Bet Angel Basic a try

This gives you a good taster of what Bet Angel is all about and it won’t cost you a single cent. Bet Angel Basic includes handy tools such as one-click betting, fast auto refreshing and even a handy ‘greening up’ option that helps you equalize profits on an event before it’s even begun. This is similar to the kind of arbing that we found when we carried out our Oddstorm review and all the more impressive because it’s completely free.

Specialist tools for the best sports in the solar system

Bet Angel has more tools that are specific to certain sports and betting scenarios. The Soccer Mystic tool helps you predict how the odds might shift when a goal is scored. Similarly the Tennis Trader software assists in predicting the price movement after something like a break of serve has occurred. There’s even a cool In-Play Trader tool that’s specific to horse racing. Definitely not the kind of thing that we’re used to seeing in our betting site reviews.

Overall Conclusion - One of the most advanced betting tools in the cosmos

Bet Angel is a niche product that is aimed squarely at those punters who use betting exchanges like Betfair. It offers you a range of specialist tools you can use to chart price movements and get extra value from your bets. As such, Bet Angel operates more like online trading than other kinds of sports betting software we’ve used.

By now you’ll understand that Bet Angel is something that’s beyond the reach of most newbies to sports betting. If you’re the kind of person who only likes to bet on your favorite NFL team on a weekend, then Bet Angel might not be for you. While it’s a piece of betting software, it also does more than the regular arbing found when we carried out our BetBurger review. Thankfully, Bet Angel still manages to make itself indispensable for certain kinds of betting fans.

This is because there are different versions of the Bet Angel software that are suitable for different levels of expertise. All of which is nicely designed, user-friendly and available at a competitive price point. So download the Bet Angel software if you’re ready for one of the toughest betting challenges in the solar system.

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