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CRSportsbet Review & Rating 2021 – Answered: Scam or Legal (Blacklisted)?

Is CRSportsbet Legit? Certainly not

WARNING: CRSportsbet is possibly the worst sportsbook in the known universe. Not only that, but it’s illegal too. Take a look below at why you should avoid CRSportsbet and play at one of our recommended sportsbooks instead!

The unfortunate reality is CRSportsbet a downright illegal platform. This means that US players can’t legally bet on sports or play casino games here. To be fair, all of these suck, so you’re not missing out. So keep reading to see just how bad it gets at CRSportsbet!

Will any of these contrasting features eclipse the others? Nope

CRSportsbet is best avoided. Want to know why? Well, there is an interesting contrast here that will make most explode like a supernova. That contrast is best shown by the lacklustre website that loads and runs very inefficiently, making the prospect of placing a wager a slow and frustrating process. Plus, the administration of the site isn’t very considered, failing to treat each user individually.

This lack of attention will dissuade customers from joining. Those who just want to get in and start wagering quickly will feel like they are disappearing into a black hole. The question for this review was to find out which of those features eclipsed the other, and you can discover the result by reading the rest of this review. What I can tell you straight away, is that CRSportsbet is not a shining star on the horizon. It’s a black hole filled with unscrupulous gambling activity which will put your entire mission at risk of being commandeered.

CRSportsbet Logbook: A bleak history of cosmic failure

However, before we get started, we need to look at a few key points in the CRSportsbet journey:

  • 2015-04-09: CRSportsbet is spawned
  • 2015-04-27: Facebook page goes live – well done, CRSportsbet
  • 2015-09-02: Big Money Bonuses are spammed across social media
  • 2021-07-12: Players Best test the experience at CRSportsbet
  • 2021-07-31: CRSportsbet is blacklisted by us

Countdown: What you can expect - our CRSportsbet review sputters rather than dazzles

As mentioned right at the start, what you will find at is very similar overall to what you will find with other dodgy offshore operations. So, rather than just list the same things you’ll see in all of our other online gambling site reviews, this part of our review will focus on any potential upsides to using the operator; something we find hard to believe is in existence.

Sports betting bonus – A lame offer

The sports betting bonus at is something you might have not seen before, and nothing like what you might get with a Sugarhouse promo code. While you may have seen ‘free play’ or free bets’ to a cash equivalent as part of a welcome bonus, or even a ‘risk-free’ initial wager, they tend not to show in your account as ‘real’ money.

However, things are different at CRSportsbet. Every time you make a deposit at CRSportsbet, you have cash credited to your account – not that we believe CRSportsbet to back this up. This bonus will vary according to how much you deposit, with a 100% deposit match, and a 15% match for anything over that specified amount.

Like other operators though, there are requirements to be met before a withdrawal can be made, with a terrifying 12x rollover necessary. Plus, isn’t fully-licensed in the US so it’s less likely to follow through on this promise in the first place.

Dreadful casino betting bonus

There are similar requirements for the casino operation with the exception being that there is a 200% deposit match for deposits over a high minimum amount. Deposits under this amount have 100% match to get you started with the range of casino games on offer. However, once again, without any legit US licensing, it’s hard to get genuinely excited about these types of offers.

Avoid the CRSportsbet racebook

Once you take a step back from the bonus offers, there is another part of the site. This is the racebook, which admittedly is also very similar to what you will see elsewhere, with over 60 tracks covered and the usual win, place and show markets covered. Again, this operator has failed to provide a unique take on its product offering; instead following the trends put forward by competitors.

They have also missed a trick with Poker and eSports. While live betting is catered for (more on that in a minute) there is nothing focussing on the other rising trend in sportsbook betting. Poker is definitely not a new innovation, and it is unfortunate that people who want to play poker will be limited to the games that make up part of the table games roster in the casino. All in all, a dismal offshore from an illegal and dangerous online gambling site.

Lift-off: Our CRSportsbet test explodes on launch!

So far then, while there is quite a lot wrong with what CRSportsbet do, it’s simply tried to follow the standards set by operators before it. Somewhere down the line, it becomes rather unclear why this operator has fallen so far short of the mark. Let’s take a look at certain aspects that may shed light on the matter.

Registration – A tedious experience

This is shown first of all in the registration process that requires all of the usual details to be completed before moving on to the next stage. At this point there would usually be some form of verification check, and then you would be able to deposit and play. This is not the case with CRSportsbet.

After completing the registration form, you will be sent an email telling you that one of the account managers will reach out to set up your account. While this level of attention doesn’t set this operator apart, it will also fuel the frustration of those who have been tempted by the bonuses on offer and just want to get on with it.

Payments – Not to be trusted

The next stage is payments, and the number of payment options are kept to just six, and these are Visa and Mastercard credit cards, person to person, MoneyGram Bitcoin and bank transfer. The reason for crypto payments is not to align itself with the latest trends. Many banks won’t open an account for Especially in the US. Thus, crypto payments are a sneaky alternative for this platform. Yet another underhanded tactic by this illegal site.

If you are paying by Mastercard, you have to make a minimum deposit of $50 which is crazy high and a maximum of $800, with credit card verification to be carried out first. Exactly the same would apply if you choose to make a deposit using Visa. Not worth the hassle.

Person to person transfers start at $100 and go to $500, with fees for deposits over $300 being covered by the operator. The limits are the same for MoneyGram deposits, where customer service will take you through the process. There is a wider range if you wish to pay using Bitcoin, where you can deposit anything between the equivalent of $25 and $5000. However, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Finally, if you’re crazy enough to want to put down deposits over $5.000, you will need to connect your bank account for making any deposit up to $30,000. This range of options is rather limited and may not appeal to a broader group of players.

Withdrawals – Don’t expect to get paid

When withdrawing your funds, your options are even more limited to include MoneyGram, Bitcoin and bank transfer. You will have to withdraw between $100 and $800 using MoneyGram, $100 and $1000 using Bitcoin, or $4,000 and $20,000 when withdrawing straight to your bank account – truly crazy withdrawal requirements! These need to be requested from customer service using either live chat or telephone, (but not email) during business hours. In addition, all rollover requirements must be met, and withdrawals must not be within 21 days of making a deposit using your credit card. All of this is simply unacceptable.

More nightmares at CRSportsbet on mobile

As well as poker and esports, something else we were expecting to find but didn’t, was a mobile app. In truth, given the unprofessional online presence, an app for both Android and iOS devices was a bit of a pipe dream. However, when you look at the existing website on your mobile device, you can see why the operator might not have thought an app was necessary.

The problem is that the website isn’t that responsive and lacks the adaptive qualities seen on other sites. The mediocre gaming experience will certainly be a thorn in many people’s side and something this operator won’t be able to shake easily. – A name you can’t trust

When looking at this site for the first time, as well as the unappealing layout, we noticed that it was not a .com domain, but .ag. As we were unfamiliar with this, we immediately decided to take a closer look. With anything we don’t recognize, the first thing that happens is that alarm bells go off and you ask yourself questions like is legit?.

This was not quite as easy as finding out the answer to the question is Resorts legit?, (which is a resounding yes by the way) but an online search found that this meant the site was registered in Antigua and Barbuda, which is not commonplace for a site to be registered and certainly raises several red flags especially as it doesn’t have US licensing. Just one of the main reasons I cannot recommend this operator to you.

In orbit: A cosmic hellscape of bleak possibilities at

So far then, we have established that this operator seems to operate in two different worlds – both of which suck. We have the slow side of the platform’s operations that wouldn’t match our Caesar’s Casino rating, and the more considered and deliberate admin side that some will no doubt find infuriating. Now it’s time to look at any possible innovations at CRSportsbet and how they are viewed online by their customer base. Surely, there’s no way but up from here?

Live Odds Fizzle Out

Live betting is a growing market in the sportsbook world. In fact, there are reports that in some sports, over half of the business that takes place for an event happens after it starts. For this reason, it is key to the future of any sportsbook site that they have a strong live betting presence that can expand as demand for this service grows even further.

At CRSportsbet, live odds actually have a place with a tab at the top of the site, which takes you to a screen with all of the available lines broken down by sport. Clicking on any of these will display the odds for all of the events that day for which live betting will be available. There was no evidence of live streaming while this review took place. Plus, it must be noted that the live odds took a while to update which makes this a pointless site to come to for live betting.

Don’t follow on social media

CRSportsbet has an active Facebook page, but it is not updated regularly, and has a follower count of less than 70. There is no evidence of any presence on either Twitter or Instagram, which shows that both CRSportsbet are not habitual social media users. It’s another poor showing in an aspect of operations that is wholly-controllable and not very difficult to get on top of.

Is from the dark side?

An important part of our reviews is not just based on our own experience but that of other users as well. And, while we were researching this operator, we found some that were not positive. Much of this was based around a connection with an operator called BetMayor which did not have the best reputation.

CRSportsbet are aware of this as well. They address this at the top of their terms and conditions, and state that they are not connected to any other operator. You will also find several reports online of delays when processing withdrawals, and while we saw no reason why there should be any delays, these online concerns were still unresolved by the operator at the time of this review.

Very limited help and support

While the usual support channels of live chat, email and telephone support exist, we simply couldn’t get in touch with the brand. Plus there is very little in the way of FAQs in a customer friendly format. The terms of service, however, cover certain things you need to know regarding your account, bonuses and promotions although they are particularly long read. All in all, another dent to the ratings of CRSportsbet.

Place your wagers on desktop but pray for the best 

Placing wagers online is evolving quickly and CRSportsbet have one eye very firmly on this across their sportsbook, casino and racebook areas, but they don’t look very much like what you will find elsewhere like in our 4NJBets review. Added to which, the latest ratings regarding betting on your mobile device has also fallen to new lows. Simply put, CRSportsbet sucks and there are much better gambling sites out there.

CRSportsBet Sports Betting

Sportsbook - Difficult to place your bets on the move

The sportsbook operation is typified by the difficulty experienced to place bets on the move. The simple design that is easy to pull off takes centre stage here, listing a wide range of sports and markets in everything from baseball to volleyball, and including MMA, futsal, snooker and darts. However, even with a simplified approach, the sportsbook lacks any real practical appeal.

To take a closer look at the markets available, we picked soccer, which is a popular sport but does not get the same attention as the NFL, NBA or baseball. The normal 1X2 markets are there, but it doesn’t go much deeper.

Your minimum stake is fairly high for all the bet types, including parlays, round robins, pleasers, reverses and teasers. Parlay bets have to be completed within seven days to remain valid. Overall, the sportsbook covers all of the normal bases, but there are far too many negative issues prevalent. All of which means that we can’t endorse this site in good faith.

Racebook – Best avoided

The racebook covers 60 tracks including US tracks, Triple Crown and Breeders Cup. The range of wagers available will vary according to the rules of the track, but seem to fall short of the mark compared to serious horse betting sites.

CRSportsBet Casino

Casino - Ticking all wrong boxes

Again, you might be forgiven for thinking you’ve seen this all before, and this is definitely the case. The operator has mimicked other sites instead of creating its own take on what constitutes a decent platform. If you had to be more critical of this part of the operation, you could say that it is not really the focus of the site with the sportsbook and racebook taking more prominent positions. However, it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

While this could be a valid criticism, the range of games on offer including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Poker, Video Poker and Pai Gow mean that there’s more than slots on offer. But, this is the case with all online casino sites nowadays. Thus, there’s nothing bespoke about the CRSportsbet online casino portfolio and when you factor in the lack of US licensing, it’s clear that you should avoid this site.

CRSportsbet review FAQ

📝How do I create a CRSportsbet account?

Creating an online betting account is a walk in the park. It only takes a number of minutes to do so. However, it’s important that you only sign up with sites that are licensed in the US. There are certainly a couple of red flags when it comes to CRSportsbet. Read our latest review to find out why this site sucks.

🏇What sports can I bet on with CRSportsbet?

Licensed and offshore betting sites will include a number of sports betting markets for you to enjoy. In our latest review of CRSportsbet, we’ll outline these markets and highlight whether it’s sufficient for you. We’ll also outline whether this operator is actually a legitimate US betting site. Here’s a clue: it isn’t.

🎲Does CRSportsbet have an online casino?

You will note that a number of sites have more than one product on offer. This usually means you can create one account and access a sports betting lobby as well as an online casino platform. We recommend that you read our CRSportsbet review as this online betting site may not be what you think it is.

❌Is CRSportsbet licensed in the US?

It is vital that you find out more about the licensing situation of the site you wish to sign up with. What we can tell you is that there are a number of offshore platforms that will simply put you in unnecessary danger. Read our CRSportsbet review to see why this site is blacklisted by us.

⚡Can I place in-play bets with CRSportsbet?

In-play bets elevate your entire experience and make online betting that much more fun. However, it’s important that you only bet via licensed and trusted online operator sites in the US. We recommend that you read our CRSportsbet review at PlayersBest to find out why this fails to offer you legal US online gambling.

CRSportsbet review: Conclusion - Blacklisted for a good reason

At first sight, this operator has nothing to recommend it. The design is definitely not space age but rather seems to have been resigned to the middle ages. The bonus offers are less than impressive in that it’s unclear as to whether this operator actually delivers on its promises!

The payment methods are limited, but it is the withdrawal process that has gained the most attention online, with questions about delays unresolved at the time of this review. Plus, without a proper license to speak of in the US, there’s very little reason to get excited about CRSportsbet. If anything, it’s a site that you should be skeptical of all of the time. Don’t find yourself getting familiar with illegal sites like this in the US, but play at one of our recommended operators instead.

User Reviews for CRSportsBet

1.67/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. One of my biggest regrets…

    Unless you’re willing to lose everything, avoid CRSportsBet altogether.

    I’ve been with CRSportsBet since the very beginning when it broke away from Bet Mayor. Everything started fine until recently. My account was closed, after being stuck in a no-pay situation for quite some time. All my efforts to get the issue resolved have not been fruitful. Worst still, I had over $3000 deposited in my account which I’m failing to get withdraw.
  2. Got scared off

    Bonus looked good

    Been round a lot of sites looking for a decent bonus and cam accross this one. looked different to all the rest but idn't go any further because something didnt feel right. looking at the other reviews it looks like i might have dodged a bullet here so i won't be going back
  3. Worst sportsbook out there!

    I’m big on sports betting and I signed up to CRSport thinking it’s gonna be one of my favorite sportsbooks. The clutter-free desing seemed promising, but that was the end of the good part.

    The operator promised some of the biggest bonuses out there but I couldn’t claim the first one. The one I got disappeared the second day. The payment options are limited, so you might have to check if your bank is supported. Queries take too much time to get resolved which is quite frustrating. I wonder how the sportsbook is still operating.

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