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BetBurger Review 2021

BetBurger Promo Code & Surebets

Welcome to our interstellar BetBurger review. This awesome brand gives you a quick and easy way to enjoy arbing. This pretty much guarantees that you’ll win your real money bets. Keep reading to see how you can beat the sportsbooks!

BetBurger surebets aren’t the only thing on offer at this site. You’ll also find an easy way to spot any BetBurger value bets. This means that you’ll have more than one way to get more back from your sports bets. Take a look below to see how this arb and value bet software works!

Costs - Pay little to make planet-sized wins with the BetBurger surebets

BetBurger has a cool demo option of its arbing software that you can play with for free and there’s no need to use any kind of BetBurger promo code. The demo option keeps your surebets limited to 1% and there’s a 60 second delay. Beyond this, you’ll find different fees that are roughly on par with what we found in our RebelBetting review.

The main arbing or surebets software comes in three pricing plans. The standard pre match arbing software is the cheapest option, and it basically gives you unlimited BetBurger surebets for 30 days. The next pricing option is the BetBurger live arbing software. The price for this software is a fair amount more than the pre match arbing software. But for a little extra you can get the joint pre match and live arbing software which ultimately saves you 50% on your pre match software.

There are similar packages for the BetBurger value bets software. Again, the cheapest option is the pre match value bets deal that lasts for 30 days, and the live value bets package costs you nearly double that amount. The combined pre match and live value bets package is the best value deal as it saves you half the amount of your pre match value bets. All of these packages come in the form of the standard monthly plan and you won’t need to use any kind BetBurger promo code to access these deals. It’s flexible enough for most punters, and a decent way to see what BetBurger is all about.

Community and Customer Service - Get interstellar help with your BetBurger promo code

Our BetBurger review found that this site has a cool community forum section. This gives you a great way to discuss your arb betting strategies with other sports fans. To be fair, we didn’t find too much here that we didn’t already know. However, it could prove to be a useful resource for anyone who is new to arb betting. The only downer is the fact that you have to be logged into your account to access the forum which isn’t the same for the forum found in our BetAngel review.

You are given some pretty simple ways to contact BetBurger if you need any further help. The easiest way is to hit the Contact Us tab and you’ll get access to the email contact form. BetBurger also has a Telegram help service, but there’s no telephone or live chat at the moment. We should note that BetBurger has a fairly helpful FAQ section that does a good job of answering the most common customer queries. Plus all newbies should check out the Arbing Academy that gives you a great way of making those BetBurger surebets work for you.

Usability - Awesome arb betting software found in our BetBurger review

BetBurger’s arbing software works wonderfully. It simply shows you a rollcall of all of those sporting events where an arbing event could be possible. We loaded up the BetBurger surebets page and found that it quickly displayed surebets for soccer, esports, basketball and much more. This was accompanied with helpful information regarding things like the bookmaker, betting exchange, betting markets, odds and so on. The right of the screen has your arb betting calculator along with display filters that you can set for things like totals, statistics, additionals, game winner, corners and so on. But the best part was the cool Arb Helper extension. This gives you an even faster way to apply your sure bets via a direct link to dozens of bookmakers.

The BetBurger value bets finder works in a pretty similar way, and you’ll see a good range of value bets ranging from anything from soccer to volleyball. Remember that we didn’t find a value bet finder like this in our ArbMate review and it’s a good reason to give BetBurger a try. We also appreciated the fact that BetBurger keeps you updated with the bookmaker’s update time which is essential information for things like sure bets and value bets.

Comparison Versus Manual - Are these BetBurger surebets worth it?

So far, we’ve been impressed with what BetBurger has to offer with its arb betting software. However, it’s important to remember that this is merely replicating something that you could do yourself. After all, there’s nothing stopping you from placing a back bet at a bookmaker with higher odds than a lay bet at a betting exchange. So we decided to carry out a quick comparison test for a day’s arb betting – one with the BetBurger surebets software, and one without.

The first thing that we noticed was just how fast the arb betting software was. As soon as we started this BetBurger review, we had around a dozen different sure bets to play with. This is obviously much more than manual betting where we were lucky to have spotted just one sure bet throughout the entire day. Plus there’s the BetBurger Arb Helper tool that makes the whole process of arbing your bets all the easier. The whole point of our betting system reviews is to find those brands who make things like arb betting simple. On this front, we can’t fault BetBurger.

BetBurger iGaming Platform

Purpose - Travel the universe to find BetBurger surebets

So let’s get one thing clear – this isn’t a BetBurger bookmakers site. Instead, this site gives you the chance to use its software to gain an upper hand over online sportsbooks. The bulk of this service is the arb betting platform which is similar to the one found in our BetSlayer review. Arb betting is where you try and guarantee a profit when you back and lay a bet on the same event. These are known as sure bets and BetBurger’s platform is able to find higher odds for a back bet at a sportsbook than the lay odds at a betting exchange for the same event.

The BetBurger service also extends to feature value bets. By betting on one of the BetBurger value bets, you’d also be getting the upper hand over a sportbook. This is because value bets are where a sportsbook has accidentally overvalued its odds. The BetBurger software merely examines the odds from dozens of different sportsbooks and pinpoints those supposed value bets. This means that all you have to do is to win these value bets and hopefully make a much larger win when compared to what you’d get with standard odds.

Service Overview – How to get interplanetary BetBurger surebets

Our BetBurger review found that this platform makes hunting down sure bets and value bets relatively simple. You won’t need a degree in rocket science to get involved, and there’s no need to do any complicated math. It’s a service that you can run directly from your computer browser window, and BetBurger is able to scan odds for well over 100 sportsbooks so that you don’t have to. Essentially, this means that you don’t have to scour over 100,000 bets each day to find a handful of sure bets and value bets.

The BetBurger platform has been up and running since 2013, and it’s given thousands of sports fans a helping hand. The brand states that you could get a profit of around 10% of each arb that you put. Our BetBurger review checked this statement and found it to be roughly true. Remember that BetBurger features both pre match and live arb betting which is something that you might not find with too many other types of betting software. Plus we appreciated the fact that the software is able to scan a range of betting markets such as handicaps and totals to make sure that you’re never too far away from a surebet. Other cool features included a decent odds comparison service. This simply compares the odds from over 100 sportsbooks for over 30 different sports. Another excellent way to make sure that you’re always betting on the best odds.

Using the space age BetBurger service on a laptop, smartphone and tablet

Our BetBurger review was impressed with how you can do all of what this brand has to offer from within your web browser. This means that there is no need to download any specialist software. Plus the arbing platform works on all modern web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari and Opera. We tried the BetBurger platform from the browser of a smartphone, and everything loaded quickly, looked great and was surprisingly easy to navigate too. All in all, BetBurger offers user-friendly arb betting service regardless of whether you’re playing on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

A great option for all newbie space cadets

The main impression from this BetBurger review was that this offers an excellent introduction to anyone new to arb betting. Most sports fans will probably be put off by arb betting as it has lots of weird jargon and complicated math. But BetBurger thankfully keeps everything clear and understandable. Everything from the tidy look of the website to the use of language feels professional and approachable. Plus there are a range of handy tools and tutorials that you can use to understand more about how arb betting works and what value bets are.

Cautions - Know the risks of your arb betting space mission

We should mention the fact that sportsbooks take an extremely dim view of arb betting. After all, this essentially gives you an unfair advantage against the sportsbook. As such, if a sportsbook finds out that you’d been arbing, then there is a good chance that you might find your account temporarily suspended or you could get banned from the betting site. This is the same regardless of whether you’re using arbing software like BetBurger’s, or whether you’re doing it manually.

The good thing is that BetBurger’s Arb Helper software can help you avoid detection. This handy little extension means that the sportsbooks don’t see the actual redirect, so that you can run the arb software from your browser completely undetected. Plus we have to say that the Arb Helper extension makes the whole process much faster and you won’t run the risk of making any mistakes either.

Overall Conclusion - Blast off with your BetBurger surebets

Our BetBurger review found that this brand has somehow made the complicated activity of arb betting reasonably simple. This is because the BetBurger surebets platform is easy to use and it is competitively priced. We loved how it featured both pre match and live betting options, and it included many more betting markets than we’ve seen on with other arb betting systems. Plus there’s a wealth of tutorials and guides to help you get better acquainted with arb betting. All of this is pretty impressive, but we loved the fact that BetBurger goes the extra mile to help you find value bets and there’s even a cool odds comparison feature.

The only real downside that we found in our BetBurger review was that there wasn’t any app. So check out our Oddstorm review if you are looking for a decent arb betting app. Plus we have to remind you of the fact that arb betting is frowned upon by all online sportsbooks, and if you get caught out, you might have your account suspended. But if you can handle all of this, then we think that you should love what BetBurger has to offer. So sign up to BetBurger and see what kinds of surebets and value bets you can find.

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