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Carbon Gaming Review & Rating 2021 – Answered: Scam or Legal (Blacklisted)?

Is Carbon Gaming Legit? We can't endorse this operator

Warning: Our Carbon Gaming review found this operator is illegal and should be banished from the US market. Check out our recommended US sportsbooks for interstellar legal sports betting and casino gaming!

On making first contact with Carbon Gaming, you’ll see that this site doesn’t have a US license. Plus everything from its sportsbook and casino to its poker platform will land you in a world of confusion. Read our review and see why Carbon Gaming should be thrown into the nearest black hole!

Will any of these features eclipse the others? Nope

Carbon Gaming is a complete mess and should be avoided. It is this fusion of elements that will provide the focus of this Carbon Gaming review. When an operator starts off with a single stream operation, whether it be sportsbook, casino, or in this case poker, the other elements can look like they have been bolted on and can seem like a bit of an afterthought.

The question for this review was to find out if this was the case here, and you can find out what we discovered when you read the rest of this Carbon Gaming review. What we can say, is that Carbon Gaming is a recent inclusion on our blacklisted bookies. Something which doesn’t bode well for this operator. Let’s take a look why this is the case…

Carbon Gaming Logbook: What disasters happened so far

However, before we get started, we need to look at a few key points in the Carbon Gaming journey:

  • 2004: is launched upon the unsuspecting world
  • 2007: Re-branded as Carbon Poker to dupe existing customers
  • 05/07/2021: Carbon Poker becomes Carbon Gaming – See a pattern forming?
  • 12/07/2021: PlayersBest test the experience at Carbon Gaming
  • 31/07/2021: Carbon Gaming is blacklisted by us

Countdown: What you can expect - Carbon Gaming is a meteoric disappointment

The first question that this Carbon Gaming review needs to answer is: what is offered by the four different areas of this operator’s site? So, what we needed to do was to take a quick overview of each part individually to see if they compare favorably with what we have found in our other online gambling site reviews, or if they were poor additions that you really should avoid. Here’s a clue: it’s the latter.

Carbon Gaming Sportsbook overview – Avoid this site!

It starts pretty badly. The sportsbook area doesn’t look very much like what you would expect a sportsbook to look like. The only similarity is the sports listed on the left-hand side of the screen, like the one in this William Hill review. Then, moving right as you select the event and market, with the resultant bet appearing on the lip in the top right-hand corner of the screen. While this is comfortingly familiar, it does look very generic and doesn’t appear to have any real focus – one of many red flags, as you’ll come to find.

We’ll look later in more detail at the sports, markets, and bet types on offer a little later and see if this is more than just a convenient add-on.

Casino overview – Pitiful online casino

A similar functionality seems to have been adopted for the casino area of the site which will come as a surprise to anyone who was expecting the same layout they would find at most other online casinos. Whereas you would normally see a range of games and select either one or a category from the menu at the top, here the categories are on the left like the sportsbook, and you select games from there.

We’ll further look at what is in each of these categories a little later on, but this is one area that might not have been designed with the right amount of thought.

A quick look at the dreadful racebook

This trend carries on in this part of the site as well, with races in the UK and the larger events in the US covered, but you do get the impression that the operator might not know what to do with this section of their site.

Poker looks to be the main focus – Not necessarily a good thing!

This might all be irrelevant, however, as it seems most people will be coming for the poker, and this section has a few things that an online poker player might be after. This area of the site, which will be covered in more depth later on, looks like the focus of the operation but even a casual observer may well conclude that it doesn’t do the site justice.

A small range of bleak bonuses are available

The bonuses on offer look to change regularly, but the first ones we found while taking a look at Carbon betting gave anyone making their first deposit on slots a 50% bonus match on up to a fairly modest amount. This comes with a 35x rollover requirement, which is the same for the sportsbook bonus which means that you’ll have little chance of making anything back from this sorry deal.

Again, poker seems to be the main focus with a bonus for deposits up to a miserly amount, and while this doesn’t feature among the best offers we have seen (and certainly not as impressive as you’d get with a Resorts promo code), at least it’s an offer. The problem is that Carbon Gaming isn’t a properly licensed operator in the US. Therefore, any offer should be met with skepticism.

Lift-off: Our Carbon Gaming test - may be best to power down and skip this site

So far then, this Carbon Gaming review has found some areas of concern and others that are more generic, yet no less worrying. Before you can look at any of these in greater detail, however, you will need to register. Something I would recommend against.

Registration – Don’t bother

There are certainly no surprises here and if you’ve signed up for anything online before this will pose no problems for you. There seems to be little in the way of verification at this point, however, we should mention that you will need to provide the usual identification before you can withdraw any funds. It is our belief that Carbon Gaming is not to be trusted due to several areas of concern. So, it’s most advisable to register with an alternative site. Read on to find out why.

Payments – Don’t give this site your money

Withdrawals, of course, are a little further down the line and you will need to make a deposit before you can play anything on the site for real money. There are limited options of credit card and e-wallet, although you probably won’t be allowed to deposit from US banks. There is also the cryptocurrency option but this is allowable only to non-US and Canadian members.

There is a very high minimum deposit of $50 for credit cards, but to take full advantage of the bonuses we discussed earlier you would do better to deposit a bit more than that. If you choose to deposit Bitcoin from your e-wallet, then you should know that it will be very risky to do so. Bear in mind that crypto payments are implemented on illegal sites like this so as to avoid traditional payment limitations. The ability to bypass US bank checks is the core reason why crypto features here. Make sure you avoid depositing on this site.

Withdrawals – Slow progress here

As mentioned above, you cannot make a withdrawal until you have verified yourself by providing the usual documentation. You may already be familiar with this process, but people opening an account for the first time will need to show a government-issued ID such as a passport or driving license. This might have to be backed by a recent domestic bill, mortgage, or tax statement, usually from within the last three to six months months.

You can’t blame Carbon Gaming here, as this process is almost universal, so would have to be done wherever you opened an account. Once it is done, however, Carbon Gambling  will email a pin which you can then enter on your account page, so you can withdraw funds via your preferred payment method. Unfortunately we found that withdrawal times were very slow and we’ve noticed that many other gamers are still waiting to be paid their winnings.

Carbon Gaming on mobile – Not worth it

While you will find poker, sportsbook, casino, and horses at Carbon Gaming, one of the things you won’t find is a mobile app. When we see this while carrying out a review, it can be for one of two reasons. The first is that the operator simply hasn’t bothered, and you have to try and navigate a site made for desktop on mobile which is far from ideal.

The second option is where the operator has created an interface for mobile which can make the need for an app unnecessary. This also bypasses any possible problems with users being able to access or having to ‘sideload’ an app which is generally frowned upon by the powers at both Android and iOS.

Looking at what we have seen during this Carbon Gaming review, this operator falls very much in the first camp, with mobile use being second-rate in comparisons to navigating the site on desktop and maybe part of the reason behind the unusual casino design we have been critical of earlier.

The dark truth about

While we were taking a closer look at the website, however, we did have questions regarding the domain name. Normally the operators we look at will be a .com – however, Carbon Gaming has a .ag domain. Despite everything else we’d seen, the first thing that occurred was to ask is Carbon Gaming is legit?

This is probably because we were unfamiliar with the operator (after all, we would never ask the question ‘is Betstars legit?’ If their domain ended .ag) but we had to check it out anyway. A quick online search found that this meant the site was registered in Antigua and Barbuda. All good and well but not good enough for the US market. Thus, alarm bells started ringing. Without a reputable license from the US, it’s difficult to recommend this platform. As such, we’re set on outlining that it’s far better utilizing a recognized platform rather than an off-shore site.

In orbit: Discover the bleak possibilities at Carbon Gaming - it's a no from us

Looking at what we have seen so far, what we had on our hands was a pretty lame operation with just the slight ups and many downs (average mobile design as something in-between, poor bonuses as a negative) that comes with using an offshore site. What we needed to look at next, was to see if Carbon Gaming had anything that was innovative, or made it stand out from the crowd.

Live Betting – A feeble effort

With the rise in live or ‘in-play betting within the last couple of years, this is normally a good place to start. As this (along with esports, which we’ll look at in a moment) is a fast-growing area, any operator that is serious about their future would be looking to have a strong presence with live betting.

With around half the betting on many sporting events now taking place after it has started, having the structure in place to cope with this demand is something an operator needs to get right. From what we have seen here, the live betting element at Carbon Gaming is not strong.

Much of the focus seems to be not on NFL or NBA or any other sports close to home but on European soccer, which means that the site could benefit from upgrading in this area. Disappointing.

Limited eSports betting options

Unfortunately, there is currently not the same focus on esports, which is another expanding area of sportsbook betting. This currently just sits much lower on that same menu, between politics and table tennis, which is a further indication that this operator is not quite sure what they are doing in this area just yet.

Carbon Gaming on social media

Another area that appears to be a work in progress is the social media presence. While there are a few left-overs from their days as Carbon Poker, not much appears to be going on for the last five years. This is confusing, as the obvious expansion that this operator has made in that time could have only benefited from the fanfare that a social media presence brings.

There also seems to be very little feedback about this operator on those platforms, and with there being obvious name clashes with other companies of the same name (perhaps a reason for the odd domain?) it seems that users of this service are not talking about it here.

Mobile poker room – A chamber of horrors

Carbon Gaming customers are using their mobile devices for something though, and it’s probably the mobile poker room. The real focus of the mobile interface, as you might expect, is the poker. The poker room is designed for an on-the-go poker experience, and this is where the expertise of the operator should have been shown. However, while you can access Texas hold-em and Omaha cash games, ‘sit and go’s and tournaments, it’s actually a pretty lame effort. Just because the poker room is better than the other sections of the site, doesn’t mean that there’s much to write home about.

Help and support – Nightmarish customer service

There is also a focus here on betting trends, which doesn’t really do the job of an FAQ section by any means but is a useful tool to those starting out or with a continuing interest in the betting world. There is a ‘help’ option that does take you to a FAQ section of sorts, but the process is a very circular one that many people might find frustrating.

Support is almost entirely focussed on email, which does mean there is 24hr help, but it will not have the same immediate results as live chat or picking up a phone. Another disappointing oversight from the operator.

CarbonGaming Sports Betting

A sportsbook that doesn't feel like home

This sportsbook’s standout feature is that it does everything simply, in a way that most bettors will be familiar with. The simple design is well, too simple. Plus, it doesn’t actually help when it comes to navigation. Thus, finding suitable wagers and placing bets isn’t nearly as easy as you’d think.

As you would expect, all of the usual sports and markets are here from baseball to volleyball and all points in between. The usual markets are here too with wins, points, and handicaps available for most of the events. There are straight, parlay, teaser, and what-if bets all set up for you on the betting slip. If you’re actually after a decent online betting experience though, this site will not provide you with it. Over-simplified and lacking sufficient support, there are far brighter stars in the universe. Plus, why even consider betting with an illegal site? You’ll just end up putting yourself in danger more than anything.

CarbonGaming Casino

Bleak casino area without a proper license

The casino reflects the sportsbook in that it is unspectacular. There are a few of slots which you can select from the left hand menu. These are not separated by provider but instead by the number of pay lines, which will take some getting used to and would not match our Sugarhouse rating for usability..

Aside from that most of the normal boxes are ticked with things like progressive jackpot machines you see everywhere else, and a range of table games including all of the usual variations of roulette, blackjack Hilo, craps and video poker. Like the sportsbook, the site just doesn’t quite get it right. A far cry from the best online casinos in the US.

The same could be said for the racebook, which is generic and functional. Even the ‘best section’ of the site, poker, is seemingly plagued with issues. Thus, there’s very little for me to actually cheer about when it comes to Carbon Gaming.

CarbonGaming Poker

An online poker player's paradise? Not quite

If you are serious about poker, you might think this could be your new home (if only Carbon Gaming had a proper license). There are tournaments to play on-site or on the move using the mobile poker room. There are a range of different competitions like the Sunday Big Ticket but they simply cannot be trusted.

There are sit-and-go options and tournaments like the one listed above, or freemium tournaments which are free to enter but you should simply avoided them. If you are knocked out, there is a $0.25 fee to buy back in, making the pot larger in the process but you’ll find yourself very unlikely to win.

Basically this is an off-shore operator and there are plenty of other sites that you can utilize with even better poker portfolios. The actual usability of the poker platform isn’t an innovative or intuitive as others and the lack of a proper gaming license is the final straw.

Carbon Gaming casino FAQ

🔐Is Carbon Gaming safe to use?

Players always need to know if online gambling sites in the US are safe to use first. It just puts your mind at ease when you know if they are fully licensed and regulated. Check out our review to see where Carbon Gaming stands with its current (lack of US) gambling license.

🎰What casino games can I play?

For the casino gaming enthusiast, you’ll always want to know what kind of casino games are available at the best online casinos in the US before you go ahead and sign up. Our review will give you some insight into the pitiful types of slots and table games currently available at Carbon gaming right now.

🎁Are there any Carbon Gaming promotions I can claim?

Who doesn’t love a nice promotion on their way to playing at an exciting online casino? Well, our review combs through the Carbon gaming platform to make sure that we don’t let our readers miss out on any terrible promotions available on the illegal gambling site right now.

📞What contact methods are available on the site?

The best sports betting sites in the US will always make sure to have enough contact methods on their platforms but they will also ensure that their customer service is up to a quality standard as well. We review if Carbon Gaming meets these standards with our detailed review of their site. Here’s a clue: it doesn’t.

💳Can I use any deposit method on the site?

If you are an avid online casino player then you’ll know that you need to be able to make frequent deposits into your account and quickly at times. That is why our review makes sure to give you the breakdown of what deposit and withdrawal methods are available on the Carbon Gaming website right now. But to be honest, you simply shouldn’t bother at this illegal gambling site. 

Carbon Gaming review - more of a black hole than a shining star

During this review, we took time to explore the Carbon Gaming universe. We saw an equipped yet semi-functional sportsbook, that most sports bettor would find difficult to navigate and place their wagers on. We found a casino with an adequate range of slots and games that may keep players content, if only in the short term. Plus, the racebook lacks the kick that other top-notch sites offer. However, they all seemed like they just made up the numbers, and they weren’t really the focus of the operation at all.

This is because, all of this was simply in orbit around the poker area, or more exactly the mobile poker room, which is the real center of this particular universe. Let’s be clear though, just because the poker section is the focus of this operator, doesn’t mean it’s a good platform by any stretch of the imagination.

At the end of your mission, we’d be more satisfied if you looked elsewhere for a reputable site to use. In actual fact, we implore you to do so. There is never any need for you to make use of an illegal site such as Carbon Gaming!

User Reviews for CarbonGaming

1.67/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Their greed knows no bounds

    Carbon Gaming will get you to make deposits, and cut you off to steal your money.

    Carbon Gaming appears to have one goal in mind – to profit on unsuspecting bettors. The operator will go to any lengths and give every excuse in the book just so they don’t have to pay you. This happened to me a month ago and I lost close to $2000. This isn’t a unique incident as several otthers have reported the same thing. One person lost as much as $5000, without a valid reason. You’ll probably think we all violated their T&Cs which is absolutely not the case.
  2. glad i saw this review

    Looks good but don’t be fooled

    was looking for a good poker site and though i'd found a good one. liked the look og this a lot bit been burned before and looked online before putting in any money in. glad i did as there were people who said they hadnt been paid so not going back.
  3. a gambling horror story

    I went against good advice to always register with reputable bookmakers. On the surface, Carbon appeared legit. A lot of games and betting options.

    What I got was not what I signed up for. I deposited $300 but didn't win even once on slot machines. I made another deposit and won $500 on a football bet. That was 6 months ago. I have not received my money and customer support has stopped responding.

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