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Betslayer Review 2021

Betslayer Cost & Promo Code

Read our cosmic BetSlayer review to see why this site is a must for all new to arb betting. After all, it offers you a quick and easy way to beat even the toughest sportsbooks in the solar system!

The number of BetSlayer bookmakers might not be the biggest that we’ve seen, but there’s no denying the quality of the sure bets that this brand brings up. This is where you can guarantee a profit regardless of what happens in a sporting event. Take a look at our BetSlayer review below to find out more!

Costs - Arb betting that’s cheaper than buying a spaceship!

We started our BetSlayer review by downloading the brand’s software and starting the free trial. This let us use the BetSlayer sure bet finder software for seven days. While the arbs that it served up were kept to a maximum of 5%, it still offered us a good way of understanding what BetSlayer is all about. We’ve seen similar demo options in our BetBurger review and it’s always a good idea to take advantage of such deals to see which arb betting platform is right for you.

Once you’ve spent a week using the trial version, you’ll have to put your money down to continue using BetSlayer. We found that BetSlayer features a pretty simple pricing plan that asks you to pay a regular amount on a monthly basis. Remember that the amount you have to pay will be set for a low amount in your first month, and then it will nearly double that in the following months. You don’t get the full range of pricing plans that we found in our OddStorm review, but we think that the BetSlayer cost could possibly work out to be cheaper. Of course the true value of betting systems like this is what kinds of returns you can get on your bets. So take a look below to see whether the sure bets produced could outweigh the BetSlayer cost.

Community and Customer Service - Get interstellar help with your sure bets

Customer service is an incredibly important part of all of our betting site reviews. After all, you never know when you might need some help in registering an account or using a BetSlayer promo code. So we were pleased to see that BetSlayer has a professional and responsive customer service team who can be reached by email. We didn’t see any kind of live chat facility nor a telephone hotline, but it looks like you can reach out to BetSlayer via its Facebook and Twitter social media channels. Unfortunately our BetSlayer review found no indication of when the brand’s customer service team operated.

There didn’t look to be any kind of community forum area at BetSlayer which is a little disappointing. After all, forums are increasingly popular at a growing number of arb betting platforms such as the one found in our RebelBetting review. This is because they can help you make the most of the betting system by sharing tips with other punters. So we were glad to see that BetSlayer operates its own Facebook group called Arbitrage Betting Mastermind. This is where you can chat with other sports fans and discuss things like which sportsbook works best for arbing and so on. All of which should help you take your sure bets into the next dimension.

Usability - User-friendly platform for all new space cadets

Our BetSlayer review found that this is one of the most user-friendly sure bet sites that we’ve come across. Many arb betting platforms that we’ve seen recently seem to be unnecessarily complicated but BetSlayer gets straight to the point. This means that you won’t have to have a degree in astrophysics to get involved, and you certainly won’t have to do any complex math either. Instead, you’d find that BetSlayer gets rid of all of the complicated betting jargon and gives you some user-friendly guides that help you get to grips with the basics of arb betting.

One of the best things about BetSlayer is the fact that you can use it to find sure bets without having to download any kind of software. This means that you can simply fire up your browser and instantly get treated to a wide range of sure bets to help you lock in that profit. It also has the added bonus of being usable directly from the browser of your smartphone or tablet. Perfect for some mobile arb betting while out and about. Of course, there are some people who’d prefer a more in-depth sure bet service, in which case you should check out our ArbMate review. But for a great way to start your sure bet space mission, BetSlayer is hard to beat.

Comparison Versus Manual - Take your sure bets into a cosmic reality

Our BetSlayer review was pleased to find that the brand definitely lives up to its own hype. We spent a good couple of weeks trying both the demo product and the paid version and found that we made some solid returns. The whole process of finding the sure bets is remarkably easy and there’s no steep learning curve at BetSlayer. Of course, we could do many of the things manually, but BetSlayer kept on churning out sure bets way faster than we could do alone.

It looks like we weren’t the only people who had enjoyed using the BetSlayer platform. This is because there were many positive BetSlayer reviews on the brand’s website that stated how easy the site was to use and what kinds of profits people could make. Obviously BetSlayer is going to be unlikely to reprint any negative reviews, but it’s still good to see that this site does its job well. The only thing that could speed things up even more is if BetSlayer could include some kind of automated tool that would put down the sure bets for you at the relevant sportsbooks. But that’s just a minor point, and we guess that it’s good to have to get manual with our sports bets even now and then.

Cautions - Be careful on your arb betting mission

We’re not going to let you blast off on your sure betting space mission without a word of warning. While sure bet platforms like BetSlayer are working perfectly legally, they are discouraged from being used at pretty much all sportsbooks. This is because arb betting is seen to give punters an unfair disadvantage. After all, if there is no risk involved, then it cannot be considered to be gambling. So if you got caught trying some arb betting at an online sportsbook, then you might get your account suspended. Plus if you persist in using sure bet software at a sportsbook, then you might even get banned for good.

The important thing to remember is that this applies to all kinds of arb betting. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the BetSlayer platform or the one found in our BetAngel review. The main fact is that all sportsbooks will be on the lookout for anyone who is using sure bet software. Some betting systems attempt to give you ways around this such as with special navigation tools or even VPN software. But our advice is to always be cautious when using sure bets. After all, if you’re looking like you’re getting nothing but big wins, then the sportsbook will know that you’re probably getting a bit of extra help.

Betslayer iGaming Platform

Purpose - Get help fighting the toughest sportsbooks in the universe

We loved just how simple the BetSlayer site is. While many betting systems come with all manner of bells and whistles, BetSlayer gets straight down to business. This is to make sure that you get a return from your bets, no matter what happens. BetSlayer does this through its sure bet finding software. So by paying a minimal BetSlayer cost you could bet on sport and get guaranteed profits, even if you lose your bets!

All of this is made possible through sure bets. These are where you bet on two opposing outcomes in a sporting event. For example, you could bet on the LA Lakers to win their next NBA game, and then go to a different site and bet on the Lakers to lose the same game. But there’s more to it than this. The backing bet for the Lakers to win must be on odds that are higher than that of the lay bet for the Lakers to lose that you put down at a betting exchange. If the BetSlayer software spots this, then its calculator will fire into action, and it’ll tell you what kinds of betting stakes you will need to put down to lock in a guaranteed profit. A relatively simple way to take on the most fearsome sportsbooks in the solar system.

Service Overview – Mission overview for planet BetSlayer

BetSlayer gives all space cadets a quick and easy way to find and use sure bets. It does this by instantly analyzing odds from over 45 different online sportsbooks. These include some classic sportsbooks as well as some seriously innovative betting exchanges. The overall number of BetSlayer bookmakers featured might not be quite as large as you get with some other betting system sites. However, we found that there’s enough here to help you get a decent number of sure bets. This is because BetSlayer will work though over 16 different sports along with more than five different betting markets. As a result, you won’t be stuck trying to get sure bets by betting on moneyline football odds. Instead of this, BetSlayer will scour the entire world of sport to make sure that you’re never too far away from a sure bet.

Making arb betting great for all space cadets

BetSlayer goes beyond just serving up sure bets. You’ll also get no shortage of expert tutorials and guides that explain how sure bets work. This is all done in a fairly easy going way and you won’t have to have a degree in rocket science. We particularly liked the video guides that did a good job in explaining why things like arb betting might not be for everyone. Plus BetSlayer will even let you download an arb betting cheat sheet. This offers you a quick head start so that you can understand each and every step you need to take to actually make a return from the sure bets on offer. While many arb betting sites will have no shortage of guides and tutorials, BetSlayer gets our nod here as it manages to explain such concepts in a relatively straightforward way. A great introduction for all arb betting newbies

Overall Conclusion - The most user-friendly sure bet site in the cosmos

We’ve encountered no shortage of betting systems on our voyage through the solar system. Some of these offer you a massive number of sure bets while others focus on other areas like value bets, matched bets, middles, Polish middles and even odds comparison tools. However, BetSlayer avoids all of this by focusing its priorities to become the most user-friendly betting system in the galaxy. All of which should mean that sure bets will be something that can be used by even complete betting newbies.

Not that BetSlayer is a lightweight arb betting platform. It managed to serve up no shortage of quality sure bets during the course of our BetSlayer review. This meant that we could sit back and enjoy making some healthy returns without worrying about whether we were going to lose our stakes. Obviously all of this came at the cost of a relatively small number of sportsbooks and you might miss some of the most advanced features like value bets that you find with some betting system sites. But on the whole, we’ve been impressed with what we’ve seen from BetSlayer. So sign up to this site, get that seven day free trial, and start on your sure bet journey through the stars!

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