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BetPTC Review 2021

BetPTC Coupon & Value Betting Review

3, 2, 1… BetPTC has lift off!

Welcome to the only BetPTC review that you will ever need where I cover everything that makes this online horse racing site one of the best options that the US has right now.

In my BetPTC review I’ll give you the breakdown on everything from the current bonus offers available on the site to how you can get in touch with the customer support team. I leave nothing out about this cosmic online operator, so keep reading to see if they are fit for space travel.

What stands out at BetPTC

When conducting my BetPTC review, I wanted to see what jumped out at me when I first entered the site. Truth be told, it was the site itself. Look, BetPTC are not likely going to win any kind of award for their art direction, but the site is very well laid out. You can find everything you need at the top of the homepage from the FAQs section to the bonuses they have on offer. You can also find all the races for the day right on the homepage, so you’ll see all your betting opportunities for the day. I prefer substance over style anyway, so I was happy with the navigability of the site versus the actual look of the site.

In addition to the easy to use platform, I found that one of the best parts of the BetPTC site as a whole was the bonus offer that you can also find right on the homepage. The offer is generous and is just one bonus of the many available promotions. BetPTC is clearly a generous online horse racing site and I’ll show you just how generous in the following sections of my BetPTC review.

BetPTC Logbook: What happened so far

  • 2008: BetPTC launches.
  • 10. May 2021: BetPTC acquired by Pointsbet
  • 6. August 2021: We updated our BetPTC test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our BetPTC review

Now that I have touched on the first couple of things that stood out for me personally on the BetPTC site, let’s take a look at some of the exciting bonuses and rewards that you can claim as well. Bonus offers are pretty much part and parcel of the online gambling industry right now so it’s no surprise to find that BetPTC are offering one.

A generous BetPTC bonus to claim

My BetPTC review found that new users on the site can cash in on a pretty interesting bonus offer on the site. I have to say, it’s not like your typical sign up bonuses but at the end of the day, you still receive a tidy little sum for placing your bets. What you will need to do is wager at least $750 on the site, and once you have done that you will receive a $200 bonus straight into your BetPTC account.

There are a couple of terms and conditions attached to the offer that you need to keep in mind before you race off to go and claim it. Firstly, there is only one bonus allowed per player. You will also only be able to claim the bonus once per household, meaning anyone sharing your IP address won’t also be able to claim the bonus. As far as wagering requirements go, you will need to wager your bonus at least once before you are able to withdraw any of the winnings that might come from it. You will be excluded from betting on international races like in the UK or Dubai, so you will need to stick to local tracks in the US when using your bonus offer.

To be honest, the amount of money you need to spend to claim the bonus seems a bit rich for me personally and it might be for some of you guys too. In which case I’d suggest taking a look at my AmWager review, where you’ll find a choice of two bonuses, one with a much lighter cash input. However, if BetPTC looks like it’s going to be a site that you want to play on regularly anyway, then the $750 amount may not deter you from wanting to claim the bonus as well. Just remember that you need to wager the bonus amount at least once before claiming your winnings and the bonus itself. If you try to make a withdrawal early, you will forfeit your bonus entirely.

Earn cashback with BetPTC

There is no traditional loyalty program at BetPTC right now but there is a fantastic cashback feature that will regularly see you receive some of your wagers back off of your losses. The Premier Turf Club is the loyalty program at BetPTC, and it really is a beauty.

BetPTC offers 4.5% cashback and sometimes more on all of your exotic bets on over 120 different racecourses that include harness, greyhound and thoroughbred racing. The key here is that you will only receive cash back on “exotic” bets. So, no outright winner betting or top 3 finish betting markets will count towards your cashback rewards. There are also a couple of tracks that are excluded from the Premier Turf Club due to contractual agreements. You can check out the BetPTC site for more information on this if you have certain tracks that you usually like to bet on.

Overall, the loyalty program at BetPTC is pretty great. A lot of these loyalty programs try to be overly complex in their systems. They have weird points systems that rank you up through certain tiers on certain days and there is just one of the moving parts that you need to contend with just to try and keep up with what you might win. With BetPTC, it’s just cash right in your pocket. All you need to do is wager on exotic betting markets and you’ll receive 4.5% of your wager back. Pretty great right?

What states can use BetPTC?

As someone who has conducted plenty of online gambling reviews, I can tell you from experience that the laws of online gambling in the US are tricky. Not only does an eerie state make its own laws regarding the legality of online gambling but they also set their own legal gambling age limits as well. It can be tough to keep up with the changes, who is and isn’t allowing online gambling and so on. So, I have decided to do the work for you here in my BetPTC review by giving you the current list of states that are not allowed to use BetPTC. If you find that your state makes this list, then I’d suggest checking out some of my other gambling reviews where you might just find a site that your US state has given the green light to!

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington

So, you can see from this list that there are a hefty number of states in the US that actually can’t bet with BetPTC right now. Some of these may be added in the future but for now, if your state is on that list, you’ll need to look elsewhere for your horse racing betting needs.

Lift-off: Get a head start at… BetPTC test

Right, now it’s time for me to take you through some of the other key aspects that make up the BetPTC site. It can‘t just be all bonuses and promotions, you need to know if your ideal payment method is available, how to chat with the customer support team and most importantly, how to actually create your account with the operator. Let’s dive right into how you can get cracking on the BetPTC platform.

The BetPTC license and limits

Before I check out the rest of a site, I always like to just take a couple of minutes to make sure that the operator has been issued a license from a legitimate gambling authority. Naturally, I followed the same process for BetPTC when conducting my review. As we have already seen, BetPTC can be used in over 20 different states in the US. Each of these states have their own gambling or racing commission that would have issued BetPTC with their gambling license. That means that over 20 different states have vetted BetPTC and found them to be operating above board. Interestingly, my DRF Bets review indicated that it can accept bettors from even more states, but will it suit you better in other ways?

Aside from the fact the BetPTC has been issued with legitimate gambling licenses from a number of different states, they are also geared towards responsible gambling. Some of you may not be too bothered by this but for me, this shows a certain level of commitment to the players from the operator. The fact that you can set your own betting and deposit limits means that you don’t tempt yourself to chase your losses or develop bad gambling habits. That should already give you enough confidence to check out the site and to answer the question, is BetPTC legit, with more confidence. BetPTC also posts links to a number of different helpful organizations that can help players if they do in fact develop a gambling addiction. To me, that shows care, commitment and a willingness to help the players on the site which I can only register as a positive in favor of BetPTC.

Creating your BetPTC account

Now we know that BetPTC is an online gambling site that not only looks after its players but that also operates above board, we can start to take a look at how you can create your account on the site. From what I could gather with my BetPTC review, there is one page that you need to fill out with all the information that BetPTC needs.

The first section of the page requires you to fill in information about yourself, like your name, surname, your title, your preferred username and your password. Once you move on from there, you will then need to fill in everything about your residential address from your street name and state to your zip code and city. Once you have completed that, you then move onto the last section of the page which is all about verifying your identity.

You need to fill in your email address, phone number, date of birth, social security number, I.D. number, I.D. type and your expected monthly wagering volume. If there is ever a BetPTC promotion code for an offer you want to claim at the time of your signing up, this is where you would enter it. Once you have done all of that, you are ready to start betting at BetPTC. What you need to do next is make your first deposit.

The deposit options at BetPTC

Once you complete your sign up process, you will then need to make a deposit into your account to not only claim the bonus but also to start betting on the site. So, what deposit options are currently available? Well, after checking out the payments page in more detail I found a couple of different deposit options with my BetPTC review. If you are making your first deposit, you can choose to do so using: PayNearMe, Visa/MasterCard credit and debit cards, wire transfers, a cashier’s check, a personal check or ACH (bank transfers). That isn’t necessarily a bad selection of payment methods but there could be a couple more eWallet options added like Neteller or PayPal if I’m being really picky about it.

As far as your processing times for withdrawals go, I found that they are pretty similar to most other sites. The processing times may vary on BetPTC’s end depending on how busy they are, but you can expect to wait up to two working days for your credit/debit card transaction to clear, up to five days for a bank transfer and up to seven days for a wire transfer. This is all fairly standard in terms of waiting times. There wasn’t too much information on the BetPTC with regards to maximum deposit limits for each method on their site so if you are looking to make a significant first deposit then it might be a good idea to first contact the customer support to see what their limits are.

How to get help on the site

As I have just mentioned, if you want to find information out like what the maximum deposit amounts are then contacting the customer support team over BetPTC is a good idea. That is why I took a closer look at the available contact methods on the site with my BetPTC review. From what I could gather, you can speak to one of the support members via their email address, telephone number or via social media. If there’s one thing that could stand to add to this list of methods, it’s a live chat feature. I am a big fan of the live chat feature as it is the swiftest way for you to have your queries resolved by a support member. If it also bothers you that there’s no ‘quick fix’ support option, then take read of my Nyra review, where you’ll find that live chat is the best option. Otherwise, let’s hope that BetPTC adds this feature in the future.

Despite the lack of a live chat feature I decided to give the support service a try for myself to see what it was all about. I opted to use all three of the available methods to test them out. The email service took a couple of hours for me to get a response, my phone call was on hold for a few minutes before I got through, but I didn’t wait all that long and the social media is a little inconsistent with its replies from what I could see. With that being said, when I did  speak to one of the support members, I was treated with respect and they performed in their role admirably, answering all my questions with a clear knowledge of the site.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at/in BetPTC

With everything we have discussed in mind, you may be thinking that that is everything that BetPTC but there is actually even more to the site that makes it that much better. My BetPTC review found another 2 elements to the site that I thought were definitely worth mentioning.

Detailed FAQs

If you ever feel like there is some confusion surrounding your deposits or withdrawals, bonuses offers or anything on the site really, then I highly recommend that you check out the detailed FAQs page on the BetPTC site. They cover just about every question you are likely to have. Seriously, I was shocked when I saw just how many questions they answer on this page. So, like I say, if you are ever in doubt, then check this page out. If you are still in trouble after that then by all means, contact their support team.

BetPTC mobile app

If you are someone that enjoys having that added level of convenience for your horse racing betting online, then the BetPTC mobile app is perfect for you. I checked the app out in more detail and found that it pretty much offers you everything that the main version of the site did, just in a streamlined format. So, if you prefer betting with the power in your fingertips, BetPTC has you covered with their excellent mobile app.

BetPTC Horse Betting

Horse racing betting at BetPTC

If you were hoping for an online betting site that gave you the option to bet on other sports as well then check out the rest of our PlayersBest site for some alternative options. However, if you are after one of the best platforms for horse racing betting, then the offering at BetPTC is what you’ll be needing.

After conducting my BetPTC review, I was astonished by the number of horse racing events that were only for that day. After taking more time to check out their list of upcoming events it really dawned on me that this site covers an exceptional amount of both national and international horse racing events. Whether you are looking for local races in the US or some of the bigger races in Great Britain, BetPTC has got you covered with their extensive range of horse racing events. Whatever you need for horse racing betting, BetPTC has it, and this is typified by their live streaming service.

Yes, that’s right, you can watch all the races that you bet on with BetPTC on their site. All you have to do is have an active account with them to be able to access the service. You won’t have to pay a penny, nickel or dime for service. Just place your bets and choose from their massive range of live streaming events. Something I should mention here though, if you aren’t an active user on the BetPTC then you won’t be able to access the service. This only seems fair as you could then just create an account, spend no money on bets and use their service for free. The live streaming is for loyal betting customers only. All in all, the horse racing betting experience on the BetPTC platform is a quality one, providing you with everything you need to have an enjoyable time betting on all kinds of greyhound, thoroughbred and harness racing events.

BetPTC review FAQs

❓Can anyone sign up to the BetPTC site?

You may be unsure about where you stand sometimes with the online gambling sites in the US. Here at PlayersBest, we cover everything you need in our reviews to make sure you know for sure whether you can sign up legally. We do the same with our BetPTC review so be sure to check it out.

⚽Is BetPTC safe to use?

While some sites may be legal to use in the US they may not be as safe as others. Our review of BetPTC will shed some light on how safe the site is to use by analyzing their security measures on the site.

🎰Does BetPTC cover international horse racing events?

Horse racing fans don’t just want to bet on the biggest races in the US like the Kentucky Derby but rather, they want to be able to bet on all of the major international races as well. Our review of BetPTC will let you know if this platform allows you to bet on all of the biggest races across the globe.

💳What deposit methods can I use?

In order to be able to bet on all of the biggest horse races around the world, you will need to be able to fund your account on the BetPTC platform. As such, we take a look at the list of deposit methods on the site to make sure that they are not only offering you a decent selection of methods but that they are safe to use as well.

💲What are the maximum payouts on the site?

Every horse racing betting site in the US will have its differences. One of these differences will often be the size of their maximum payouts. Our review of BetPTC takes the time to review the terms and conditions of the site to see what the maximum payouts are for the users placing bigger bets.

BetPTC review conclusion: No better craft to take you through the stars

That brings me to the end of my BetPTC review. It’s clear to me anyway that this online horse racing site is doing an incredible job with its offering. Not only can you claim one of the universe’s best bonus offers out there but you can also access all the major international and national horse racing events across the stars as well. In addition to this, the site runs smoothly without so much as a hiccup which is important come race day when you need to quickly get your bets in before all the events start. So, if a top quality horse racing betting site is what you were after then I wouldn’t look too much further than BetPTC.

User Reviews for BetPTC

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Good for racing

    BetPTC has favorable bonuses for all bettors. Every day is an opportunity to earn some extra bucks. After playing for a few months, I’m happy with the fast payout system at hand.

    I have no regrets when it comes to BetPTC but, I wish their website was less complicated.
  2. Best for real punters

    This is the best site I have found by a mile for those who want o bet on real races and actually study the form of the horses. The site even looks professional with none of the neon colors and gimmicks of some of the other betting sites I have seen. This is a proper site for proper gamblers and it shows.

    nothing at all, great site, just don't bother if you only want spins
  3. best bonus around

    This stie had the best bonus offer of any I could find so I signed up with them and I didn’t regret it. I got a great bonus and won several times, I also kept playing with them so my loyalty reward of cashback kept coming back too which was a nice touch

    Wish the site was prettier but it's easy to use so I suppose that's all that matters

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